TV Actresses Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park – silent, not brave, at crucial hour

Grace Park is believed to be a member of NXIVM but wants to keep her profile low with the bad publicity of blackmail and branding that has emerged recently.
Grace Park is believed to be a member of NXIVM but wants to keep her profile low with the bad publicity of blackmail and branding that has emerged recently.

Frank Report detailed it months ago: Following the arrest of cult leader Keith Raniere, the mainstream media is starting to catch up.

I advised the actresses, Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park, to get ahead of this story before the big news broke.

Kristin Kreuk

I said this for their sake, not the sake of the fight we were waging. They had a chance to be heroes. They had a chance to take a bold step and act in real life similarly to the roles they played on TV. I was ignored.

Now at least one, Kristin Kreuk is trying to get ahead of the story.  It may be a case of ‘too little too late.’ Or she may weather the coming monsoon as this mind-boggling evil comes to light and is examined closely by thousands, maybe millions.

To make it clear, Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park are not part of the criminal enterprise that is NXIVM. [Some prefer calling it the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization]. It is highly doubtful that either Kreuk or Grace participated in the more exploitative aspects of this coercive and vicious cult.

But let the record show that they sat silently while brave folks like Catherine Oxenberg, Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Toni Natalie, Susan Dones, Toni Zarratini, Anthony Ames, and several others struggled against the massive juggernaut of the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization.

When their voices could have done the most to help topple this band of women branders and blackmailers – Park and Kreuk sat stone silent. They are not criminals. They may be cowards.

But there were times when the battle was hanging in the balance. The media was liable to turn at any moment. After all, we were only a few voices. None of us are wealthy. We were making fantastic claims.

Raniere with Mexican co-conspirator Emiliano Salinas, the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas.

The vicious but wealthy Clare Bronfman was trying to get all of the opposition arrested. She filed criminal complaints. Her stooges in Mexico – Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas — filed criminal complaints in Mexico City. Clare Bronfman flew to Vancouver to try to get Sarah Edmondson arrested on another one of her ‘fake’ indictments.

Raniere launched lawsuits against Natalie and hoped to lay a perjury trap. Catherine Oxenberg was threatened from Mexico City. Bronfman tried to get an FBI criminal probe going on Vicente in California. Zarratini was being pursued by a pack of wolf-lawyers threatening him through Salinas at the topmost levels of corrupt Mexican government. The Bronfman-Raniere crime organisation renewed efforts to lure Natalie and Dones to Mexico to arrest them on phony charges. Bronfman hired private detectives to hunt down certain people.

DOS slave Nicki Clyne with her boss, the vicious perjurer Clare Bronfman

I was indicted through Bronfman perjury and a shyster lawyer was hired to persuade [or bribe?] a DOJ official to fake charges [more on that later].

We were fighting for our lives and the freedom and safety of lots of women in this vicious cult. The months from June 2017 – leading up to the NY Times story in October were precarious. We were only a handful of people trying to verify that this was a dark and wicked cult.  An abuser of the legal system a cult dedicated to the enslavement of women.

Kreuk knew all about it. She’d known for years. Any thing she might tell you now that she had no knowledge that Keith Raniere – for example – is a pedophile is utterly false. I know she knew.

But instead of standing tall the opposite occurred: Messages came to me from her friends – ‘please don’t mention Kristin. Take her name off all posts.’

Grace Park called several times: “Please take my name down off Frank Report.”

After the worldwide media followed suit on my reporting on the branding story, and many in the world condemned Raniere – instead of finding courage – the two actresses continued to remain silent. In fact their fear seemed to have increased. The calls for being taken off Frank Report – to hide – as if they never participated in the cult – increased.

But they were part of the cult. Both of them were used repeatedly to bring in other women – some of whom got branded and coerced into slavery. Some who are still in the cult and some who may face arrest and long periods of incarceration.

Kreuk and Park were – perhaps unconsciously – big time enablers of human trafficking. Their images were used. Park appeared in films with Raniere promoting his brand. Kruek set up a company – with Nancy Salzman’s direct guidance – to lure teens into Raniere’s teachings. She appeared on stage to support thinly veiled college women recruitment into the cult. People joined this cult because of them.

Granted Kreuk might not have known about Raniere’s pedophilia then, but she learned more than six years ago, and not a word. This despite the fact that she set up a teenage girls’ program with another NXIVM coach to teach Raniere doctrine.

To be fair, Park and Kreuk probably did not participate directly in the branding and blackmailing – although from their timidity I sometimes suspect they gave collateral to Raniere which he could use to blackmail them.

But, even if that isn’t true, they were deeply involved: They were coaches in NXIVM. They brought people in – both directly and indirectly. After Raniere was first exposed for pedophilia; they remained silent. That was 2012.

After he was exposed for branding women on their pubic regions as slaves – coerced to do so by blackmail – they continued to remain silent. That was June 2017.

Kreuk spoke up only after Raniere was arrested – in late March 2018. She feigned she knew nothing and expressed horror. She was shocked… shocked. But she did not admit her giant role in growing the NXIVM organization that later proved to be a criminal organization.

Park still is hiding, trying to pretend it never happened. She was paying dues to the NXIVM organization as recently as a month ago, according to recently defected slaves.

Sure these two actresses have the right to be silent. The right to hide.

