Mexican Media: Salinas and Nxivm Mexico attempt counterattack: accuse detractors of extortion

Emiliano Salinas attempts to spin his way out of branding and blackmailing women. But will it work?

In an interview with Aristegui Noticias, Emiliano Salinas Ocelli, a follower and licensee of all the courses designed by Raniere, announced that his lawyers have already filed the first lawsuits against former members of ESP Mexico, who are accused of attempted extortion, sabotage and information theft.

Emiliano Salinas Occelli claims that the lawsuits filed in Mexico and the United States against former members of NXIVM are not a form of intimidation or an act of harassment, but are complaints filed against people who violated the “Confidentiality Agreement” they signed with NXIVM or who have committed acts of sabotage to alienate NXIVM’s customers.


Here is the English translation of the story:


The accusations of alleged abuses within the Nxivm self-help group in the United States threaten to extend to its operations in Mexico. So Emiliano Salinas Ocelli, son of former president Carlos Salinas, and his legal representatives have begun a legal defense strategy.

Emiliano Salinas is part of the staff of Keith Raniere in the United States, because he is the vice president of the Ethics Committee of the Executive Success Programs (ESP), a company that is part of NXIVM Corporation, both owned by Raniere .

According to a legal search site, NXIVM Corporation and its subsidiaries specializing in the delivery of self-improvement courses or “coaching” as that group calls their workshops, is part of 15 lawsuits in that country. In the case of Mexico, litigation is just beginning, as acknowledged by the former president’s son.

In an interview with Aristegui Noticias , Emiliano Salinas, a follower and licensee of all the courses designed by Raniere, announced that his lawyers have already filed the first lawsuits against former members of ESP Mexico, who are accused of attempted extortion, sabotage and information theft.

He adds that even though an attempt has been made to link ESP Mexico with the branding of the bodies of women, as Sarah Edmondson revealed to the New York Times on October 17th, in our country there is no formal accusation against the company that he directs together with his partner, Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma.

Questioned about the claims of dozens of former employees of ESP Mexico that they were harassed when they withdrew from the self-help group, Salinas Ocelli denies that the company in his charge has undertaken any act of intimidation to clients or former contractors who worked as “coaches” within it.

Emiliano Salinas Occelli notes that the lawsuits filed in Mexico and the United States against former members of NXIVM are not a form of intimidation or an act of harassment, but are complaints filed against people who violated the confidentiality contract or who have committed acts of sabotage to alienate their customers.

According to the spokespersons of NXIVM Mexico, the criminal lawyer Diego Ruiz Durán is responsible for taking the claims that the company of Emiliano Salinas has filed with the Attorney General of Mexico City, arising from alleged violations of Article 137 of the Local Code of Criminal Procedures, as well as other violations of the Law of Industrial Property and Economic Competition.

During the interview, Emiliano Salinas did not disclose the identities of the people who have been sued by his legal team, but his lawyer Ruiz Duran this weekend released a statement in which Antonio Zarattini Aceves is named as one of the defendants. Zarattini Aceves is a businessman from Guanajuato who survived a kidnapping and who later took the courses designed by Raniere.

At the moment, Tony Zarattini prefers not to give interviews and has not revealed any information about the (NXIVM) group because of a recommendation of his legal representatives.

On this point, the son of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari considers that there is a coordinated group that tries to damage the reputation of the NXIVM group in Mexico and the United States, noting that he learned of the accusations against Raniere and other leaders of the organization based in in Albany, New York, through the notes published in the media.

He even assures that as part of the staff of ESP in the United States, they gave him an explanation very similar to the one he now offers in our country against his detractors. So he emphatically denies that there are formal accusations against NXIVM in the United States.

However, the company of Keith Raniere does face three judicial accusations in the United States Courts, according to a search conducted by Aristegui News, while in 12 more cases, it is a plaintiff, also against critics and former members of the group.

Keith Raniere does more than play volleyball. He sues his enemies in the USA and in Mexico. Perjury and abuse of process spice up his legal game, funded as he is by Clare Bronfman, the Seagram’s heiress.


There is a video too:

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4 years ago

Swell Uk

So what’s left? And what if any burden will fall on state taxpayers?


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What is Emiliano's Motivations?
What is Emiliano's Motivations?
5 years ago

What Emiliano Salinas Occelli and his lawyer do not understand, at least in the United States is NXIVM “Confidentiality Agreement” has already defined in a U.S. court of law.

It does not prevent a former member from speaking their opinions of personal behaviors of founders, employees, board members or other students.

It does not prevent a former member from contacting current member and sharing their concerns about behaviors they believe are immoral, unethical or illegal.

If current members do not want to talk to those who have left, they have free will and can say they choose to not talk to those who have left. If they do not like what is in the Frank Report, in an article or a TV show, they are free not to read or watch it.

It does not prevent a former member from speaking from the press about anything other than NXIVM training notes. Training was defined “where sashes are worn, and the mission statement is being read before classes are taught” by the court.

