Update: Mack released on $5 million bail

Will Put Up Retirement Account, Mother’s Home as Bail

by Frank Parlato

Allison Mack is to be released on $5 million bail today and will be on home arrest – cyber monitoring – and will reside in California with her parents pending trial.

Her parents put up their home and Mack herself put up her retirement account as bail.

She was arrested Friday and spent the weekend and Monday in the Metropolitan Detention Center. Mack has agreed to toll the speedy trial clock until May 3, on the premise that she may agree to a plea deal. That deal, if made, will most certainly include testifying against Keith Raniere, the leader of the NXIVM cult.

The judge had previously restricted Mack from using NXIVM-related money to make bail.

Mack’s mother, Mindy, signed the bail bond. Her father, who was not in attendance in court today, has yet to sign it but will be required to do so.

There are a number of stipulations as part of her release on home detention. She must  live at her mother’s house, must wear an electronic monitoring device, and must not use a cell phone or the internet.

Mack’s new home will be in the central district of California. She will remain in custody several hours in Brooklyn awaiting the monitoring device and other details.

Mack is also forbidden from having any contact with anyone connected to NXIVM – past or present – except through her attorney.  The prosecution did not seem to oppose the proposal for Mack  and this suggests she may have signaled her willingness to cooperate.

Mack wore a beige prison jumpsuit which, because of her gaunt physique, looked frumpy on her. She was solemn and quiet and answered the judge ins a soft voice.

Mack and her mom had a quick exchange with each other before prisoner Mack was led out of the courtroom.

With the bar of contact, and no internet or cell phone access, Mack is effectively barred from running the sex slaver cult activities. How this will effect her slaves will play out over the next few weeks.

She is legally married to one of her slaves. No word yet as to whether she may see her spouse, actress Nicki Clyne, who is reportedly still deep within the NXIVM sex slaver cult and under the direct orders of the present cult leader, Seagrams’ heiress Clare Bronfman.

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  • This is just horrible. But it is a a check on our side, the good guys. Imagine the intelligence we are getting out of her!

  • I think folks need to realize one thing.

    All humans are capable of making mistakes.

    All humans are capable of falling in with the wrong crowd.

    Allison is no different. I would hate to see her swallowed by so much hate from the public that she feels that suicide is the only solution to move forward. It’s not. There is life beyond this.

    Allow the justice system to do its job and refrain from tossing mud at her. The truth will come out in due time.

    She has a heart. It beats. It hurts. It can be destroyed or supported.

    I’m not saying you like her but there is so much about this case that WE the people do not know.

    In time, we will.

    Let him who is without sin throw the first stone. ( that includes you shadowstate)

  • Allison Mack is dazed only because she got caught.

    As for her being psychologically damaged, she was damaged the moment she started branding and enslaving women.

    Too many people are giving Allison Mack support because she is young, attractive white female.

    The truth is that Allison Mack is a vain, power hungry narcisstic sociopath with a depraved heart.

    • It has nothing to do with the fact that she is white, young or attractive.

      You ever heard of Stockholm syndrome?

      You ever heard of Elizabeth Smart?

      Do you even understand how cults work?

      No, otherwise you would show more empathy but all you can do is attack this woman WITHOUT fully knowing all the details.

      All you have are allegations against her.

      Allow her a fair hearing

      Allow her to throw keith under the bus

      All the truth to come out instead of being an asshole.

    • Well said. Satanic Hollywood trash….apparently she’s singing like a bird. Pedo satanic hollywood is burning baby!!!

  • I think folks need to realize one thing.

    All humans are capable of making mistakes.

    All humans are capable of falling in with the wrong crowd.

    Allison is no different. I would hate to see her swallowed by so much hate from the public that she feels that suicide is the only solution to move forward. It’s not. There is life beyond this.

    Allow the justice system to do its job and refrain from tossing mud at her. The truth will come out in due time.

    She has a heart. It beats. It hurts. It can be destroyed or supported.

    I’m not saying you like her but there is so much about this case that WE the people do not know.

    In time, we will.

    Let him who is without sin throw the first stone.