And they also have the right to be actresses. And if ever they play a brave woman on camera you will then know what great actresses they are.

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    • Those hand gestures are intentional and a key tactic in neurolinguistic programming, in which the subject is being essentially “hypnotized” without their knowledge.

  • Raniere, never got away from his 6 enroll 6. He was scum of the earth then and got worse as time went on.

  • Where it all got started, look at all these normal people who thought he was normal. He looked normal but little did they know the evil that lurked deep within this guy.

  • This is the real story, blast from the past, so funny CBI video Part 1. He seemed normal but built an illegal pyramid.

  • Unfortunately, many women will sleep with any man who reeks of power, prestige, or money – consequences be damned. Tragically, many women will sleep with any man who appears committed to the mission of improving humanity and making the world a better place for all (including imposters). My tears are for the latter. Shame on you, Keith, for using every tool in your box of deception to treat women and young girls as disposable toys, with impunity. I pray your scam is finally over. I do not hate you; I simply want you stopped at all costs, and deprived of the comforts you denied your own loving followers – for decades. That is only just.

  • Sorry but Frank is BRILLIANT!
    On the slow news days in the Raniere world, when the Clifton Park correspondent has nothing for us, Frank just drops in an article about one of these B actresses and watches the “clicks” accumulate.
    But hey it’s not all bad. In the world of minor players, no publicity is bad publicity, and to be honest, before Frank Report, I’d never heard of Clyde, Kreuk, Mack or Park.

    • Sorry, but “brilliant” is what the blind followers called Raniere, and your personal value or knowledge of Clyne, Kreuk, Mack and Park has zero relevance to this argument. You seem to suggest that because of their “B” status it makes them deserving recipients of online bullying like this article and your reply.

      The fact you didn’t know who these people were until the abuses began only means you don’t pay attention. It doesn’t mean shit about who these people are. You seem to hint at what Frank is doing here raises the stock of these women. As though without Frank no one would know who they are. You’re grasping at straws and in the meantime creating your own guru in Frank. I thought we were here to fight a despicable demagogue, yet you want to create a new one in Frank? I don’t get it. How many posts have you made where you refer to FP as Brilliant? And to what end?

  • This is kind of irresponsible journalism

    Earlier today you link a Vice Article, which in itself is a little reckless in that it mentions Kreuk and Park front and centre on the headlines but in the article itself clearly makes the distinction to show GBD was not connected to NVIXM and that insiders and Kreuk herself have spoken out and state the victims dont connect them. But in your version you leave this out and write the headline in a slanted way to make it look like Kreuk and Park did the criminal activity leaving the details and distinction. This in turn gets republished at Artvoice and now on Twitter you have Right wing Supremacists retweeting it and thinking Kristin and Grace are doing what Allison currently is (who’s not even in the headline)

    Now in this follow up piece ou say they did not do anything criminal but essentially you victim blame and call them cowards, despite the fact that you yourself have showed the 5 year NDA and admit that ex members have been threatened and scared to come forward

    So while we commend Catherine Odenberg and Sarah Edmonson and others for breaking this, I dont think others who were afraid to speak if they knew or not should be attacked. Thats not how this works and you’ve even republished writings from others here to explain this

    Going after Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park, who admit didnt do anything wrong only because she didnt speak up is bullying and extremely problematic

    You dont need to do this in order to raise awarness against Rainere and NVXIM, its remarkably cold unempathetic and confuses the tone and objective in your mission.

  • This is just gross. Stop bashing victims of this cult. Did they make great choices? No. Are they being heroic? No. But I do not blame them for a second for wanting to just walk away as long as, if called to testify, they do so. But I don’t blame them for not wanting to stick out any further. They are working actresses who would like to keep it that way. And the cult is litigious. Why invite more pain and financial trouble on themselves?

    I know they are being used because there really are only a few famous people in the cult and famous people get you in People and on TMZ. Unless you have any proof that these two did ANYTHING illegal, this just looks like cyber bullying.

  • I’m not sure we should be taking about heroes or bravery here in general. A hero is someone that does something selfless to save others. Who is a hero here? Frank had a vendetta against Keith. We are all very glad he did. He set fire to the house. What he did was great. But is he a hero? Would he have done that if he had no vendetta? ESP picked a fight with him and lost. What about the Ex-esp franchise crew who was either branded or found out about the branding and left? They recruited hundreds (if not thousands) into this disgusting organization and ignored signs it was rotten for many years. Are any of these people working on getting all the people paid back who they brought in? Not that I’ve heard. Because you did the right thing in trying to take Keith down, doesn’t make you brave or a hero. And the more people you recruited, the more your conscience should be on you to do the right thing anyways if you are a good person. Let’s drop the hero or bravery talk.

    The famous actors and actresses who came in or brought people in thought they were doing a great thing. They were wrong. They should have and should speak up about it. Take it on the chin for messing up. Especially if they recruited a lot of people.

    There are no heroes in this or at least remarkably few. Bravery would have come in before the branding and speaking out about ESP when it was at it’s most popular. There’s only a few people there who might be heroes.

    The more people you brought in, the more complicit you were with this disgusting organization regardless whether you knew or not. Focus on getting the funds back for those you brought in. Beyond taking down the company, that’s your debt to carry. I’m one of the lucky ones who only took a 5 day and a few months of ethos but I was brought in under false pretenses and want my money back.