Certainly, DOS branding did not include wearing of sashes and the reading of mission statements.

How can one’s truth be an act of sabotage to alienate their customers?

NXIVM did not invent this term. The sabotage Salinas talks about ex-members are causing is a Reverse Causation It is Raniere and other’s behavior that is the cause of sabotage. It is what is alienating their customers and is the real reason Centers have crumbled to the ground throughout the United States, Canada and why enrollment is down in Mexico.

Any attempt to file a lawsuit against a former member for any of the above things is a projection of the continued harassment through the legal system. NXIVM and their leadership have been so good at using the legal system to harass so why to stop now. They can no longer win with this in the United States, so they are moving it South of the Border to Mexico.

The same attempt was pretty much what NXIVM did to me after I left when they took me to court. They filed over 200 claims against me. They said I had financially harmed their company from NY to Mexico City to Vancouver BC. I was teaching their program after I left. I had breached their confidential agreement; I attempted to extort money from them plus a bunch more. In the end, I beat every single count against me without a lawyer representing me.

It’s not because I’m super smart. I don’t have a 240 IQ; I didn’t speak in a full sentence at two years old. It’s because they lie, lie in court, have no proof of their lies. The good news is we all get sued we all get to depose our accusers and be each other witnesses, that will be fun. I’d love to sit across a table from NXIVM’s leadership and asked them questions about their lives and behaviors over the past 20 years.

The other point is Mexico has no jurisdiction over American citizens. They have to come to American justices system saying we broke the law, show good quality proof, give us a chance to provide counter evidence and we can fight extradition.

So don’t be fearful stormtroopers, Raniere pushed the envelope too far this time.

It sounds like Emiliano Salinas Occelli is playing like he is unaware of it. Maybe this is true, and DOS was a total secret to him.After it was exposed, he is in denial and cannot believe his mentor would do something like DOS. Either way, after so many women, have come forward about it. If so, he continues to want to stay in the dark about it or it appears he is lying about his knowledge.

What would cause a man of his intelligence to want to pretend that DOS isn’t real and that some women felt like a bait and switch happened to them?

The Cage Bird Sings
The Cage Bird Sings
5 years ago

Wonder how Emi is going to like it when the FEDS open that Gmail account him and Raniere set up to work within the draft folders to plot bring false charges against some American citizens to get them to Mexico, thrown in prison so Emi and Rainiere could have their way with them.
Wonder who will be the caged birds then?

Wizard In The Wings
Wizard In The Wings
5 years ago

I wouldn’t have expected anything but a plagerized document coming from an organization who’s teachings are built on the IP of others and well known spiritual concepts that have been common knowledge for decades and in some cases millennia.

And on the deeper Mexico/Boone/NXIVM story,
as they mount this weak defence from the other side of the Mexican border, using a legal system acting in the favour cold hard cash, these parasites are attempting to intimidate, through blackmail, everyone in Canada and the US who have finally seen what NXIVM and Raniere, Bronfman, Boone et al are all about.

This comes at the expense of the Mexican members who have little recourse in a system whose scales of justice are reported to be heavily tipped by the weight of Bronfman’s purse.

I don’t know what can be done for these people whose lives may now be destroyed by this faltering CULT. NXIVM and Raniere with his stooges in tow, are terrorizing the weakest economic group to send a message to those they cannot touch in the rest of North America.

To anyone in the US and Canada who may still worry, stay the course. Don’t fall for this.

I’m not a lawyer, but as flawed as the cross border cooperation might be between Canada and the US, I suspect extradition and cross border policing is not as coordinated between Mexico and the rest of the continent. Certainly, anyone trying to flee Mexico will be flagged and stopped. And those entering Mexico could also be flagged.

I wonder how much economic and/or media pressure it would take, advocating a ban on Mexican tourism until such time as the Mexican government deals with NXIVM?

History has shown us that before the fall of any empire there is a period of chaos. Normally, the source of the chaos is seeded and grows from within. It also shows us that when leadership is in disarray, the head of the serpent will often target the weakest in the ranks as a last ditch attempt to restore order through intimidation.

When this happens, it means the right side of history is winning. Sadly at the expense of many.

But the right critical mass of this upheaval will normally cause the entire system to implode.

Stay on target Jedi’s.

5 years ago

Interesting to see the official statement clearly identifies Raniere as THE OWNER of NXIVM and ESP.

Classic "big lie" technique
Classic "big lie" technique
5 years ago

Of course the lawsuits against NXians are “a form of intimidation or an act of harassment”. That’s why you do such things. Having an arguable legal basis doesn’t change the fact that you are intimidating and harassing.

But Emiliano is running scared. Notice that he has set up a “fort” of a water bottle and two cell phones between himself and his interviewer in the video. He puts up a good front, as he has been trained to do by Raniere. But if he really believed he had nothing to hide, and had been wronged by his detractors, he would just announce lawsuits for slander and libel (and not emphasize that NXIVM contracts include non-disclosure clauses that would not be needed by a non-fraudulent operation) instead of hiding in his “fort.”

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