Raniere extraordinary litigation history shows abuse of legal system with impunity (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

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Keith  Raniere likes to use the courts.  In implementing his litigation strategy, Mr. Raniere works hand-in-hand with his chief financier, and assistant, Clare Bronfman. She is vice president in charge of operations for Executive Success Programs [ESP], a company solely controlled by Mr. Raniere.

Many of his lawsuits are in the name of ESP or its affiliate, NXIVM Corporation (There are actually several corporations in different states with those same names – or very similar names – that, depending on the venue in which Raniere believes he has an advantage, end up being the named plaintiff).

The latest lawyer retained to represent Mr. Raniere and his companies, ESP and NXIVM, is Albany lawyer, Paul DerOhannesian. He replaces the Albany law firm of O’Connell and Aronowitz – whose senior attorneys have close ties to the Albany County District Attorney, P. David Soares, and New York State Police Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp.

Some of the other law firms Mr. Raniere has retained include: Proskauer Rose; Luibrand Law; Olsen  & Watts; Nolan & Heller; Sidley Austin; Tompkins McGuire Wachenfeld & Barry; Drinker Biddle & Reath; Judd BursteinHarris BeachDamon MoreyBartolomei & Associates; Latham & Watkins; Mays & Associates; and Lynch & Lynch.

One of Mr. Raniere’s consultants estimated that Mr. Raniere’s lawsuits have cost $50 million in legal fees – which Clare Bronfman and her sister Sara Bronfman have largely paid for. As far as is known, they have not won any cases where they collected any judgments, except for a single $100,000 settlement.

If that is true, they invested $50 million to collect $100,000.

Of course, Mr. Raniere got other, non-monetary gains out of his litigation.

When Keith Raniere was young, he was usually the one being sued. He was even sued by his own father.
As he grew older, and gained control of the Bronfman sisters’ money, Keith Raniere initiated many lawsuits. He rarely won, but he bankrupted most of his opponents through excessive litigation where he outspent his opponents. Now, 57, he has not lost his desire to sue enemies, or better yet get them indicted.

Here is a partial list of Keith Raniere’s lawsuits:

