400+ NXIVM domains linked to Basit Igtet’s Independent Libya Foundation by phone number

Keith Raniere owns of controls more than 400 domain names.  These are linked – at least by a shared phone number – to the Independent Libya Foundation which in turn is linked to Basit Igtet, husband of Sara Bronfman.

Raniere has been buying domain names since at least 2001.  He has used various registrants over the years. Among these are: Siobhan Hotaling, Steven Ose, James Del Negro, Nancy Salzman, and Pamela Cafritz.

By 2015, Robert Chiappone [for E-Mallard Web Corporation, 3431 State St. #201 Schenectady, NY 12304; phone: 518-859-2864] became the main registrant for Raniere’s domains.

By October 2015, all domains shifted suddenly from Chiappone to one Carl Hendricks, [admin@emwhosting.com] for E-Mallard Web Corporation, [same address as above] But the phone number changed to 518-630-5086.  This is the same phone number used for basitigtet.com for the Independent Libya Foundation.

Is Carl Hendricks really Basit Igtet?

basitigtet.com was created: 2013-10-28

Registrant: Independent Libya Foundation
5 Southside Drive Suite 285 Clifton Park NY 12065
Phone: 518-630-5086 [same as Carl Hendricks phone.]
Email: info@inlifo.org

This same phone number is used for more than 400 domains owned by Raniere: i.e. NXIVM/ESP/Bronfman, etc.  Coincidence or calculated?

They are:

acapella-innovations.com  2007-10-28

acappella-innovations.com  2007-10-28

acappellainnovations.com  2007-10-23

generalservicepayments.com  2007-10-01

axiologyinc.com  2012-09-17

cafeapropos.com  2009-10-06

clarebronfman.com 2007-10-02

cult-deprogramming.com 2003-09-17

espreport.com 2007-10-02

ethical-humanitarian-foundation.com 2007-10-10

ethicalhumanitarianfoundation.com  2007-10-10

ethical-science-foundation.com 2007-10-10

ethicalsciencefoundation.com  2007-10-10

eth-letics.com  2007-10-27

ethletictraining.com 2007-10-10

executivesuccessprogram.com  2003-09-12

executivesuccessprograms.com  2003-09-12

executive-success-programs.com  2003-09-12

houseofequus.com  2007-10-10

keithalanraniere.com 2003-03-03

keitharaniere.com  2003-03-03

keith-raniere.com 2007-10-02

keithraniere.com 2001-05-02

mlmanalysis.com 2008-12-30

moviesnx.com  2004-11-08

myimagesinc.com  2005-09-15

nancylsalzman.com  2003-03-03

nancysalzman.com 2001-05-02

nxblogs.com  2006-10-16

nxian.com 2003-11-19

nxivm.com  2001-10-29 {Note Keith had NXIVM since at least 2001]