    • All humans make choices and need to be held responsible for those choices. Your idiotic argument is just feel good crap that can be made for anyone… stop being a joke in life.

      • The boss you sound like scott johnson or state or brigid. Your hate for allison won’t win. You are heaping coals on your own head.

          • This isn’t about Allison. It’s about humans

            And every human deserves the right to a fair trial without idiots like yourself attacking her or those who believe that AMERICANS are entitled to innocent until proven guilty.

    • Hannah Arendt observed that most evil begins with the failure of individuals to pick a side and adhere to an ethical compass. Even an ethical compass struggles mightily against social pressure and inner loneliness. I think that people with some personal connection to NXIVM will understandably react very negatively to each twist in Allison Mack’s fate. Where was her compass and values they ask? By the same token, folks who suddenly discovered this story (moi) have both a sense of dismay, sadness, and disgust; how, how could all this have come to pass? Emile Durkheim explained that in every society, one metric for the efficacy of the social bond is punishment. In this respect, it is hard to imagine an outcome that does not come with some sanction. Justice must be done and everyone must pay some price for his or her actions. Otherwise, the wronged and abused feel cheated and ask what shall prevent such an injustice from coming to pass again? Still, we know that mercy and forgiveness makes us better people, but they lack true meaning without repentance and atonement. This road takes immense time and one must be in the proper emotional and psychological space to pursue it. I would like Allison to have that opportunity and I would like justice to be demanding. Time will be required in varying amounts for all these things.

    • I agree with this in principle but people have to face the consequences for the actions they truly are responsible for. Offenders with status and money shouldn’t be a granted a better opportunity to escape punishment, although this is not how it works in this current materialistic and seemingly unfair world. Grace really should only be up to the victims or their families.

      Once the perpetrators have done their time, if they’ve shown remorse, repented, and sincerely make an effort to rectify the situation and themselves, only then should people forgive and forget.

      But sometimes victims of wrongdoing don’t want to forgive and forget and there is nothing the offender can really do about it.

    • Really? Because she is singing like a canary. You should hear the names she is naming. This douche bag needs to be in prison. When this shit comes out, are you still going to defend her? She found other victims. This ain’t no romp in bed, sweetie; this also has to do with children.

      • It has nothing to do with children you retard.

        That was KEITH before her, before NXIVM

        She was not involved in that.

  • To believe Allison is only a victim or only a perpetrator is a bit ridiculous. Yes, of course, she was brainwashed in some capacity in her early years with Nxvim, but that doesn’t take away what she was apart of and what she did as Keith’s second in command. I do believe her fear of Keith and the cult could have lead to her doing a lot of the things she did, but she has to take some responsibility for her actions as well. I will be interested to see how this all plays out in the end, if she seems to flip on Keith and the Bronfmans, if she gets any jail time, and if any others like Nicki or India, will be able to get out if they so choose.

  • It’s in the interest of the authorities to limit the scope of this investigation as much as possible and try to make it all about Vanguard and one or two others. Remember, there are judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, politicians, and lawyers who did the bidding of the cult and went after their perceived enemies. The government most assuredly does not want to open that can of worms and is hoping the media doesn’t pick up on it. Keep the investigation as superficial and surface level as possible. Focus on the branding and other sensational aspects that the public will eat up.

  • (Sorry for the all caps, you guys. There are some strident ill-tempered newbies in our comment land with strident ignorant views and this post is for them.)


    COUNT ONE (Sex Trafficking – Jane Does 1 and 2)
    COUNT TWO (Sex Trafficking Conspiracy)
    COUNT THREE (Conspiracy to Commit Forced Labor – Jane Doe 1)

    To read the full indictment and not something conjured up and/or misinterpreted on the interwebs, visit Frank’s post on the indictment: https://frankreport.com/2018/04/20/raniere-allison-mack-indicted-for-sex-trafficking-read-indictment-here/

    For those of us who’ve been here awhile, we know who Jane Does 1 and 2 are. And we’re not telling you. They will stay anonymous on FrankReport. And you should respect their anonymity too. All you need to know is that Keith Raniere is also a pedophile and he will be charged appropriately.

