Clips from 20/20 and Good Morning America

Dec. 15 2017 was a red letter day for Keith Raniere and NXIVM.

Here is a clip from 20/20 on the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization:

Nightline followed 20/20 with a special 30 minute report focused on suspected criminality.

Good Morning America started the day with a five minute presentation on NXIVM.

Meantime, followers continue to say the whole thing will blow over and the media reports are false.

Strange that the Knife Media, which is dedicated to analyzing fake news, and is the brainchild of Keith Raniere has not had one word to say on this topic.

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  • Another amazing exposure to Rainiere and his reindeer games. Could not have asked for a better Christmas present. Thank you, ABC.

    Sarah Edmonson did an amazing job, and we got to hand it to the only woman who has been branded to be brave enough to step forward publicity to say enough is enough and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make sure this abuse stops.

    Toni Natalie, the true Joan of Arc who has had one legal battle after another with Raniere with the court systems, he’s sent the FBI after here for fake charges, and like a webble, she may wobble, but she does not fall down. Toni has done more to expose Raniere and his clowns than anyone.

    Rick Ross has kept an archive of NXIVM wrong doings on his website to educate those who are looking for information to either get out or for families concerned about their loved ones trapped inside.

    Catherine Oxenberg was again, as a family member, tells the chilling story of how scary it is to have a loved one brainwashed and trapped on the inside.

    Mark Vicente was so clear about what happens when you cross Raniere, how vengeful he can be and how unsafe those who have crossed him can be. “I’ve had people killed”

    Rainiere is a dangerous man who keeps dangerous people close to him and those that have left and crossed him do have something to worry about.

  • The 20/20 episode is superb. If you click on the above link it brings you to part 1, however keep watching and you can catch the whole episode as it auto feeds to parts 2,3,4 etc. after commercials.

    Shout out to Sarah Edmondsen for extraordinary poise and heart, and an excellent Toni Natalie.

  • Btw, I enjoyed the host expressing disbelief as to why all these women fawned over VanDouche due to her thinking that he looks like a “schlub”. I also enjoyed Rick Ross calling him “boring” and pointing out that his technology was an unoriginal hack job of Scientology, Ayn Rand, and self improvement (I think).

    • Good points . Those call comments, are specially the host one were great.

      I also loved the look on Danielle Roberts face when approached by ABC. Priceless.

  • It was great to see Raniere and Salzman exposed ON 20/20 for the total frauds they are – and for those two twits, Clare and Sara Bronfman, to be exposed for the mindless fools they are. But it’s still an open question as to whether any law enforcement agency is going to do anything to stop all this madness.

    We know it won’t be NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose Department of Health is “still investigating” the NXIVM doctors who brand Raniere’s slaves and conduct psychological experiments on children. Cuomo also refused to do anything about NXIVM when he was NYS Attorney General. And the current NYS Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, looks like he’s just blowing smoke to keep Catherine Oxenberg pacified.

    The U.S. Attorney in Albany has known about Raniere’s criminal enterprise for almost 15 years and done nothing about it. And the local FBI office has spent much more time meeting with high-level NXIVM reps to receive reports on the cult’s enemies than it ever spent investigating Raniere and his followers.

    Maybe the NYS Police, you suggest. Nope…The guy who was assigned to investigated NXIVM got flipped somehow and THEN spent more than 3 years trying to put together a criminal case against several people who allegedly accessed NXIVM’s website without permission. All the charges were dismissed, of course, when it turned out that Albany County had no jurisdiction over the alleged crime.

    How about the Albany County DA, you ask? Sorry, his two sisters and brother-in-law were cult members and he let a high-ranking member of the cult pose in his office as a legal intern even though she was a high-school dropout. And most of his political funding comes from the Working Families Party, which just happens to get large contributions from the Bronfman family every year. (So does Schneiderman).

    Well, what about the Saratoga County DA? Maybe she’ll see this as a woman’s cause and make them at least stop with the branding? Nope. She doesn’t have time to even investigate what’s going on in her own backyard.

    Wait, how about the IRS? Nope, they’ve been sitting on complaints for more than 15 years and have never once done anything to go after Raniere and his followers for tax evasion, money laundering, etc., etc., etc.

    Maybe the NYS Department of Taxation & Finance? Nope, they’ve been sitting on the same info as the IRS for more than 10 years and recently hired Bruce Lennard, one of the Special Prosecutors who was involved in the criminal computer trespass case with the NYS Police. The other Special Prosecutor, Holly Trexler, is now a judge in Albany City Court.

    And that leaves? NOBODY!

    Hate to be such a pessimist but unless we find someone in our local law enforcement community with the balls to take on Raniere, all this exposure will just blow by.

  • Vanguard enters his bedroom expecting a DOS slave but finds a fish on his bed.
    “What’s this?” he says.
    “It’s a Sicilian message. It means Keith Raniere sleeps with the fishes.”

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