  1. New York State v. Consumers’ Buyline, Inc.  – This was the lawsuit that shut-down Raniere’s illegal Ponzi scheme.
  2. Helen Rhodes Et Al v Consumers’ Buyline, Inc. – Class-action lawsuit by consumers who got stiffed when they became members of Raniere’s Ponzi scheme.
  3. Arkansas v Consumers’ Buyline, Inc.
  4. Virginia v Consumers’ Buyline, Inc.
  5. RPI v Consumers’ Buyline, Inc. [unpaid printing bill]
  6. Keith Raniere v James Raniere [Keith’s father].
  7. ‘Jane Doe’ [sexual harassment] v Raniere [Raniere settled for $10,000]
  8. Raniere v. Natalie – Intervention in bankruptcy case. Judge Robert Littlefield sized up Raniere’s litigation against Miss Natalie as follows: “The individual challenging the Debtor’s discharge is her former boyfriend; this matter smacks of a jilted fellow’s attempt at revenge or retaliation against his former girlfriend, with many attempts at tripping her up along the way.”
  9. Salzman v. Natalie – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  10. Keeffe v. Natalie – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  11.  Natalie secured a restraining order against Barbara Jeske, a longtime member of Raniere’s inner circle, after she’d videotaped Jeske tampering with her mail.
  12. NXIVM v. Rick Ross [Dismissed]
  13. NXIVM v Morris Sutton, Rocheile Sutton, Stephanie Franco, a spin-off from the Rick Ross case
  14. NXIVM v Paul Martin, PhD., and Wellspring Retreat, Inc., a spin-off from the Rick Ross case
  15. NXIVM v John Hochman M.D., a spin-off from the Rick Ross case
  16. NXIVM v. Interfor  – a spin-off from the Rick Ross case
  17. NXIVM Et Al v. O’Hara, Rutnik, and Polit
  18. NXIVM v Douglas Rudnick
  19. Bronfman v. O’Hara – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  20. NXIVM v. Metroland [Dismissed]
  21. People v. O’Hara – Albany County Criminal Case [NXIVM/ESP sought to have O’Hara indicted in Albany County (NY). NXIVM made arrangements for Kristin Keeffe, its in-house Legal Liaison, to be placed in the Office of the Albany County District Attorney as an unpaid Legal Intern. The indictment was dismissed on June 19, 2007 by Albany County Court Judge Thomas Breslin who noted that the instructions that were given to the Grand Jury by the District Attorney’s Office were “…so brief as to fail to provide appropriate legal instruction – and “…inadequate to comply with…Criminal procedure Law”.
  22. Sitrick and Company Inc. v. NXIVM Corporation – Unpaid bill
  23. Salzman v. Continental Airlines – [Nancy Salzman alleged Continental lost her laptop; she sued for $700,000 for lost data in lost computer.] Case dismissed.
  24.  Bronfman v. O’Hara – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  25. Precision v. Plyam Et Al
  26. Bronfman v. Yuri Plyam – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  27. NXIVM v. Dones – Intervention in bankruptcy case. Judge Brian D. Lynch said, “NXIVM’s claims and litigation tactics were disproportionate and largely lacking in merit,” in dismissing nearly all claims against Dones.
  28. NXIVM v. Woolhouse – Intervention in bankruptcy case [Judge Lynch chastised NXIVM. He wrote: “Her ‘sin’ was to attempt to walk away after discovering that NXIVM was not what she thought or hoped. In return, she was labeled as ‘suppressive,’ a term that NXIVM applies to former associates who leave the company or whom NXIVM perceives to be its enemies, and subjected to protracted litigation from two large law firms and a phalanx of attorneys.”
  29. NXIVM v. Bouchey – Intervention in bankruptcy case
  30. NXIVM v. Bouchey – NYS Supreme Court – Dismissed
  31. Bronfman v. Bouchey – NYS Supreme Court – Dismissed
  32. NXIVM v. Bouchey – California SLAM case _ Dismissed
  33. Bronfman filed complaint against Bouchey with FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) – Dismissed.
  34. Bronfman filed complaint against Bouchey with Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. – Dismissed
  35.  Bronfmans pressed for criminal investigation by the district attorney of Saratoga County to charge Bouchey with extortion – Declined.
  36. NXIVM/Raniere attempted to get Toni Natalie indicted on bank fraud with US Attorney Western District – Declined
  37. Raniere et al filed complaint against Toni Natalie with the New York State Liquor Authority/Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control – Dismissed
  38. The Bronfmans sisters filed complaints against Yuri Plyam with the National Futures Association (NFA) – and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Both complaints were denied because the Bronfman sisters never had any trading accounts with Mr. Plyam. It should be noted that the Bronfman sisters “loaned” approximately $65 million to First Principles, Inc. in order to cover Mr. Raniere’s losses in the commodities account that had been established in that entity’s name.
  39. Representatives of NXIVM/ESP reportedly met with the then-California Attorney General Jerry Brown – and the then-Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa – to discuss alleged financial improprieties on the part of The Rick Ross Foundation, a not-for-profit entity. No indictments resulted from these meetings.
  40. Clare Bronfman v. Parlato – NYS Supreme Court> Civil case. Bronfman alleges there was no written contract covering a $1 million load/advance she had paid to Parlato.
  41. Clare Bronfman filed a criminal complaint against Parlato in Western District of New York. Contradicting her sworn affidavit in the civil case, Clare told the Grand Jury there was a written contract covering the same $1 million load/advance she had paid to Parlato. – Pending
  42. NXIVM v. Canaprobe – Montreal, Canada: Clare Bronfman alleges that after she hired Canaprobe to spy on U.S. federal judges and others and obtain their bank records and other personal information, the company provided her with fake records.
  43. NXIVM v. Toni Natalie, Vanity Fair, Albany Times Union, Joseph O’Hara, Barbara Bouchey and othersl – Civil Computer Trespass Case [Bronfman perjury caused judge to dismiss case].
  44. People v. Natalie Et Al – Criminal Computer Trespass Case [Case dismissed] [Bronfman perjury caused prosecutor to drop case.]
  45. People v Parlato [Trial scheduled for March 19, 2018]. Parlato alleges Bronfman committed perjury in Grand Jury.
  46. Raniere v Keeffe [child custody] Raniere denied he was the father of a male child and created an elaborate story about the child being an orphan. Keeffe and the child fled from Raniere, aided by NYS Police who provided safe houses for them. Raniere sued claiming he was the father and sued Keeffe for custodial rights.
  47. Raniere v. Microsoft & AT&T [US Court Northern District of Texas] Raniere claimed he invented technology these companies use. Was unable to prove ownership of patents. Created a fictitious document transferring ownership from true patent holder. Was caught. Case dismissed. Raniere was admonished by judge for lying and sanctioned $1.2 million.
  48. Raniere v Global Technologies. Raniere is suing in Washington State Court to prove he owns patents that are not in his name. He has no written contract or documentary proof. He alleges he made a verbal agreement more than 20 years ago. The patents are the same ones he was admonished for lying about in federal court in Texas.
  49. NXIVM [Mexico] v. Toni Zarattini, [and Toni Natalie, Joseph O’Hara, Barbara Bouchey, and others]. alleging criminal extortion. Mr. Zarattini’s ‘real offense’ was quitting ESP and allegedly telling others about their secret practices of branding women etc.. Status: pending.
  50. NXIVM/Clare Bronfman attempted to bring criminal charges in Vancouver against Sarah Edmondson. Her ‘real offense’ is quitting ESP and allegedly telling others about their secret practices of branding women etc.. Status pending.
Toni Natalie, a former girlfriend of Keith Raniere, seems to be his favorite target of lawsuits and attempts to have her indicted.


