Loreta Garza Davila – from Personal Assistant to CEO, A NXIVM success story?

Loreta Garza [left] with Melissa Rodriguez
By Janet Cullen

As I was reading about the expensive homes people purchased in Albany to be near their Vanguard, I found myself wondering if they were all going to sell them and move to Mexico now that he has relocated to Monterrey? Most of the homes were owned by the children of wealthy parents. But there was one exception:

When I came across Loreta Garza Davila’s luxurious home, I realized, “she has come a long way up in NXIVM since when she began.”

When she first came to Albany, she was Nancy Salzman’s assistant being paid $15 per hour. Now, she runs an international children’s educational company, “Rainbow Cultural Garden.” Yet, she has very little, if any, college education, none that I know of in child education and none in child welfare, nor is she even a mother.

Her parenting skills come – if she has any at all – I would think – from her one sister – Carola – who has children which she might have babysat or spent time with as an aunt. By the way, Carola is the same sister who is now hosting their master, Vanguard. [Maybe Loreta learned how to take care of children by observing the childish behavior of NXIVM followers who become so dependent on what Vanguard thinks of them.]

Loreta Garza makes enough money now, however, that she can afford a $585,000 home in the Albany area – which is, in effect, an upscale home. She has to bring in decent money running her company. Her mentor, and conceptual founder of Rainbow, Vanguard, is likely getting a cut. Then, there are the nannies [called Multicultural Development Specialists] and other expenses.

Being a Mexican woman, how does she work for so many years in the United States? There was a time when she did go back and forth from the USA to Mexico to visit her grandfather who was ill, and a time when she could not get back into the United States due to VISA issues. The question is, is she guilty of VISA fraud now: both herself and the nannies she has brought into the USA?

Is she running unlicensed schools/daycare centers? Has she ponied cash over the border when coming home from trips to visit family? Has she been involved in human trafficking? Did she aid in the abduction and lock up of Vanguard’s baby mama’s sister?

Here is some information I found doing a quick internet search on Loreta Garza Davila.

  • She is running Rainbow Cultural Garden – Making Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars/ Year
  • No Education in Child Education, Not a Licensed School, not a Licensed Child Care Center in Albany, New York or other places in the United States.

Written on Blog of Loreta Garza Davila in 2012

My name is Loreta Garza Davila, I consider my self a Non Writer so this is my first attempt to develop my writing skills in a language that I did not grow up speaking nor writing. I apologize for those many to come errors in my grammar, vocabulary, cultural slangs, etc…

The thought of writing a blog feels a little scary to me, especially because I’m aware that I’m not good at some of the things needed but I guess this is what my process will be about.. a journey into learning how to become a better writer and an expert blogger.. I can’t wait to compare my writing today vs a month two months… a year.

A very good friend of mine, Expert writer as well as many many other things explained to me that what it takes to become a good writer is to practice… so here we go!!!!!

One of the topics for this blog I would like to research more about as well as evaluate, question and learn about is everything that has to do with “Children’s Education and Parenting tools”..

Are we aware how things* affect our children? do we question those things? are we making the best choices? Are we willing to do what it takes to make things different for our children?

I believe Parents have the best intent and want the best for their children. I also believe many Parents don’t have the tools to give their children what they want for them… so Join me in this adventure.. an adventure into Education, writing, meeting people, tools, parenting.. and many more to find out…


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I always dreamed of doing something great in the world, something that could make the world a nicer place to live in. A place where people would be happy and treat each other nicely. Just like my Grandfather did, one of my greatest heroes


I remember being a little girl and wanting to become President of my home town, it seemed exciting back then. In my mind, that was what it would take to make things beautiful and if things were beautiful then people would be happy….. but then I grew up and besides becoming a little bit more reality based I also lost my dream, but in 2001 my friend Edgar Boone invited me to take the most amazing human potential training and it was right then when I met another of my greatest heroes, Keith Raniere and I found my dreams again!

One of the many things I’ve been learning from Keith’s teachings is the practice of collecting Heroes, the first time I heard the about it I thought I understood the importance of the practice but in the actual practice I found that the more heroes I find the deeper the experience.

Thank You Keith for this beautiful gift!


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How do I affect Children?

For the past 3 years I’ve been watching my country Mexico go from bad to worse. Everyday I read the newspapers and I see more and more people being killed. Kidnaping has become an easy thing to do and one the worst things is that kids are becoming killers. What??? yes! Kids are being taught*  how to torture even how to kill.  Why would someone want a child to do such a horrendous act? What’s happening? Is it only in Mexico? Is it the whole world?

A few days ago I watched a short film and campaign by Invisible Children “kony2012”, the film exposes a situation in Africa where children are being kidnaped and raised this way from a very early age. The film shows a picture of a little guy with a machine gun that is bigger than him. The little boy can bearly walk but he’s right there on the front line… it broke my heart.

To be honest I’ve heard stories like this before, I’ve even seen movies where situations like this exist but I have never allowed myself to connect to them long enough to do something about it.  Some of us may think that we don’t have the power to make a change, but we do. Some of us may even be afraid to think about the situation, but the truth is, that if we choose fear the situation will only get worse. Gandhi said “Be the Change you want to see in the world”. It may start with ourselves, with our children, students, our family.

So, What can I do? and may be the question is: What do I want to do?

