Green Alert: NXIVM Village herpes threat getting worse!

I am not reporting that anyone named on this page has genital herpes.

To the people of NXIVM Village:

It is important for those of you who have not yet contracted genital herpes to know that numerous DOS slaves and SOP beta males have the contagious disease and evidently are spreading it to others in the community.
Like a DOS brand, once you get genital herpes, you have it for life. Unless science finds a cure.
At present, even Keith Raniere and Dr. Brandon Porter, despite their purported scientific genius, are unable to cure herpes.
Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O. can give a woman a permanent hot-iron brand of Keith Raniere’s initials by her vagina. Don’t ask her to give you a second branding of herpes.
Keith Raniere’s teachings led some women to get double branded:
A hot-iron brand on their pubic region, and a herpes brand all over their genital area.
Unlike hot-iron branding – which is only for women – herpes branding can be done for men and women.
Some are saying genital herpes is the brand of choice for Vanguard’s sexy followers.
Herpes is the new green?
Before you have sex with a DOS slave or SOP beta male, please get advice.
Pam Arstikaitis
Ask an intelligent young woman, like DOS slave Pam Arstikaitis, if being branded twice sounds like a good idea. She studied science in college and knows a lot about the subject.
Herpes and a DOS branding may be Keith’s idea of a double spanking good time, but later you might regret it.
Do these guys have faces?
r l junco
Rosa Laura Junco is the master of DOS slave Pam Arstikaitis. Rosa Laura is the DOS slave of Vanguard. Would Rosa Laura give her husband herpes if Vanguard ordered it? Just asking.


kama raj
Cravenly, Kamaraj Kalyanasundaram is the leader of the Society of Protectors, a group of beta males and weak-kneed cuckolds.



If you are a beta male in SOP, please consult with Cravenly Kamaraj. As a beta male, under the authority of Vanguard, the crave, Kamaraj, can tell you about herpes, for he is an educated man.
Ask him what to do, and not to do, to catch herpes.
Ask Kamaraj: If Vanguard told you to catch and give herpes to DOS women – to teach women they have to take responsibility for their weak word, etc. – should you do it?
Pam and Kun (1)
Pam with unidentified drinker. Lots of people get drunk and have promiscuous sex that leads to herpes. DOS slaves and SOP betas have their own aphrodisiac that can lead to herpes: it is called obeying Vanguard.


If Vanguard had herpes, and I am not saying he does, would he lie to you and say he doesn’t have it, then pass it along to you? After you got herpes from him, hypothetically, would he say you gave it to him? And after you found out he was lying,  would he say, “You got herpes because of your ethical breach?” And would you believe him? Of course you would: He is your Vanguard.


Sources say Ana Lea de la Fuente Holland would do anything for Vanguard. But please do not tell her husband. He is unwell, she says. The only reason she refused to get her pussy branded with Keith’s initials was her husband would find out. The DOS women became suspicious of her loyalty when she would not brand her pussy.  Other things could come from somewhere else but branding Keith’s initials on her pussy might reveal the depth of her husband’s cuckoldry. He has money. Ana Lea must be patient and clever to be with Vanguard.



It does not matter who first brought herpes into the community. It only matters that, if you don’t have it, don’t catch it.  If you have it, please don’t give it to others.


If Allison “The Pimp” Mack got herself tested, what of it? That does not mean there is herpes in the NXIVM community and spreading from DOS slave to SOP cuckold as fast as you can say – “Vanguard cum on my face”.
Get yourself tested if you have been with a DOS slave or a SOP beta male or, for that matter, Vanguard himself….


v weeaklinga
Pimp Mack [third from left] persuaded many women to be branded. Did she also persuade them to have sex with a man who has herpes? Did she persuade women who have herpes to have sex with SOP beta men? Did any of them get herpes?
No matter how much you adore your Vanguard, do not to accept herpes as a mark of obedience.



Brand me once shame on you…
Brand me twice, shame on me!

Frank Report makes no claim that anyone mentioned in this post has genital herpes. Please use caution with any sexual partner or the sexual partner of someone known to be promiscuous.

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  • Only the disloyal or hecklers get that special Herpes…which is spread by darts secretly fired by NXIVM character assassins as they pass by those unfortunates in public crowds. So you were dreaming on drugs when you thought you contracted your Herpes through having sex with anyone from NXIVM. (Sorry but just can’t help fueling the scatter-brained parnoia of NXIVM gossip groupies.)

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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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