Allison Mack put slaves on starvation diet and kept them sleep deprived

Allison Mack [r] with Lauren Salzman. Both women were on low cal diets. Both women are now convicted felons.


As reported previously, alleged cult leader Keith Raniere – now in custody as Federal Prisoner #57005-177 – and actress Allison Mack – founded a secretive women’s group called DOS [Dominus Obsequious Sororium or Master Over Slave Women].

The women in DOS were branded on their pubic region with the initials K-R-A-M. [initials of Raniere and Mack] with a cauterizing pen. DOS offered its exclusively female membership instructions on the teachings of Raniere. Diet plays a vital role.

The presence of excess fat can disturb transmission of Raniere’s subtle energies to women, he claims. So, he required female students to be slender. He offered instructions on overcoming bodily urges and “emotional viscera” toward food. DOS women were placed on three diets, separated by daily caloric intake: 500[advanced]; 800 [standard];  and 900 [women who had defiance issues].

Mack enforces dietary compliance and is on the 800 calorie diet. She developed bulimia. Other women lost hair and stopped having menstrual cycles – despite being in their 20s. Raniere explained this is part of “evolutionary growth.”

The ‘Raniere-Mack Diet’ consists of several spoonfuls of plain yogurt and fruit in the morning. Lunch and dinner consist of plain squash, kale, cucumber, or zucchini, and a bite of Kimchi. A favorite of slaves is shirataki noodles [10 calories per 4-ounce serving.] Beverages consist of lemon water with stevia, probiotics and Zevias, a calorie free sparkling water. For desert, several pieces of sugarless gum.

Raniere and Mack instruct DOS slaves to periodically fast on a beverage of water, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice which they call the “Master Cleanse.”

Raniere, who teaches he is beyond the need for dietary restrictions, was a vegetarian, who ate meat on occasion. Since he is in prison, he is reportedly eating something that appears to be meat and indeed may have some meat or meat byproducts in it and goes by the name of the meat it is supposed to closely represent [e.g., bologna].

Raniere taught Mack and their slaves that his physical body is “a manifestation of universal cause and effect” and that women are  “a physical embodiment of his own body.”

Barbara Bouchey, who defected from Raniere in 2009, testified in a lawsuit that Raniere teaches women that he develops an intense, supernatural closeness with them. The connection is so deep that, if a female student takes drugs or alcohol, eats meat or fish, it can have a “negative reaction”,  which could take his “life force” and “rob him of years of his life.”

Keith Raniere – shown prior to his arrest -teaches that he is beyond all dietary considerations.

In addition to constantly dieting, Raniere’s slaves are instructed to sleep little. Raniere said he dispensed with the need for sleep; slaves are required to ask permission to go to sleep and are awakened at the call of Raniere or Mack – which may come by text.  Failure to comply comes with vigorous paddling on bare buttocks.

How much sleep Raniere enjoyed prior to his sojourn in prison was a matter of some conjecture.  He was indeed awake all night since he did most of his teaching during the night and early morning. During the day, he was generally unavailable. Several women who left Raniere claimed he slept most of the day. Raniere had these women sued and tried to get them convicted on various criminal charges.

Mack said the reason Raniere is unavailable during the day is he is in “deep transcendental communion with cosmic realities.”

Mack told her slaves the reason they are only allowed to sleep three to four hours per night is to teach them to be in “alignment with their inner representations” of Raniere.

Raniere, now in prison, must remain locked in his cell by night and only during the day can he go to the “common area” on his cell block. It is not clear how this change of his longstanding routine will effect his subtle energies.

When he was free – Raniere often selected a female student to accompany him to his  “library” – which was described in the Albany Times Union as his ‘sex lair’.  Kathy Russell – a 59 year old who he taught to be his slave years ago, and an aspiring ballerina – was assigned the task of cleaning the sheets for the bed and sanitizing the hot tub after such instructions of various women occurred.

When he was still free, it was not uncommon for slaves to look out their windows to see if Raniere was strolling by and with whom. Mack was heard to anxiously inquire of her own slaves if any had seen Raniere, after he absented himself from her for a week. Mack, in order to capture more of Raniere’s time and attention, helped Raniere, 57, get younger women.  Mack – 34 – had aged out of Raniere’s first preference for slave harem. She volunteered to bring him younger women.

Raniere, realizing that he was not as able to seduce younger women as easily as once could, decided that Mack’s abilities to recruit plus blackmail and branding could work with young aspiring actresses – who he felt make the best slaves.