nxivmimages.com  2005-09-15

officialkeithraniere.com  2007-10-02

pamelacafritz.com  2007-10-10

principledproducts.com 2009-07-01

rationalenquiry.com  2007-10-02

rational-inquiry.com  2007-10-02

rationalinquiry.com  2007-07-13

rtech-team.com 2007-10-10

rtechteam.com 2007-10-10

sarabronfman.com 2007-10-02

slateriverfarm.com 2014-09-09

societyofprotectors.com  2012-11-01

acappellainnovations.net  2007-10-23

clarebronfman.net  2007-10-02

cult-deprogramming.net  2003-09-17

espian.net  2001-01-03

ethicalhumanitarianfoundation.net 2007-10-10

etholutions.net  2004-09-24

executivesuccessprogram.net  2003-09-12

executivesuccessprograms.net  2003-09-12

executive-success-programs.net  2003-09-12

keithalanraniere.net  2003-03-10

keith-raniere.net 2007-10-02

keithraniere.net  2001-05-05

nancylsalzman.net 2003-03-10

nxian.net  2003-11-19

nxivmimages.net  2005-09-15

nxivm.net 2001-10-29

official-esp.net 2007-10-02

officialesp.net  2007-10-02

pamelacafritz.net  2007-10-10

raniere.net  2004-06-16

rationalenquiry.net  2007-10-02

rational-inquiry.net  2007-10-02

rationalinquiry.net 2007-10-02

slateriverfarm.net 2007-10-10

worldwidenetwork.net  2001-10-02

executivesuccessprogram.us  2003-09-12

executive-success-programs.us  2003-09-12

innovativeticketsales.com  2008-03-27

nancysalzman.us  2003-08-20

nexivm.us 2003-09-12

nxium.us  2003-09-12

nxivm.us  2003-09-12

raniere.us  2004-06-16

dalailama-albany.net  2009-04-20

dalailamaalbany.net 2009-04-20

dalailama-albany.com 2009-04-20

anonfeedback.com 2009-05-18

anonfeedback.net  2009-05-18

nxiasociety.com  2009-05-26

nxiasociety.net 2009-05-26

keith-raniere-patentswitchingc.com 2008-06-23

worldethicalconsortium.net  2009-06-29

worldethicalconsortium.com  2009-06-29

patentswitchingcc13.com  2009-07-13

patentswitchingcc18.com  2009-07-13

patentswitchingcc1.com  2009-07-13

ethicalstandards.org 2004-09-09

keitharaniere.net  2010-06-24

watchdogrewards.com  2010-06-24

watchdogrewards.net  2010-06-24

acappellainnovationsinc.com  2007-11-06

appliedprinciplesinc.com 2007-11-06

centerforethicaljustice.com  2007-11-06

crewholdings.com 2007-11-06

emallard.com  2007-11-06

emallardweb.com  2007-11-06

ethicalfoundations.com 2008-05-25

ethicalhumanitarian.com 2008-06-11

etholutionsinc.com  2007-11-06

events4humanity.com 2007-11-06

fowlholdings.com 2007-11-06

geniusesstore.com 2010-09-21

emallard.net  2007-11-06

emallardweb.net  2007-11-06

ethicalfoundations.net 2008-05-25

ethicalhumanitarian.net 2008-06-11

keithraniere-patentswitchinga.com 2008-06-24

keithraniere-patentswitchingd.com 2008-06-23

keithraniere-patentswitchingdc5.com 2008-06-23

keithraniere-patentswitchingdc29.com 2008-06-23

keithraniere-patentswitchingdc25.com 2008-06-23

keithraniere-patentswitchingdc1.com 2008-06-23

keithraniere-patentswitchingf.com 2008-07-02

keithraniere-patentswitchingfc1.com 2008-07-02

keithraniere-patentswitchingfc10.com 2008-07-02

keithraniere-patentswitchingdc8.com 2008-06-23

theethicist.net 2008-11-05

world-ethical-foundations.net 2008-06-05

worldethicalfoundations.net 2008-06-05

world-ethical-foundations.com 2008-06-05

acappellainnovations.org 2007-10-23

nancylsalzman.org 2003-03-10

nancysalzman.org 2001-05-05

anonfeedback.org 2009-05-18

nxian.org 2003-11-19

nxiasociety.org 2009-05-26

nxivm.org 2001-10-29

nxivmimages.org 2005-09-15

pamelacafritz.org 2007-10-10

clarebronfman.org 2007-10-02

rainbow-garden.org 2007-10-02

raniere.org  2004-06-16

rational-inquiry.org 2007-10-02

cult-deprogramming.org 2003-09-17

dalailamaalbany.org 2009-04-20

dalailama-albany.org 2009-04-20

slateriverfarm.org 2007-10-10

ethicalfoundations.org 2008-05-25

ethicalhumanitarian.org 2008-06-11

ethicalhumanitarianfoundation.org 2007-10-10

ethicalmedia.org 2006-12-05

etholutions.org 2004-09-24

executive-success-programs.org 2003-09-12

executivesuccessprogram.org 2003-09-12

executivesuccessprograms.org 2003-09-12

theclearfoundation.org 2014-10-07

theethicist.org 2008-11-05

throughthenet.org 2007-11-07

keith-raniere.org 2007-10-02

keithalanraniere.org 2003-03-10

keitharaniere.org 2010-06-24

keithraniere.org 2001-05-05

vweek.org 2014-02-07

watchdogrewards.org 2010-06-24

world-ethical-foundations.org 2008-06-05

worldethicalconsortium.org 2009-06-29

worldwide-network.org 2015-06-13

rainbowculturalgarden.com 2007-11-06

rcgkids.com 2008-11-15

espian.us 2003-09-12

executivesuccessprograms.us 2003-09-12

keithraniere.us 2003-08-20

executivesuccessstories.com 2010-12-30

executivetrainingcompanies.com 2010-12-30

psychologistsevaluations.com 2010-12-30

rainbow-garden.info 2007-10-02

rainbowgarden.info 2007-10-02

raniere.info 2004-06-16

rational-inquiry.info 2007-10-02

rationalenquiry.info 2007-10-02

rationalinquiry.info 2007-10-02

