Interconnected companies, Anima, Prorsus, NXIVM, show Raniere pulling strings in Mexico

By Frank Parlato;

Keith Raniere. His followers refer to him as Vanguard, a silly title that he bestowed upon himself when he created the NXIVM cult..


Keith Raniere, pedophile, sex cult leader, brander and blackmailer of women, and perpetrator of 1,001 financial crimes, with 100 co-conspirators, [with nothing in his name to tie him by documents to any crime] and swindler of students, a rapist, statutory and otherwise, and smuggler of money from Mexico to the USA, and likely offshore, is a man of influence in Mexico and Latin America.

The children and siblings of some of the most important men of Mexico follow Keith Raniere and are high ranking members of his cult, called NXIVM or, alternatively, Executive Success Programs, or for short, ESP.


Alejandra Gonzalez Anaya, sister of the CEO of Premex, is a NXIVM coach.

Alejandra González Anaya is an example. She is a NXIVM/ESP coach. She achieved the rank of Orange Sash with two stripes. {Raniere bases his ranking on martial arts with sashes and stripes].

Alejandra’s brother,José Antonio González Anaya, is chief executive of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex),   Pemex is Mexico’s national oil company.

One of Jose Antonio’s allies is Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, who was accused of secretly withdrawing 240,518,000, 000 pesos from the national assets invested in Pemex.

Jose Antonio, a rising star of The Institutional Revolutionary Party [PRI]. is expected to crook up the quiet end of that controversy and be appointed Finance Minister of Mexico.  He is close friends with current finance minister, José Antonio Meade, who may be the next candidate for president for PRI.

Mr. Anaya boasts that among his closest friends is former president, Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Students of Mexican politics will recall Carlos ran for president in 1988 against Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, who headed up a leftist alliance against PRI which had ruled the country since 1929.

Initial vote tallies showed Cardenas was going to win the presidency. The PRI, which controlled the government at the time, announced the ballot counting system had failed [They later burned the ballots] and declared Carlos Salinas president. The episode is Mexico’s most notorious case of vote rigging.


Emiliano and Cecci Salinas salute before a NXIVM-only audience.

Keith Raniere is mentor to ex-president Carlos Salinas’ son and daughter, Emiliano Salinas and Cecci Salinas. It is not known if Cecci is a branded DOS slave or not.  But she is deeply inside the cult and one of its leaders. Both siblings hold the rank of Green Sash.

Watch the children of former President Salinas lead a NXIVM dance ritual. Note: The color of their tee shirts corresponds to their rank in NXIVM. Ranks go from low to highest: White- Yellow- Orange- Green.

Emiliano and Cecci are the two in green.


Alejandra Gonzalez Anaya, sister of Premex chief, Jose Antonio Gonzalez Anaya, was brought into ESP by Emiliano Salinas.

Besides being a coach for ESP/NXIVM, Alejandra is co-founder, producer and artistic director of a Raniere controlled company called Anima Inc.

According to Anima’s website

ANIMA INC. was founded in 2007 by Keith Raniere and Alejandra González Anaya. The company is based on Mr. Raniere’s humanitarian philosophy and concepts, and manifests through Ms. González Anaya’s artistic vision and direction. Our work transmits some of the most intimate aspects of being human to create experiences that not only delight and entertain, but also profoundly transform.

Anima is Latin for ‘breath” or “vital breath” or “wind” “motion” or “the soul.”

Anabel Cantú Merodio

Anima’s team also includes ESPians Anabel Cantú Merodio, who holds the rank of Orange Sash, with four stripes in NXIVM/ESP.

Branded DOS slave, Lauren Salzman – one of the highest ranked in ESP  -[she is a Green Sash, with edge and four stripes] is part of Anima.