Before he went to prison, Raniere allowed himself to be viewed by his slaves and prospective slaves [by invitation only] when he played late night volleyball at Hayner’s Sports Barn in Half Moon, which was rented after hours for his enjoyment.

Keith Raniere third from left.
Keith Raniere, the Master of the DOS slaves.

With Raniere in prison, only Allison Mack remains to keep slaves slender and obedient — awaiting the day when they will be reunited as his slaves when Raniere is released from prison.

alli 4
Allison Mack lost considerable “excess” weight on Raniere-Mack or DOS diet.
Mack [left] formerly ate as she pleased and drank alcoholic beverages. Raniere guided her into a restricted calorie diet. Here Mack is with another former follower of Raniere, actress, Kristin Kreuk, 


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  • That Keith Raniere is eating crap food in prison [the crap food served in prison is its own terrible story btw, but not terrible when it’s Keith Raniere eating because it’s generously more than 500 calories] makes me happy. And it’s for life! Woohoo!

    • Then you will be happier soon ! : )
      You’re right to rejoice, it’s a great day 👍🎉
      I’m pretty upset, but I know I have to rejoice too.
      I’ve never been a Mack fan, I feel very distant from all this starstuff bulshit, but I feel quite bad for her as as a human being, as now I know she was totally fucked up by these bastards… Are you aware we are living one of the mots important event of the 21st century (talking of pop culture) ?

  • Allison Mack is a damned sadist, who will do anything to boost her own petty, narcissistic ego. Women who suddenly learn they were married to serial killers are shocked, deeply saddened and appalled, They express remorse. Not her. She continues to feed her ego by “leading” a group of confused, badly abused women. All with the goal of being the Chosen One of a Monster who has defrauded and hurt so many. With every new article, I get angrier. Brainwashed little girl, my a**! Grow a conscience!

  • I used to love Allison Mack now I can’t wait till she goes to jail and that’s exactly where she deserves to be, enslaving women marking them you are deranged never thought I’d say that

  • It’s what I’ve read in comments in different places a number of times. Never cared to get close enough to verify for myself.

  • So who wants to speculate on timeframe before Keith has a regular diet of man-gurt and chocolate salted balls?

  • They were big Hillary Clinton supporters. Does anyone know if there were any political connections with NX?

    • IMHO they just wanted to buy Clinton’s credibility… She would had attended some crap festival, handshaked Raniere, posing for some picture with the turd gang… They didn’t bet on the good horse after all, they should better had sent Trump some private ”teacher” to teach him how Raniere is fabulous and need to be some kind of Whitehouse counselor, to help to make America big again… It makes me angry that Hilary could accept their money, I would had wish so hard that she came the first female president of the USA !

    • Are you aware that Trump made substantial donations to the Clintons? Including $100K to their foundation? And that the Clintons were guests at Trump’s last wedding? Also both daughters, Ivanka and Chelsea, each spent $3+ million on their weddings, more than most people, including you, will make in their lifetime. Imagining conspiracies is not a productive way to live, but hey, you do you.

  • An arrest of Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack will allow Indie to slowly wake up. They both are most likely mind bending Indie every chance they get.

  • Why do these crazy women believe they are saving the world? From what? Why would these chicks decide to go to prison for him? There is way more going on here thank just brainwashing. Maybe these YouTube videos that highlight this sex slave elite type shit might be real!?? This guy and these women have probably banged so many powerful men and women. I don’t buy this cut and dry sex slave one man story. These girls are submissive slaves to all men who are trying to be global leaders or spirit advisers. This is witch craft.

    • Raniere believes he can fool anyone with his “intelligence”, Clare Bronfman believes she can buy the whole world with her money, Masters believe they can corrupt justice with theirs slaves’ “charms”.

      This tale is some kind of crooked World of Oz story, but with anti-heroes they are the actual vilains… A corrupt mind, a loaf or corrupt money (a fortune made during prohibition and out of cirrhosed livers), corrupted minds and bodies…

      There, a lot of love and patience will be required to save the latters ones. My prayers go for them.

    • It wouldn’t shock me one bit. MK Ultra. Entertainment ties. Financial Elite (Bronfmans). Sex slaves. Clinton donations. Raniere’s statutory rape history. Rainbow Cultural Gardens for Children (pedophilia). The fact that NXIVM got away with it for so long. Bribing authorities and politicians. Occult. The fact that VanDouche stays up in the wee hours of the night and smells. etc. Money and sex have been the way to control for centuries.