    • Wow, wow, wow. If no one is a hero’s, then no one is a victim. Are you acting like the victim here? When did you come in? Did you do your research before coming in, maybe a Google search on NXIVM, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman? Maybe you just trusted the person who invited you to take your 5-day and other classes like the rest of us did. They are masters at manipulation and covering up their evil deeds.

      You didn’t even get your toes dipped into the waters of the emotional abuse and mind-bending that happened to those that believe there was some higher purpose happening.

      It’s not like wild sex parties were happening at the training centers and criminal enterprise that was happening deep within the inner circle. That part of NXIVM was deeply covered up and not visible to most people. When you showed up for your training, it was people in business dress and looking pretty normal. That’s what most people saw their entire time in NXIVM. You didn’t see it in your 5-day, and you even signed up for more classes.

      The real truth didn’t even start to come out until 2009. Even then it was a small group of women who were made out to have an ax to grind. Later the Albany Times Union did a groundbreaking story on Raniere that should have blown people out the doors. It didn’t, and they just kept growing. That is how strong their manipulation is.

      If you want your money back, contact NXIVM directly. They are the ones that got at least 70% of the pie of whatever you paid. Most people walked away with nothing and beyond nothing and are/were deep in debt.

      • Relax Cry Me… “Wow, wow, wow. If no one is a hero, then no one is a victim…” can not be inferred from what Bravery wrote, and is not logical anyway.
        A lot of what Bravery wrote made sense…Heroes are selfless, but doing the right thing (like Frank) even for revenge and sometimes with yellow journalism, can still a good thing.
        For many years the evil of Raniere was known but allowed to continue, but maybe Frank’s vendetta is what helped stop it.
        And those former NXIVMs who came forward, even if they have dirty hands, still did a good thing, too.

      • That and it’s likely Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park stayed silent because of intimidation. The cult’s intimidation tactics have been amply detailed here. If they did indeed submit any collateral, the cult would most likely still have it. Perhaps that was one of the conditions of them being allowed to leave. Meaning neither would feel safe speaking out until the head of the snake was removed.

      • Keith was a con man. He lied about everything. And in that way everyone was conned. Still, there were a lot of people complicit — many who have left now — who knew many of the issues that existed and chose to stay sometimes for years. And brought hundreds and hundreds of people in. Whether you knew of the rotten parts or not, if you brought people into the company, you have a debt. Some say the debt is repaid by destroying the company. I believe that debt is repaid by getting everyone’s money back that you brought in. There’s a certain underlying negligence here among the higher ups that I don’t think can be sluffed off. While I only did a 5 day and a few months of ethos, and am not out a lot of money — maybe $7000 or $8000, I was brought in directly by one of these higher up people and what I was sold wasn’t true. And the course put me in debt for several months as well! You can’t claim victimhood when you knew large parts of the company were rotten or partially rotten. Lying to yourself doesn’t make you less negligent. Sorry!

        • You never answered my question about did you do any research before taking classes with NXIVM? If you had, depending on what year it was, there were plenty of red flags all over Google warning people to stay away. If after 2003, well you have the responsibility of not doing your homework before signing the contracts to take your coursework.

          Have you contacted the person who enrolled you and asked them to repay you?Most people in NXIVM didn’t make money off of enrollments, so you have to find out who got the sales commissions and asked them to repay you. Have you contact NXIVM directly and asked them to give you your money back?

          The mere fact that after a five day you signed up for Ethos shows that you saw enough value in what you got in the 5-day, that you believed you would get more benefit in taking other classes. Just because there was this side circus show of Raniere and his band of criminals does not mean that the training did not have value to you. Nor does it mean the people you were involved with knew the deep dark secrets of the cult. You signed and got your exchange saw a benefit and signed up for more classes.

          Maybe you need to file a complaint with the better business bureau or start a class action suit against NXIVM and their salespeople for your money back. No one is going to start refunding coursework out of their own pockets.

          One last question, when did God die and leave you in charge of what it takes to heal a bad decision?

          • I really wish we could be a little kinder and more welcoming to former Expians, course takers, group members, whatever – no matter what the point of view. We need their perspective. Some of them may actually need (or want) our help. I think more would post if the risk of being lambasted and ridiculed was less. I don’t think I’m properly articulating this. I am not suggesting we don’t debate – but I would love for this website to be a safe place for them. Invite them. Let them not be afraid to share.

          • Let’s Be Nicer.
            People are hurting and have different ways of expressing it.

          • The person who brought me in received the sales commissions. Did I do any research? Yes obviously. And the person that brought me in told me that everything written about Keith and ESP was part of a vendetta by some bad people and then proceeded to explain an in depth story in that regard. Did I sign out of my own free will? Yes. Did I recruit anyone else? I did not. Not a person. Was the person who brought me in and told me these stories about how all of the things on the internet were lies negligent?I would say yes. After having found out that this person knew about some of the problems with the course either while I was in or before. If you were a higher up in the course who was receiving commissions or owned a centre and you recruited 100s of people in, I stand by my belief that you should be in charge of initiating a class action lawsuit to repay the people you recruited. It’s unfortunate that most of you who owned centres or higher up are probably very broke. Maybe that’s a consequence of lying to yourselves and–or not telling others about all of the questionable things you either saw in the course or saw from Keith and Nancy? I know that sounds mean, but there needs to be some tough talk at this point for those that were also heavy recruiters or owned the centers.