Nancy Salzman left behind a laptop computer after a Continental flight. She sued the airline company for $700,000 because it contained precious Keith Raniere’s teachings. The case was dismissed.

NXIVM/ESP’s standard litigation tactics include:

(a) Multiple causes-of-action;

(b) Onerous and duplicative demands for documents and records;

(c) Extensive motion practice;

(d) Complaints filed with licensing authorities;

(e) Attempts to have criminal charges brought against the opposing party;

(f) Refusal to produce documents and records;

(g) Refusal to produce witnesses;

(h) Perjured testimony;

(i) One or more requests for substitution of counsel;

(j) One or more requests for a change of venue;

(k) Witness intimidation;

(l) Co-mingling of cases: e.g., using discovery in one case to obtain evidence and information for use in other cases.

[m] Initiating baseless lawsuits and other legal actions and abusing the legal process with respect to those lawsuits and other legal actions, requiring defendants to expend money on legal fees and eventually force them to file for bankruptcy protection

(n) Filing baseless Adversary Proceedings in bankruptcy case, causing the defendants  to incur additional legal expenses – and delaying the resolution of the case.

Judge Barbara M. G. Lynn said Keith Raniere lied in court and she sanctioned him for $1.2 million.

The Raniere- lawsuits generally involve multiple causes-of-action;

  • There are often multiple plaintiffs.
  • There is often confusion as to which NXIVM/ESP-related entity is actually the plaintiff in the lawsuit because there are multiple corporations with the same name – and multiple corporations with similar names.
  • The original Complaint is often amended to include additional causes-of-action;
  • There is often a request to seal various filings under the guise that the information contained in those filings is “confidential and proprietary”.
  • There is often a request for substitution of counsel, a request for a change-of-venue, and/or some other delaying techniques.
  • NXIVM/ESP ‘s attorneys file numerous motions – and request numerous hearings -throughout the litigation, thereby forcing the other party/parties to incur extensive legal fees.
  • NXIVM/ESP ‘s attorneys file numerous and duplicative demands for documents and records throughout the litigation, thereby forcing the other party/parties to incur extensive legal fees – and to expend great amounts of time, effort and money to produce copies of materials (Many of the requested documents and records are irrelevant to the lawsuit – and/or are already in NXIVM/ESP’s possession].
  • NXIVM/ESP’s attorneys subpoena numerous non-party witnesses for depositions and records – including many who have no knowledge of any issue related to the lawsuit (These appear to be “fishing expeditions” for documents and/or information NXIVM/ESP will be able to use in other lawsuits).
  • NXIVM/ESP often does not call the non-party witnesses that it has deposed to testify at the trial.
  • Attempts are sometimes made to intimidate witnesses – and/or potential witnesses;
  • Many of NXIVM/ESP’s filings take place just prior to the applicable deadline.
  • Cases are co-mingled as NXIVM/ESP’s attorneys try to use the discovery process in one case to obtain evidence and/or information for use in other cases.
  • In conjunction with their lawsuits, NXIVM/ESP has also filed complaints – and/or initiated administrative actions – against the opposing party. This includes attempts to have business-related permits and/or professional licenses suspended or revoked.
  • In several instances, NXIVM/ESP has sought to have criminal charges brought against the opposing party/parties. In doing so, NXIVM/ESP has direct contact with agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the New York State Police – and used lobbyists and former politicians to intervene with investigatory and prosecutorial agencies such as State Attorneys General and local District Attorneys.