      • Does the comment Keith smells mean that he’s been reported as smelling bad? Sorry…just trying to understand the meaning of that. I hadn’t heard it mentioned before that he literally stinks.

        With his looks and his stench, how did he ever get these women to have sex with him? Must be this MK Ultra stuff….lol.

      • You are so right, Darth. This is an age old story. Money and power have always controlled. Money and power attract and trap women. Women are liable to be playthings of the wealthy and powerful. “Protect me, love me, and I will spread my legs for thee.” I’m sorry – that sounds so horrible but I believe it is true. Let me add the caveat that I do not see AM as any sort of victim. She is a perpetrator and should be dealt with as such.

    • It would not be strange if Raniere were some Satanist. Many of them, even if they do not believe it, are in powerful places, so they could create other groups to manipulate people.

      • That’s what he is and that’s why he’s evil. Your crazy satanist conspiracies have no place here.

          • Jade is absolutely correct. The satanic temple’s gray faction have done a lot of valuable work in exposing quack and corrupt psychotherapists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who convince their patients that they are victims of satanic ritual abuse. The way that these quacks brainwash their victims, alienate them from their families and exploit them in various ways (financially, emotionally and sometimes in other ways also) has parallels with KR’s abuses against vulnerable people.


            Also there is a very interesting satanic ritual abuse hoax still being promoted by PizzaGate endorsing conspiracy theorists that should be of great interest to eXians.

            In this particular hoax, a violently abusive couple tortured the mother’s children into making false claims of ritual abuse against a whole community in Hampstead London, UK.

            One of the fascinating things about the hoax is that the false narratives include conspiracy theories about sexually abusive school teachers who have satanic tattoos in their pubic areas, allegations of depraved sex orgies including the sexual abuse of children, police corruption and allegations that police, social workers, health care workers and members of the judiciary are part of this imaginary cult.

            Many of the sick individuals promoting the hoax have published names and addresses of innocent people and demanded that they expose their genital areas publicly to prove that they do not have satanic tattoos. The two abused children at the centre of the hoax have had their privacy violated and videos of them making false claims of satanic ritual abuse (made after they were threatened and tortured by their mother’s criminal partner) are all over the internet.

            Promoters of the hoax also promote Pizzagate, QAnon, 9/11 Truth Movement, free energy, flat earth, the usual stuff. Many of the hoaxers claim to be survivors of MKUltra experimentation.

            One of the very strange things about the hoax (generally referred to by rationalists and sceptics as “Hoaxtead”) is that the claims made by the hoaxers about a proven imaginary, non-existent cult bear more than a passing resemblance to a very real and sinister cult; NXIVMt

            In my experience, the steady drip, drip of fake news and conspiracy theories regarding imaginary, non-existent cults can make it difficult for victims and survivors of real cults to be taken seriously.

            Another example is the fact that the Tavistock and Portman NHS Mental Health trust in London, UK, has a long and inglorious history of employing staff at senior levels who promote conspiracy theories about satanic ritual abuse, the most notorious being the quack Valerie Sinason, although there are plenty of others.

            The extremely sinister LaRouche organisation and its various front organisations publish all manner of insane sounding conspiracy theories about the Tavistock and Portman that have a detrimental effect on anyone attempting to demonstrate the real abuses that have been going on their for years, as very well documented in the horrific case of Carol Fealstead and her family.

            The million dollar question is whether the fact that multiple conspiracy theories and fake news reports of evil non-existent cults resonate with the details of real evil cults such as NXIVM and others is a bizarre coincidence or whether some kind of organised conspiracy is behind this.

  • I still feel there is so much more to this story…I seem to be reading the same stuff over and over again.. how did these people become so engrossed in KR and Nxivm…how do you go from courses to so called better yourself or find the real you or whatever shit they taught…to sleeping with that gross KR…handing over naked pics of urself or signing your life away and allowing yourself to be branded…it makes no sense at all… Allison Mack gone social media dark…Nicki.. India…not so much…until we know exactly what led all these women down this ugly path…it all remains speculation…

  • Volleyball is a game played by 14 year old girls. Vantard looks ridiculous especially with the kneepads. Although they would likely prove useful to him these days.

