Unsolved Mystery: Did Raniere murder Kristin Snyder?

Kristin Snyder

Alleged sex-slaver and cult leader Keith Raniere, currently in federal pretrial custody with pending charges of sex trafficking and forced labor, is being scrutinized by federal law enforcement as he never has before.

Aside from his 1990s Consumers Buyline scam, which was shut down by the NY Attorney General as an illegal pyramid scheme, NY State and federal law enforcement in the Northern and Western Districts of New York have long turned a blind eye to crimes and intimidation committed by Raniere, his financial enabler, Clare Bronfman, and others in the cult.

Questions still linger, however, in a 15-year old case of a woman, Kristin Marie Snyder, who was reportedly pregnant with Raniere’s child at the time of her disappearance. Officials concluded she committed suicide. Now, as the current federal probe intensifies, turning over all stones in the vast Raniere/Bronfman network of criminal activity, the story of a long-forgotten victim warrants revisiting.


Kristin Marie Snyder, born on December 14, 1967, was last seen on February 6, 2003.  She was 35.  The official story is that she committed suicide by taking a kayak out to sea in Alaska and tipping it over on purpose. Her body was never found.

Snyder was an environmental consultant in Anchorage, Alaska. She lived with her domestic partner, Heidi Clifford. A member of the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol, Snyder was qualified in survival training and avalanche rescue. She was an avid kayaker – and a respected business person in Anchorage.

Kristin Snyder lived in Anchorage in a suburban neighborhood with her partner, Heidi Clifford.
Street view of Kristin Snyder’s neighborhood.

In November 2002, Snyder attended a 16-day NXIVM “intensive” in Anchorage taught by Nancy Salzman, known also as Prefect in the cult.

The course seemed to make her unhinged. Snyder visited her parents, Robert and Jonnie Snyder, at their farm in Dillon, S.C. for Christmas 2002.

Kristin Snyder’s parents.

She appeared angry and tearful, and claimed Raniere was incredible, her parents said. When her parents challenged her about Raniere, Snyder ended discussions and telephoned her ESP “coach”.

Her parents said they saw a “descent into mental illness … that …  was a direct result of the manipulation of her mind by…’Vanguard’”.

After leaving her parents, Snyder visited ESP headquarters in Albany, NY in January 2003.

Raniere was excited about “mentoring” her.  Raniere, a self proclaimed scientist, said he wanted to conduct experiments on gay women to determine if his mentoring could convert them to heterosexual. According to other women Raniere has mentored, he does not use condoms when mentoring women.

After being mentored by Raniere repeatedly, Snyder returned to Anchorage. She took a second 16-day NXIVM “intensive”, taught in January-February 2003 at the Westmark Hotel.

Heidi Clifford, her partner, also attended . Clifford said Snyder appeared sleep-deprived. Snyder said she was trying to emulate Raniere who said he slept less than two hours per night.

“Vanguard doesn’t sleep, so I don’t need to sleep”,  Snyder said, according to Clifford.

Sources say Raniere does sleep little at night. But he sleeps a full eight hours during the day, they said.

Alaska State Police Sgt. Brandon Anderson said there were notes written by Snyder that indicated a “sort of a mental breakdown” was occurring.

What was not reported until now is that Snyder told friends Raniere got her pregnant. One of the NXIVM teachers, Esther Chiappone, told students Snyder was delusional and to ignore her comments. Chiappone claimed Snyder was saying things to get attention.

The Westbrook Hotel where the ESP Intensive was conducted.

According to the story NXIVM members told police, Snyder left the seminar at 4 pm and drove off in her 1999 Toyota truck. But a sources who was there claim that Snyder’s truck was parked at her home and she came to class with other students that day.

The official NXIVM story is Snyder voluntarily left class. But several eyewitnesses tell Artvoice/Frank Report that Snyder did not voluntarily leave – and was, in fact,s ordered to leave by Chiappone.

Although Chiappone told students Snyder was delusional, when Clifford asked if she could bring Snyder to a hospital,  she was “…told not to bring her to the hospital. ” according to  Clifford.

No attempt was made to get her medical attention.

Whether she left or was ejected, the class continued without Snyder.

According to her “Presumptive Death Certificate”:

“At approximately 7:00 p.m. her roommate/domestic partner, Heidi Clifford, concerned because of Ms. Snyder’s recent bizarre behavior …. contacted the Anchorage Police Department to report Ms. Snyder missing. Ms. Clifford also contacted a friend of Ms. Snyder, Kenneth Powers and they began a search of the Anchorage area.