On the official ESP website, Lauren, who is Vice President of Education for the company, has her role in Anima explained:

Since 2007, she has been part of the creative team behind Anima Inc., a Mexico City-based performing arts company that recently performed at the Bicentennial Celebration of Mexico and directed and choreographed the opening and closing ceremonies for the Pan American Games. S
Esteban González Guzmán.

The CEO of Anima is Esteban González Guzmán. He is a coach for NXIVM/ESP and holds the rank of Orange Sash, Edge, with one stripe. Esteban ‘worked’ for Emiliano Salinas’ [Raniere] company called Prorsus Capital.

Prorsus Capital was founded, it seems, on Keith Raniere’s ‘espoused’ [but not practiced] ‘principles’, and like many of his companies is based on a Latin word. In Latin “Prorsus’ means “forward” or “straight ahead,” or “to sum up.”

Prorsus’ ‘purpose’ from their website is right out of Keith Raniere’s lexicon:

Prorsus Capital was founded on the idea that entrepreneurism — putting forth effort and taking a risk in order to create a new business where there was nothing before — is one of the noblest human endeavors, and a necessity for a healthy, vital human society.


Prorsus claims to be an investment capital firm focused on technology, real estate, tourism and financial services in Mexico and Latin America. I could not find mention of any venture projects on the Prorsus website.

It does have typical Raniere boasts and slogan: ‘Strategically Positioned for Innovation’ is the slogan. And the boast: We are the premier venture capital fund specializing in Mexico and the greater Latin America.

But why don’t they have one single project on their website, which has been around since at least 2010?


At Prorsus, Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt is President. At ESP, he holds the  rank of the Green Sash with three stripes.

Alejandro Alex Betancourt performs at a NXIVM ritual performance. The green t-shirt symbolizes his rank.

Emiliano Salinas is Vice President of Prorsus and he is a NXIVM/ESP Green Sash, but with only one stripe.

What gives Prorsus away as a possible shell company is having Espian Farouk Rojas listed on its website as a member of the board.

Farouk is a recruiter and coach for NXIVM/ESP and lives in Clifton Park, New York. Like most ESPians, Farouk is broke.

He cannot afford a car, and is often seen riding his bicycle, even in cold weather. He has been in ESP for so long, he is drifting from middle aged to elderly, imperceptibly, whiling away the years, daydreaming about the big money he is going to make with ESP, and of becoming a famous singer, as encouraged by Keith. He sings with Raniere’s a-Cappella group, Simply Human, a singing group with no following and no paid performances.

He probably makes less than $20,000 per year doing his main work of trying to recruit people into ESP, an increasingly difficult job given the media attention on Keith Raniere now.

But here is what Prorsus says about Farouk:

Farouk Rojas joined Prorsus Capital as CTO in 2009. He is in charge of long-term technology strategy for the fund’s businesses, as well as research and development of new technology business opportunities and overseeing IT operations for the fund’s businesses.
Farouk has almost 20 years of experience in IT, computer networks, VoIP telephony, web development and software development and has participated as a consultant in medium and large scale IT projects in the industrial, telephony and mass-media sectors, internationally. He also secured funding for a dot-com era startup in Mexico and headed the development team of another one in the US.
Farouk has spoken at multiple Internet and technology-related conferences domestically and internationally, and has published columns on computers and the Internet in several newspapers and magazines in Mexico.

Farouk has stalled out for years in ESP and only holds the Yellow Sash [with four stripes] despite being one of ESP/NXIVM’s earliest members, and yet he is in charge of “long term development strategy” for the “premier venture capital company in Mexico and the Latin Americas?”

Why can’t he develop a strategy to afford a car?


Farouk Rojas has been singing up a storm for more than a decade, but has not gotten any further in his singing career.

Poor Farouk, he has been a Yellow Sash with four stripes for at least six years, while people who started ESP since he got his last stripe, have advanced far ahead of him.

A source told me, most earnestly, that Farouk’s real problem with advancement is that he is fat. No one can advance in ESP if they are fat. Only thin people are allowed to coach and to teach. Thin people are the beautiful people, at least as far as the enlightened teachings of Keith Raniere are concerned.


