Rainbow Cult Garden; conception of lil’ Raniere and Pam’s nose


Rainbow Cult’s Garden educational experiment

There is a Rainbow Cultural Garden located in Clifton Park. It appears to be an unlicensed preschool or daycare center. Loreta Garza is the owner of record.

Loreta Garza [l] with another DOS slave Melissa Rodriguez.
She is Mexican, here on a visa (She reportedly “over-stayed” on her original visa – and her current immigration status is uncertain).  She is running what is either an unlicensed pre-school – or an unlicensed day care center – that is based on the experimental theories of Keith Raniere. He is the founder of the NXIVM cult that does business under the assumed name of Executive Success Programs (ESP) – and he prefers to be called by his self-given title of Vanguard.
Raniere claims that teaching infants seven different languages at the same time – and simultaneously sequestering them from their parents — will make their little brains grow mightily. There is no known basis for Raniere’s claims.
Mr. Raniere, by the way, only speaks one language.  He does, however, eat a lot of Mexican food.
The head teacher of Rainbow is Cami Fernandez, a young woman with a General Education Development (GED) degree rather than a high school diploma. Ironically, in the schoolhouse [a town home in Knox Woods], as Cami was teaching children downstairs, her sister, Daniella Fernandez, was imprisoned by Keith in a bedroom upstairs for an ‘ethical breach.’
Keith Raniere claims to be one of the top three problem solvers in the world. Maybe that’s why his followers have so many problems.

Daniella said her punishment was for not wanting to join Keith’s harem. She wanted to date Ben Meyers. Meantime, Keith was living with her other sister, Mariana Fernandez, and the late Pamela Cafritz.

You gotta love it. Keith is living with one sister, wanted the other to have sex with, and had the littlest sister – teaching children – in the same house where her sister was locked upstairs in a room. Is this a great life or what?

It gets better. While he is having sex with all kinds of women, Keith tells his ESP followers that he is celibate. He is a monk-like ‘Vanguard’. To hide his ménage à trois at home, he told others that Pam and Mariana were lesbian partners. He was their monk-like roommate.
Pam Cafrtiz died, according to a NXIVM email, on November 7, 2016. Mariana gave birth to a boy about nine months later. At V-Week 2017, [August 26] Keith announced he was the father of Marianna’s child. That means that it was quite possible that as Pam Cafritz  was dying from cancer, lusty Vanguard was having sex with Mariana in the house they lived in together.
Pam Cafritz about two months before she died.

You Can Pick Your Friends

When Pam Cafritz first came to Keith, she appeared to be picking her nose frequently. Her finger was often in one nostril. Friends told her to stop picking her nose. Sometimes her finger would be inside one nostril during meetings of Consumers’ Buy Line.
Pam used to tell friends that her mother made her get a ‘nose job.’ Pam did not want to get a nose job, but her mother, Washington DC socialite Buffy Cafritz, felt Pam’s nose made her look like she was Italian.
The nose job was botched and one nostril was bigger than the other. Pam may not have been picking her nose to clear out nasal mucus, but merely to balance the flow of breath in uneven nostrils.
Still she often had to be reminded not to keep her finger in her nose during public events. One of her friends told me that Pam often lamented that her mother forced her to get a nose job. She was uncomfortable with her new nose. She admitted she liked her old nose better.
Pam [r] with harem member Barbara Jeske. Pam was unhappy about her nose job.
Her friend said Pam often extracted mucophagy (boogers) with her finger (rhinotillexis) – and then ingested them (mucophagy). Many of Pam’s friends condemned the booger-eating – and some even tried to break her of this habit, up to and including forcibly pulling her arm down with a yank that would remove her finger from her nose.

Pam however may have been on to something. Some scientists argue that eating mucophagy [boogers] provides benefits for the human body. Friedrich Bischinger, an Austrian doctor specializing in lungs, advocates picking the nose and then ingesting its contents, stating that people get “a natural boost to their immune system.”

The mucus contains a “cocktail of antiseptic enzymes that kill or weaken many of the bacteria that become entangled in it”. Reintroducing the “crippled” microorganisms “may afford the immune system an opportunity to produce antibodies in relative safety.”

Whether Pam was following Mr. Bischinger’s advice is hard to know.  But given that her mentor, Keith Raniere, had her on a strict 500 calories/day diet, it’s possible that Pam’s mucophagy was her attempt to sneak a little extra food on the side. Maybe she was just so hungry and malnourished she had to consume her boogers.

Raniere actually used to padlock the refrigerator so that no one – except him – had access to unauthorized calories.  But he never figured out a way to padlock Pam’s nose.

Pam’s friends were generally able to prevent her from picking her nose in public. And she may have gotten a second nose job to correct her nostril-size imbalance.  

Like her secret lover, Keith Raniere, Pam was also severely cross eyed. It is not known if Keith Raniere picks his nose or practices mucophagy. He claims to be a scientist, so one would assume he would have plenty to say on the topic if he chose to comment.

But comments from Raniere are infrequent these days. Lately, no one has seen hide nor hair of Mr. Raniere, whose followers are taught to refer to him by his self-given title ‘Vanguard‘. He normally strolls around Knox Woods accompanied by different slender females. He has not been spotted since October 1.

It’s possible he is being driven around so as not to bring attention to himself. In the past, he has been spotted driving the late Pam Cafritz’s vehicle. Some have speculated that he and select members of his group are planning to head to Wakaya Island in Fiji, perhaps for a vacation, or perhaps a permanent relocation. Perhaps he went on ahead.


Clare Bronfman, who it might be noted, is also cross eyed, but not known to pick her nose in public, bought 80 percent of Wakaya Island from Tom Gilmour, the founder of Fiji Water.

An extradition treaty exists between the US and Fiji. However, international watchdog groups maintain that Fiji’s judiciary is corruptible. In the event that Mr. Raniere and Miss Bronfman were to be charged in the US with felony crimes, it is fair to say they would have a fighting chance in Fiji of never having to go home to face charges.

It’s also possible Keith is at Clare’s farm, or at another private location somewhere.

Stay tuned for more on the Vanguard.


Keith Raniere is known to look over his group like a big brother.

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  • Does anyone know if Keith still avoids getting wet when walking in the rain? Or was that just another part of the pattern of lies he told people like Nancy when trying to get them to buy into his fake bio? Also, has anyone seen Keith’s pretend Judo belt? Because I’m thinking that the vengeful/non-existent landlord probably took it – along with his make-believe track and field trophies.
    It’s a good thing Keith never tells lies (unless to protect the pretend mission, of course). I wonder if his self esteem gets lowered every time Vanguard tells a lie to protect the mission? Or does his self esteem make an exception to lowering itself when the lie is done for the benefit of the imaginary mission?

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