Monte Blu: This might be my last post!

Editor’s note: I have long suspected that Monte Blu is possibly a troll. The illustrations are mine.

By Monte Blu

This might be my last post, but I will venture to cast pearls before the hogs who read this site.

The women were not slaves – in any illegal sense. The moniker “slavery” was designed to help women become free. First obey, then command. The collateral was not blackmail. Keith never released it. It was used as a deterrent. It was to calm tempests in heads and hearts until they grew stronger.

Jane Doe #1 wanted to quit many times but she knew there was collateral to keep her so he could teach her.  She complained – but what about other women who did not complain. Who love the program. Is it right to take this from them?

How many women are to be deprived of the teachings of Vanguard because of Jane Doe #1 and #2? With hundreds who benefited, the FBI uses two women to destroy hundreds of aspirations.

2000 years ago, there was another like him.  One died on a cross, another languished in prison.

The FBI and media took counsel against Vanguard to put him in prison.  And they arrested him in Mexico, they handcuffed him, they led him away, and delivered him to the Department of Justice in Brooklyn.

Then Allison Mack, when she was arrested, sought to save herself and brought forth bail of $5 million on condition she betray Vanguard by not speaking with he who taught her or to his people. And the DOJ said, Tell us about Vanguard. And the DOJ took ‘evidence’ and said, it is perjury but we will tell no one.

The chief prosecutors persuaded the judge that they should release Allison and destroy Vanguard when it was Allison who was the guilty one.

Vanguard sat before the judge and the judge asked, saying, Are you the leader of the slave women? Vanguard said to him, not guilty. When he was accused, he answered nothing but not guilty.

Then said his attorneys Listen to how many charges they have against you?

And he answered them not a word; insomuch that the judge marveled greatly. For he knew that for envy the DOJ had delivered him.

The judge said, Why, what evil hath he done? But the DOJ cried out the more, saying, Let him be imprisoned and given no bail.

When the judge saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made by the media, he released Allison and they returned Vanguard to prison.

Allison took off her shackles and left prison and departed, and went to live with her mother.

And they put him in a brown suit of many colors. When they returned him to his cell, they mocked him, saying, Hail, Vanguard King of the Slaves!  And spit upon him, and smote him on the head. And after they had mocked him, they locked him in his cell.

They gave him prison food to eat and drink and when he had tasted thereof, he would not eat or drink. And they seized his assets and different departments – FBI IRS ICE DOJ casting lots as to who would get which of his assets: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Vanguard, They parted my assets among them, and upon my patents did they cast lots.

And sitting down, they watched him there; And set up over his head his accusation written, This Is Vanguard The King Of The SlavesAnd they that read about him reviled him, wagging their heads,  And saying, Thou that destroyest the slave women, save thyself. If thou be the Vanguard, come down from the trial acquitted as an innocent man.

 Likewise, also the DOJ mocked him, with the reporters and fake newsmen said, He enslaved others; himself he can enslave. If he be the King of Slaves, let him now come down from the trial acquitted and we will believe him. 

When the event was come, there came a rich heiress out of Jewdom, named Bronfman  who also herself was Vanguard’s disciple. She had gone to the attorneys and paid them  and begged for the freedom of Vanguard. Then the Judge commanded the Vanguard to be tried.

Vanguard trusted in Rational Inquiry; this tool delivered him at trial. He used the tech; the jury was persuaded for he said, I am the Vanguard.

Vanguard when he went to trial, the jury acquitted.  And, behold, the veil of the prison was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the nation did quake, and the media  rent; and the courts were open and he sued many bodies of the so-called enlightened which slept arose. And his followers came out of the hiding places after his release from prison and went to Albany and he appeared again to many.

Now when the people and they that were with him, watching Vanguard saw the media praise him and those things that were done, his enemies feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Vanguard.

And many of the women were there beholding afar off, which followed Vanguard and joined him, ministering unto him:  Among which was India and Nicki and Nancy, mother of Lauren and Michelle, and the mother of Baset’s children. 

And when the women had partaken of the golden body, Vanguard wrapped himself in a clean linen cloth.  And laid it in his own new cathedral which he had hewn out in the rock: and he rolled a great golden stone to the door. And there was India and Nicki and the other Bronfman, sitting over against the new NXIVM headquarters, which was beyond the golden door. They all came rushing forward, Clare among the first and finest. 

godlen door

saint Vanguard
Vanguard will never betray you.