In short, Mr. Raniere fights dirty and prefers a good old fashioned shyster to an honest attorney any day of the week.

It appears that one of the objectives of his legal and extralegal activities is to silence critics and punish enemies.

Clare Bronfman [left] and sister Sara Bronfman Igtet have funded Keith Raniere’s litigation. Clare has gone further, agreeing to knowingly perjure herself in numerous lawsuits in order to serve her ethical master, Keith Raniere, who is known also as Vanguard.

Keith Raniere’s bio, as published on www.keithraniere.com, states:

In 1998, Keith Raniere founded Executive Success Programs, Inc. … The company advances human potential and ethics through personal and professional development programs, corporate trainings, and a comprehensive personal and professional coaching program….
Keith Raniere’s vision for humanity and human potential led him to found various other companies …
In 2007, Keith Raniere conceptualized the Ethical Humanitarian Foundation, a private, not-for-profit foundation supporting endeavors that promote embracing humanity, developing ethics, and moving humankind towards a more noble civilization. In August 2008, he conceptualized the World Ethical Foundations Consortium (WEFC), a non-profit initiative dedicated to building a compassionate, ethical humanity.




Raniere la historia de litigios extraordinarios muestra abuso de sistema legal con impunidad

A Keith Raniere le gusta usar los tribunales.  En la implementación de su estrategia de litigio, el Sr. Raniere trabaja mano a mano con su jefe financiero, y la asistente, Clare Bronfman. Ella es vicepresidenta a cargo de operaciones para programas de éxito Ejecutivo [ESP], una compañía exclusivamente controlada por el Sr. Raniere.

Muchos de sus pleitos están en nombre de ESP o de su afiliado, NXIVM Corporation (en realidad hay varias corporaciones en diferentes Estados con esos mismos nombres-o nombres muy similares-que, según el lugar en el que Raniere cree que tiene una ventaja, terminan ser el demandante nombrado).

El último abogado retenido para representar a Sr. Raniere y sus compañías, ESP y NXIVM, es abogado de Albany, Paul DerOhannesian. Él substituye el bufete de abogados de Albany de o ‘ Connell y Aronowitz-cuyos abogados senior tienen vínculos estrechos con el fiscal del distrito del Condado de Albany, P. David Soares, y el investigador senior de la policía del estado de Nueva York, Rodger Kirsopp.

Algunas de las otras firmas de abogados que el Sr. Raniere ha conservado incluyen: Proskauer Rose; Luibrand; Ley; Olsen & Watts; Nolan & Heller; Sidley Austin; Tompkins McGuire Wachenfeld & Barry; Bebedor Biddle & Reath; Judd Burstein;  Playa de Harris;  Damon Morey;  Bartoloméi & Associates; Latham & Watkins; Mays & Associates; y Lynch & Lynch.

Uno de los consultores del Sr. Raniere estimó que los pleitos del Sr. Raniere han costado $50 millones en honorarios legales-que Clare Bronfman y su hermana Sara Bronfman han pagado en gran parte. Por lo que se sabe, no han ganado ningún caso en el que hayan recogido juicios, a excepción de un único asentamiento de $100.000.