            What I’ve lost is another story. Money. Time. In hindsight like so many of you I thought there was benefit but I think it killed some of my conscience. So yes, there are damages — both mental and monetary. Most of the people in the course who stayed in did nothing with their lives outside so it would have damaged them too.

          • One last piece. The person who recruited me who owns a centre also never apologized to anyone. I have heard no apologies from any of the top recruiters and centre owners. Maybe I missed that. But it seems like they are so entwined in being victims themselves that they’ve forgotten that they also helped create a large company for a sociopath — inadvertently or not. No one intended for Keith to do bad things but the signs were certainly there that he was doing some very bad things. I’d like to see some apologies. I don’t think that’s nearly enough but it’s a starting point.

    • I received two direct apologies high ranking member who got out, while not directly responsible for my recruitment, they were both part of the process. I know several others who received similar apologies. The actual person who recruited me and benefited from the “commission” associated with the recruitment is the one person who has said nothing to me about it. And so what? I was a participant at the time, I was making my own choices and my own reasons for joining, and trust me it had nothing to do with ESP/KR or anything to do with those people. But it almost destroyed my marriage and ultimately did destroy relationships for me.

      I look back on my experience as one that fucked me over in a short time for plenty of other reason. But my own free will, the same free will that guided the pen I used to sign the document, was the same free will that was blinded by possibility and left me vulnerable and susceptible to the mind fucking of the program.

      The person who brainwashed me into it has left me high and dry without much in the way of an apology. I have no idea how badly she was messed up by it. I don’t know how she’s dealt with it herself, we no longer talk, but I will say that not everyone who has either joined or escaped has been able to process and fully deal with it. So I give that freely to her. I know people who were deeply involved in DOS. People I learned about after the fact. Some of whom today cannot even discuss how messed up they were.

      We weren’t the same people going into it. We certainly weren’t the same people coming out. Why is it, there are so many who have decided that there is a “PROPER” way others were supposed to handle themselves after this. Why is there a “ONE SOLUTION” fits all to make everyone feel better? The closest thing we have to that is Raniere’s arrest.

      If you all want to believe the conspiracies that Law Enforcement covered everything up for years, I suggest that that fact will likely come out in a trial. If there truly are co-conspirators, that will also come out in the investigation. This arrest would not have happened if they didn’t believe they had enough to convict.

      And I do suspect that Raniere, that sorry husk of a man, now behind bars is singing for his life, and dragging so many people down with him the way a frightened child might, who fears severe punishment. Don’t think for moment that he will take any responsibility for any of this. It will all be AM, NS, LS and a handful of others who get blamed and most likely the’ve built a defence on discrediting those who have spoken out against him. And a way to manipulate the collateral they collected on members to their benefit. All of these people will or have been investigated. Is that enough? If they find no links, no connections to the rotting underbelly of this serpent with KK, and GP, will that be enough for you to leave it alone? Or have you not yet collected your pound of flesh?

      What have you lost “Bravery and Heroism”? What has been the cost to your life personally in all of this? How long were you in? Is this simply about getting your money back? Is it about retribution?

      In your mind, at what level must someone have achieved within the organization before they become “responsible” parties? When any of you were in it, who many of you – even without technically recruiting – ever told your friends about ESP? Shower praise on the program you were taking and all the amazing stuff you thought you were learning? Did you EVER get a kickback for signing someone up? Or did you ever feel like you should have? All of this could make you equally complicit.

  • “We were fighting for our lives and the freedom and safety of lots of women in this vicious cult. The months from June 2017 – leading up to the NY Times story in October were precarious. We were only a handful of people trying to verify that this was a dark and wicked cult. An abuser of the legal system a cult dedicated to the enslavement of women.

    Kreuk knew all about it. She’d known for years. Any thing she might tell you now that she had no knowledge that Keith Raniere – for example – is a pedophile is utterly false. I know she knew.”

    Weren’t you already indicted at the end of 2015 — what is this “we” in 2017? And if actual former NXVIM member/victims like Sarah Edmondson, Kayla Grosse, and Maja Milkovich and a person she actually recruited (Kendra Voth) don’t have a problem with what Kreuk did or didn’t do, why are getting your panties in such a twist?

    “Kreuk knew all about it. She’d known for years. Any thing she might tell you now that she had no knowledge that Keith Raniere – for example – is a pedophile is utterly false. I know she knew.”

    OK, you know she knew how? Maybe she believed the stories in the Times Union but that doesn’t mean she herself knows. Do you have some emails where Kreuk talks about this? And BTW, if she knew for years, what about you? Why did you wait until a criminal complaint in 2015 had been filed against you to come forward publicly. Could it be you were hoping the Times Union would end Raniere and Bronfman? Weren’t you an enabler for NXIVM, and maybe not even an unwitting,one at that.

  • Stop attacking Frank you guys. He’s been a hero in this, exposing the truth since 2015. I respect everyone’s right to move on with their lives, but there are certain people who are more complicit than others especially when it comes to their influence. I would hope that every celebrity involved would speak out to help make this right.

    Frank howz about a post about Ludwika Paleta? In Mexico she has used her status to draw attention to Raniere’s ventures.

