TU Comments #2: Evidence of foul play on death of Gina Hutchinson kept hidden

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson.
Heidi Hutchinson is the sister of the late Gina Hutchinson. Gina died in 2002.  Her death was ruled a suicide but I am not convinced that is correct.
It may have been a deeply coercive, assisted suicide. It may have been intimidation driving the suicide; it may have been utter mind-fucking or mind-control.
And it might have been murder.
Six years ago, the Albany Times Union launched its series called Secrets of NXIVM.
Gina’s sister, Heidi, is quoted in the series, but some of what she said never made it into print.
Here are two comments on the online story.
Gina Hutchinson

In light of recent federal law enforcement interest in NXIVM, it is time to repost what Heidi had to say about her sister

Heidi posted these comments:
Since this story appeared [Feb. 12, 2012], a house key disappeared and my door’s been found unlocked a couple times. Phone stolen and many computer crashes, invasions. “Bully” for NXIVM! (Hate to ‘promote’ their proud, strong arm rep and tactics but need to reassure loved ones I’m O.K. and will be back in touch soon.)
Also, to clarify, I NEVER HAD SEX WITH THAT MAN! (And I don’t mean that a la’ Bill Clinton, either.)
– Gina Hutchinson’s sister
Comment by  Heidi Hutchinson — February 17th, 2012 @10:32 am
 The TU [Times Union] used much restraint in this piece. One example: they uncovered evidence that Keith and his minions may have had a much more direct hand in Gina’s death and solicited her to turn over her, albeit small, inheritance from our mother within weeks prior to her passing. (This was prior to the Seagram heiresses recruitment and after Keith had exhausted all his other resources gambling in the stock market. He, Nancy and the harem were hard up, so to speak.)
I believe the TU withheld this evidence not only because it, perhaps, did not pass ‘legal’ muster but also because the same evidence–a classic NXIVM ‘persuasion’ chart, created by it’s hierarchy – hinted at incriminating her in the same manner they tried to incriminate Kristin Snyder for her sexual orientation and personal choices. (Though, again, Gina did not write this, THEY did, and the chart included notations on her private, personal life. The TU reporters acted with compassion.)
Everyone needs to understand how truly dangerous NXIVM is. They use techniques similar to Scientology in terms of getting or creating the “dope” on members and ensnaring them with subtle threats to expose them should they ever try to leave.
There may be only one way out at that point and Gina took it in her belief, impregnated or, at least, fostered in her by Keith at a tender age, that the Buddha would transform her.
Or maybe the complete story is just too complicated to tell in sound bites.
One other thing, Keith is not a genius. Sorry. He entirely lacks the originality or creativity that is the mark of real genius; he is a common VACUUM salesman. (I noticed that the TU does seem apt to avoid contradicting its previous stories, including the one on Gaelen and Keith’s alleged geniusness that Keith used to lure girls since decades ago.) Keith testifying that he has three R.P.I. degrees does not mean he holds them.
I was there when Keith took the self-administered I.Q. test, the only one he has ever dared taken. Gina, who IS a genius, and Karen Uttereiner, who I suspect may also be one, took that test for Keith.
Keith’s only “genius” is calculating, manipulating others.
Comment by  Heidi Hutchinson — February 20th, 2012 @ 7:33 pm
Keith Raniere about the time of Gina Hutchinson’s death in October 2002.

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  • He’s much more dangerous than just a snake oil sales fraudster….he is a sociopathic, murderous, lecherous, pedophile rapist, AND his part time job is peddling snake oil. The snake oil is supposed to distract from his real agenda….

  • In other words, VanDouche is a massive fraud, liar, and utter manipulative douche.

    Oh, lest we forget, a chicken shit. When the going gets tough, the chicken shit gets running. Or more aptly, flying on a private jet bought by two morons conned out of hundreds of millions of dollars by a huckster.

    I can’t believe people fell for this con-artist as a “spiritual guru”. He’s just a snake oil salesmen hack.

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