  • To “Anonymous” 1, 2, 3 , 4 and 5, and 6, and 7, and 8, and so on… :
    I beg you, please, chose a pseudo when you’re posting a comment here ! You can i.e. open your fridge and take one item in both hands, and create your pseudo from those two things !
    I.E. : –
    -Yogurt + Salad = Yosalad
    -Butter + Milk = Builk (and not “buttmilk”, please !..)
    -Egg + Marmite = Eggmite


    India [Oxenberg] still refuses to talk to her mother, who flew in from California, but has spoken to her grandmother, who came from Serbia, to talk some sense into India.

    “India remains loyal to Raniere, and has vowed to go to prison to protect him,” Frank Parlato, a former publicist for Nxivm, told me. “She thinks she’s doing noble things. She told someone, ‘I will be like Nelson Mandela.’ ”

    Catherine is desperate to free India and she’s writing a book called “Captive: A Mother’s Crusade To Save Her Daughter From a Terrifying Cult,” due in August from Gallery Books.

  • India Oxenberg who dare to compare herself to Nelson Mandela is just disgusting. The man fought for freedom not for enslavement. This girl is an idiot like the others. They are just a bunch of stupid bullies.

  • I just started watching the OA on Netflix. It’s interesting. Hope the series goes in the right direction. Hits on how a cult leader could be born. More interesting is how early followers enable each other,

  • What happened to the Alison Mack in the last picture above. She looks like she’s thinking “can you believe this bullsh*t these people are spewing. This is worse than going to a timeshare seminar. Where’s the nachos and can I get another Chardonnay over here”

    • In that picture, Allison still had a personality, she was still eating regular food and actually drinking wine and being a normal human–the AM we have now is a conditioned robot parroting back Raniere’s word salad, Very sad

  • I finally deleted my subscription to this blog. I am very interested in this ongoing developing story, but the entrenched sadistic sexist style of writing is too much. These aren’t “slaves,” they’re victims. Just because the predators used that language doesn’t mean you should continue it. It’s traumatizing to read. I’m aware of your disrespect of women, generally, from your previous writings. You were pretty blatant. So please stop pretending you care about the suffering of anyone and admit you glory in their debasement.

    • — These aren’t “slaves,” they’re victims.

      At one point they were. I don’t think it holds true anymore.

      Plenty of other people bypassed the so-called “brainwashing” and left. I think in these women (and men) who still support him the line must have been crossed long ago between “victim” and “agent”.

    • If a victim victimizes others, are they still a victim? Read the parts that describe CC1 and CC2 recruiting, grooming, and enslaving Jane Doe 1 and 2.

      From people who knew her at the time, Allison Mack was not an instant convert to Keith Raniere when she first tried out NXIVM (two years or so after her best friend, Kristin Kreuk, had joined up). If she had listened to her gut, she wouldn’t be in this mess. Instead, she and the other slaves are now brainwashed and doing horrifying things. And these women call themselves slaves.

      • “two years or so after her best friend, Kristin Kreuk, had joined up”

        Certainly a close friend (at the time), but best friend? I don’t think so. I’m not even sure if she has a “best” one. I know she has some other close friends: Kendra Voth, Rosena Bhura, Anna Murray, Suzanne Gomez, and some others from her high school days she still keeps in contact with.

        • Maybe you can email her Dad again stalker, and find out.

          Manoman, you suuuuuure love to defend Kristin Kook. You think she’s gonna thank you one day? Maybe she’ll invite you to her home.

          “Ohhhhh, brave Sultan. Thank you for defending my honor”

          Newsflash … KK doesn’t give a shit. Wake up!

          • I cannot control whether she cares or not. This is irrelevant and has no bearing on me stating what the reality of the situation is.

          • Sultanofsix doesn’t seem like a bad person, generally thoughtful and good comments, but man oh man does he get irrational when anything Kristin Kreuk comes up. His comment now is mild compared to his fully unhinged attacks. A grown man obsessed with Kreuk for years and years is creepy.

          • Hmmmm. Seems all former NXIVM’s must be guilty before proven innocent. Does that include you Former Nexian? Are you also guilty of doing bad shit? You claim to be a “former” like KK, but for her she’s beneath anyone defending her. How about you? Who defends you? Why should we defend you? We cannot even tell if you were “former” anything. At least KK’s name is attached to her past.

          • Yeah, it’s funny how I’m “so irrational” in pointing out people’s logical fallacies and rebutting their faulty argumentation while providing my own that is hardly ever countered.

            Methinks you don’t know what “irrational” means.

            But I can understand the idea of being a “fan” as creepy. I tend to get OCD about things I care about. What I don’t understand is how the fuck does this about myself impact you and why you like to bitch about it?

