Guest View: Carlos Salinas – His Son Has Options Other Than Lying For His Mentor

Maybe Carlos Salinas should have a talk with his son.


Guest View: By Someone In the Know 

Carlos Salinas has more to be concerned about regarding his son Emiliano than just that the branding and sex scandal eliminated him from consideration for public office in Mexico. His son could face criminal charges in the United States along with his mentor Keith Raniere.

There exists a Gmail account that is known to several sources that Raniere and Emiliano Salinas used to communicate with each other to set into action a plot to bring false charges against American citizens in Mexico.

Sources say that Emiliano bribed a Mexican Judge to bring false criminal charges against these Americans, Raniere and E. Salinas would plot to get them over the border and the Americans would be arrested, thrown in prison, tortured, raped until they signed confessions they lied about everything they said about NXIVM.

Once the confessions were signed, they would be killed in prison, but it would be made to look like an accident.

These communications took place only in the “draft folders.” Raniere and E. Salinas have since deleted these emails. What Raniere and Emiliano Salinas have found out when watching a special on Edward Snowden, internet email never goes away.

Emiliano [in green] might want to step back a few steps before he gets caught n the Raniere net.
If it’s true that cash paid for NXIVM training was brought across the border from Mexico to the United States and Emiliano has been a part of this, the FEDS are going to want to talk with him, and this is a crime. If Emiliano has asked ex-NXIVM members who have left to bring money across the border for him, they might have already spoken to the FEDS regarding the matter.

Regarding the branding and sexual scandal with Raniere (and other men in NXIVM),  it is well-known that women have gone back and forth over the borders of Mexico and Canada. They have felt brainwashed, blackmailed, and pressured into having sex and branded. In the United States, this is considered Human Trafficking.

Now the questions are; If Carlos Salinas has the power to keep the United States from extraditing his son for these crimes, let alone Raniere.

If Carlos Salinas wants to help his son, isn’t the best thing he can do to help his son is to get him to become a witness against Raniere? Why would he not talk to him, get him to take a deal with the United States government for full immunity? This way Emiliano can stop lying to the Mexican people, and he can start rebuilding his life. Maybe even someday run for office without the Raniere monkey on his back.

Vanguard is in control, or is he?

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  • I pray that someone like Emiliano NEVER EVER becomes president of ANYTHING! ANYWHERE! – all he is is a dangerous sycophant’s brainwashed pawn ready to do his dirty criminal deeds



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