Son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas reportedly under FBI investigation for role in sex-slaver cult that branded women

Emilano and Ceclia Salinas, operators of Rainbow Multicultural Gardens in Mexico City salute their master Keith Alan Raniere on his birthday. [Aug. 26, 2016.]

Informed sources tell Artvoice/Frank Report [and Mexican media] that Emiliano Salinas resigned from NXIVM last week not because he was surprised by cult leader Keith Raniere’s arrest for sex trafficking, but because Salinas, himself, is part of the sex-trafficking scheme and under investigation by the FBI.

Emiliano Salinas is the son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas.

mexico emiliano
Emiliano Salinas [far right] with a contingent of Mexicans. His lover Alex Betancourt far left.
In Albany last week, the FBI raided the Albany home of Raniere’s assistant, Nancy Salzman, and Raniere’s Albany town home where the cult leader brought his “slave” women who allegedly were coerced to have sex with him there.

The FBI confiscated more than $500,000 in cash, allegedly smuggled into the US from Mexico from Salzman’s house.  In Raniere’s “sex lair,’ a book on torture was found.

Raniere, through deception and extortion, procured highly compromising pictures, videos and signed confessions of women in order to blackmail them, the Feds allege. A fact first reported here 10 months ago.

Emiliano Salinas, his wife, Ludwika Palata, and his father, former president Carlos Salinas.

Emiliano Salinas [green t shirt] dances for his master Keith Raniere.
Sources involved in the investigation say that the Feds have expanded their probe to include money laundering, bulk cash smuggling, foreign corrupt practices, identity theft, false imprisonment, tax evasion, racketeering and conspiracy — and that Emiliano Salinas is at the heart of it.

Salinas, along with his gay lover, Alex Betancourt, has for more than a decade smuggled millions in cash to Raniere, according to numerous NXIVM insiders who have left the cult.

Despite his gay relationship with Betancourt, which was openly known in NXIVM, Salinas married famed sexpot Mexican-Polish actress Ludwika Paleta in preparation some say for a career in politics. Salinas was being named as a successor to his father as president of Mexico up until the blackmail and branding practices of Raniere, his longtime mentor, was brought to light by this writer.

Paleta purchased a $500,000 home in Albany near alleged sex-slaver Raniere’s home. She attended Raniere’s 12-day birthday celebration. Sources who know the couple say that Paleta was increasingly involving herself into the brainwashing cult of Raniere. Her husband, Emiliano, a Harvard graduate, has been a follower of Raniere since 2002.

While Emiliano Salinas was not named in the criminal complaint against Raniere, there are references to activities he has been involved in. Court filings allege there is more evidence that the Department of Justice has and will soon release, most probably in an indictment against Raniere and others, quite possibly Salinas.

Emiliano Salinas has dual citizenship – Mexico and the US and, if charged, it is expected he will be extradited from his home in Mexico City to the USA despite his father’s enormous influence in Mexico.

NXIVM’s Nancy [Prefect] Salzman cuts ribbon opening up Mexico NXIVM Center. Betancourt [l] Salinas [R].

Emiliano Salinas [l] embraced his master, Keith Raniere.
Raniere inside the police vehicle which took him from Mexico to Texas where he was arraigned. Will Salinas join Raniere in prison? Sources say the feds have a slam dunk case against Emiliano Salinas but will his father, the powerful Carlos Salinas be able to purchase or ward off justice for the son?





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  • Only in Mexico can you see stuff like this the son of a former President.. Not to nice:( 🙁

    • Exactly. Only in Mexico. Ohh wait there’s a powerful president somewhere denying then admitting paying off a porn star. Also there might me a tape of someone peeing on him…only in Mexico

  • If anything, THIS is the shit that’s going to get Raniere killed in prison. There are a lot of mexican gang members in MDC.

  • Maybe Vanguard will show his cell mates that gang tattoos are out of fashion and gang brandings became the new hot shit.


    There is substantial evidence that Emiliano Salinas was involved in Raniere’s scheme to imprison his enemies, defectors Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones, and Kim Woolhouse in Mexican jail to be tortured until they recanted their criticisms of NXIVM. The planning was done by draft emails that were never sent. The victims were invited by “Yuriria Sierra” the name of a real Mexican journalist friendly to the Salinas family, but perhaps a false flag, to a fake anti-cult conference in Mexico. They would be arrested under a warrant from a corrupted judge.

    Do the Feds have the email evidence of Emiliano’s involvement through their subpoenas of Raniere’s email accounts?

  • It looks like VanDouche is the Vanguard at ruining the lives of people who closely associate with him.

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