Clifford told police she suspected Snyder was headed for Seward, Alaska, about 130 miles from Anchorage.

The following evening [Feb. 7, 2003], Snyder’s truck was discovered at Miller’s Landing, a campground, fishing and kayaking resort in Seward, on Resurrection Bay. The driver’s door was unlocked and the key was in the door lock. Two handwritten notes were reportedly found on the passenger seat.

One note said:

“I attended a course called Executive Success Programs (a.k.a. Nexivm) based out of Anchorage, AK, and Albany, NY. I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off. I still have feeling in my external skin, but my internal organs are rotting. Please contact my parents … if you find me or this note. I am sorry life, I didn’t know I was already dead. May we persist into the future,”

The other note read:

“No need to search for my body.”

The next morning, according to her “Presumptive Death Certificate”:

Millers Landing resort personnel discovered a storage shed containing kayaks and gear had been broken into and an old kayak was missing. The storage shed was close to where Snyder’s vehicle was located.

A kayak was missing from a shed nearby. This kayak, made of wood and fiberglass, with no rudder, was not outfitted for flotation. It had not been in the water for 15 years. It was described as seaworthy but would sink if tipped.

Alaska State Police began a search.

According to Miss Snyder’s “Presumptive Death Certificate”:

On February 8, 2003 and February 9, 2003 a large search effort was conducted in and around Resurrection Bay. The search consisted of Alaska State Troopers, Seward area fire/EMS volunteers, the US Coast Guard, Forest Service law enforcement, the Seward Police Department Civil Air Patrol and friends of Snyder, many of whom are part of an organized search and rescue team as part of the Nordic Ski Club. After two full days of active searching no sign of Ms. Snyder was located. Air flight was accomplished on 2/14/03 with negative results.

During the investigation, no one from NXIVM was permitted to speak with police until the cult members cleared it with NXIVM leadership. Police went along with this unusual condition and during every police interview with witnesses, NXIVM officials were present during the interviews with police.

Police seemed to ignore any evidence that might point to something other than suicide.

For instance, a set of fresh footprints was found at a nearby cabin.

Miller’s Landing where Kristin Snyder allegedly drove to commit suicide.

The owners of Miller’s Landing provided police with the name of a cabin owner who knew Snyder. Her name is [Name Redacted]. [Name Redacted] was not at the cabin. She was called by police and not only admitted she knew Snyder, but admitted she attended the NXIVM seminar with Snyder. She said she was there when Snyder left the seminar but told police she thought she went to attend a Performing Arts Center show. [Name Redacted] terminated the phone interview abruptly in order, she said, to call friends and said she would call police back. She never spoke to police again.

Investigators searched her cabin.  Nothing was found. Higher ups in the investigation decided not to interview her again.

Police concluded Snyder drove to Miller’s Landing before dawn on February 7th, paddled a stolen, creaky 16-foot kayak into the bay and intentionally capsized in the glacier-fed water.

“Everything points to the fact that she took a kayak into the bay to kill herself and she rolled over and now she’s gone,” said Alaska State Trooper Paul Randall, who supervised the search.

The kayak and her body were never found.

Kristin Snyder was an avid kayaker.

Sources told Artvoice/Frank Report that Snyder was in no condition to drive 130 miles from her home in Anchorage to Seward where she allegedly broke into a shed, stole a 16-foot kayak, carried it to shore, and paddled out into the glacial waters.

They wonder if she might have been kidnapped to stop her from saying more about Raniere.

Raniere later claimed Snyder never committed suicide but faked her own death to escape a drug ring she cheated – and was living in British Columbia. No evidence was offered to prove that claim.

Later, Raniere claimed to have photographs that proved Snyder was in the Grand Canyon with Clifford months after her supposed death. He never released the photos.

Snyder’s parents held a memorial service for her in March 2003, about a month after she disappeared.

An Anchorage District Court jury determined that cause of death was suicide in 2004.

Sources in Clifton Park told Artvoice/Frank Report that Raniere ordered at least eight abortions performed on women he impregnated. They  say he threatened women when they said they did not want an abortion.

Raniere has two known children, one born in 2006 and another in 2017. After the first child’s birth, Raniere lied about the paternity of the child to followers, claiming the child was an orphan and his father was unknown.