None of these guys ever learn to make money. Executive Success Programs is the last place to learn it.

Alejandro Betancourt, president of Prorsus, is the profligate son of the accountant for Manuel Espinosa Iglesias. Pappa Betancourt is said to have become wealthy through creative bookkeeping for his boss. Daddy Betancourt gives his son Alejandro a generous allowance, eliminating the necessity of him working.

Alex, now 40, spends about half the year on vacations in exotic locales [often with awfully young men] and splits the rest of his time between Mexico City and Clifton Park.

Alex’s bio on Prorsus states:

Developed the representation of Executive Success Programs, Inc. for Mexico City. He now co-owns and operates their Mexico City training center, which is one of their most successful subsidiaries worldwide. Over 8 years of his career with ESP, Alejandro has become one of their most qualified trainers and serves on their board of directors.


Emiliano Salinas also gets an allowance from his father, the former president, who reputedly stole a fortune from the Mexican people. Emiliano is kind of a nincompoop son of a powerful, but corrupt father.

Carlos Salinas [right’ with son Emiliano and his bride Ludwika Paleta.
Carlos Salinas de Gortari is a man whose name conjures up images of fraud, corruption and economic devastation. He is like ‘The Godfather’. When he was president, he would appoint the leaders of the drug cartels. One leading journalist asked me not to reveal he is working on a explosive story involving his son, Emiliano, for he believed Carlos might kill him at any time up until the story was broadcast. Then he would be safe.

Overall, Carlos Salinas is a man reviled as the keeper of the dark side.  Mexicans hate and fear him. Many believe he is the most powerful man in Mexico.

The New York Times more or less summarized:

His rise to power as president in 1988 was marred by charges of fraud and repression against opponents. His exit at the end of 1994 was followed by the worst economic crisis in recent Mexican history, tensions over the unresolved murder of the PRI’s presidential candidate and outrage after the arrest of his brother, Raúl Salinas, as the mastermind of another assassination, that of the former president of the PRI.

Raúl spent ten years in jail convicted of the high-profile political homicide of his brother in law, but, through the efforts and secreted wealth of Carlos Salinas, a judge acquitted Raul in 2005. Later, a Mexican  judge exonerated him on the final charge against him of “unlawful enrichment” and ordered $19 million dollars in 12 bank accounts and 41 properties that were seized, returned to him.


These are ruthless, yet powerful, daring men. Emiliano is the wastrel son and nephew. He spends most of his time chasing women, and men, and is in an open sexual relationship both with his wife, actress, Ludwika Paleta, and his business partner, Alex Betancourt.

But on Prorsus’ website, Emiliano sounds like a man with big work to do in the world.

Emiliano is General Director of the INLAK’ECH peace movement, a citizen’s initiative to create a violence-free Mexico, founding member of the Ethical Foundation for Science and Vice President of CREUM, a training center for human development in Mexico City. He is also regional coordinator for Mexico for Executive Success Programs, Inc., out of Albany, NY, and serves on their board of directors.

The INLAK’ECH peace movement is another Raniere named group that does nothing. The words ‘In Lak’ech’ is a Mayan greeting that means, “You are me.”

As for ‘peace,’ and brotherly love, Emiliano does what Raniere tells him. {and that means it is vicious]. He has been implicated in the attempted abduction of three of Keith Raniere’s enemies, two former girlfriends, Toni Natalie, and Barbara Bouchey, and the former head of the ESP/NXIVM center in Washington state, Susan Dones.

According to a hard hitting story in the Albany Times Union today:

[Kristin] Keeffe, who for many years did paralegal work on behalf of NXIVM, … alleged that Raniere and Emiliano Salinas, a high-ranking NXIVM official and son of a former Mexican president, had unsuccessfully plotted to lure Bouchey, Foley, Dones and another NXIVM defector to Mexico.
[Keeffe said]  “Emiliano set up the scheme to get [Barbara Bouchey] and Toni [Natalie] thrown in a Mexican prison.”


