Will NXIVM attorney Bob Crockett risk blindness to represent NXIVM?

NXIVM Attorney Robert Crockett claims to be facing blindness if he appears at trial in Franco case; Judge denies request for an extension 

The  trial of the remaining causes of action in the NXIVM V. Rick Ross  case – most of which involves NXIVM claims against Stephanie Franco – is scheduled to begin this month in federal court in New Jersey.

A few days ago, NXIVM filed a motion by their attorney, Robert Crockett, asking to adjourn the trial for two months because he has a blindness-threatening eye problem, and has been forbidden by doctors to fly in airplanes or even to drive or travel by train at elevations above 2000 feet. He avers that it’s impossible to cross the USA without doing so.

Today, the judge denied his request. It now seems unavoidable that the trial will begin in two weeks without Crockett. NXIVM has another lawyer on the case, Grant McGuire, who may have to fill the big shoes of Crockett, but he is not known as a trial lawyer.

Here is the Declaration of Robert D. Crockett
I, Robert D. Crockett, declare as follows:
1. I am counsel admitted pro hac vice for NXIVM Corporation in this matter. I make this declaration in support of an emergency motion for reconsideration of NXIVM’s request for a brief trial adjournment.
2. While traveling back from a court hearing in Ventura County, California on December 12, 2017, I started to lose sight in my right eye. I had had cataract replacement surgery on that eye in August, 2017.
3. I was not able to get in to see my ophthalmologist until Friday, December 15, 2017, who immediately sent me to a retina specialist, who then undertook emergency retina reattachment surgery on Saturday, December 16, 2017.
4. My surgery occurred in Santa Barbara on December 16, 2017. Dr. Ma’an A. Nasir performed the surgery and laser-stitched six retinal tears. He put in place what is known as a “six-week” gas bubble, which holds the stitching in place. The bubble at six weeks is reabsorbed. I won’t know that it is reabsorbed until the bubble disappears and I can see around the bubble.
5. Because the bubble was inserted at sea level, I cannot deviate more than 2000 feet from sea level as the bubble will expand, burst and I could lose my vision. The mountain pass between my office and downtown Los Angeles, where I practice, is over 2100 feet and I have had extensive discussions with the surgical nurses about ways to get around that. I live at 1400 feet and I am required to take pauses as I ascend from sea level to my house. Jet airliners are pressurized to 5000 feet. The lowest train route across the United States would take me through a pass at El Paso, with an elevation of more than 3000 feet.
6. Yesterday I attempted to get a letter from Dr. Nasir. He is on vacation until the first week of January. His office will not permit another doctor in his office to sign a letter for me. His office has sent me by mail the records which apparently contain the 2000 foot recommendation. I have not received those records.
I declare under penalty of perjury of the laws of the United States that the foregoing is true and correct and that this declaration was executed at Santa Clarita, California on December 22, 2017.
Robert D. Crockett
4831-4720-9561 , V. 1
Case 2:06-cv-01051-KSH-CLW Document 790-2 Filed 12/28/17 ID: 19515
Since the judge denied his motion, it remains to be seen whether Mr. Crockett will risk blindness and appear for NXIVM, whether the case will be dismissed at the request of NXIVM or whether the case will go on without Mr. Crockett.  Maybe Clare will have to get a couple of her horses out of retirement and bring Bob to New Jersey on horseback.  If so, best get to stepping, Clare.  That trial is apparently going to start with or without Bob!

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[…] this week, Frank Report revealed that Crockett requested an adjournment of the January 16, 2018 trial date because he risked blindness by […]

5 years ago

Maybe you could get the brats to rent you a decompression chamber for the high elevations on your drive out there. Wouldn’t want that eye to exploded on the way to court now would we.

How much is an eye worth anyway? You could raise your fee to that amount ahead of time (make them pre-pay, you know they leave attorneys high and dry without payment in full so have them wire those funds into your account).

If you lose the eye, heck you still have another one. Plenty of people do well in life with just one, some can’t even see as they are truly blind. I’m sure Nancy could EM you. Make sure others from your family are around, she might slap you with a sexual harassment suit to get the lost eye money back. (You know they pull that kind of crap with people, it’s shocking to find this out, don’t strain your eye over this, OK)

You could start sporting a patch and look like the thieving pirate you are.

Justice Is Blind
Justice Is Blind
5 years ago

The real question here is why this ridiculous case is still going on. It’s a prime example of what’s wrong with our legal system: two rich bitches can drag out a piece-of-shit lawsuit for 15 years, spending millions of dollars on legal fees and causing other parties to do the same, and all because a woman decided to share some of Raniere’s NON-PATENTED, STOLEN-AND-REPACKAGED bullshit into a “teaching module” that got published online. Losing eyesight in one eye is not nearly enough payback for an attorney who has helped keep this case going for all these years.

Been There, Saw That
Been There, Saw That
5 years ago

Crockett has had his head up Raniere’s ass for so many years that some kind of eye problem was inevitable. Note to Bobby: best get those ears checked out before you go deaf too.

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago

Crockett has been defending a crock of shit for nearly two decades.

Every choice for something is a decision against something else.

F. D. C. Willard
F. D. C. Willard
5 years ago

I guess Mr. Crockett is not the only attorney in the US. But it is nice to see that he is stupid enough to fly shortly after an eye operation. No words… But as he is making so much money while being a whore… A whore of the rich and mighty, he might considering going by car or taxi for instance. I am pretty sure you can get there the long way via the south or maybe by boat as he prefers sea level pressures.

One could lend a diving bell as well to make it by train. I mean NXIVM pays well and the Bronfmans are rich. There is no reason to not appear.

Blind leading the blind
Blind leading the blind
5 years ago

I wish I was a better person who could wish Crockett a hardy “Get Well”. Having had many of my friends and myself been at the long arm of Crockett’s dirty tricks during legal cases, all I can say is “Let go and let God”.

Guess it was one too many flights after eye surgery Bob, not such a smart thing to do. Just had to appear in D.C. to argue that Microsoft appeal in early December. Most likely pushed that eye beyond what it could take. All those trips to Texas, Albany and then there is that attorney stink eye you’re so good at doing.

Let’s not leave out having to look the Judges in the eye as you’re telling them a bold face lie; that’s gotta be hard on them their eyes.

Then there is going to temple and looking at all those folks as if your a holy man, knowing all the time you’re working for the evil ones. Must be hard wondering if any of them read the NY Times and are whispering behind your back about you being that sex cult’s attorney.

Might want to check with your eye doctor to see if it’s your soul burning a hole in the eye of the beholder?

Might be a mistrial anyway, who’s going to show up for NXIVM to testify? Maybe Jimmy D can; he’s such a good witness on the stand and a NXIVM expert.

Maybe you can Skype into the court room?

5 years ago

Crockett is a bona fide flying monkey and has committed many crimes knowingly on behalf of his NXIVM bosses – I’m sorry but karma is a bitch. Check out his trial history with soulless pals in crime Bronfman/Raniere and you’ll see how many peoples’ lives this asshole has ruined.

Judge is really pissed off ?
Judge is really pissed off ?
5 years ago

This case has been going on since about 2003. Crockett’s story sounds legit. I really doubt that they have delayed the case for nearly 15 years, 2 months at a time, by stories such as this.

So the judge must be REALLY TIRED of this case and gives NXIVM absolutely ZERO leeway.

All of Them Witches
All of Them Witches
5 years ago

Since I have never blamed an attorney for the misdeeds of their clients, I hope Mr. Crockett makes a full recovery.

Would love to see the defendant call El Vanturdo as a witness….

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