    • “Celebrity is power” is so true.

      And it’s disingenuous when the rabid Kristin posse goes on attack in the comments. And weird that they take stories about Kristin so personally. She is the most famous NXIVMer and was one from 2005-2013. Eight years! That’s substantial. It’s entirely to be expected that she gets attention as NXIVM crumbles.

      And you are so right about Frank being a hero.

      • Cult News published an article about KK taking her first intensive in the summer of 2006 (not 05) and I think she got out in 2012…so maybe 6 years, not 8….if that makes any difference.
        Has a “cult” recruited “Smallville” star Kristin Kreuk? – Cult News

    • Oops ! Could you mind delete my previous comment here please (awaiting moderation) ? Thank you on forehand !!! Reading the actual lyrics of the said song creeped me out !..

  • The real “Patient Zero” of DOS may be Mark Hildreth, who recruited Kristin Kreuk who recruited Allison Mack.

    It may not get as many clicks, but it would be real investigative journalism.

    • Thats true. Mark Hildreth was the one who got Kristen in. And he was a teacher at the SOURCE for a long while

    • Well if you are going to go that route — how about Tony Dean Smith — the guy that referred Hildreth, or Sarah Edmonson who recruited Clyne or Mark Vincente or . . .

    • I think your on to something Judge. Now that Frank is getting advertising $$$ for his blog, got to keep it juicy and why not kick on KK when the real news stories are down? It’s a big draw for what seems like a big ego FRANK. I used to think that Frank cared about the women who Raniere took advantage of but it appears only if they help him out with stories does he care.

  • Ok Frank. Props to you for all you’ve done here. I am so happy that you’ve never allowed the spotlight to dim when other might have.

    My issue is around how you’re attacking people, suggesting that their desire for privacy around this embarrassing chapter in their lives is somehow linked tho their guilt.

    If, in a blog post I was to point to the reason you’re attacking these two women was because both of them at some point rebuffed your sexual advances. That perhaps you’ve been stewing about these incidents for years and now you can take revenge on the fact that wanted nothing to do with you? And that could be the reason you’re angry enough at them both.

    Would that be a fair evaluation of the situation? Was there rebuffed sexual advance made by you toward both of them at some point in the past?

    Or is that made up supposition? I can’t tell.

    You tell me Frank. Does it make that idea POTENTIAL true just because it’s on the internet? Or does it make me look slanderous and cruel for no reason?

    I personally know both these actresses, and have since before either where involved in NXIVM. I wouldn’t say they were close friends. Shall I open a can of worms and openly ask them if they think this is because they both rebuffed your sexual advances and that this is a vendetta against them for that?

    Of course the whole notion is not based in fact. But now that its been used as a weapon on the internet, should we all believe your guilt because I suggest you’re guilty? Should we start propagating these ideas until you stand up and unequivocally prove your innocence?

    I’ve heard they both deal with unwanted sexual advances ALL THE TIME. Could you be one of those predators?

    Is this worthy of mentioning? Or is it all bullshit?

    This is all beginning to feel like someone, you Frank, who has tasted blood, and now that the bloodletting seems to be subsiding it’s time to build more story to exploit.

    Until such time as you have solid proof about their involvement or non involvement and how it relates to KR and what has transpired recently, I’d recommend you stop inventing unsubstantiated claims against them. Because the internet does work both ways Frank. And your credibility is starting to tarnish. If the audience you want is the Enquirer tabloid gang, go for it. But I feel responsible to openly counter your claims with skepticism and wonder openly, online at the myriad conspiracies bouncing around in my head until you prove otherwise. Does this seem like a fair trade off?

    Point is, if you have incontrovertible proof one way or another that either of these women are involved. SAY SO. Until then, please stop trying to unnecessarily turn them both into criminals. Because as I’ve been reading these escalating attacks against them recently the biggest question I have is WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING MANUFACTURING STORIES? What could you possibly gain from this? All I can think is that there is a personal vendetta you have against them both. Because nothing of what either of them are doing or not doing is newsworthy. So there must be something more to it.

    So until such time as to back up your conspiracy theories, I’ll just wonder about the sexual advance thing until it’s been proven false.

    Even if I just made it up.

    The internet is a wonderful place to be a passive aggressive bully isn’t it?

    • I could see that story. Apparently Frank knew that Kreuk was being used by NXIVM to get women for Keith cuz he was the one doing it back then but didn’t see anything wrong about that or chose to remain silent for a mere $1 million. Or maybe Grace and Kristin, definitely probably Kristin did something to offend his manliness. Frank is very big on manliness. He once wrote, “I don’t want to publish reviews of films where women are alpha and men are beta. Where women are heroes and villains and men are just lesser versions or shadows of females. I believe in manliness. The male as lesser in courage strength and power than the female; it may be ok for some but it is not my kind of manliness.”

      • Of course I have no “proofs”. I alluded to the my falsehood twice in my post with ~ “Of course the whole notion is not based in fact.” and “Even if I just made it up.” ~

        But here, “Proofs” have no currency. Salacious gossip and supposition seems to be the order of the day. Any narrative that suits the end goal is fair game. I have ready many KK and GP posts here on Frank. Many I haven’t bothered responding to. But the insistence on running stories that barely hint, or create fictional narratives that are simply “innocently” posited as “maybes” or “perhaps” is dangerous. It serves to drive wedges between the people who have supported what Frank has done for so long now. I haven’t always agreed with him, but I always supported him. Now it just feels like there is something else at play here. The motives seem skewed.