On a 2009 video posted on YouTube, Raniere told two women, “I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs — or because of their beliefs.”

In light of Raniere’s actions – and new information concerning Kristin Snyder – this “cold case” might be due for a warm re-examination.

Was Snyder kidnapped?

Did she drive herself to Seward?

Did someone drive her to Seward?

Did she go to Seward?

Did Raniere  order her murdered?

Did Raniere seduce a student which may have caused Snyder to become unhinged.

Add to the mix, the curious fact that Raniere told Clare Bronfman to pay $500,000 to private investigators to carry out an assignment never put in writing – to find Kristin Snyder.  Were they hired to do an investigation into Snyder’s disappearance – or to cover up what happened to her?

There is no body buried under this gravestone.

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  • Am I missing something but it seems unlikely NXIVM/Raniere would kill her but leave a suicide note blaming NXIVM and casting them in a very bad light.

    • I have thought about that, and I think if she really was murdered by someone who knew she had been making comments about Keith and NXIVM, and this person wanted to portray her as delusional, (as a reason for committing suicide) would they write a note placing blame elsewhere? Would that also appear suspicious?
      I think they would have to implicate themselves in the note, but then try to show that Kristen killed herself due to suffering some type of delusional episode..
      I mean that they can’t realistically expect that a woman who talked to a number of people about NXIVM and then killed herself, would write a suicide note blaming some other factor for driving her to suicide….right?

  • I was shocked when I heard that Kristin was missing and it was said she had killed herself. I have never believed the story that she took her own life.

    People who were at that intensive from NXIVM when Kristin went missing.

    Ed Kinum – Head Trainer
    Esther Carlson (Chiapoone) – was her organization at the intensive
    [Name Redacted] – coached the intensive
    Karen Abaney – coached the intensive

    People who might know information

    KRISTIN KEEFFE – NXIVM sent her to Alaska to deal with this matter often. Kristin would know the investigator NXIVM hired.

    Wende Irick (Wendella) Kristen Keeffee spent a lot of time with Wende while in Alaska, Wende was a coach for NXIVM during this time.

    Nancy Salzman – spend a lot of time talking to people after Kristin death. Did several conference calls. Nancy has also said that Kristen was alive and NXIVM had proof of this.

    Keith Raniere – he would have insider information into Kristin’s missing status. He worked closely with Nancy Salzman and Kristin Keeffe in this matter.

    • That is great information! Thank you for sharing it.

      As the Keith Raniere cult empire tumbles, may those folk grow a conscience and a spine and speak up. So that Kristin Snyder may rest in peace and her wife and parents and friends find true resolution and peace.

  • I hope all of these pyramid type “classes” on self improvement all get banned by the government! I’ve seen so many people fall victim to these crazy schemes of recruiting. They are more popular and ever here in California. If you haven’t done a “course” in “leadership” and “self-improvement” you are not a positive person!!! It’s sucks ppl in and sociopathic ppl seem to really do well in these pyramid schemes and get to the top of the pyramids facilitating courses or recruiting hundreds of ppl. Like, Tony Robbins isn’t any different than NXIUM. I feel successful ppl don’t accept their success and want more and more enlightenment or to feel the best? These are sick ppl telling healthy ppl they are sick! Should be really looked into all of these schemes on mind empowerment. They are turning ppl psychotic.

    • too true. I watched a girlfriend go from successful hair stylist, vogue editorials etc. to complete social outcast within months due to an mlm scheme for women only called ‘Hearts’. No branding or sexual deviance, just the basic economic exploitation, but hey, demanding money with menaces for anything is not a winning strategy. It didn’t last.

  • “When Kristin Snyder was at Clifton Park – for about nine days – she stayed at Esther Chiappone’s house. She was hardly ever around. She had a car and she would supposedly go off driving alone by herself. That was the official statement. She was off driving. Alone. At the same time, no one knows where Keith is when he doesn’t want anybody to know. It seems pretty clear to me that Kristin might have been sneaking off to meet Keith. Keith loved to f–k lesbians. He said they had defiance issues he could cure.”

    So Snyder got special attention and needed extra coaching to break through her defiance. And if she was pregnant, she likely conceived on this trip to Clifton Park. Raised Catholic, it’s reasonable to think she would not have any interest in abortion, whereas Keith might have tried to persuade her.