  • LEARN ABOUT THE LAW and DONT BUY INTO SPECULATION ( especially from brigid, shadowstate and scott johnson) says:

    Allison before 2006 had no criminal record. (Keith did )

    She is a victim of keith just like Jim Jones and David Koresh deceived hundreds.

    She couldn’t get out just like the movie with Tom Cruise who couldn’t get out of The FIRM ( Threats on life and legal can kill a person )

    She will be vindicated.

    There is a reason why she has got out on bail and Keith has not. (pay attention to the small details )

    All the rest are allegations that must be proven in court.

    Until then, here is a video for all the trolls that keep bringing up sex with children allegations.

    Which has been answered by someone “Attorney” who said….

    There is no charge of sex trafficking children. In the accompanying affidavit of the FBI agent in support of the complaint he mentions that Rainire has been known to have sex with minors; not actually charged in the three counts. I find it funny the people who are the loudest and most obnoxious are the ones that are wrong. Perhaps you should return your law degree. Further, if you knew even the slightest information about Federal Bail System, you’d know that it is rare for defendants to be held pending trial.

  • It’s OUTRAGEOUS that the actual charges involve SEX TRAFFICKING of CHILDREN but no one seemed to notice or care.

    • LEARN ABOUT THE LAW and DONT BUY INTO SPECULATION ( especially from brigid, shadowstate and scott johnson) says:

      As posted by an attorney.

      There is no charge of sex trafficking children. In the accompanying affidavit of the FBI agent in support of the complaint he mentions that Rainire has been known to have sex with minors; not actually charged in the three counts. I find it funny the people who are the loudest and most obnoxious are the ones that are wrong. Perhaps you should return your law degree. Further, if you knew even the slightest information about Federal Bail System, you’d know that it is rare for defendants to be held pending trial.

    • 18 U.S. Code § 1591 – Sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud, or coercion: the “or” there makes the difference. We know they were trafficking adults by force, fraud, and coercion. Raniere has been known to have sex with underage women in the past, but the charge doesn’t seem to include that explicitly. That might be included in the charges eventually, but we haven’t heard about any underage sex slaves from DOS victims who have spoken up already.

  • Here we go Brigid back at it again acting like he knows the law. This guy is hilarious. All he can do is paste in pieces and pretend like he knows shit. Meanwhile he spends his days jerking shadowstate and scott johnson off.

  • Is it outrageous that someone INDICTED of SEX TRAFFICKING of CHILDREN. Yes, CHILDREN (look it up folks, pacer.gov ) makes BAIL ?

    • Actually, its not outrageous its very common. If they don’t consider them a flight risk or liable of murdering, bail is always available. Allison had allegations against her. Not facts. Let’s be very clear here. She has a case against her but that doesn’t mean its proof.

    • There is no charge of sex trafficking children. In the accompanying affidavit of the FBI agent in support of the complaint, he mentions that Rainire has been known to have sex with minors; not actually charged in the three counts. I find it funny the people who are the loudest and most obnoxious are the ones that are wrong. Perhaps you should return your law degree. Further, if you knew even the slightest information about Federal Bail System, you’d know that it is rare for defendants to be held pending trial.

      • As of 4/2418 there are three pending counts of sex trafficking of children against Keith and Allison. It is on pacer.

        • Ive seen the criminal docket dated 04/19/2018 with two charges pending for sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic children by force, fraud or coercion. I’ll look at pacer, later. thx Laura

  • So, she has to avoid everyone associated to NXIVM… but according to previous commenters on FR, her father is associated with NXIVM (gave vocal lessons to actors in NXIVM’s The Source) and her mother approved of her being a part of it. So how can she live in her mother’s house?

    • Yes, I posted the federal statues below. you can read the indictments and on the upper right hand corner are the statue numbers. They are listed below in my comment, if you want to read them. They are available on the law. cornell . edu website, the 1591 statute under 18 U.S. Code lay out the underage trafficking charges. Funny how this has escaped notice by MSM.