Si eso es cierto, invirtieron $50 millones para recolectar $100.000.

Raniere tiene otras ganancias no monetarias fuera de su litigio.

Aquí está una lista parcial de los pleitos de Keith Raniere:

  1. Estado de Nueva York v. consumidores ‘ Buyline, Inc.  -Esta fue la demanda que cerró el esquema Ponzi ilegal de Raniere.
  2. Helen Rhodes et al v consumidores ‘ Buyline, Inc.-demanda de acción de clase por los consumidores que se quedó tieso cuando se convirtieron en miembros del esquema Ponzi de Raniere.
  3. Arkansas v consumidores ‘ Buyline, Inc.
  4. Virginia v consumidores ‘ Buyline, Inc.
  5. RPI v consumidores ‘ Buyline, Inc. [factura de impresión no pagada]
  6. Keith Raniere v James Raniere [padre de Keith].
  7. ‘ Jane Doe ‘ [acoso sexual] v Raniere [Raniere se establecieron para $10.000]
  8. Raniere v. Natalie – intervención en caso de quiebra. Juez Robert Littlefield clasificó el litigio de Raniere contra la señorita Natalie de la siguiente manera: “el individuo que desafía a la aprobación del deudor es su ex novio;” este asunto huele a un intento de venganza de un compañero en contra de su ex novia, con muchos intentos de tropezar con ella por el camino.
  9. Salzman v. Natalie – intervención en caso de quiebra
  10. Keeffe v. Natalie – intervención en caso de quiebra
  11.  Natalie aseguró una orden de alejamiento contra Barbara Jeske, un miembro de largo plazo del círculo íntimo de Raniere, después de que hubiera filmado Jeske manipulando su correo.
  12. NXIVM v. Rick Ross [despedido]
  13. NXIVM v Morris Sutton, Rocheile Sutton, Stephanie Franco, un spin-off del caso Rick Ross
  14. NXIVM v Paul Martin, PhD., y manantial Retreat, Inc., un spin-off del caso de Rick Ross
  15. NXIVM v John Hochman M.D., un spin-off del caso Rick Ross
  16. NXIVM v. Interfor – un spin-off del caso Rick Ross
  17. NXIVM et al v. O’ara, Rutnik, y polit
  18. NXIVM v Douglas Rudnick
  19. Bronfman v. O’Hara – intervención en caso de quiebra
  20. NXIVM v. Metroland [despedido]
  21. Personas v. O’Hara – caso criminal del Condado de Albany [NXIVM/ESP buscó que o ‘ Hara fuera procesado en el Condado de Albany (NY). NXIVM hizo los arreglos para Kristin Keeffe, su enlace legal interno, para ser colocado en la oficina del abogado del districto del Condado de Albany como pasante legal no pagado. La acusación fue despedida el 19 de junio de 2007 por el juez de la corte del Condado de Albany, Thomas Breslin, quien observó que las instrucciones que fueron dadas al gran jurado por la oficina del fiscal de distrito fueron “… tan breve como para no proporcionar la instrucción legal apropiada-y ” … insuficiente para cumplir con … Ley de procedimiento penal “.
  22. Sitrick y Company Inc. v. NXIVM Corporation – factura sin pagar
  23. Salzman v. Continental Airlines – [Nancy Salzman alegó continental perdió su Laptop; ella demandó para $700.000 para los datos perdidos en computadora perdida.] Caso despedido.
  24. Bronfman v. o ‘ Hara – intervención en caso de quiebra
  25. Precision v. Plyam et al
  26. Bronfman v. Yuri Plyam – intervención en caso de quiebra
  27. NXIVM v. Dones – intervención en caso de quiebra. El juez Brian d. Lynch dijo, “las demandas de NXIVM y las tácticas de litigio fueron desproporcionadas y en gran parte carecían de mérito,” en desestimar casi todas las reclamaciones contra los hechos.
  28. NXIVM v. Woolhouse – intervención en el caso de la bancarrota [Juez Lynch castigado NXIVM.] Él escribió: “su ‘ pecado ‘ era tratar de alejarse después de descubrir que NXIVM no era lo que ella pensaba o esperaba.” A cambio, ella fue etiquetada como “supresora”, un término que NXIVM se aplica a los antiguos asociados que abandonan la compañía o que NXIVM percibe que son sus enemigos, y sometidos a litigios prolongados de dos grandes bufetes de abogados y una falange de abogados. “
  29. NXIVM v. Bouchey – intervención en caso de quiebra
  30. NXIVM v. Bouchey – Corte Suprema de NYS-despedido
  31. Bronfman v. Bouchey – Corte Suprema de NYS-despedido
  32. NXIVM v. Bouchey – caso de Slam de California _ despedido
  33. Bronfman presentó quejas contra Bouchey con FINRA (autoridad regulatoria de la industria financiera)-despedido.
  34. Bronfman presentó una queja contra Bouchey con el Consejo financiero certificado de Standards, Inc.-despedido