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  • Mr Blue, could you please put out two or three more posts, please? The reason I ask is because we are getting into trout spawning season, and most newspapers become cat box filler in our home. More of your posts will enable me to wrap more fish. Please help us in this undertaking.

    • Related to the russian billionaire living in the UK ? (I suppose it might be a pretty common family name in eastern europe but…)

          • I once thought there might be a connection, don’t be sorry – I’m an Arsenal fan! and very tired of these non-dom. oligarchs, their art collections and their nerve gas justice. As it happens, Roman’s second wife is a ‘contemporary artist’ too.

    • That was to be expected. But for her and the other slave women, it at least means they probably won’t get life and might get the treatment they need rolled into any sentencing deals they get.

      It’s a shame but until they are seen by someone like Ross that knows how to deal with these kinds cases for an extended period of time, they do need to be incarcerated or at least institutionalized. The tragedy of it is they did the crimes, will do they time, and they’ll have to live with the guilt, and for Allison at least (The others might be forgotten in a year or two) have it hanging over their heads just about every time they meet someone. All for saying yes to a friend inviting them to a new-agey self-help seminar.

      • I don’t think anyone besides Keith is getting life, but damn…

        If Allison takes the plea deal, maybe she can serve her sentence in an institution. It sounds like she might be too messed up for prison.

        • Yeah. I think the only ones besides Keith that should get a no holds barred Maximum security shitstorm are the Salzmans and Brofmans. Especially Nancy, she was part of this before there even was a NXIVM. No carefully crafted courses to draw her in just greed.

        • ” It sounds like she might be too messed up for prison.”

          Is she ?

          Before she was arrested and after reading things here and there, I would have never thought she would turn on anybody and enter in a plea deal (actually I still wonder if she will really go through with it…).

          She told a few days before she was willing to take full responibility along with Nicki & India. Basically sacrifice herself for him.

          I find it quite hard to believe that after years of brainwashing it only took a few days for her not only to open her eyes but to turn on the others & tell about all the dirt she’s had on anybody and everything inside…

          If that’s so, good for her & her family…

          I’m more worried about those still in now :/

          • I think that in addition to brainwashing, there is likely a lot of trauma. I once heard a story about a girl who was traumatized so badly after being raped that she couldn’t even take the stand and testify against her rapist, causing him to go free. If half of what I’ve read about Keith is true, a non-brainwashed person should be terrified to go up against him. My hope is that Allison testifies, and others find the courage to come forward and do the same.

          • Max, can’t reply directly to your post, don’t know why…?

            I have absolutly no doubt there are a lot of traumas after being raped. I’ve known (of) 3 women who were raped and that’s a thing that destroys lives.

            It’s not that rare not to be able to have a relationship with a man after (let alone an intimate one) or have too many (not rare either to turn to prostitution, porn, or any other “sex work”) as some rape victims just got stuck with the idea “i’ve been treated like a wh**e, I might be one”… :/

            I live in a country where the death penalty as been abolished in 1981 (France), but would gladly welcome it back for such crimes…

          • You would be surprised. I read the book Cults: Inside out recently and back when involuntary interventions were legal successful ones often ended in a sudden snap back to reality I think one of the quotes in the book was “like a lock opening”. Voluntary ones were actually the gradual ones. And one report on this site claimed to be written by a woman that realized she needed to get out because someone forced her to have a slice of cake and the sugar high woke her brain up enough to see him for the petulant child he could only aspire to be.

            Sometimes it takes years and years and progress never happens, sometimes you hit the right brick and the entire mental prison shatters, leaving them scared but free. It’s impossible, without talking to her in person now or at least knowing her pre-esp where Allison could possibly fall on that scale.

            I share your concern for the others though, even if Allison goes down hard for this she still might have her mind back. The other women are still basically holding themselves and each other prisoner.

          • I’ve known one victim of rape whom I dated. I think what shocked me most was that she was fully able to go through life, attend college classes, tell jokes, go on dates all with grace and what appeared to be confidence. Only in a private and intimate setting did she one night basically have a mental break down during sex, and tell me she was raped in high school. It wasn’t even the first time we had had sex. What triggered it was that I pulled her hair and got a bit rough, and she just simply shut down and started crying. She said I was the first person she had ever told.

