Raniere living in La Jolla in San Pedro Garza Garcia

Keith Raniere is reportedly staying at this home.

Keith Raniere is living behind the walls of an exclusive gated community at San Clemente 612, La Jolla, San Pedro Garza Garcia, according to sources.

In order to enter La Jolla, where Keith Raniere reportedly lives, one has to pass by the gated and guarded entrance.


One of Keith’s branded DOS slaves, Carola Garza, lives in this private community with her husband, Hector Cortes. She is said to have taken the lead in making arrangements for Keith’s comfort and to service him 24 hours, seven days per week.

Carola has Keith Raniere’s initials branded with a hot iron on her pubic region.

Reportedly, Keith was temporarily living at the high rise condo of another DOS slave, Jimena Garza, and her husband, Omar Boone. Jimena, who heads the ESP Center in Monterrey, has been seen coming frequently to the compound. She has Keith Raniere’s initials branded with a hot iron on her pubic region, and recruited other woman as branded slaves for the man they service as Vanguard.

Keith Raniere originally ran afoul of homeowners in this tight knit La Jolla community and was abruptly asked to leave.  Neighbors, knowing he allegedly leads a secretive sex cult, comprised of women he brands like cattle, said they felt fearful as he walked with one woman after another, some of them married, in the middle of the night, coming and going into the house and out again, and walking again, each time with a different woman.

The house circled with black marker at 612 San Clemente has been identified as the present, temporary residence of Keith Raniere.


According to sources, a compromise was reached: Keith agreed not take any more midnight walks and neighbors agreed to allow him to stay quietly in the La Jolla home.

While he is not permitted to walk at night, he has been seen coming and going by automobile into town. When he goes out, he is dressed in shorts, sneakers, tee shirt, baseball cap and sometimes wearing sunglasses – even at night.

  Keith Raniere, known as Vanguard, walks with branded slave, Jimena Garza, in San Pedro Garza Garcia. He is said to be in Mexico because of concerns he may be indicted in the USA shortly.

After he left the USA for Mexico, Mr. Raniere hired a team of investigators, including a forensic psychiatrist, who, he says, have concluded that the sorority of [branded women] are in good mental health. He said in a letter published on his ESP website last week that the women will make a statement that they alone are responsible for the actions of their  ‘sorority’, and he had nothing to do with any of their actions.

The women of DOS are expected to make a statement taking full responsibility for their actions.

Clare Bronfman, Raniere’s financier and ardent follower, has been seen in San Pedro and is apparently been here for more than two weeks.

Frank Report intends to disclose who else from Clifton Park is known to be in San Pedro with Vanguard; as well as report on what the ‘Fresas’ of Monterrey are saying about Keith Raniere and a group of ‘caliente’ women who follow and service him.

   Where in the world is Keith Raniere? The red flag indicates his present location. Note: Raniere’s location subject to change without notice. 


6 thoughts on “Raniere living in La Jolla in San Pedro Garza Garcia

  1. Maybe his plan is to re-invent himself in Mexico. That is what the cult leader in Holly Hell did (Netflix) when he moved to Hawaii after being exposed in California as a sexual predictor.

    The Mexican’s seem to still love him. Enrollment seems to continue, their centers have not closed their doors, and people are willing to house them in their homes.

    I say, more power to the Mexican people. Let the Mexican’s keep their Vanguard, let the Mexican’s gather up their young women to be branded and conned into being his sex slaves, let the Mexican’s spend thousands of dollars per year – maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to be personally trained by their Vanguard. At least he’s out of New York and the United States (at least until the United States wants him back to arrest him).

    It makes it harder for Raniere and Bronfman to sue anyone outside of Mexico if they are both in Mexico. They have to be available for depositions and would have to return to the United States or Canada to do so. They cannot sue anyone from the US or Canada in Mexico as Mexico has not jurisdiction over US or Canadian citizens.

    I cannot believe the Garza’s would house him with their kids living with them. Where are the Garza’s parents?

    • Typical stuff you would expect from The wealthier class here in Mexico. From what I have seen on your blog posts, this guy is basically a kitten running along the side of lions. I am not offended at all that this guy lives down the road from me, even if this stuff is 100% accurate,

  2. If you check the Google Maps satellite photo, it’s clear that the only road into the area goes under the white building at the top of the photo, which is the guardhouse. All the internal streets dead-end into turnaround circles.

    Google Street View shows the guardhouse, and the wall around the community.

  3. Also, we’ll see how far down on the IQ scale the Mexicans are (by “buying” all his false claims concerning his intellectual prowess, athletic, and “spiritual” abilities) from the amount of time they allow the guy to fester in their neighborhoods having his pimp women collect women for him to ejaculate with/on.

  4. Laughable. They would be insane to make any public statement. Social media and platforms like 4-chan are vicious.

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