    Esther Chiappone and [Name Redacted] likely know more than they’re saying about what really happened to Snyder. It worked out well for Raniere and NXIVM that they’ve remained silent Regarding [Name Redacted], from another ESP source:

    “It was not peculiar that [Name Redacted] moved to Clifton Park. A lot of people from Alaska (moved) to Clifton Park. What was odd was that Nancy Salzman gave [Name Redacted] $50,000. [Name Redacted] may have been a witness. She was at the last intensive when Kristin Snyder disappeared. Nancy was never generous. They were busy trying to take money from people not give gifts of $50,000.”

    Quotes from: https://frankreport.com/2017/08/15/notes-on-the-fate-of-kristin-snyder-and-gina-hutchinson-and-others-possibly-involved-in-their-finale/

  • From another woman who had a psychological breakdown around the time Kristin Snyder did:

    “In Intensives, she says, Espians are introduced to the “Matrix,” NXIVM’s ideology. And to learn the “Matrix,” sections of material called “modules” are explored. “Every ‘module’ together completes the ‘Matrix.’ Everything links to each other,” she says. “The ‘Matrix’ is very impermeable. It is a whole different way to see the world.”

    Each “module” touches on a basic element of the human condition, and has a name such as “Money,” “Trust,” or “The Fall.”

    To understand “The Fall,” one must understand “suppressives.” When a person is a destructive force in the world, Maria says, such as a serial killer, a terrorist, or a critic of NXIVM, when they exhibit “suppressive” traits, when they “destruct value,” they are referred to as “suppressives.” And just as Lucifer took a fall in Paradise Lost (an oft-referenced text in NXIVM circles), Espians are taught that “suppressives” are capable of taking “The Fall.” Once they have, it is taught that they have developed an “anticonscience”—good feels bad to them and bad feels good.

    It was in the teachings about “suppressives” and “The Fall” that Maria began to feel that NXIVM was warning: You cannot leave, you cannot criticize or question the organization.

    NXIVM has a strict hierarchy with Raniere (aka “Vanguard”) at the top. Directly beneath him is Salzman, who insists that students refer to her as “Prefect.” Students are expected to bow to Vanguard and Prefect. Sashes are worn to determine an Espian’s level.

    “You start with a white sash when you are a student,” Maria says. “Then you get a yellow sash when you coach. Then you get stripes. Then you get the orange sash. Nancy had a gold sash.”

    The higher in the hierarchy, the closer an Espian is to “integration,” akin to being enlightened, perfect: Thoughts flow together flawlessly, Maria says, “like a plate without any cracks.” Salzman is close to integration, she says, and Raniere is completely integrated.

    He is treated, she says, “like a Buddha or a Christ.”

    After being taught the module’s material, the students break up into groups. Espians from every rank sit together and discuss the lesson. “When you are in the group,” Maria says, “you will be asked questions like: ‘Is suicide good?’ ‘Is suicide bad?’ ”

    A student might answer, “ ‘I think it is bad, because you are being a coward.’ ” To which a coach might reply: “ ‘I think suicide is not that bad. Because, if you are a bad person, if you are not ‘constructing value,’ if you are ‘destructing value,’ then you should not have a place in the world, and you should be happy to kill yourself.’ ” In this way, she says, a student’s belief system is constantly undermined. Doubt is cast upon opinions, and beliefs are systematically torn down.

    One technique NXIVM employs is called “Exploration of Meaning,” or “EM.”

    Maria explains the process as she remembers it: A problem or “issue” is identified in the student. The coach, or a coach in training, questions the meaning of the “issue,” leading the student along a seemingly logical path with predetermined questions to the root of that problem. And when a student can relate the problem’s manifest to the problem’s root, there is an “aha” moment. The student has had an “integration.” And the more “integrated” you are, the more you are living according to NXIVM’s “Matrix.”

    “It is mathematical technology,” Maria says. “It is like a mathematical equation. And you end up at zero every time. And once you are in zero, they give you the answers.” Even though the Espian feels each discovery is a product of their own soul searching, she adds, they are actually being programmed.

    “It’s fascinating. Can you imagine how brilliant this guy [Raniere] is?” she asks. “He really is a genius.”

    After training with NXIVM for six months, Maria suffered a psychotic episode that she attributed to extreme stress. She began hallucinating and had to be taken to the hospital.