          • “I’m more worried about those still in now :/”

            Ain’t that the truth. While I do hope AM gets the help she needs to fully detach herself from VanTurd, based on what I’ve read on FR, she needs to serve a punishment befitting her alleged crimes, not just get a slap on the wrist.

          • Interesting post anonymous. If that’s the case for AM, she might do the right thing and start to heal.

            It is not for me to say if she’s to be sentenced or for how long. At least recovery would be an option now.

            @ Anonymous, Max & Anon

            In this case the victims have experienced multiple traumas. To be a rape victims is already awful but, without the right help,cult victims also face the risk to fall into other dependences.
            So far they were KR addicted. Unfortunatly, it looks like addicts often end up replacing one adiction for another (drugs, alcohol,…)

            I know writing an article on the help the victims (will) need is not the main preocupation of the medias covering this, but it would definitly be usefull to them & their families… Along with links to the major americans Cult victims helping groups !

      • Yea I agree. She should be punished for what she did. My real fear is that somehow she ends up being punished for Keith’s actions as well

  • Troll or nutjob people?

    The collateral was blackmail. Blackmail is literally what you described, some threat used to incentivize or desensitize actions that would not be taken, including payment or tasks performed without compensation. He never released it as it was mutually assured destruction, a bluff none of the still enslaved women called.

    Jesus taught love thy neighbor, Raniere taught that men should sleep around, and women should be monogamous and that people should seek out pain. Not just learn from what comes their way and become stranger for it, no, actively embrace it. And that’s not even the most disgusting elements I’ve seen mentioned.

    You heard them say “it is perjury but we will tell no one.” I don’t believe it, but I’ll grant you that it isn’t impossible.

    … Ok that spiel is so insane I’ll only bother to nitpick that Bastet would be the mother of Bastet’s children, being, ya know, a goddess.

    • From where I stand, it looks like, outside of the remaining brainwashed, nobody thinks he’ll ever get out alive (one way or the other). Hope that’s true…

  • Isn’t it interesting there is little information being put out by the media on the following people:

    Keith Raniere
    The Bronfman sisters
    Nicki Clyne
    India Oxenberg
    Danielle (thebranding doctor)

    In typical hyped fashion, they are all focusing on Allison Mack because of her position as a celebrity.

    Yet Nicki is a celeb and according to media she is her wife… so you’d think that while people are waiting for May 3rd, the focus would shift to the above people.


    Guessing Bronfman sisters legal team are doing an amazing job of keeping the media quiet.

    • My guess is, mainstream medias are fully aware by now of most of the players but avoid to talk about it as long as they’re not arrested yet to avoid being sued of false accusation (I guess you have something like that in the US too).

      Some exceptions being Vice articles on the Bronfmans, and tabloids of Ncki Clyne and especially India Oxenberg because of her mother being pretty much the one who started to make some “real noise” about the cult…

  • Comment misplaced, entered on mobile, has happened before too, in case your dev guy can fix issue, thank you, Frank.

  • To write this: “her mother is on here post after post”

    Though maybe you’d spend time online in comments after rescuing your child from a cult? Academic question, of course, a man filled with so much hate and ugliness absolutely has karma already saturating his life. No love, no children, no creative and fulfilling passions. Just hate, so much it blinds you to being a decent human being.

    • I have no intention of ever pimping out any of my offspring, so I won’t need to go defend them when they have been in federal prison, and are now locked away at home on bail.

      She needs to wake up and realise what her daughter has done, so she can actually get her help instead of just wanting to rant on here over and over again about how it is allegations.

      She clearly didn’t read the arrest warrant. They have all of Allison Mack’s e-mails, texts, everything.

      She needs to wake up and go tend to her daughter and quit trolling Frank’s posts.

  • “This might be my last post”…Why is that, planning to be in jail soon ?

    This very sickening cult propaganda would actually be a lot less disturbing if it was indeed from a troll, I somewhat doubt it.

  • Whoever wrote this is a delusional lunatic. The prose looks a lot like the nonsensical lyrics composed by the foolish Siobahn Hotaling in her horrid music.

  • They talked to people she worked with on Smallville for 10 years who had only good things to say about her.

    “More than one associate of the actress from her time on “Smallville,” the Superman origins drama produced by Warner Bros. Television for the WB Network and CW, said she was “the least likely person” to be involved in an alleged criminal conspiracy, let alone something that targeted young women for abuse.”

