Guest View: Confidentiality agreement valid only for teachings where sashes worn and mission statement read

Keith Raniere, Nancy SalzmanEmiliano Salinas, Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, Alison Mack and now Alex Betancourt are using the same tactics that have been used in the United States for years but now are spreading this reign of terror to Mexico and Canada.

They are using the legal system to intimidate people into keeping their mouths shut about what is happening inside the community of NXIVM to keep their members enslaved through a lack of information about what goes on behind the veil of lies and deceit. This deceit keeps member misinformed so they will continue to believe they are building a better world while their leadership satiates and destroys value.

The cover-up by Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas, Clare Bronfman, Alex Betancourt and other so-called leaders within NXIVM keeps people blindly and happily enrolled into programs and a community that, if known, some would leave because it goes against their moral and ethical compass. It is clear that when the truth of what Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Alex Betancourt and others are up to “after hours” of training, people do choose to leave NXIVM.

One only has to look at the facts that this is evident by how many people left NXIVM after Bouchey and eight other women left in 2009. Once again, after the discovery of branding and what comes with the entire DOS movement, many people of their own free will left the organization of NXIVM. Three NXIVM Centers closed down within the United States and Canada.

Was this due to ex-members attempting to destroy NXIVM? No, it was because people who got accurate information found that NXIVM no longer fit within their moral standards.

Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Emiliano Salinas, Clare Bronfman, Alex Betancourt, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack and others lie and continue to lie all the time to suck people in so they can continue profit off their enrollments, about what “other” activities goes on behind the scenes of the training of NXIVM.

NXIVM, the company, or the training that has not been the subject of attacks when members leave. Maybe the hypocrisy of teaching one thing and behaving another way has been mentioned. Others on blogs like this mention tactics that are used to keep members under Raniere “spell” like NLP or hypnosis, but that is not a part of NXIVM trade secrets, as NXIVM can’t use that in their so-called patent pending status.

None of NXIVM trade secrets have exposed when one leaves and shares what they believe is immoral behavior. How is branding a trade secret? Haven’t ranchers been using it for over a 100 years in all of North America? How is wife swapping a trade secret? Who knows how long swinger clubs have been going on? Masters & Slaves, outlawed in the United States 1863, Outlawed in Canada in 1833, Mexico 1892,

NXIVM – going strong in 2017 US, Canada and Mexico.

Does this not make the leadership of NXIVM hypocrites of the highest regards?

Raniere, Salzman, and Bronfman charge thousands of dollars for their training. Salinas and Betancourt sell hundreds of these training a year and in return receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in return for the sale of these training in commissions. So far so good; fair exchange of a contract.

Isn’t their course called “Rational Inquiry”? Helps you be a more logical thinker, find more joy, be more ethical and to build a better world? How is it when one finds out that behavior outside of the training of NXIVM does not fit into one’s ethics and or moral compass? They want to leave, share that information with their friends they have concerns for (that has nothing to do with the course materials), and soon find themselves getting sued or have criminal charges pressed against them?

Can anyone say INTIMIDATION! Intimidate one; others will keep their mouths shut.

I did some investigation, and a Judge has already ruled on a final decision regarding NXIVM confidentiality agreement.

1. Every official NXIVM event, Training or Instruction is customarily preceded by an oral recitation of the NXIVM Mission Statement, which includes the following sentence: “Part of the condition of being accepted into ESP is to keep all its information confidential.” Each official NXIVM Instruction or Training requires the participants to wear colored sashes denoting their rank and status in the organization.
2. The term “Instruction” refers to specific, formal NXIVM events at which students are given training in NXIVM’s materials and information and that the term does not refer to personal or private meetings with NXIVM member or agents.
3. NXIVM argued for an expansive definition of the term “Training” in the Confidentiality Agreement that would cover anything related to NXIVM’s business. As discussed, infra, the Court does not agree with NXIVM’s interpretation of that term. The Court construes the term “Training” to relate to information provided to students by NXIVM instructors and contractors during formal classes and Instructions. In a similar vein, by signing the Intensive Program Application, a NXIVM student agrees to certain “Student Terms and Conditions,” including an agreement that the “materials, methods and information” are confidential and proprietary assets of Executive Success Programs and NXIVM.
As with the Confidentiality Agreement, the Court construes the phrase “materials, methods, and information” relatively narrowly to encompass only that NXIVM information provided in the ordinary course of Instruction or Training. It does not cover the entire scope of information about NXIVM, its business or its agents and affiliates.

What does this mean?

What happens outside a NXIVM training room with no sashes, and no mission statement recitation is not covered under their confidentiality agreement. It is not fraud, not a criminal or civil charge, to talk about and share those things

NXIVM leadership is attempting to bully ex-members who tell other members what is going on with Keith Raniere’s, Emiliano Salinas, Clare Bronfman, Alex Betancourt or others’ behavior outside of training is covered under their agreement.

It isn’t!  Nor is sexual deviance, money laundering, double sets of books, human trafficking, fixing computers to later show up in criminal cases as if someone did an illegal crime that they believe is not within their morals or ethics.

They do not own their members; you are not slaves. You have the right to be informed and to inform others as to what is the moral fiber and ethics of NXIVM’s leadership.

NXIVM tells you what you should and shouldn’t do.

You shouldn’t eat meat; you should weight a certain weight, wear your hair a certain way, enroll a certain number of people, quit your job and come to Albany and work for $15 an hour, you shouldn’t go to Starbucks; you should drink coffee at NXIVM’s cafe, you shouldn’t read this blog or the Ross cult education website. This list goes on and one.

Isn’t getting all information to make an informed decision a good idea? Isn’t logical thinking so you can figure out what is right vs. what is wrong for you a good idea? Are you just going to live your life being a sheep?

Human branding by NXIVM or its offshoots is not covered by its confidentiality agreement.

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