      • 18 U.S. Code § 1591 if you want to look it up. Very disturbing, isn’t it? The other two pertain for forfeiture and sentencing. This is where the 15 to life we’ve seen thrown around comes from.

    • Remember these are ALLEGATIONS not proven in court.

      Thats not how the court works.

      She has been bundled in with Keith

      Keith is the villain. Allison is the victim

      • House arrest? I’m guessing she either agreed to shower the prosecution with tons of facts and documents to take down the heiresses and dozens of accomplices, or else we can chalk up this leniency to White privilege and her “poor, pitiful wayward waif” act (at age 35). Give. Me. A. Break.

        Plus, her parents haven’t exactly shown the ability to be positive influences/protection from the cult. Granted, she’s been an adult for 15+ years, but they knew she was in — and how do we know they aren’t associated with NXIVM, too? There are many untold secrets yet to be told.

        When the dust settles, I do hope Mack is given a plea deal that is proportionate to her alleged conduct and crimes against all of these young women. Her legal accountability will never last as long as those flesh brands on the dozens of victims who have suffered far greater pain than she apparently did as the leader of the slaves. She can get all the therapy and deprogramming she needs in prison, repent, and then EARN her second chance in life.

    • Yes Lauren does. Lana and her crew were never able to get the license plate number. It very well could be hers. By all accounts Nicky Crime ( we like that name) is a Honda girl. Unknown what if any vehicle India owns. She supposedly totaled her last car.

      • Laura and her crew. Not moi. Shit gets confusing when it’s Lana & Laura and then that bitch Lauren Salzman having an L name too.

    • Yep. Let’s remember last few days she’s had proper meals for the first time in years (albeit prison food). More than Raniere let her consume anyway lmao. Heathly eating will do wonders for a girl, she’s probably feeling a lot better already.

    • Why do most of the dudes in this cult give off a gay vibe while most of the women give off an anorexic upper middle class/upper class vibe? Also, where are the black people? Is Vanguard racist against African Americans?

  • I’m seeing all over Twitter and Reddit that her actual charges are sex trafficking of children. There are realistic looking screenshots of it as well but I don’t know if it’s legit.

    • I think I heard somewhere that some of the young Mexican girls trafficked up to Albany were as young as sixteen. Which is apparently age of consent in Mexico? So if Rainere didn’t sleep with them while in the states that gets a little grey as far as charging them goes.

      Still disgusting though.

    • LEARN ABOUT THE LAW and DONT BUY INTO SPECULATION ( especially from brigid, shadowstate and scott johnson) says:

      No, that’s just allegations. Not facts.

      She’s been thrown in with keiths.

      May 3rd will prove that she was not involved in that aspect and she will be separated from keith

      That’s why she has made bail and he hasn’t.

    • LEARN ABOUT THE LAW and DONT BUY INTO SPECULATION ( especially from brigid, shadowstate and scott johnson) says:

      I thought you would be outside her home fapping off to smallville memorabilia or are you still in texas with scott humping cattle?

  • So this time at mom’s becomes
    ” part of her time served ”
    such a travesty to those who serve time for lesser charges

    Also this now becomes a precedence of any time she’ll get
    as it will be presented that she obeys under such sentencing

    To me, it’s sad to observe that such a person is but a victim but crossed a line into victimizing others
    and such behavior will be sentenced as “house arrest”

  • More details


    She must avoid

    As part of the agreement, Mack has to wear a GPS ankle bracelet and not have contact with other members of the cult, who reportedly include Seagram’s liquor heiress Clare Bronfman, “Battlestar Galactica” TV actress and Mack’s wife, Nicki Clyne, and India Oxenberg, the daughter of “Dynasty” TV star Catherine Oxenberg.

      • You know people can show compassion to both the women AND Allison right? Compassion isn’t always mutually exclusive.

        • LEARN ABOUT THE LAW and DONT BUY INTO SPECULATION ( especially from brigid, shadowstate and scott johnson) says:

          Exactly anonymous. However shadowstate has no compassion. He only enjoys fapping off to allison mack pics after he got turned down by her on twitter. We all read the tweets shadowstate. Sorry to burst your bubble

  • The humiliation her mother must be feeling right now. I imagine they are going to have one hell of an argument once she gets home. God, I hope they can survive this.