          • Hi FN ! You are apparently angry and you surely have good reasons to be. Maybe you can’t even share them here. But don’t put more oil on the fire : You know SOS will never change his mind, even if he knew those very same reasons they are apparently making you so angry.
            I think I get it : Hypocrisy is the worst thing. When one add it to a double morale and puts itself in a pedestal -on the top of an ivory tower – it’s even more unfair and dishonest.

            But I tell you that trying to be something and someone you aren’t is living in an invisible prison. You may call this karma. I call it life itself. Some things you have to pay here and it’s exactly what is going to happen, it’s a matter of time.

            You know that entertainment industry isn’t real life, it’s like an open air asylum whom patients are praised and somewhat deified. They are like kids in a candy shop : There are so much opportunities that one blow its fuse and loses him/herself in that lifestyle. This isn’t real world. When you bet all your life in this, you lose it all when a new fresh face comes in the game, one that will be even more talented in following this advice from an old lady : “How can you get more success ? Look at the camera like you were looking at your boyfriend, with that much love in you eyes and this very smile !”…

        • I know you are a fierce defender of Kristin Kreuk but in the seven years Kristin and Allison worked together on Smallville, they were close friends who hung out together — both actresses have talked about in interviews at the time-there is no denying that.

          • I never doubted that they were “close” friends. I only doubted that they were “best” friends. That is usually a label you share with only one person. Allison and Kristin were definitely close friends. Kristin, Allison, Rosena, and Anna used to go on what they dubbed “Wild Women Adventures”. It’s a shame about what happened to Allison. Had she considered their friendship more important than her infatuation with a con-artist, she wouldn’t be in the situation she is in today.

          • There is no reasoning with Sultan. He will argue single words when he can’t deny a larger point, and based upon definitions that exist only in his own mind. He’s truly an obsessed fan (700+ posts on an old Smallville Lana forum).

          • There is an obvious difference in definitions between the adjectives “close” and “best” used with a noun (friends is no exception) to anyone who isn’t a moron.

            The difference between bias and objective reasoning was refuted many days ago in the comment section of a previous post.

            You’re the same disingenuous d-bag who keeps posting the same crap and most likely a Nxian whose brain has become mush with all the word salad injected into it.

          • Arguing definitions, instead of the whole point, followed by truly ugly name-calling. I suppose his Kristin obsession has muddled his brain.

            Hey Sultan, if you’re reading this, and I know you will, you don’t have the self-control to resist, know that a poll from a few years ago on Buzzfeed — with 41K+ respondents — concluded that 3 out of 4 people say “best friend” describes level of friendship and that you can have more than one.

          • “Arguing definitions,”

            No one “argued” definitions. They pointed that two different terms meant two different things.

            “instead of the whole point,”

            All I did was point out that Allison wasn’t her “best” friend but a “close” one, then proceeded to explain why this was the case.

            By the way, what was your point in once again in mentioning the lie that Allison joined up two years after her “best” friend Kristin?

            ” followed by truly ugly name-calling.”

            At least I’m direct in response when someone does the same.

            I don’t throw specious backhanded complements followed by “ugly” aspersions of irrationality at someone when it comes to discussing Kristin. But nice attempt at poisoning the well.

            “I suppose his Kristin obsession has muddled his brain. Hey Sultan, if you’re reading this, and I know you will, you don’t have the self-control to resist, know that a poll from a few years ago on Buzzfeed — with 41K+ respondents — concluded that 3 out of 4 people say “best friend” describes level of friendship and that you can have more than one.”

            You’re using a Buzzfeed poll as evidence? LOL.

            Regardless, let’s grant that she has multiple “best” friends. What was your point in mentioning her as such? Why even mention her at all?

          • Can we calm down a little bit? Don’t we all have the same goals? END RANIERE. The peripheral players will pay in all good time. Who cares how cute Kristin, Grace, India or Allie is, or who started what? At least for right now. Let’s join forces against this evil and stop fighting. Let’s keep uncovering and exposing the truth. If we don’t, Keith will get out and start NXIVM – Chapter II – Kindergarten – Eighth Grade. Next time, it will be sex with ten-year olds. He is such a pig – entirely possible.

      • Right On! Exactly correct. In the beginning KK was much more involved in NXSCUM than Allie.

        Allie was just bored and dabbling in ESP and JNess. But again, constant programming is the hallmark of a cult.