        Stick to what we know, or point to credible sources to back up positions.

        For a long time this group on Frank has felt like the lone voice in this fight. Lead by Frank himself. All of us have been involved on this comment board at various levels. I recognize many posters here. People who have been terribly hurt and even crushed by KR and his lapdogs. It reached it’s crescendo late this past summer when authorities began to take us “fringers with an axe to grind” seriously. So, as a community, and maybe Franks is not the place to have that community, but as a community I believe we need to use this system wisely. I believe we need to stop acting like “fringers” and start taking back this power. We need to focus our attention on what we know and how best to support those around us who may be called to testify and ensure this man goes to jail!

        Anything less would do a disservice to all involved and with respect, what Frank himself has done to make sure the pressure never let off. So Frank, this is to you too. Please don’t turn all the pain people have suffered supporting you and this worthy endeavour into tabloid fodder. Do better work. And all of us need to just have a bit more compassion for the shit some people are still in. As some of you may know, I was BARELY in. I still have residual. I cannot for a moment comprehend what some of my friends who were in for years might still be enduring.

        • I fully understand your point for what you are sharing here, but I’m tired of seeing the way how collective amnesia is used and abused. Without clickbaiting et al, the whole story will be forgotten in what ? 6-12 month ? The necessary time for NXIVM to become another entity or to splinter in smaller ones ? Privates schools, businesses, other self help programs ? You received apologies from 2 high ranking ex-members, that’s great. But what if they had negated everything ? Like : “I didn’t live, see, hear anything illegal or immoral ? So I can’t help you…”

          Everyone is free to do what he/she wants from it’s time, money, ressources, body, fame, dignity. But when what you are or were doing has an impact on much more sensitive and vulnerable beings than you, don’t you feel at least a little bit responsible ?
          What is the weight of your reputation in comparison with the fate of tens/hundreds of innocent potential victims ? We are talking about nubile girls here !

          My own point is that I don’t want to see anything from NXIVM, NXIVM spin-off or whatever enter in my country.

          • Last but not least :
            Ex-Nexians, stop waiting for a leader !
            Things won’t go better by themselves.
            You have to designate a coordinator among the trusted ones in your ranks. The coordinator will be in charge to collect and to spread information. And you have to create you own support infrastructure from group therapy to financial/fiscal advisory, etc. Good luck !

    • The only thing that matters, is that the NXIVM/ESP plane lands. Whether it lands softly … or it crashes !

      • Everything else is secondary/inflammatory/distracting/ bullying/inquiring/icing on the cake, depending on your point of view.

        I am beyond stoked to follow the authorities’ steps going forward, and this site is the place to be for updates – thank you Frank!

  • The NXIVM contract for Level 2 training must be initialed next to a clause that says

    “Participant will not compete with ESP in any way throughout the world while a participant of ESP and for a period of five (5) years after becoming inactive in ESP. For the purpose of this paragraph, competition is considered any activity that can potentially take monies or actual participants or potential participants away from ESP either directly or indirectly.”

    So if you say anything that causes someone to choose not to join ESP, you are in violation of this clause. What recourse doeS NXIVM have in that case? You must also initial next to a clause which says

    “Any breach or suspected breach of this or any of the tenets of these Participant Terms and Conditions would cause irreparable harm to ESP. Adequate remedies under law may not exist. Participant grants ESP injunctive relief and all remedies under law or otherwise should any breach or suspected breach occur.”

    As Frank Report readers know, speaking out against the Raniere-verse carries the risk of relentless and bankrupting legal attacks funded by endless Bronfman money. So the silence of Expians is understandable.

    • Exactly. It seems like Kristin has some smart advisers and her silence was time boxed and made legal sense due to NXIVM’s NDA and the comany’s past history with using the legal system as a form of harassment.

        • Were you dropped on your head as a kid? DOS didn’t exist until sometime in 2015 according to the FBI, years after Kristin left. And it’s not the NDA that is feared, but the company abusing it and millions of dollars in court to harass people because of it.

          • “And it’s not the NDA that is feared, but the company abusing it” – You’ve got some serious issues with basic logic. Think first, type next.

  • Hmm…it’s interesting why every time I post now under my old alias it doesn’t get posted.

    What’s also interesting is why the names of Kristin in particular and Grace less so keep being dragged through the muck. Wasn’t the goal here to get the man behind the curtain and those complicit behind bars? Hasn’t that been achieved. Now all that remains is the trial.

    I don’t know. It kind of reeks like an anti-Hollywood agenda or something.

  • These two don’t come across well but you are still being easy on Mark Hildreth who recruited Kristin, was a senior and extremely active recruiter, and made a ton of money. Now he is silent leaving others to whistle in the wind. How about some focus on his lack of moral fibre.

    • No one cares about Hildreth. No one cares about cult-hopper Mark Vicente. Parlato needs pageviews. Pretty girls = traffic.

      • I will definitely defend Mark Vicente, because when he found out about DOS, he left.

        He shut down Los Angeles, and has very publicly spoken out against everything involved.

        In spite of any silly 5 yr post leaving contract, or anything else.

        And apparently the south of the border contingent are harassing / threatening him and his wife.