thetopexecutivecoaches.com 2011-01-04

clarebronfman.info 2007-10-02

ethicalfoundations.info 2008-05-25

ethicalhumanitarian.info 2008-06-11

ethicalstandards.info 2014-08-14

ethicist.info 2015-01-28

watchdogrewards.info 2010-06-24

world-ethical-foundations.info 2008-06-05

worldethicalfoundations.info 2008-06-05

keithalanraniere.info  2003-03-10

keitharaniere.info  2010-06-24

keith-raniere.info  2007-10-02

keithraniere.info  2003-08-20

moviesnx.info  2004-11-08

nancylsalzman.info  2003-03-10

nancysalzman.info  2003-08-20

nxian.info  2003-11-19

nxivm.info  2001-10-29

keith-raniere-patentsleepa.com  2008-06-08

keith-raniere-patentsleepbc1.com  2008-06-07

nexivm.biz  2003-09-12

nxium.biz  2003-09-12

sureholdingscompany.com  2007-11-06

theethicist.com  2008-11-05

principledproductsinc.com  2007-11-06

albanydalailama.org  2009-04-20

espian.org  2015-06-26

cult-deprogramming.info  2003-09-17

keithraniereconversations.info  2011-12-21

keithraniereconversations.org  2011-12-21

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ultimaeducation.com  2015-02-04

world-ethical-foundations.biz  2008-06-05

raniere.biz  2004-06-16

samishriverrods.com whatcom001@gmail.com 2011-12-07

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espian.biz  2003-09-12

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nxivm.biz  2003-09-12

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rainbowgarden.biz  2007-10-02

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rainbow-garden.mobi   2007-10-02

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rationalinquiry.mobi  2007-10-02

raniere.mobi   2007-10-02

rainbowgarden.mobi   2007-10-02

keithraniere.mobi   2007-10-02

keithraniere.biz  2003-08-20

societyofprotectors.net  2012-11-01

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It may be that Carl Hendricks is a real person who suddenly became the registrant all Raniere’s domains, right after Robbie Chiappone mysteriously dropped out of sight. But it is interesting that the same phone number used to register Basit Igtet’s domain two years earlier – under the name Independent Libya Foundation – has now been used to register hundreds of Raniere’s domain names.  Why?

Clearly, more research is required. Perhaps our readers can contribute what they know or suspect.


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4 years ago

… [Trackback]

[…] Read More: frankreport.com/2018/01/06/400-nxivm-domains-linked-to-basit-igtets-independent-libya-foundation/ […]

Pea Onyou
Pea Onyou
5 years ago

I fully reject being called a troll. I am a beautiful woman in heart and soul and body too. I am slender and have long hair. And I would gladly give my entire body and soul to a goodman who has my best interest at heart. Vanguard may be one such. But with all the bad stupid men out there it is not wrong for man like vanguard to appear and rescue women from The drudgery and slavery of the ordinary man. And to make fun of my natural given name is hideous. It is pronounce Pieayaah Ahnonawieyah
NoT Pee on you. You childish people who insist on making fun of me because of my beautiful Eskimo name.

5 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyou

Well, I did not realize it was an Eskimo name. I was thinking it might be Hawaiian, maybe something like PEEH A PEEH A ONA KEE ITHA .
But I apologize for being so politically uncorrect.

Somehow, you seem very familiar PEEH A PEEH A.

Pea Onyou
Pea Onyou
5 years ago

Whoever the perverted man or woman who wrote that they wished Keith would be anally raped should be ashamed of themseleves. Do
You have no mercy ? Keith had sex with women who were willing and even the girls were totally willing and wanted to have sexual with him. Keith teaches that ushering girls into woman hood is Best done by a mature man not some boy and let’s face it you were pretry horny when you were 13 I’m guessing and if a genius who was cute and attractive wanted to teach you and change your life you’d have jumped at the chance and so would I. But wishing he were raped is evil. By the way before you immature ex espians start showing your immaturity my name is pronounced Peaah Onqui

So grow up will ya ?

5 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyou

To the PeePee on You troll,
Hello, shit-disturber and instagator of pure bullshit . Lol

That was a funny post. 😂😂
I guess you think it’s hilarious to write bullshit like that and see who gets upset. The fact is we all know who writes this kind of garbage, and the answer is garbage itself. Only a semi-retarded, uneducated, morally bankrupt, trailer trash whore would defend a guy who fucks children.

Yeah Pee Pee, that what Keith does. He shoves his old, crusty, STD laden dick into innocent children.