Besides researching on a daily basis and blogging about it, I would like to start by sharing one of the most amazing parenting tools I’ve ever experienced in my life. NXIVM tools allow you to become a more Conscience human being and as an effect of that more mindful. More information can be found at NXIVM Education and NXIVM Testimonials. I truly believe this is what it takes!

Manuel Dávila Santos & Loreta Garza Davila as a child. I wonder how proud her Grandfather would be if he knew Loreta was involved with a man who was running a sex cult that branded women and used collateral against them. I wonder what he thinks of his three granddaughters as he looks down on them from heaven knowing two of them protect their Master in his hometown of Mexico

Keith Raniere is a very good friend of Loreta’s. He is an expert writer as well as an expert in many, many other things, she says.


Information for this article was obtained from the following websites
This website may be how NXIVM got Mexicans jobs in the USA saying they were the only ones qualified to do them, and that they have been doing the jobs for years.

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1 year ago

Soy mexicana y es increíble que después de todo lo que pasó ningún mexicano involucrado en NXIVM haya sido culpado por alguna autoridad ni de EUA ni de México. No dudo que mucho tengan que ver con la evidente corrupción que hay en nuestro país.


[…] De acuerdo Frank Report, mismo que publicó información al respecto desde 2017, Loreta Garza Dávila, originaria de Monterrey, Nuevo León, comenzó su carrera profesional como la asistente de Nancy Salzman (cofundadora de NXIVM, y mano derecha de Keith Raniere) en Albany, Nueva York. Sin embargo, con el paso de los años llegó a ser parte de los directivos de la escuela “Rainbow Cultural Garden” creada por NXIVM y que tiene varias sedes en Estados Unidos y México. Obtuvo este cargo pese a que tiene muy poca, o ninguna, educación universitaria. […]

Loretta belongs to Keith
Loretta belongs to Keith
5 years ago

After Loretta stopped being Nancy’s assistant she started working for Keith.

I don’t think she’s gay, I think Loretta was groomed for Keith from the moment they laid eyes on her.
Look at her, she is a very beautiful woman, long beautiful hair, beautiful farcical feature and she worked hard to lose weight after she started working with Nancy.

I don’t think she was gaga about him like Lauren, Barbara or Allison even. It took Nancy a long time to plant the seeds through hypnosis and NLP to get Loretta to even consider that being with Keith was in her best interest.

I think the real question is, is she in DOS like her sister’s and is she branded?

5 years ago

Is Loretta Gay?
I never saw her with a man the entire time I was in NXIVM. Has anyone seen her with a man, known her to date a man?

Neighborhood Watch Committee
Neighborhood Watch Committee
5 years ago

Perhaps a trip over to Halfmoon town hall and some title searches would answer a lot of these questions: Who holds title to the properties? Are their liens on the properties? Are there mortgages on the properties?.

I have a sneaky suspicion that like the Russian Oligarchs, NXIVM moved cash brought across the borders and it was laundered into real estate that was purchased for cash.

Allison Mack is known to have purchased 7 Generals Way and 127 Grenadier CT in Knox Woods. Frank Report has reported she also cosigned Brandon Porter’s house on 45 Oregon Trail because the “doctor/scientist” didn’t have good enough credit to afford it on his own. She also has/had an apartment in Brooklyn (unknown if that was a rental or purchase). Allison lived in 127 Grenadier for a while (conveniently located across from 1-3 flintlock) and it is also where India Oxenberg stayed at least for a while when she came to Albany. The current inhabitant is a skinny dark haired girl who sunbathes outside all summer and currently has a bunch of Christmas trees up and a Buddha outside.

Ivy Nevares unit at 115 Grenadier has its windows papered up and it appears that no light even enters it. Maybe a sliver does through the deck door. She could be holed up in there like a vampire, dead or vacated it. It is very eerie.

Keith may be in Mexico and the walkabouts with the harem may have ended, but there is still activity in Nxivm Village and the neighborhood watch committee has its eyes and ears open.

And this may or may not be true. A friend who is a paralegal for a major Albany law firm with no NXIVM affiliations mentioned that a certain NXIVM high rank has been deposed.

We don’t call it Smallbany for nothing.

5 years ago

Loretta writes with the maturity of a child. The blog is nothing more then a recruitment tactic for NXIVM. If NXIVM reduces adults critical thinking to that of a child, brainwashing them into branded slavery, I wonder what Rainbow Cultural Garden could do for children – turn them into tiny tyrannical branding robotic psychopaths? Just like her hero Keith Raneire! Thanks Loretta for your contribution to destroying humanity.

5 years ago

Watch for news about this enterprise — Kidnapping children to sell to foreign buyers, for whatever use – is a very common thing in Mexico — as Garza mentioned. It’s also very lucrative – makes the sellers literally overnight millionaires. Authorities MUST BE TOLD. This Garza female has ZERO qualifications for this enterprise, which I sincerely doubt is legit given that she has no educational and other credentials that are commonly required by federal and local government agencies in order to set up this sort of business.

Me to
Me to
5 years ago

I don’t know about the Garza Girls Grandfather, but mine would of disowned me if I was protecting and promoting a man such as their Vanguard. He was either a great man or she’s confused about what a true hero is.

diana perez
diana perez
3 years ago
Reply to  Me to

LA VERDAD ERA UN GRAN JHOMBRE obvio se volveria a morir de verguenza

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