    They mention also that her desire to please was trained into her as a child actress and that Vancouver had a bit of a new age moment around 2006 and self help stuff had some popularity with young actors working in the city.

    • Of course they did. Before 2006 she had no criminal behavior. She had no worries. Why? Because she didn’t know KEITH

      Keith has ruined lives.

      Look at barb, look at frank parlato who has an indictement against him, look at all the other ones who have lawsuits against them.

      NXIVM has ruined lives.

      Everyone else is a victim of his hypnosis and brainwashing

    • Her mother is on here post after post defending her, and saying they are only allegations.

      She is the one who made her a child actress. Who knows what happened to her on those casting couches?

      Looks like the speculation that she got into this because her parents messed her up is dead on.

      Especially since her father wanted her to stay in NXIVM, so he could keep charging members for voice lessons.

      Ironic, Mack has probably been a slave her whole life. First to her momager, then to Keith, and now back under mother’s thumb again.

      • I don’t think it’s Allison’s mother, it’s people who are able to see both sides of the coin. If they don’t agree with you, does that make them Allison’s mother? That’s the kind of logical thinking only shadowstate, tex2 or free speech could come up with.

      • These are allegations. Until proven in a court, everything is an allegation. Geesh, seriously you need to learn law

  • MonteBlu, I hear you. I feel your pain. I felt the same pain when Hitler died. So many people would have benefited from having a world dominated by Nazi’s, but unfortunately that’s not possible now.

    • Hitler was insane and an insufferable softie. Reinhard Heydrich would have been the guy you would have wanted to instill true terror on the world…

  • But I think KR got more of a kick from it when people thought he was the anti-Christ.

  • I’m all for treating Keith like Jesus. Just make sure to use Mel Gibson’s Jesus movie as procedural template…

  • Monte Blue’s writing is satire. This person is probably laughing himself silly with every sentence he writes and appeals to him. No one should believe this as someone sincerely defending VanDouche.

  • (1) documentary based on Catherine Oxenberg’s book
    (2) documentary series helmed by Sarah Edmondson and her husband
    (3) and a TV series loosely based on NXIVM and optioned from the 2017 NYT exposé

    Regarding the TV series, it turns out it doesn’t include Allison Mack at all, but focuses instead on Keith Raniere and Lauren Salzman.

    Re Monte Blu, including every one of his posts: tl;dr. It is victims’ words we should be reading and listening to.

    • I must admit it’s interesting.

      Hollywood loves to make money from stuff like this but lets be fair. It is quite sensational.

    • If the Edmondson piece comes to pass, and is shown in the US, maybe any profits should be subject to Son of Sam laws.

      This woman was part of the criminal enterprise, as head of the Vancouver ESP/NXIVM center for 10 years.

      While probably not brainwashed, she drank heaping helpings of KR kool aid and was only awakened by the smell of her own burnt flesh.

      And don’t get me started on her husband, who needs to be slapped the way Johnny Fontaine was slapped by the Godfather and told “You can start by being a man”.

      Your wife was branded like a piece of kosher cattle. If you were afraid of Keith Raniere (lol), you could have at least taken a swing at Nancy Salzman.

      • Yes! This! Sarah Edmondson’s continuing profit off of the criminal NXIVM endeavor should be unacceptable. Proceeds from her new hit show should be used to first repay the people she pressured into joining in the first place, and the rest should be confiscated to pay back taxes in Canada.

    • There’s a potential 4th channel, though I haven’t heard anything about whether they’re considering it: Leah Remini is in production for the 3rd season of her “Aftermath” show. It has been focused exclusively on Scientology but she may be broadening the focus to other groups, and Nxivm would be a logical target.

    • So Catherine Oxenberg is all over the news after securing a book deal, doing “research” for her soon to be timely released book to make money, AND a documentary based on her book-to make money-all this off her daughter misfortune??? Something is fishy. Soon you will see Allison’s mother with a book deal profiting off her spawn #BothAreDisgusting

  • Monte Blu, your heart is pure and your soul is true. You need to be hung on the cross and worshiped using a horsewhip. ROFL!!!!
    Dude, you are a fucking joke!

  • “The collateral was not blackmail. Keith never released it. It was used as a deterrent.”

    Wow such double standards. The collateral has not been bad as it was only used to extort something from the women but it has not been released (yet).