And that is illegal for a very good reason, Mr. PeePee.
Just that act alone should put Keith in jail for a long time. …where he will get a well-deserved taste of his own medicine.

*I apologize for the profanity

Pea Onyou
Pea Onyou
5 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

I am not a man I am all woman. Pea (pronounced Peah) is a beautiful feminine name and I do not think of a post pubescent woman consenting to sex with a wonderful genius as rape. But what these brutes purpose Is that Keith by raped anally. Keith did not employ anal sex as far as I know but proper sex between a man and a woman. Homosexuality is an abomination. L

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyou

VanDouche isn’t a genius. He’s just a perverted conman who raped known minors as young as twelve years old while well into adulthood and all of his supposed “technology” is a ripped-off amalgam of Scientology, objectivism, and existing self-help programs manipulated with hypnosis and NLP. He’s a “genius” in line with the smarter than your average criminal who knows how to manipulate and use people for his own selfish ends.

5 years ago

Darth vandouche,
Pee Pee is a troll. And a pretty pissy one at that.
But he/she/it is good for a 😁

5 years ago
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Sorry, Ms. PeePee…
I wonder how you’re connected to this, because you make it sound like you know Keith personally. You seem to have some knowledge of his sexual preferences, too.
Is this something he discussed in public or taught as a class? Lol

5 years ago

Keith, you should really start doing a lot of squats bro. Having a little extra muscle and padding back there might make the difference between serious anal injury vs just getting bruised. I’d suggest to start with about 50 per day and work your way up to 100 squats. The other thing you could do is get ass implants. That way even if the guy is large, it’ll soften the impact so to speak. Sure you’ll look even stupider than you already look but you’ll be able to take some serious damage back there without it completely destroying you. We don’t want you in the hospital right away. We want you to be able to withstand a lot of good old fashioned jail sex. Hell maybe one of them will brand you to be his property.

Pea Onyou
Pea Onyou
5 years ago
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Totally mean and unnecessary

Raped Keith
5 years ago

It’s great Keith owns this many domains. In between getting anally raped by guys with names like Bubba and Hank in jail, he can spend his spare time selling domains to pay for cigarettes and lubrication. I’d bet the amount of sex Keith has gotten outside of prison will pale in comparison to how many times he gets raped inside. Especially once they find out he’s a child molester. Hot damn he’s going to get some serious action in there. And I know a bunch of people that will make sure wherever he ends up, the people inside will know he’s a full on molester.

5 years ago

Interesting that they own cult-deprogramming.info very like Scientology taking over the cult awareness network.

F. D. C. Willard
F. D. C. Willard
5 years ago

It is something companies do pretty often. A brand secures all kind of homepages so that you cannot build a fake one. Imagine you would gain a microsoft domain in just one country. I am pretty sure they own pretty much all of them. In the end it is an annoyance to customers if you end up on a fake one. Sitting on a bunch of unused domains is not untypical.

5 years ago

Oh Willard, your so funny buddy. Owning a lot isn’t the issue. Changing who owns them so often is an issue. They are hidding something.

F. D. C. Willard
F. D. C. Willard
5 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

That is still not illegal in the US. In some EU countries on the other hand you require to have a correct imprint on every active one. Maybe you should point fingers in that direction if you want transparency, but I guess the current government would not put stuff like that on its agenda.

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago

VanDouche the con-artist.

He was never about ethics and furthering humanity to create a noble civilization. That was obviously just the sell. He is just a modern robber barron with different methods, stealing money from the naive while stealing some sex from some self-esteem lacking women in the process, and using his shell companies and other means to siphon off the cash and build his own fiefdom.

And when things got hot, like the outlaws of the old West, VanDouche scampered off to Mexico to hide from the law.

The irony.

Wow that is a lot of websites
Wow that is a lot of websites
5 years ago

Ben Meyers was helping to set up blogs for everyone to mention NXIVM in them to help bring the word NXIVM on these blogs up on Google searches instead of the bad press that was happening. This was a few years ago but I know him and Steve Ose (who’s moved to Texas but still connected to NXIVM) both are / were NXIVM IT gurus.
They might have some information on all these domains.

Shell game
Shell game
5 years ago

Sounds like the shell game you see on the street that the con man plays. You pay your dollars to guess where the ball is under one of the three shells. By the end of the day the con man pockets are full of people’s money.

This isn’t rocket science and doesn’t take a 240 IQ to figure what Keithdom has been up to in his thief-dom

I think Jim DelNigro helps set up businesses for NXIVM , he might know more about this.

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