Leaked documents: Clare Bronfman lost more than $500k for V-Week 2017

The Inn at Silver Bay Resort, the largest of several buildings on the campus. During V-Week, organizers book the entire facility and the Resort closed its doors to outside overnight guests and casual visitors.

This year, it cost Clare Bronfman more than half a million dollars out-of-pocket to throw the 10-day birthday celebration for Keith Raniere that is called “Vanguard Week”.

Confidential documents leaked to Frank Report reveal that expenses exceeded income by more than  $560,000 for V-Week 2017.

In 2016, it was not as bad. During V-Week 2016, more than 300 people reportedly paid to attend and the losses for Clare were estimated at around $300,000.

But revelations of branding and blackmail took a toll on the number of people who wanted to celebrate the cult leader’s birthday in 2017. No more than 150 people attended – most of them Mexicans, slow to get news of the creepy cult leader’s abuse of women and slower still to believe it.

Many people, especially from Vancouver, paid for reservations early and later chose not to attend after learning about the branding and sexcapades of Vanguard. NXIVM offers no refunds for those who choose not to attend, but pay in advance.

According to documents, about 135 people paid a total of some $285,962 to be on hand for the tribute-filled event.

This year, Clare paid out the following amounts to host what some call the world’s best birthday party for the world’s smartest man:

– Renting the entire Silver Bay YMCA resort for 10 days: $640,000

– MPI:  $55,000
– Audio: $50,000
– T shirts: $3,000
– My Images: $15,000
– Entertainers: $10,000
– Triathlon: $5,000
– Extra SB Costs: $8,000
– Additional labor: $50,000
   – Contingency: $10,000

Total: $846,000

She took in : $285,962

Her net loss to throw the Raniere’s b-day party was $560,038.

It is unclear if there will be a V-Week 2018 at Silver Bay. Perhaps it will be held in Mexico or Sing Sing. At least at Sing Sing, they say, the food will be a lot better.

A discarded picture of worshipful Keith Raniere. Left on an empty mattress at Silver Bay. It was once venerated and hung on walls during V-Week in devotees rooms.


The attendance was sparse at V-Week 2017.


Slide from V-Week from his thankful students.


The cost of attending V-Week drops the more you pay in advance. But no refunds. While it might be tempting to pay right now for you spot at V-Week 2018, a fiscal conservative might hold up a bit. Just in case there is no V-Week in 2018.


The Dining Hall at V-Week


There were empty tables at V-Week 2107. What will V-Week 2018 look like?



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5 years ago

Someone once told me Clare Bronfman was a smart business woman. It took everything think for me not to piss my pants with laughter in front of them. They were working for her at the time helping to remodel the restaurant that would soon become NXIVM hang out near Raniere old child molestation station.

Clare is about as stupid as stupid comes when it comes to anything business. She continues to open her trust fund and turn over blank checks to her Master teacher. Problem is, he doesn’t know how to be successful at business either. He’s just an excellent con man.

Someday Clare will awaken from this tool-aid drunken stupor she’s in and upon looking back see,what a baboon she has been with her Ken doll. She will have to move out of the Barbie Mansion and maybe show her back to her Bright Light Ponies, if she’s not in prison.

Clare rides the short bus says.....
Clare rides the short bus says.....
5 years ago

“Brain Dead and made of money, No future at all”. These Lyrics courtesy of Phish sums up Clare and the wealthy Mexicans.

Chris M Burbs
Chris M Burbs
5 years ago

Marc Elliot will be recruiting tonight at a seminar:

“How To Change Your Life In One Decision”
258 Johnson Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11206

F. D. C. Willard
F. D. C. Willard
5 years ago
Reply to  Chris M Burbs

That would be a cool spot to ask questions about the brandings afterwards, but I guess it is a little late to smuggle someone in and see his reactions when confronted with media articles.

Darth VanDouche - Chickenshit
Darth VanDouche - Chickenshit
5 years ago
Reply to  Chris M Burbs

Well, at least the seminar title is correct. The cult indirectly fucked up many years of my life.

She should have even more $
She should have even more $
5 years ago

If only her Dad hadn’t manipulated the commodities market and caused Vanguard to lose all that money.

5 years ago

If only Vanguard hadn’t hedged his bet, pocketed the winnings in one hand, while showed Clare and Sara the losses with the other…

Some guesses
Some guesses
5 years ago

MPI: $55, 000 is likely Meeting Planners International https://www.mpiweb.org

Clare is in charge of organizing V-Week. Since she has no known competence at anything except spending money, she would have hired someone to do the work.

Audio: $50,000 is mysteriously high. Augmenting the lodge auditorium sound system, plus an outdoor system for dances etc. shouldn’t be that much. Even adding DJ’s it doesn’t make sense. And couldn’t Damon Brink be DJ for free?

Maybe they buried the extra WiFi (which they monitored for access to Frank Report) here.

My Images: $15, 000 sounds like photographers. Although it may include the framed portrait of Vanguard for every room.

If you have gone to V-Week for 10 years, are you supposed to have 10 portraits of Vanguard hanging in your bedroom?

Extra SB Costs: $8,000 is extra Silver Bay costs. But why didn’t renting the whole resort for $640,000 cover that?

Additional labor: $50,000 is most likely security staff. It would not be OK for Frank Parlato or the media to get in to Silver Bay and follow the Vanguard along on his “walks” as he “adjusts” young women ….

5 years ago

A fool and his (her) money are soon parted- Proverbs 21:20

F. D. C. Willard
F. D. C. Willard
5 years ago

The Bronfmans made so much money during the prohibition by semi-legal means. I bet it does not matter to her.

Earth VanDouche - Chickenshit
Earth VanDouche - Chickenshit
5 years ago

Clare should have “Dunce” stamped to her forehead.

I guess when you’ve been handed mega millions on a silver platter it’s all just “monopoly” money as long as you still have a lot of it left.

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