Guest View: Nothing justifies Allison Mack’s actions

Guest View:


   Allison Mack [r] interviewing Keith Raniere [l]Allison Mack is an actress experienced since childhood in putting forth a convincing performance. It’s all fake. It’s easy to see why Keith Raniere would use her to recruit often impressionable, young people who are “superhero show” followers.

I’ve witnessed the JNESS recruitment weekends. It starts out innocently with empowering women messaging, tea, and socializing. It ends up with co-dependency, enslavement, blackmail, legal battles, financial ruin, and now mutilation.

Allison Mack is 10+ years in, and has long been one of the honeypots. Those fan convention appearances are perfect ways to scout new talent, right?

Wake up. Actors playing characters on TV are not what they seem. In this case, there is a much, much darker side to a person who is emotionally and physically abusing other human beings. After all these years, it’s likely that her thinking has been polluted and manipulated, but nothing can justify these actions.

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It's a Small Small Smallville World
It's a Small Small Smallville World
6 years ago

I was at the Jness weekend that Allison Mack came to in Vancouver BC. It was her first event. Lauren & Nancy Salman along with Sara Bronfman love bomb all over Mack. The sad thing is she eat it up like candy. A certain sign of low self-esteem and ripe for the picking.

Lauren being more her age and best to use the tools to persuade Mack how important the mission of Jness was, took the lead.

Before the weekend was over the staff already had their claws into her. Mack was on the Bronfman jet headed to Albany the day after the training. Little did she know it was to continue NXIVM’s deep dive into her brain to wash, rise and foam it into what it is today…. Keith Raniere’s second in command in DOS.

Mack was rich, distant from her parents, had a weak boyfriend who they could convince her to break up with. She ways a B maybe C rated actress with a small part in a long running show. Mack was ripe to be the lead in something important and she needed Keith to make that happen. The key was Mack had no solid foundation beneath her to stand on her own two feet.

Over time the leadership convinced Mack to mostly give up acting, move to Albany, start sleeping with Raniere, and become his main Pimp of DOS

Is Rainiere responsible, yes. All the upper leadership of NXIVM is for working together as a pack of wolf’s

Is Mack responsible, yes, for not taking better care of her self-worth before her first Jness weekend and needing to be the center of attention during the weekend training. Even during rounds of brain washing, there are moments of clarity where the brain says, sometimes is not right in Smallville. One can either choose to ignore or investigated.

Are her parents responsible, yes. They did not help to raise her with a strong sense of self. Since Mack was a child actor, they have most likely sponges off her, even today they must get some money from her. Why wouldn’t a parent after all this press want to rock the boat and seek to help their child as India’s mom has unless they are afraid they would be cut off from their gravy train.

Allison Acquaintance
Allison Acquaintance
6 years ago

I have spent time with Allison Mack. She has shared her hopes and fears with me. In my opinion, it’s true she would not have come up with the idea of DOS without Keith Raniere, absolutely not. But also in my opinion she has some mental disorder. I’m not sure if it’s sociopathy or simply Bi-Polar disorder, but either way, she has not (on many occasions) had the best interest of others at heart. She has not seemed to care about putting them in danger or using them for her own means. I do sincerely hope she gets out of Raniere’s grasp, but I do not believe in any way that she’s innocent or well intended.

6 years ago

Thank you for your insight.

6 years ago

I think the two comments above demonstrate the way Keith & Co. operate – find people who are weak and vulnerable, or mentally flawed in some way, and they prey on their insecurities. Typical abusive behaviour. Those victims who are just vulnerable and insecure may eventually recognize a predator, and bail. Those with any mental health issues, or signs of sociopathy themselves, will not .

6 years ago

You can feel angry at her but you can’t hate her. Let’s face it, this Vanguard Guy is nothing short of spectacular in putting not just women, but men under his spell.

Darth Vandouche
Darth Vandouche
6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

There’s nothing spectacular about brainwashing and manipulating women with self esteem or other issues at low points in their lives to control and have sex with.

The guy is nothing more than a douche bag.

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