    Monte Blue let us make an experiment and see how it works out for you. It is a pretty simple one.
    Get yourself a gun and point it at the head of a bank clerk and tell him to hand over all the money. After that leave the building without firing a shot and convince the judge that you did nothing wrong as not one soul got harmed. Good luck with that.

  • Who was it that pre-wrote this history of bullshit?

    Seems they’re lining up to make AM Judas. I wonder if this is all self fulfilling set out by Vanguard to myth-build.

    We’ll see how well this holds water in the twisted minds of those who continue to support this false prophet.

    This post is such a ridiculous folly of lies delusion and bullshit. If nothing else, it’s entertaining. Monte Blu, you amuse us. Please don’t stop.

      • You are psychologically projecting. You’re mentally unstable. So you are Scott Johnson from Texas or Shadowstate aka American Gadfly, both lowly incel who despise logic, truth, and compassion, and have a thing for middle school girls, just like Keith Raniere.

    • It’s hard for me to judge and I dislike blocking anyone from commenting. As you will note, I allow criticism of me – some quite vicious and untrue but I would not think to block it. In the wake of Raniere’s arrest, there is a lot of angst and anger. I think it should be aired. Raniere was hugely anti free speech. We should be the opposite.

      • I support the free speech aspect Frank, but what bothers me are the troll types who are now making baseless assumptions and insulting people who disagree with their opinion. This is bully behavior.

        How does agreeing with another poster mean that we are the same person? Obviously, it’s illogical to assume that,.but yet these trolls continue to make the assumption.

  • Yes, people treat Keith like he’s jesus but he’s not, he’s like Jim Jones or David Koresh, a monster.

    The true victims are Allison Mack and the rest of the women.

    It’s best to remember folks before you get all excited and hard in your pants…. the charges against Allison are STEMMING from allegations

    They have yet to be proven as true in a court of law

    Also, it’s worth noting these are NOT new charges. They were in the existing allegations. (Naughty naught Frank trying to squeeze out another article from information you have already covered )

    But just to keep things in perspective.

    If the court believed that she was culpable of these charges, there is no way in hell she would have made bail. The reason why KEITH has not been offered the option of bail and ALLISON was is because the courts have obviously been given enough reason to believe that.

    A. She is a victim in this case and on May 3rd, they will prove that

    B. She is not responsible for the allegations unless proven culpable (which has not happened yet )

    C. She is not a flight risk or a danger to anyone (unlike Keith )

    May 3rd will provide some great information that will bring Keith down

    • you are Allison Mack’s mother aren’t you ??

      You just want to repeat on every single page because everyone thinks you are somehow responsible for her ending up like this.

      • Why would they be her mother? From what I can tell, they just believe in LAW and that every American has a right to a fair trial. Innocent until proven guilty

        • would think it is a good idea to come on here and try to defend her poor raising of her daughter on every single page.

          Of course, it is her.

          • Or maybe you are clare bronfman coming on her to try and smear Allison Mack and get her to take the fall so it takes attention of you?

            Of course, it’s you.

  • Hey, Monte:

    Bill Cosby just got convicted of drugging and raping women.
    He could get 30 years in prison.


    • Facts only - No speculation especially from (shadowstate1958 or Free Speech who is Shadowstate) says:

      Yeah, shadowstate, fortunately Mack won’t be in there because she is a victim.

      But all the rest will go down in flames

      • If you actually believe Allison Mack is going to get out of this with zero prison time, you are just as delusional as her mother.

        • She wont get 15 years. 3 years max. Out with 1 year good behavior

          • What if she doesn’t honor the terms of her plea?

            I mean, great for her if it took only a few days for her to open her eyes but I tend to think after years of all this BS she might not be there yet/at all and possibly just…acting.

            Am I the only one to wonder about it?

    • Hi, Shadow state. Can Frank please confirm that we are writing from 2 separate IPs, as the the trolls can’t comprehend that we are 2 different people.

      I think your idea about Bill and Keith sharing a cell is a good one. Those two should have lots in common to discuss….kind of makes my skin crawl just thinking of it.

      • I wouldn’t expect Frank to get involved in this petty comments garbage.

        If you want to appear different, use your real e-mail address.

      • Without going into details, I live in the Midwest and have been a Midwestrner all of my life except for a few years in Texas.

        I find this story fascinating and disturbing.

        Like falling down Alice’s rabbit hole.

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