  35. Bronfmans presionado para la investigación criminal por el abogado de districto del Condado de Saratoga para cargar Bouchey con extorsión-rechazado.
  36. NXIVM/Raniere intentó conseguir Toni Natalie acusado de fraude bancario con nosotros el fiscal del distrito Oeste-rechazado
  37. Raniere et al presentaron quejas contra Toni Natalie con la autoridad de licor del estado de Nueva York/División de control de bebidas alcohólicas-despedidos
  38. Las hermanas Bronfmans presentaron quejas contra Yuri Plyam con la National Futures Association (NFA) y la Comisión de comercio de futuros de productos básicos de los Estados Unidos (CFTC). Ambas quejas se negaron porque las hermanas Bronfman nunca tuvieron cuentas comerciales con el Sr. Plyam. Cabe señalar que las hermanas Bronfman “prestadas” aproximadamente $65 millones a First Principles, Inc. para cubrir las pérdidas del Sr. Raniere en la cuenta de productos básicos que se había establecido en el nombre de esa entidad.
  39. Los representantes de NXIVM/ESP se reunieron con el entonces fiscal general de California, Jerry Brown, y el entonces alcalde de los Ángeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, para discutir las presuntas impropiedades financieras por parte de la Fundación Rick Ross, una entidad sin fines de lucro . Ninguna acusación resultó de estas reuniones.
  40. Clare Bronfman v. parlato-Corte Suprema de NYS > caso civil. Bronfman alega que no hubo contrato escrito que cubra una carga/avance de $1 millón que había pagado a parlato.
  41. Clare Bronfman presentó una denuncia penal contra parlato en el distrito Oeste de Nueva York. Contradiciendo su declaración jurada en el caso civil, Clare dijo al gran jurado que había un contrato escrito que cubría la misma $1 millón de carga/avance que había pagado a parlato. -Pendiente
  42. NXIVM v. Canaprobe-Montreal, Canadá: Clare Bronfman alega que después de que ella contrató a Canaprobe para espiar a los jueces federales de Estados Unidos y otros y obtener sus registros bancarios y otra información personal, la compañía le proporcionó registros falsos.
  43. NXIVM v. Toni Natalie, vanidad justa, Albany Times Union, Joseph o ‘ Hara, Barbara Bouchey y otrosl – caso de la trasgresión de la computadora civil [el perjurio de Bronfman causó a juez para despedir el caso].
  44. Personas v. Natalie et al – caso de la infracción de la computadora criminal [caso despedido] [Bronfman perjurio causó que el fiscal abandone el caso.]
  45. Personas v parlato [juicio programado para el 19 de marzo de 2018]. Parlato alega que Bronfman cometió perjurio en el gran jurado.
  46. Raniere v Keeffe [custodia del niño] Raniere negó que él era el padre de un niño varón y creó una historia elaborada sobre el niño que era un huérfano. Keeffe y el niño huyeron de Raniere, ayudado por la policía de NYS que proveyó casas seguras para ellos. Raniere demandado alegando que él era el padre y demandó Keeffe para los derechos de custodia.
  47. Raniere v. Microsoft & at [Corte de los e.e.u.u. districto norteño de Tejas] Raniere afirmó que inventó la tecnología que usan estas compañías. No pudo probar la titularidad de las patentes. Creado un documento ficticio que transfiere la propiedad del verdadero titular de la patente. Fue capturado. Caso despedido. Raniere fue amonestado por el juez para mentir y sancionado $1,2 millones.
  48. Raniere v Global Technologies. Raniere está demandando en el Tribunal del estado de Washington para demostrar que posee patentes que no están en su nombre. No tiene contrato escrito ni prueba documental. Alega que hizo un acuerdo verbal hace más de 20 años. Las patentes son las mismas que fue amonestado por mentir sobre en la corte federal en Tejas.
  49. NXIVM [México] v. Toni Zarattini, [y Toni Natalie, Joseph o ‘ Hara, Barbara Bouchey y otros]. alegando extorsión criminal. El Sr. Zarattini ‘ verdadero delito ‘ fue dejar de ESP y supuestamente decir a otros acerca de sus prácticas secretas de las mujeres de marca, etc. Estado: pendiente.
  50. NXIVM/Clare Bronfman intentó traer cargos criminales en Vancouver contra Sarah edmondon. Su “verdadero delito” es renunciar a ESP y supuestamente decir a otros acerca de sus prácticas secretas de las mujeres de marca, etc. Estado pendiente.