      • we dont know that it isnt true. people made things up as collateral but that was only if they didnt have something real that would be damaging enough. maybe he abused her too. not saying he did anything, just saying… abused people are more likely to be abused again because they don’t know what normal feels like in comparison

        • There’s also the fact that her parents didnt intervene and her father even worked for the source. The whole family seems dysfunctional. I dont know how she can live in her parents’ house and keep the rule of no nxivm interaction when her father is there

  • Why isn’t the Seagrams’ heiress, Clare Bronfman not in prison? And her sister Sara? They both are tied to this cult.

    • Amazing what 4 days of real food and sleep can do.

      Poor girl. I hope she is able to rebuild her life after all this is over.

    • Looks better but still a glossiness in her eyes. She looks like a little child being guided around. Definitely some psychological damage there.

    • you obviously didn’t read it. She will be in california not new york where they are. They want to be near to keiths balls

  • She ain’t going anywhere with $5 million at stake.

    It will be really, really interesting to see who goes to jail in this entire situation and for how long or whatever happens in the meantime when all is said and done.

  • video of her leaving the court

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  • On TV, Tom saved Allison many times. But apparently he only saves people when cameras are filming him.

    After Smallville was cancelled and the cameras shut down, Welling stood by a did nothing as Raniere victimized Allison, Kristin Kreuk and others. This…is on him!

    • Most people do not involve themselves in their colleagues’ private lives. Even if you are close to someone, it can be extremely challenging to persuade them to confront issues such as lifestyle choices and mental illness (I tried over a year with someone).

  • Very strange that it would leak Evil Allison Mack is going to turn on Raniere, then Evil-Allison is released to live in California with her mommy.

    Evil-Allison would be safer in jail. There are some very wealthy whose freedom could depend on what Mack says & does not say. And they have connections in Mexico.

        • Except she wasn’t the one who did it.

          A doctor did and her name is listed online.

          Get the facts right before you spew your false rumors.

        • Except she’d been in the cult for about a decade. That is a long, long time to have your mind played with. While she needs to face some repercussions she was a victim as much as anyone Keith preyed on. He used her as a pawn. Her ability to say no to anything he requested was crippled if not totally crushed, years ago. She wasn’t right in her action, but she is really more of an accessory to the crime. She was a tool he used to do evil deeds. It’s not a legal defense but it is the truth. If she was a terrible person before (not saying she was), you’d think she’d have some other offenses under her belt. But so far it hasn’t even been speculated on.

          • Anonymous. Yeah thats what folks forget. Who she was before 2006. She had no criminal behavior. Whatever has happened has come from KEITH. Just like jim jones and david koresh deceived hundreds of people.

  • This is a complete joke. The legal system is a sham. Allison would have very likely broken if they’d kept her in jail and given evidence. She’s not a very tough person. Quite the opposite. Letting her out leaves her in a situation where she can be influenced to keep her vow to Keith. Worse yet, to talk to and threaten her slaves. Monitoring isn’t 100% effective and there’s a few ways for her to circumvent using cellphones and computers and internet in the house. My hope is that she still sees significant jail time but that she also brings down Keith, Clare and Nancy and Lauren. And for those of you who have bleeding hearts for poor little Allison, once you see the brands on these women and some of the “torture” they’ve been through, you won’t feel so bad for Pimp Mack. Even if she turns, I hope she rots for a good long time.

    • The joke would be if she got life and Keith went free. He was ruining people’s lives way before he ever met Allison. Listen to the interviews with his former wife.

    • Dude the only way she got out was to do a PLEA DEAL where she hands over evidence. So calm your ass down. She is handing it over.

      Second it doesn’t mean she won’t go to jail.

      People bail ALL the time in america and go to jail

      wait until May 3rd for the hearing.

  • Some very naive and weak minded people here. Allison Mack will break the conditions of her release. Fact!

