Emilano and Ceclia Salinas, operators of Rainbow Multicultural Gardens in Mexico City salute their master Keith Alan Raniere on his birthday. [Aug. 26, 2016.]

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Rafael Acevedo is making points with the High Rank of NXIVM in Mexico. He has posted that US Marines Corps are a cult.


Grace Park apparently has not left NXIVM/Executive Success Programs (ESP). She appears to be in and a paying member of DOS.

Grace Park is also a coach in ESP and has achieved the rank of Yellow Sash [No stripes].

Grace Park may wish not to be known as a member of ESP because of the bad press surrounding the group. She seems to have persuaded Keith Raniere to take down the  videos with her and Keith from You Tube and Keith Raniere Conversations.

Keith Raniere appears with Grace Park in a series of videos no longer available on YouTube or on Keith Raniere Conversations.


There are only seven names still listed on Keith Raniere Conversations.  And two of these have left Keith Raniere and want no further association with him.

Ironic: Keith Raniere [above] speaks about “honor in advertising”.  At the same time, he is using the names of  Mark Vicente and Mark Hildreth to advertise his videos.

Both have left him.

Mark Vicente has bravely fought for transparency and helped expose Keith Raniere. Mark Hildreth has left but has said nothing.

But Keith Raniere still uses their names and likenesses to advertise. Is this honorable advertising?


Emiliano Salinas dances with what appears to be his sister Cecci Salinas.

Both of them are Green Sash. The dancers wear t-shirts corresponding to the color of their sashes.


The night is young and the music’s high.

Alex Betancourt is also a Green.***

A 16-day ESP INTENSIVE® was set to start on Saturday, October 28th and run until November 12th (Sunday) in Albany. It has been canceled.

The next 16 day INTENSIVE® is now scheduled to start on Tuesday, November 28th. It remains to be seen if enough students attend to convene the INTENSIVE® .

The parking lot was empty just before dusk at Apropos. There was no INTENSIVE® there tonight despite it being previously advertised on Executive Success Programs’ website.
There was no INTENSIVE® at 455 New Karner Road either. The INTENSIVE® has evidently been canceled.


Faded Photogrph:

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  • Check out the full video of Emiliano at Vanguard Week dancing in his green t-shirt. Just caught in on Frank Report youtube channel. It is so hilarious. It screams CRAZY CULT more than anything I’ve seen to date. Isn’t that Esteban from Anima Inc. next to Emi? Leading the group? And Cecilia Salinas also in green? I pity the little girl up there more than anyone.

    As for Rafa’s post, let’s get real. If Lauren Salzman was in the Marines and coerced a lower ranked marine to call her “Master” and be Lauren’s “slave” then had a Doctor burn a higher ranked officer’s initials near the slave’s crotch what do you think would happen?

    Arrest, court martial, dishonorable discharge, probably jail. Rafa’s post goes to show the depths of his delusion and the willingness to post idiocy without discrimination. Come on!

  • In any branch of the military Raniere and his followers doing criminal acts would find themselves in a military prison. No wife swapping, rape, money laundering, sexual abuse, tax fraud etc is allowed. He’s a pussyfooting and wouldn’t make it through boot camp nor would most the SOP spoiled pussyfooting either.

  • Update on Apropos parking lot. There were about 5 cars in front of APROPOS around 9 PM. From what we have been told, students/nxians are allowed to use the place any time. There are rumored to be cameras inside that records everything. Could be the local Knife Media team was working late if they use APROPOS for that purpose.

  • How do you know she’s still in SOP? The way it worked is they would take money out monthly in a pre-authorized program. Grace may not even realize that she’s still paying. Her husband and those around her wouldn’t let her stay in this awful program. Are you sure this is accurate? I would hate for Grace’s name to be dragged through the mud if this isn’t correct.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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