Las tácticas de litigio estándar de NXIVM/ESP incluyen:

(a) múltiples causas de acción;

(b) demandas onerosas y duplicativas de documentos y registros;

(c) prácticas extensivas en el movimiento;

(d) las quejas presentadas ante las autoridades de concesión de licencias;

(e) los intentos de presentar acusaciones penales contra la parte opositora;

(f) la negativa a producir documentos y registros;

(g) la negativa a producir testigos;

(h) testimonios perjuros;

(i) una o varias solicitudes de sustitución del abogado;

(j) una o varias solicitudes de cambio de sede;

(k) intimidación de los testigos;

(l) comezcla de casos: por ejemplo, utilizando el descubrimiento en un caso para obtener pruebas e información para su uso en otros casos.

(m) iniciando demandas infundadas y otras acciones legales y abusando del proceso legal con respecto a esos pleitos y otras acciones legales, requiriendo a los acusados gastar dinero en honorarios legales y eventualmente forzarlos a archivar para la protección de la bancarrota

(n) presentar procedimientos de adversidad infundadas en caso de quiebra, causando que los acusados incurran en gastos legales adicionales-y retrasar la resolución del caso.

Otras características de los litigios relacionados con Raniere incluyen las siguientes: generalmente hay múltiples causas de acción;

  • A menudo hay varios demandantes.
  • Hay a menudo confusión en cuanto a qué NXIVM/ESP-la entidad relacionada es realmente el demandante en la demanda porque hay corporaciones múltiples con el mismo nombre-y corporaciones múltiples con nombres similares.
  • La queja original se modifica a menudo para incluir causas de acción adicionales.
  • A menudo hay una solicitud para sellar varias limaduras bajo el disfraz de que la información contenida en esas presentaciones es “confidencial y propietaria”.
  • A menudo hay una solicitud de sustitución de abogados, una solicitud de cambio de lugar, y/o algunas otras técnicas de demora.
  • Los abogados de NXIVM/ESP presentan numerosas mociones-y solicitan numerosas audiencias-a lo largo del litigio, obligando así a los demás partidos/partes a incurrir en honorarios legales extensivos.
  • Los abogados de NXIVM/ESP presentan numerosas y repetitivas demandas de documentos y registros a lo largo del litigio, obligando así a los demás partidos/partes a incurrir en honorarios legales extensivos-y a gastar grandes cantidades de tiempo, esfuerzo y dinero para producir copias de materiales (muchos de los documentos y registros solicitados son irrelevantes para la demanda-y/o ya están en posesión de NXIVM/ESP).
  • Los abogados de NXIVM/ESP citan a numerosos testigos no partidistas por deposiciones y registros-incluyendo muchos que no tienen conocimiento de ningún tema relacionado con la demanda (estos parecen ser “expediciones de pesca” para documentos y/o información NXIVM/ESP podrá para usar en otras demandas);
    NXIVM/ESP a menudo no llama a los testigos que no son parte que ha depuesto testificar en el juicio.
  • A veces se intenta intimidar a testigos y/o potenciales testigos;
    Muchas de las limaduras de NXIVM/ESP tienen lugar justo antes de la fecha límite aplicable.
  • Los casos se mezclan como los abogados de NXIVM/ESP intentan utilizar el proceso del descubrimiento en un caso para obtener evidencia y/o la información para el uso en otros casos.
  • En conjunción con sus demandas, NXIVM/ESP también ha presentado quejas-y/o ha iniciado acciones administrativas-contra la parte opositora. Esto incluye intentos de tener permisos relacionados con el negocio y/o licencias profesionales suspendidas o revocadas.
  • En varios casos, NXIVM/ESP ha tratado de presentar cargos penales contra la parte/partidos opositores. Al hacerlo, NXIVM/ESP tiene contacto directo con agencias tales como la Oficina Federal de investigación (FBI) y la policía del estado de Nueva York-y utilizó cabilderos y ex políticos para intervenir con investigación y agencias fiscales tales como abogados del estado Abogados del distrito general y local.