      • Does it matter who Kruek’s friends were / are? I think the question should be who were Allison’s friends. Didn’t someone last summer on here say that her non-nxivm friends had tried to reach her so seems she had other peeps but she didn’t listen to them. She wrote about her mentors on her blog and the only named people with Smallville connections that I saw were two men, John Glover and Greg Beeman. I watched one of her recent con panels and she mentioned Glover as being the Smallville person she kept in touch with. Is he in NXIVM too or a possible sane outsider she might still listen to? After 10 years on Smallville, did Mack manage to make no other friends than those she recruited or did she turn people off by trying to recruit?

        And why do some people on here keep trying to sell the story that it took Mack 2-4 years to join NXIVM. If Kruek went in in 2006 and Mack was already doing NIXM projects in 2007, then it would be only 1 year later at the most that she joined not 2-4 years and could have been as little as 1 week or 1 month. Vincente, or whoever wrote that rundown piece yesterday, said Mack wasn’t ”completely sold on NXIVM in her first few days of it.” He wrote first FEW DAYS, not years. LOL. Someone else on here wrote that Allison was off and flying to Albany after her first Vancouver intro.

    • No one is forcing you to be here. See that red button on the top left of your browser.

      Just hit it… And Adios Mofo!

      • Former Nexian, You sound so sweet and respectful; totally unlike what that guy was saying. Only sweet nothings come out of your mouth. Like sugar. the world would be such a wonderful place if everyone was your slave and just ate and drank more of your delicious sugar.

        • You’re darn right Vegimite!

          I have the liver of a T-Rex, I’m hung like a donkey, I eat like a shark, and I smell like a monkey. So what?

          But I don’t recruit my besties into Branch Davidians v2 and then deny the whole thing.

          And whereas, said bestie becomes Cult Leader numero dos of DOS.

          AM and KK are airheads. They are tremendously vapid. Pry closer to Bill and Ted, than Bill and Ted…

          • You sound obnoxious. I’ve read your posts. Some of it reads sane. Then others read like drivel, like you were knocked on the head and dazed or high on ecstasy or some other drug when you wrote them. The above is a case in point.

            I don’t know what your obsession or your play is with blaming Kreuk for everything Allison. Is it some sort of guilt trip you’re trying to pin on her? Some EM way of trying to keep her attached to the NXIVM sludge in some sketchy manner?

            What Allison became is far below what anyone could have predicted. Sarah Edmondson who was in longer than both Kristen and Allison never fell even remotely close to the same depths. Something in her personality made her do what she has done. She may have been a victim at first but she’s a crazy case now and you sound like you’re not that far behind.

    • Jesse, I agree with you. I don’t think anyone is claiming Allison Mack is a saint and should be forgiven. She was a victim first, and while she may a victimizer now (should definitely face consequences for her actions), the writing about her is redundant. It’s not providing any real new info at this point, but it’s clear Frank’s getting off on the pile on that happens whenever he posts an article about her. Until Mack is arrested or something that was not previously known becomes public, there is point in writing about her.

    • “Slave” was the agreed upon term used by all concerned. Everyone wore it as a description of honor vis a vis a girl’s relationship to Keith. So, you can come down off your high horse anytime now.

    • I understand your point but there is too few distance from the events and they still can’t be referred as victims : They are potentially dangerous and nobody knows how much they identify with Raniere. Fundamentally, they are victims but they remain dangerous pawns in the organization they belong…

      It’s too early to sympathize.

    • These women are not victims anymore and if they weren t rich privileged girl they would be sent in jail since a long time ago. Justice :double standart

    • Wooooord up! I understand the pressure for content with the whole world is watching this story (if you’ll excuse the hyperbole) and the importance of keeping this story percolating, but ye gods how many times can you tell the same 3 stories over and over again?! And I absolutely agree on the tone. Frank’s prose often yielded whiffs of a pulpy, salacious quality, but lately I’m wondering if a reincarnated staff writer from True Confessions has commandeered the blog. I’ve already spoken my piece about this, but I had to give your comment an enthusiastic +1

  • — Raniere, who teaches he is beyond the need for dietary restrictions, was a vegetarian, who ate meat on occasion.

    This must be the word salad definition similar to Raniere being a monk but having sex on occasion.

    • ….a former serial murderer who occasionally worked as a birthday party clown…
      OK, not exactly the same thing, but just demonstrates the inconsistencies of these sociopaths who strive to be seen a certain way by the public, but in the end they can never hide their true nature.

      • LMAO : “A former serial killer who occasionally works as a birthday clown”, if I had a band, I would give it that name !

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