    • LOL, you were wrong about how it was going to go down and so now you are whining and moving to the next thing…. Oh she is going to break her release… Then when that doesn’t happen.. What will it be next? LOL Go crawl back under the rock….

      Innocent until proven guilty.

  • While there is absolutely no way to ascertain Allison Mack’s state, her silent conduct stands in stark contrasts to someone with a martyr complex. Hopefully, these developments suggests a rather comprehensive plea deal.

    • Ron. If you were a victim of Keith, you might not say anything until you could say something.

      Take… Elizabeth Smart. She said nothing for many many years until she wrote a book.

      People accused her and said she had plenty of chances to escape.

      Folks need to understand how brainwashing works.

      • I teach psychology and am not blind to these things. However, I (using my own frequency format thinking) associated ideologically-motivated crime with terrorism, specifically Russian terrorism from the 19th century. I don’t know whether someone who appears beaten down is either more or less to agree to a plea deal favorable to the cult or him/herself. I do know that a defiant, confident demeanor would suggest no plea deal in which Allison Mack testified against Raniere.

  • My theory about Allison is that she had some kind of pre-existing mental disorder that Keith was able to exploit. Therapy should definitely be part of any plea deal.

  • Does anyone know about the specific statues they were charged with? Because the codes listed on the indictments are for child trafficking. 18 U.S. Code § 1591 (a) 1, (a) 2, (b) 1 are for children. 1594 a,b,c,d. 1591 is where the threat of life imprisonment comes from. Cornell website has the federal statues.

    • 18 U.S. Code § 1591

      (a) Whoever knowingly—
      (1) in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, or within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, recruits, entices, harbors, transports, provides, obtains, advertises, maintains, patronizes, or solicits by any means a person; or
      (2) benefits, financially or by receiving anything of value, from participation in a venture which has engaged in an act described in violation of paragraph (1),
      knowing, or, except where the act constituting the violation of paragraph (1) is advertising, in reckless disregard of the fact, that means of force, threats of force, fraud, coercion described in subsection (e)(2), or any combination of such means will be used to cause the person to engage in a commercial sex act, or that the person has not attained the age of 18 years and will be caused to engage in a commercial sex act, shall be punished as provided in subsection (b).
      (b) The punishment for an offense under subsection (a) is—
      (1) if the offense was effected by means of force, threats of force, fraud, or coercion described in subsection (e)(2), or by any combination of such means, or if the person recruited, enticed, harbored, transported, provided, obtained, advertised, patronized, or solicited had not attained the age of 14 years at the time of such offense, by a fine under this title and imprisonment for any term of years not less than 15 or for life; or

    • ROFL here he is…. Brigid getting all excited and pasting in law that he hasn’t got a clue about yet still tries to act like he does LOL. Seriously dude go back to jerking off Shadow and Scott Johnson

    • Good Observation Brigid! There are enhancements to this violation, including use of weapons, physical injury, number of victims, that could equate to a potential life sentence for Allison or Keith.

      Remember Keith is 57, so with a 20-year sentence – he will more than likely expire in prison. Also, Allie isn’t a spring chicken either. A 40-year sentence would be the end of her. The judge can also run the sentences consecutively on each count.

      Lastly, in the Federal system, guideline ranges are advisory, not mandatory. So, the judge could also impose an upward departure and Keith/Allie would have a hard time overturning the conviction on appeal.

      • 18 U.S. Code § 1594 and 18 U.S. Code § 3551 are basically sentencing provisions. The 1591 could not be more clear however. If she is willing to name names outside of the scope of nxivm members, for example, branching into Hollywood, then this could get serious. Twitter is taking bets on her ‘suiciding’ in the coming days. The victims who have reached the age of 14 but not 18 would be the nannies for Gaelen. The assumption in the press has been that the women of DOS were the trafficked, but this appears to be wrong. They may, however, be the target of forced labour. And, of course, more charges on the financial side may be forthcoming but not for Mack.