En pocas palabras, el Señor Raniere lucha sucio y prefiere un buen pasado de moda Shyster a un abogado honesto cualquier día de la semana.

Parece que uno de los objetivos de sus actividades legales y extralegales es silenciar a los críticos y castigar a los enemigos.

La biografía de Keith Raniere, como se publicó en http://www.keithraniere.com, declara:

En 1998, Keith Raniere fundó Executive Success Programs, Inc. … La compañía promueve el potencial humano y la ética a través de programas de desarrollo personal y profesional, entrenamientos corporativos, y un programa integral de coaching personal y profesional ….
La visión de Keith Raniere para la humanidad y el potencial humano lo llevó a fundar varias otras empresas …
En 2007, Keith Raniere conceptualizó la Fundación humanitaria ética, una fundación privada sin fines de lucro que apoya los esfuerzos que promueven la adopción de la humanidad, el desarrollo de la ética y la movilización de la humanidad hacia una civilización más noble. En agosto de 2008, conceptualiza el consorcio de fundaciones éticas del mundo (WEFC), una iniciativa sin fines de lucro dedicada a la construcción de una humanidad compasiva y ética.

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[…] engaged in more than 50 legal actions. See Albany Times Union NXIVM is a Litigation […]


[…] that Raniere and his cult were very litigious entities, particularly with people who opposed them. Frank Report offers a list of lawsuits that Raniere has been involved in, and it seems to number at around 50. Apparently he has frequently sued his former girlfriend Toni […]


[…] For more on Clare and Keith’s lawsuits see: https://frankreport.com/2017/10/16/raniere-litigation-history-shows-he-abuses-legal-system-with-impu… […]


[…] For more on Clare and Keith’s lawsuits see: https://frankreport.com/2017/10/16/raniere-litigation-history-shows-he-abuses-legal-system-with-impu… […]


[…] Raniere uses the same scorched-earth litigation tacticsagainst opponents that Scientology does.  One critic web site suggests that Raniere may have spent $50 million in legal feesover the last 20 years with little to show for it.  Raniere spent 14 years suing well-known […]

Outsider thoughts on LItigation
Outsider thoughts on LItigation
6 years ago

Truly astounding the ridiculous numbers of SLAPP aka frivolous lawsuits. I am surprised it took until Raniere vs AT&T and Microsoft for a judge to basically shut them down. I have a good friend who is a paralegal for a Albany law firm who basically told me O’connell and Aronowitz’s reputation was sullied greatly by Steve Coffey’s representation of the Bronfmans and NXIVM.

Another lawsuit missed. Sara Bronfman sued her Trump International Co-op board over a burst pipe.


6 years ago

Another script VanDouche has stole, this time from the book of Scientology.

Those Bronfman sisters are real mental midgets. $50 million? Do you know how much good that money could have done feeding the poor or building schools for girls in third world countries? Instead, all it did was feed the ego of a sex addict fraud to maintain his lifestyle of hidden slavery and his harem. Easy come, easy go.

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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