    “It was in the moment before . . . I went into my psychotic break,” she says. “I felt that I had to decide between my boyfriend and my life, and Keith. And that’s when I broke. It’s the devotion to him; you have to give your life to him. I didn’t want to lose my boyfriend, and I didn’t want to lose my life—he [Raniere] wants to have the control of your life.”

    Maria spent the next two years in treatment, taking antipsychotic and antidepressant medications. She still gets nervous talking about NXIVM and says that former Espians like herself are afraid to speak out because they know how “suppressives” are treated.”

    From: https://web.archive.org/web/20061018215407/http://www.metroland.net/back_issues/vol29_no32/features.html

  • 1. Her body was never recovered, so no definitive statement can be made. That the police concluded suicide seems reckless and premature.

    2. Goading someone to suicide is legally considered wanton or reckless conduct and falls under involuntary manslaughter.

    3. When Keith Raniere said “I’ve had people killed” in conversation with Bouchey and Dones as the NXIVM 9 was considering leaving, the argument can be made he was talking about Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder. Both deaths were officially declared suicides.

    From a comment posted on Saratogaindecline blog on October 24, 2010 by “The Rat”: “i see my responsibiy in the deaths of both kristen’s friend in the monistary [Hutchinson] and ester’s friend in AK [Snyder]. He did not kill, I did for him. I put the idea in thier heads. It was suicide, so it could not be linked to me and keith. But we still encouraged it to happen.”

    • Thanks for your intel. Much appreciated. I think this shows there is enough evidence to point to number 2. Involuntary Manslaughter, at least.

  • Keith Alan Raniere is a self-admitted murderer – that is the long and short of it! He is also a child-rapist! How can any misguided individual possibly continue defend this depraved and brutal psychopath, once they are informed about the facts concerning this self-admitted killer including the video of his own confession to multiple murders?

    The bottom line is that in the above-mentioned video, Raniere states the following: “Well, here’s the thing; I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs and because of their beliefs ,and because of things that I’ve said and I’m mindful of that.” Well, I guess that being mindful gave Keith a free pass, in his mind, to follow a philosophy similar to that of the Marquis de Sade: “Murder is an excellent stimulus, especially when preceded by torture and sexual abuse.”

    If you have not watched the chilling video on youtube, which is entitled: “NXIVM Cult Leader Keith Raniere Claims to Have Had People Killed,” then you really should watch it. It is only 7:27 minutes long, and the last 1;27 minutes are the crucial ones wherein the prattling psychopath goes all “Sweeney Todd” when he feels threatened,

    By the way, in an online timeline for Keith Raniere, entitled: From RPI to NXIVM: Keith Raniere timeline, it is mentioned that sometime between 1984-1985 this self-admitted murderer performed “with the RPI theatre company in the musical ‘Sweeney Todd.'” I wonder if Keith played the role of Toby?

    The only difference between Keith Raniere and de Sade is that de Sade bragged openly about his sick and twisted philosophy and his vile exploits, whereas the phony craven and cowardly Keith Raniere hides his evil intentions and actions behind a deceptive guru mask while spouting psychobabble to sleep-deprived daffy dillies before he pounces on them and then rapes and robs them two and three times over. How many of his female victims has he killed or had killed? Would it come as a great shock if he either has killed one or more of them or had one or more of them killed, as he states in a very threatening manner, in the above-mentioned video? Raniere doesn’t need to get a life so much as to get life – in federal prison without parole.

    If you have any information or knowledge about Keith’s self-admitted murders, then please, contact the FBI in New York City today!

    • I am highly skpetical Keith had anyone killed. Not that it’s not possible, but more so because if he had, he would have to be a moron to say that in front of people. Considering how quickly he ran away to Mexico, I suspect the reason he actually said that was so he could appear to be stronger, and have had more experience than he does. It’s the same thing he has done with all the nonsense records about his accomplishments etc.

      • Keith Raniere said those words in 2009 to two high-ranking inner circle women (Bouchey and Dones) that he was trying to dissuade from leaving. Women whose thoughts he had shaped and manipulated for 9+ years. This was not a conversation he anticipated ever being made public. Notice from the video quality that it’s most likely a covert recording.

        The women whose deaths he’s associated with (Kristin Snyder, died in 2003, and Gina Hutchinson, died in 2002) would both have made trouble for Raniere had they lived. Both were officially declared suicides, meaning no legal worries for Raniere.