        Read what he has to say before you lump him in with people like Hildreth and Kreuk.

    • I wonder how healthy was the many years-long relationship of Kristin and Mark Hildreth? Or, really, how could it possibly have been healthy considering Mark’s deep involvement in many exploitive NXIVM groups like the Source—and especially SOP, which taught men to demean women.

      How could living with such a deep NXIVM like Mark be healthy for Kristin? Was it “love” that keep them together, or was it something more like coercion or mind-fucking?

      • I don’t think there has been any posts/comments on what any woman (celeb or not) had to endure if their “man” was in SOP.

        • Can’t be all that manly if it is being run by Jim del Negro.

          I didn’t know him until after he had left his wife, but even back then, the guy was super soy.

          Maybe mistaking his kindness for weakness. Who knows.

  • — To make it clear, Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park are not part of the criminal enterprise that is NXIVM. [Some prefer calling it the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization]. It is highly doubtful that either Kreuk or Grace participated in the more exploitative aspects of this coercive and vicious cult.

    But let the record show that they sat silently while brave folks like Catherine Oxenberg, Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Toni Natalie, Susan Dones, Toni Zarratini, Anthony Ames, and several others struggled against the massive juggernaut of the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization.

    Nice pseudo back-handed complement immediately followed by putting two people down via the elevation of others. It’s very cult-like.

    Why weren’t you speaking out after 2012 around the time Kristin left? How about immediately after you were fired several years before? Why did it take you until 2015 or so to take on the criminal Bronfman-Raniere crime organization? Was it because they filed criminal charges against you? Why is it you want to hold someone else accountable who quit for her own reasons for something you didn’t even do years after the fact and only because you realized what a criminal Clare was as she perjured herself on the stand against you and wanted to take away the $1 million NXIVM paid you?

    — We were making fantastic claims.

    So you wanted these two actresses who didn’t know anything about DOS to also join you in making fantastic claims?

    — Kreuk knew all about it. She’d known for years. Any thing she might tell you now that she had no knowledge that Keith Raniere – for example – is a pedophile is utterly false. I know she knew.

    Sure, Frank. I’m sure the tremendous amount of inside knowledge you gained in your a little than over a year or whatever working for the “crime-syndicate” – and even less time dealing with Kristin and Grace on an individual basis if any time was spent at all – that you knew was a cult but still continued working for before you were fired gives you the credibility to claim such.

    — But they were part of the cult. Both of them were used repeatedly to bring in other women – some of whom got branded and coerced into slavery. Some who are still in the cult and some who may face arrest and long periods of incarceration.”

    To be fair, Park and Kreuk probably did not participate directly in the branding and blackmailing – although from their timidity I sometimes suspect they gave collateral to Raniere which he could use to blackmail them.

    Oh “to be fair”? That’s rich. This entire article is guilt by association and slippery slope fallacies along with slanted speculative agenda driven nonsense.

    • Yes, sadly I’m beginning to fear Frank might be everything he’s accused these gals of being — a hypocrite, a liar, and a coward. Actually he may be worse in that in 2007, he knowingly went to work for Bronfam and Raniere to, according to his own publication, “rehabilitate their poor public image, and rebrand them as something other than a cult.”

      He wants people to believe that although he, “lived and worked with NXIVM for several months as their round-the-clock consultant, staying in their properties and communicating closely day and night with their top officials. That included leaders Keith Raniere, hypnotist and president of the organiztion, Nancy Salzman, and the wealthy Seagram heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman who fund the operation,” he himself didn’t realize what serious criminals Bronfmam and Raniere were until 8 years later. But he has the gall to go around insinuating that busy working actors on the opposite coast who probably mainly dealt with Edmondson who he says was, “an honest, sincere person, who honestly believed in the value of the Nxivm teachings,” might or should have known about the evil goings on.

      Makes you wonder if Frank is the one posting comments like this “Girls by Design was a brainchild, or part of a brainchild of NXIVM. I was around the Cult at the time it was being developed and overheard Nancy Salzman [President of NXIVM and Keith Raniere’s second in command] talk about it more than once.” Of course he wouldn’t be able to admit it was him and maintain his white knight facade.

      Frank had a column in the Niagara Falls Reporter as far back as 2008 and bought the publication in 2012, yet bravely waited until 2015 to write about NXIVM. Maybe he stayed silent hoping the 2012 Times Union would take down Raniere and the Bronfmans or John Tighe’s blog would do the trick until he got arrested in 2014.

      • This is starting to add up to me. I haven’t always liked the tone of this site, but I liked the information. Now, I think you are right. His sexist writings about film are backed by his obsessive focus on the wrong done by prominent women which seems comparable if not as bad as his own involvement. Plus, he uses them to get clicks. Gross.

        • LOLOLoooo…there is only one ‘Justine’ that would try to defend these ‘prominent’ women. And that is Justine Kreuk. Is that you Justine??? Are you upset because your sister Kristin has been exposed for being in a sex-cult and bringing other women in…including the ‘prominent’ Allie Whack?

          Oh well. I guess Father’s Day won’t be so good this year, with everyone explaining to Dear Old Dad, that your sister recruited women into a sex cult.