There are, of course, many other wealthy Mexicans and Latin Americans in ESP. Almost all of them are the children of wealth and earned nothing themselves.

Edgar Boone and Omar Boone, the sons of Ricardo BooneGabriel Delgado Ayua, the grandson of Manuel F. Ayuathe founder of the first libertarian university, Universidad Francosco Marroquin in Guatemala.

Vera Autrey de Costa [may be branded], whose parents had one of the world’s great art collections in Brazil, is another Latin American member of ESP. She spends her days in Raniere’s thrall in Clifton Park and sells off her fabulous art collection in increments to support herself as she takes ESP classes interminably.

There are more, which I hope to detail in a future post.

But let us go back and conclude with Alejandra González Anaya and her Raniere-inspired company, Anima Inc.

It claims it is:

an award-winning production company that is devoted to create life-changing messages through massive events and the performing arts. We wish to touch our audiences, moving and inspiring dreams of flight, reminding them that every moment holds the possibility to pursue our dreams and actualize our potential.

Sounds like Raniere-speak to me.

Yet, while Anima is long on words, it is short on deeds. It boasts of participating in only nine productions during its 10 years’ existence.

But it does boast:

For instance, the website says:

ANIMA INC. produced and directed Vuela Veracruz: Un Sólo Corazón (Fly Veracruz: One Heart), the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Central American and Caribbean Games 2014 held in Veracruz.

In language reminiscent of Keith Raniere, Anima states:

Athletes are some of the best expressions of human greatness. The Voladores (The Flying Men) gathered where the Flame of the Central American and Caribbean Games burns. They remind us why our rituals exist and they demonstrate why they’re of utmost importance. Humanity transforms itself into the challenges the athletes have to face: their commitment, discipline, tolerance, compassion and glory. We are all a better team, thanks to our athletes.

Keith Raniere himself claims to be an athlete. On his own website we learn:

Applying this skill to athletics, Keith Raniere excelled in judo and was an East Coast Judo Champion at age eleven. He also excelled in numerous other sports including volleyball, tennis, table tennis, diving, softball, cycling and skiing.

I have looked, but nowhere can I find any online record of a lad who once was champion of the entire east coast when he was but 11.

But Keith often speaks of his abundant athletic ability, as he did with TV actress Grace Park in this You Tube Video:

Like most of what he says, it is nonsensical bullshit and meant to confuse and bewilder his followers into  awe struck compliance and endless obedience.



Anima Inc. claims it won awards….







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3 years ago

Too bad the videos were taken down…

4 years ago

Investigate Chris J. Laue’s involvement
with Anima. Laue had a website linked to Anima’s Mexico “office”. Within the actual link you can see the word fundraiser is built into the URL. Christopher J. Laue on his Anima site listed the same grand mega global events showing stadiums filled with 10’s of thousands of people. Laue alleges to be Executive Producer of these
huge events. It is fiction . Look at Chris J. Laue’s similarly fraudulent website for his alleged company ContinuumLive.
This site still active, unlike his Anima site now disabled. The two sites were identical. Chris J Laue is a fraud and his connection to the Anima people and the sick cult is more evidence that these vile people pretend to be good-dooers, but in reality what these ” strategic Alliances”,
have in common is they are all IT tech highly sophisticated hackers. They gain power by the info and dirt they gather on those they prey on. Much like Jeffrey Epstein, they use their hacking of info
to control , extort and blackmail.


[…] An interesting analysis of NXIVM founder Keith Raniere’s Mexican connections. He was quite plugged in to the Mexican political and business leadership. […]

6 years ago

“The Mexico Connection”

Por favor
Por favor
6 years ago

Spanish translation, por favor.

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