TU Comments #3: Mother of Raniere-raped 12 year old & sister of Raniere-provoked suicide

Rhiannon was a 12-year-old girl who claims she was [statutorily] raped by Keith Raniere. Rhiannon was part of his harem when she 12 years old. She ran away from the harem and was put in juvenile home. Keith Raniere escaped charges. She was raped an estimated 60 times by Keith Raniere.
Her mother tragically introduced her daughter after Keith Raniere, 30, said he wanted to tutor her in algebra and Latin. He claimed to be the smartest man in the world. He actually had a secret agenda – to have sex with the child.
To cinch the child-rape scheme, Raniere’s top wingwoman, Pamela Cafritz, lured the unsuspecting girl to Raniere’s and her house on Flintlock Lane in Clifton Park. The pretext was that Pam needed to have the young girl walk her dog twice a day.
It did not take long for the persuasive Raniere to seduce the child. But, after awhile, she became terrified and fled from him. Raniere was not agreeable to her unwarranted departure. He threatened her. He started stalking the girl. She ran away from home, believing she was safer ‘on the run’ than at her home where Raniere might be able to find and kill her.

She was ultimately found by authorities and assigned to a juvenile home. From there, they learned her terror was induced by Keith Raniere. Police were called in and they told the girl that in order to arrest him, she would have to entrap him by wearing a wire and getting him either to admit to earlier rapes or get him to possibly attempt to rape her again. She had just recovered from cancer [stress induced in part?] and, at age 13, she was just not up to participating with law enforcement in an entrapment scheme against the person she was terrified of the most.

Here is her mother’s comments, almost six years ago to the day, on the Albany Times Union’s story The Secrets of NXIVM.

“I spent years hoping my daughter would not be one of the suicides (running away, putting herself in dangerous situations beyond my reach) all because she felt safer homeless than living where Raniere could get to her. To make it worse, I did not know the backstory at that time [that she was raped by Raniere] because she did not tell me until years later. After all, I had not been able to protect her in the first place and even encouraged the association with that group in my naivete. 
Comment by  mother of the twelve-year-old — February 19th, 2012 @ 4:36 pm

Heidi Hutchinson is the sister of the late Gina Hutchinson, who died under mysterious circumstances in Woodstock New York in October 2002. Keith Raniere had statutorily raped Gina when she was about 15 years old. Raniere was then about 23.

Heidi was Gina’s older sister and she caught the adult Raniere sneaking out of the bedroom of her 15 year old sister. It was statutory rape and Heidi knew it. Raniere told Heidi he was going to marry Gina and that they were soulmates.

Heidi thinking they were going to be married did not tell authorities about the illegal sexual relationship Raniere was having with her sister.

Shortly after, Gina learned that Raniere was having sex with a number of underage girls and adult women. She was crestfallen. Her life was never the same.

Raniere kept his gruesome hold on Gina for nearly two decades until she ultimately took her life. Don’t ask how he did it. This is his art; taking the life and soul of women through exploiting their vulnerabilities and lying incessantly to them.

Here is Gina’s sister, Heidi’s comments in response to the heartbreaking story of poor 12 year old Rhiannon and her mother’s comment.

Gina Hutchinson was just 15 when the course of her life brought her into the orbit of the brutal Keith Raniere.
As another Mother these days, please, please accept my sincere apologies that I did not bring the matter re: my sister [Raniere’s statutory rape of Gina ] to the proper authorities prior to Raniere’s rape of your daughter.
IDK, there’s a grain of truth in everything the devil says, and I guess I’m a sucker, looking back on it, on the arguments they made to dissuade me at the time.
Congratulations to you and she that your daughter seems so healthy and strong, given the circumstances. Truly miraculous that it all came together simultaneously on this story. You all did something right here and I appreciate it as does, I’m sure, my most, most dearly beloved sister, Gina Rose.
Thank you.
Comment by  Heidi Hutchinson — February 20th, 2012 @ 2:28 am.

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Megan Thompson
2 years ago

Such people should be punished, and it doesn’t matter whose child he committed the crime with


[…] This is from the Frank Report […]

5 years ago

Men who rape children routinely threaten to kill either them or their families – sometimes the rapist threatens to kill all of them. A 12 year old really doesn’t have the maturity to know that her rapist is a coward who likely wouldn’t murder her — all she knows is that he’s the adult, and as her rapist, he’s also larger than life – a demi-god, all powerful and capable of anything he threatens, everything he says must be taken seriously – even killing. He rules her world, he’s her sun and moon – Sometimes, the only thing to do, in order to both please her Vanguard and also escape the hell he’s created for her is to do what he only threatens and suicide seems not only release with honor then but also the only way to please Vanguard who demands sacrifice and tribute from all of his subjects — But none more than the slavegirls of DOS. Suicide to appease then becomes and art form, designed to please.

5 years ago

If Raniere did this to my kid, he wouldn’t be breathing. Considering he’s likely done this to a lot of kids, where are the fathers out there??? Man up and lock and load.

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago
Reply to  Raniere
5 years ago

I know we are supposed to forgive, but the fact is these sociopathic monsters need to be stopped, and forgiveness doesn’t stop them, so I can understand what that father is feeling there.
It has gotten to the point where now I actually hope to see these sociopaths tortured a little…lol. Of course we can’t do that, but I know karma will take care of them eventually.

Megan Thompson
2 years ago
Reply to  Raniere

Such people should be punished, and it doesn’t matter whose child he committed the crime with

5 years ago

Thank you for speaking up for these girls. And literally girls, as in statutory rape. May justice be served.

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