          • Erm… We live in a small planet, but it would be really weird… Actually, if it was me, I would rather chose an enigmatic anagram for a pseudo like ENUSTJI or SNUTJIE… But my actual name… I don’t think so… it’s another Justine, dude…

          • But btw, if you’re who I believe and you was the young owner of a 1st gen. Furby, back in 2000/2001. If you went with your father and a french speaking friend to a now defunct computer shop (in CH-1227), I really apologize as I had recurrent retinal migraine then and I couldn’t afford Furby-from-hell noises T_T . Maybe I did the ugliest frown ever made… Sorry again ! If your not, of course forget about it, please… XP

          • You sound like one of those “cool” clique kids in high school who used to pick on other kids thinking it was funny to themselves who all became losers in real life.

  • So Ms. Park in person or her representatives called you several times to get her name off FrankReport. Yeah, that shows the priorities pretty clearly. The good name she managed to build up as an actress over the last 20 years is more important than anything else, PR over everything. At least she did not try to sue you.
    Integrity seems to be unimportant in today’s society, business and politics. Lying and deceiving is more important than everything else. But she is pretty much uninteresting for me personally. Keith is behind bars after all. Mission accomplished.

    • I love that quote because it is completely true. I don’t doubt that Kreuk was scared of Raniere but think how powerful a message that would have been if she talked about being scared of him? She would have shown just how monstrous he was without actually putting herself in danger by being more explicit. I am glad she got away when she did and that her life wasn’t completely destroyed, unlike AM who will definitely be facing jail time. DAMN!!

      As for the Bronfman-Raniere crime syndicate, I’m just glad this entire cult and all of the perpetrators behind it are being exposed.

  • Once again, Frank is right on the money.

    Kreuk’s so-called business, Girls by Design, was her Nancy Salzman/Vanguard business that we all were encouraged to open. We were all taught to open ethical businesses. The problem is that the businesses all failed because the only customers were other Nexians.

    Girls by Design lured young teen girls, who were then taught Nancy/Vanguard leadership techniques. Then the next step was bringing them into Jness. The next stop was Keith’s bed. Allison’s business was Juicy Peach. Oh my!

    Again, Bravo Frank for having the courage to speak up. This is a House of Cards, that has just started to collapse.

    More to come Soon!!!

    • When Nancy Salzman or Keith Raniere encourage members to start “ethical businesses” do they also make start-up loans? They certainly had the cash-flow to do it.

      Those businesses, run by first-timers, seldom make enough profit to pay back the loan.

      But if you leave NXIVM, Keith or Nancy can demand repayment, or legal action.

      Sounds like a good way to keep members, and their thousands of dollars per year of Ethos fees and Level 2 training fees.

      • The crayon calendar comes with a “complication” (sic) of photos from their travels.

        Can’t even spell “compilation”

        And it will be “non-profit.” Not likely, since they pledged to “ethically control” as much of the worlds wealth as possible. Maybe it means that all profits get donated to their favourite charity, the Vanguard?

      • Can one of you explain to me why someone would pay 40 bucks for a signed piece of paper? I am good at signing, too.

      • Wow! Did you notice the Juicy Peach logo looks like an upside down vagina? And it has a bite taken out of it, and Blood dripping? Isn’t that where some DOS members were branded?

        These are women are nuts! They can’t even spell Kristin’s name correctly. It shifts between Kristen and Kristin. Do you not know how to spell your own name?

        You cannot put celebrities on a pedestal. These are weak-minded people that were brainwashed and totally devoted to Vanguard… the unfortunate part is that they lured and were used to lure many more women into NXIVM.

      • Another wacky project: survey for college students by Kreuk and Mack.

        In an interview they mention being in New York not Vancouver. Video here Clyne and Edmundson were also involved, in smaller roles. From Dec 2007.

        So many businesses Keith had his minions do! Anyone who thinks the eventual goal of all of them was not to recruit more people is fooling themselves.

          • Yes. this is the evidence that persuaded me of Kreuk’s involvement in the first place. Why do in-depth market research if you’re not trying to ‘sell’ something? MLM entails recruitment.
            The passionate intensity of the KKFC, has increased my doubt substantially though, I really don’t know if she’s even as much of a victim as I once thought.

        • Who on this planet ever said Kristin, et al, wasn’t used to recruit anyone? It was said Kristin didn’t knowingly and willingly recruit anyone into a “sex cult”. She recruited people for the business plan of NXIVM that was presented to the public, i.e., self-help seminars. The entire point of a MLM company is to bring people into it in order to build a vertically layered structure for consistent income.

          People think they can say the same stupid things over and over again and no one will notice it.

          • You are in denial Scarrom. More and more, it looks like you are one of Kristin’s buddies, trying to do damage control. TOO LATE.

            The BS has hit the fan. Your gal pal was caught, sending young women to the Vanguard. Oh and by the way, her bestie from Smallville, the Great Allie Whack is now the leader of the Sex Cult and will probably get 40 years in Federal Prison for Human Trafficking, Tax Evasion, Bodily Injury Committed during Human Trafficking, and Immigration Fraud.

            Kristin will probably be called as a witness during the Criminal Trial. Then we all see the Original Slim Shady…Kristin Kreuk in her new starring role. The Criminal Trial of the Vanguard!

          • You sound kind of dumb. Just think about it. If I was one of Kristin’s buddies, why in the Universe would I care what you think? I would know the truth first hand.


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