      • Indeed, plea deals do not get appeals either. I’m so glad you got out! I hope it is a dim and distant memory for you and that you did not suffer in leaving. And I hope your life is blessed since you became ‘former.’ It has to feel good to be able to call yourself that! Without revealing anything personally about yourself for your own safety sake, did you think it was simply a matter of time before this was exposed, or did you figure they would get away with all of it? So many people moved through their doors, one source claimed 16,000 took classes, so the vast majority had to have known little about what was really going on, but the reputation and rumours were certainly public, for quite a while.

        • The way the stature reads is an ‘or’ . The sentence is a 15 year minimum if 1) threats of force, force, fraud, or coercion OR involving anyone under 14 years old.

          So, the particular provision applied to Keith/Allison is force or coercion due to the threat of releasing blackmail material if the slaves do not cooperate. It is not clear at this point if any of the slaves are underage, but it does not read that way. The maximum sentence can be given with enhancements.

        • I never thought they would be arrested. I was both thankful and shocked. NXIVM has ruined many lives. It was a bit of redemption for me, because I told others that certain members were evil, but no one believed me.

          What really pissed me off is how some people tried to minimize their role or downplay their involvement in NXIVM.

          So, I am working on something that will bring more facts to light. Stay tuned.

          Frank Parlato is very brave. Others, not so much. And these deniers will definitely be brought to light! And then the public can decide if they were innocents, like they claim to be. Or some of the biggest liars when caught.

  • I think it’s safe to say that when they have the actual case on May 3rd and she returns to the court, her lawyers will have so much ammo against Keith and his cum sluts that Mack will walk away with nothing more than house arrest for a year or two like Martha Stewart, or at the worst… 2 to 3 years behind bars.

    Ultimately, yes, they have information (allegations) that show that she was involved in doing KEITH’S bidding but it will be proven that she is the victim. No different than that kid “I know my first name is Stephen” he was kidnapped and assisted with the next abduction but was never imprisoned because he was brainwashed and forced into it.

    Anyway. I think the above is good.

    Keith, Bronfman and Salzman are all going down.

  • Hopefully, now that Allison will be back in CA and with her family, they’ll help to set her straight, How she will look her parents and her brother in the eye after she was willing to destroy their lives,–and in particular her nephews–,for Raniere’s benefit is beyond me. I hope she realizes all of the people she’s hurt and the crimes she’s committed and starts to make amends.

    • That’s only accurate if she thought she might ever break the vow. From all indications, she thought that would never happen. Also remember that collateral could be fiction or fact, didn’t matter which, mattered only that if it was released it would destroy lives. Happily everyone blackmailed by their collateral is now free.

  • And any others that remain (Michelle? Who else?). The Bronfmans and Salzmans will hopefully end up rotting in jail along with Keith.

    • This. India has her loving family to help her, and Nicki has suffered a bunch of mundane loses since DOS started that, hopefully, shook her worldview back towards the light instead of farther into the dark. In particular, she made a post a month or so back about how caring Richard Hatch was and how she was rereading their correspondence.

      Keith the Bronfmans and Salzmans are the worst of the worst. While the others have things to answer for, it was all done because Keith and the Salzmans used Brofman money to to industrialize Thought reform.

  • I always wondered how her parents played into this all. Did they support her relationship with Keith or try to break her free from the group? Sure we will find out eventually.

    • There were posts last year that basically said her mom didn’t want to contradict the smartest man in the world and her dad agreed with SOP (?). However, there wasn’t anything to back that up, or contradict it.

      • To NXIVM members, you have to have attended intensives.

        Ergo, Mack’s father having made money from NXIVM means he is a member of NXIVM.

        So she is not supposed to have contact with anyone from NXIVM, but is moving in with a NXIVM member.

  • Oooh i can hear Shadowstate screaming at the top of his voice, followed by Scott Johnson banging cattle harder and brigid shell shocked LOL

    uh…. should i say… I told you so! Oh okay, I’ll say it. I told you so! LOL

    And now I will drop the mic until the three gay amigos show up.

  • Can we say parents and other relatives phones tapped, internet access monitored, etc. ?
    Hopefully she is barred from any contact with co-defendants, witnesses, slaves, et al.

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