        Said one commenter (Frank suspects Karen Unterreiner based on the depth and breadth of insider knowledge reflected in her comments) on the saratogaindecline blog, on October 24, 2010: “i see my responsibiy in the deaths of both kristen’s friend in the monistary [Hutchinson] and ester’s friend in AK [Snyder]. He did not kill, I did for him. I put the idea in thier heads. It was suicide, so it could not be linked to me and keith. But we still encouraged it to happen.”

  • About Kristin Snyder : We will discover that Raniere had “guinea pigs” to enhance his skills. Unfortunately, he may have, thru his direct actions or orders, totally fucked up Snyders mind. I’m really sorry for her, her family and friends. No one deserves to be pushed to this extremity. Now, she rests in peace. A peace that her psychological/emotional torturers will probably never find…

    • Fucking hell – Guinea pig and putting the idea of suicide in someone’s head. He’s been traveling this path a long time. I am sickened by the thought.

  • One woman army
    No one can tell what she was thinking when she wrote that note (assuming that police confirmed she did write it herself )….obviously she sounds as though she was suffering from some type of mental illness at the time. … mental illness induced by sleep deprivation or other factors?

    If there really were private investigators hired by NXIVM, then I hope police interviewed them to determine exactly what they investigated that cost half a million dollars.

    • Oh but they do. and all detective work begins with supposition based on the facts at hand. Thats what my post is, no more.
      You don’t have to be mentally ill to be driven to the brink of derangement by forceful persuasion, no need for the “damaged goods” slur, especially if your tormentors are practised at it.

    • By mental illness I mean she was having odd and delusional thoughts (or so the suicide note would suggest ) and so some type of mental illness was present , even if it was temporary and had been induced by sleep deprivation.

      And how can we guarantee the quality of police investigative work on this case if there have been other incidents of police corruption in connection with Raniere?

      I think it’s cases like this one where it still may be possible to get the real answer as to what happened to her. If this wasn’t really a suicide, then there are people somewhere who are keeping secrets. The truth may come out eventually .

  • Sorry, totally off topic : But I can’t find any of the VIP pictures taken during the Vanguard Week events. Do you have an idea where I can find them ?

  • I think this was suicide by Raniere. While women are less likely to commit suicide than men and generally choose ‘passive’ methods like pills, there is a difference when it comes to well-educated women. I’m thinking of Virginia Woolf walking into the sea laden with pockets of stones- a clear act of hatred against her partner; Sylvia Plath, head in the oven – a clear act of hatred against her partner. Both women exacted the only lasting form of revenge they believed lay in their power, against men who humiliated and lessened theirs. if this was a pre-meditated murder, I doubt the note would have implicated nxivm. The tone of this note is furious, passive aggressive, shut-down. I don’t think she believes the stuff about ‘rotting on the inside’ but I do think she believes these people have the power to define and control her in such deadly ways. The long drive? People do extraordinary things under great duress. The fact she took a dodgy kayak from another nxivm member’s cabin underscores her intention to implicate and destroy her tormentors, with the only power she tragically believed was left to her.

    Esther Chiappone? What does she say? If a student committed suicide after leaving my class, I’d have to provide a statement to the feds. Standard.

    • My best hope is that she set this up and slipped into another life. People have been known to do this to escape debt and ignominy. Without a body this has to be at least a probability.

  • For shining a light on Kristin Snyder. And for so many years.

    May speedy justice be served for all of Keith Raniere’s victims, especially those who can no longer speak for themselves.

  • .. And when their body is missing and no autopsy can be performed, then DNA evidence of paternity is impossible to collect.

    Are there any P.I.’s reading this who can comment on what type of services they provide for the sum of $500 000!
    I can’t believe they would ve offered many jobs that pay that much….

  • I forgot about that. So why isn’t she speaking up now? That she isnt suggests illegal acts on her part.

  • Drove 130 miles while extremely sleep-deprived? Umm, no.

    And stole a kayak coincidentally from another NXIVM intensive attendee? Umm, no.

    Police need to bring [Name Redacted] in for questioning. She knows more than she’s saying.

  • Very bizarre. An interesting question is if the handwriting in the suicide note matches Kristin’s handwriting.

    That is a very unusual way to commit suicide – death by intentional drowning.

    The most common ways for women are pills and slitting wrists. Men use gunshot wounds.

    • Also, “In the western world, males die by suicide three to four times more often than do females.” Regarding suicide attempts, men are approximately 1.7 times more likely than women to attempt suicide.

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