Justin Elliott still seeking new members for cratering cult; will Raniere stay to shepherd his students?

Justin was there when the sad bad news of a Vanguard being arrested by the FBI.

Justin Elliot was putting the word out recently that people he knows [unnamed] are interested in changing media and the world. And Justin says he has some amazing friends [unnamed] who are building a company [unnamed] to revolutionize the media with integrity and ethics.

They [unnamed] are offering a $10,000 scholarship [to an unnamed school] for ambitious students, hungry to change the world. [A $10,000 scholarship would be two months at the ESP University.]

The [unnamed] company is likely The Knife Media {formerly The Knife of Aristotle].  I wonder why The Knife Media has not analyzed recent media reports about Keith Raniere? The recent spate of coverage is literally revolutionizing the way a large audience of people view Keith, by alleging an astonishing lack of integrity and ethics. The Knife analyzes spin, slant and bias. It would fascinating to read their analyses of these stories about Keith in the interest of truth.

In the mid 1990s, when Keith’s multi-level marketing company, Consumers’ Buyline, went down in flames, Keith chose to avoid meeting with concerned employees. Ultimately he stiffed thousands of customers and many employees out of money they had coming. There were media reports that law enforcement in several states were alleging he was operating an illegal pyramid operation.

Some of the most recent media reports on Keith suggest that law enforcement may be investigating him and some of his associates. The nature of law enforcement investigations are such that they are not normally reported to the media [although they are sometimes leaked] and they can imperceptibly move into high gear suddenly. Search warrants can be executed and arrests can be made without prior notice.

Or they can linger for years or peter out entirely.

If Keith is arrested, he will  be likely required to surrender his passport. The trick for him is, if he does not plan to stand trial, is to leave the country before he is arrested, not after.

Clare Bronfman purchased about 80 percent of Wakaya Island in Fiji; it is possible to avoid extradition in Fiji for those who have money. Keith has also made extensive plans to go to Honduras and settle on a certain island in Caribbean Bay. Wherever he goes, he will likely take who he needs with him. The others he will most likely leave behind, even if they want to go with him. Even if they have served him for years.

If arrests are made, some of those who follow him now and who he may leave behind will not be immune from prosecution just because Keith might leave the US. Several of them may be charged as co-conspirators.

On the other hand, Keith may stand tall and remain in the US to face trial and protect and defend his followers with the last drop of his blood and the full virtue of his wisdom and resources.

As for Justin Elliot, it seems at least possible that his amazing friend may leave him behind. It is not improbable that Justin will look for Keith and only discover he is gone after Keith has already left the country. He may ask some of his superiors in the company who may tell him that Keith is unavailable because he is working day and night to save the mission.

Whether Justin will be charged may depend on what Justin has been asked to do.

Did he carry cash across the border on any of his trips with Alex Betancourt? Did he sign his name on any documents or open bank accounts he had no control over? Did he pick up packages at certain locations to deliver to other locations? Did he swear falsely or bear false witness on notarized documents under penalty of perjury? Did he help any illegal immigrant hide or falsify residency, marriage or work? Did he solicit money from anyone, knowingly telling them things he knew were fraudulent? Did he make false entries in any computers or spreadsheets for ESP or any related company including any of the scores of shell companies? Did he earn income, or was income put in his name which he did not earn, which he was told not to report?

If the answer is “No” to all of those questions, it may  end up well for Justin Elliot. It is uncertain what will happen to his other amazing friends.

   Justin Elliot may one day to find himself abandoned by Vanguard.


Will Keith Raniere be sorry because the mission seems to be burning down and stay to right the mission whatever it takes?


Or will Keith say farewell to those who adored him as Vanguard and slip way without saying goodbye?



Clare Bronfman purchased about 80 percent of Wakaya Island in Fiji. Wakaya Island

Soaring cliffs overlook the ocean.
Wakaya Island may be the new home for DOS slaves.


Will Keith miss the people he leaves behind in Clifton Park if he settle in Fiji?

Vanguard’s followers should feel comforted that he will have decent accommodations. Perhaps he can Skype with them to show him his new home.
The spa on Wakaya Island can be reserved exclusively for Keith


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  • Honduras makes much more sense then Fiji. Unless Clare intends on turning the Wakaya Island Resort and Spa into a hideout for espians on the lam she would be losing an income stream. Let’s face it Clare is going to need every penny she has for the lawsuits that hopefully are coming down the pike. As a side note check out this review from 12/2016 about a new General manager and how shady he was Review titled – THE DREAM IS DEAD – https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g308253-d308610-r448154771-The_Wakaya_Club_Spa-Wakaya_Island_Lomaiviti_Islands.html#CHECK_RATES_CONT

    Why Honduras makes more sense. The language is Spanish and English. The Mexican harem girls know the language. Geographically Honduras is not as isolated as FIJI and would still be close to the ESP centers in Mexico and Guatemala assuming they do not implode.shortly. It would be much easier to establish a base in South/Latin American then FIJI.

  • Well, at least these demons will be self-segregated to a remote island. It will cost them big bucks to import more slaves and overall Keith’s hareem and his empire will suffer, along with his income.

    • The Zumba presentation Marc did may give some insight as to why him and Rosa Laura continue to stand by Keith Raniere. Start at 15:50 … sorry Marc, you are a great speaker, but I still hate Keith.

      I do, however, have compassion for you and the rest of his victims.

    • It’s down to $25, although Marc has now blocked me on IG, FB, and turned comments on his public Facebook page off.

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