Guest View: I was there with Allison when Lauren, Sara and Nancy ‘love-bombed’ her

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Guest View:  By It’s a Small Small Smallville World

I was at the Jness weekend that Allison Mack came to in Vancouver BC. It was her first event. Lauren & Nancy Salzman along with Sara Bronfman love bomb all over Mack. The sad thing is she ate it up like candy. A certain sign of low self-esteem and ripe for the picking.

Lauren Salzman [l] helped persuade Allison Mack to join the team at Executive Success Programs.
Lauren being more her age and best to use the tools to persuade Mack how important the mission of Jness was, took the lead.

Before the weekend was over, the staff already had their claws into her. Mack was on the Bronfman jet headed to Albany the day after the training. Little did she know it was to continue NXIVM’s deep dive into her brain to wash, rise and foam it into what it is today….  Keith Raniere’s second in command in DOS.

Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017. Sara’s money and elder Nancy’s skills helped persuade Allison she needed to change her life.

Mack was rich, distant from her parents, had a weak boyfriend who they could convince her to break up with. She was a B, maybe C, rated actress, with a small part in a long running show. Mack was ripe to be the lead in something important and she needed Keith to make that happen. The key was Mack had no solid foundation beneath her to stand on her own two feet.

Over time, the leadership convinced Mack to mostly give up acting, move to Albany, start sleeping with Raniere, and become his main Pimp of DOS

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, May 2009. Nancy helped persuade Allison Mack to fly to Albany to meet Vanguard. It changed her life.

Is Raniere responsible, yes. All the upper leadership of NXIVM is for working together as a pack of wolves.

Is Mack responsible? Yes, for not taking better care of her self-worth before her first Jness weekend and needing to be the center of attention during the weekend training. Even during rounds of brainwashing, there are moments of clarity where the brain says, something is not right in Smallville. One can either choose to ignore or investigate.

Are her parents responsible? Yes. They did not help to raise her with a strong sense of self. Since Mack was a child actor, they have most likely sponged off her. Even today they must get some money from her. Why wouldn’t a parent, after all this press, want to rock the boat and seek to help their child, as India’s mom has, unless they are afraid they would be cut off from their gravy train?

Allison Mack [r] with Lauren Salzman. Two top DOS women. Lauren has both Mr. Raniere’s and Miss Mack’s initials branded by a hot iron on her pubic region, according to former members of DOS.  

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  • “Since Mack was a child actor, they have most likely sponged off her. Even today they must get some money from her.”

    What an awful thing to write: damning her parents without a shred of evidence. One man’s “sponging” is another man’s “loving daughter wants to help her parents out finanically.”

    And just because you say her parents are to blame, doesn’t make it so.

  • I’d never heard the term “love bomb” before reading Frank Report.

    Anyway, I suspect “Guest View” is written by Frank.

    BTW, I thought Kreuk was the one who got Mack to join?

  • Allison Mack could likely cut a sweet deal with the FBI and come out of the smelling like a rose by saving the day.

  • Was Allison already in ESP before the love bombing at the JNESS Weekend ?

    Or was JNESS the entry point and ESP came later ?

    • She can make her own decision to get out if she’s still consciously capable of doing so; if she can sort out in her mind what is right from wrong; if her threshold for emotional pain is such that the consequences of staying are more painful than the consequences of leaving; if she’s able to leave and not under constant watch or guard; if the threats upon leaving are worth the risk.

      It’s not so easy being cast into the middle after participating in something highly controversial. Just ask former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali and reformed secular Muslim Maajid Nawaz, who actively oppose Islam and Islamism, respectively, who get death threats, and get lambasted from both the left and the right. Just ask Megan Phelps-Roper and her sister Grace who are forever cut off from their family after leaving the Westboro Baptist Church.

      In my opinion, Ally needs allies to get out, pay whatever legal price she has to, reenter the world reformed, and then loved again by sane people.

  • The difference though, is between the responsibility of the predator, vs. responsibility of the prey. If your guard is lowered due to lies and assurances and friendliness, you are more likely to succumb. More evil are the trickster hyenas and jackals that prey on young, old and sick gazelles and wildebeest. More evil is the trickster Margay who mimics the sound of distressed young monkeys to lure adult monkeys to their doom. More evil are the tricksters Palpatine and Dooku that lure Anakin Skywalker to the dark side.

    The biggest problem is the same as it is in all areas of life. Too much willingness to toss aside skepticism and critical thinking, in favour of practicing wishful thinking.

    • In the real world Allison Mack is an accomplice in some very sick behavior. She may deny it later and play victim, but she knows what she is doing is evil. But she places her needs first. And her needs is Keith Raniere. You can see that from watching the videos of her crying as Raniere blathers on about inconsequential garbage. It is her infatuation for Raniere that she selfishly puts above all else.

      Mack’s motives are the same as some lowlife who abuses her family by constantly harassing them for handouts and steals from them just to support the bum she is infatuated with. Mack uses people, lies to them, leads them into abuse, just to keep Raniere happy, because that keeps her happy.

      Her fans and loved ones may try to write her behavior off as if she is a helpless victim controlled by Raniere but that is not true. She allowed herself to put serving him first. No one matters to her but him and herself and the endorphin release she gets when he approves of her servitude.

      • To put my last sentence more harshly, it comes down to indoctrination. Do ISIS members KNOW they are doing evil when they behead journalists or throw gay men off the top of buildings? Do Westboro Baptist Church members KNOW they are doing evil when they protest at funerals? Do the patriarchs of the Mormon sect in Bountiful B.C. KNOW they are doing evil by forcing under-age girls into polygamy? Or are they all indoctrinated into thinking they’re doing what their “creator” demands of them?

        Is Allison et al. culpable? Probably. To what degree should be decided in a court of law, not the court of public opinion. Not by Expians and ex-NXIVMs. Not by Frank and his readers. Not by you. Not by me.

        • One can come up with a thousand reasons for any sick behavior. Ours is not to reason why but to meet out justice based on legal codes. The judge has discretion and in this case seeing as she is one of the principal drivers in this cult she is as culpable as the leader. Possibly the judge can grant some leniency to the bit players who were unaware of the sex scam.

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