Ex-DOS slave demands return of collateral from Rosa Laura Junco!

Rosa Laura Junco

The following email was leaked by a source other than the person who sent it.

The email was sent to, among others, Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman, Esther Chiappone, Pam Arstikaitis, Rosa Laura Junco, Allison Mack, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt, Michelle Salzman, Nancy Salzman, Lucas Roberts, Leah Lim, Crystal Rosenbrooks, Wendy Rosenbrooks, and others.

To Executive Board, Greens and Admin Team:
I’m writing to address why I’ve chosen to step down from ESP. And to ask again for the outstanding refunds I’m waiting for from NXIVM and V-Week.
My resignation is because of the mistrust in the company from my direct experience with DOS, and watching how the organization has handled the effects of DOS coming to light. I observed ESP silencing and suppressing people leaving the organization. Rather than having an open discussion about why people are leaving.
I was enrolled into DOS based on the assumption which I now know is a lie (that it is a womens only group), and experienced a high level of manipulation, dishonesty and violence from the group. I was assured DOS was created all within women from ESP – and have since been told it was created entirely from women outside of ESP. Which is it?
The enrollment process is littered with lies, and my “master” frequently left out very important details about what this group’s commitments entailed (such as being branded and wearing a collar for life)… of course until my collateral was received. This goes against everything I have been taught in ESP about being honest, having all the data when making decisions and being in integrity.
I was very saddened by the bait and switch that I experienced in DOS. My values towards personal growth and breaking my pride combined with my trust in NXIVM were used against me to coerce me into joining. I then felt trapped in a group and was cut off from speaking about it with my coach or support team I’ve built within the community and outside of it.
I’m devastated that the people I used to look up too are creating, enforcing and enrolling into DOS. The fact that Keith Raniere, senior proctors and spokespeople for Jness are involved in the creation and management of DOS has destroyed all my remaining trust and credibility for NXIVM. DOS goes against everything I learned within ESP the past 5 years. DOS is asking women to keep secrets from their partners and family, lie to friends, take violent actions towards themselves and their friends and do harmful actions towards their bodies.
I have not heard ESP address or take any responsibly on DOS, and continue to hear more lies spewed from the company and DOS to remaining coaches and students. DOS is destroying community and friendships that we poured so much love and effort into building. Since I have exited DOS and have the freedom to talk to other women, I have come to realize that every single woman in Vancouver was approached or joined DOS with the exception of Jenn, Margot and Jocelyn. Every single other women in our community was approached by DOS.
I thought MLMs were not allowed to recruit within our community. I used to be in MLMs before joining ESP, and was told they were an unethical business model and in order to be a coach I would need to step down from all MLMs. How is this MLM being justified? If it’s within ESP, than Keith is involved. If it’s not in ESP, than this MLM just destroyed our Vancouver community by trying to enroll all of our coaches and many of our students.
This is completely inappropriate as our students don’t have the tools to handle such a commitment such as monthly life collaterals, penances that include physical beatings or calorie counting that is less than allowed in a concentration camp.
In this letter I am also directly and clearly asking for these things back:
  • A full frontal nude photograph
  • A pornographic style video
  • A video about my business
These photos and videos were provided under what I consider to be false pretenses, and would like evidence that they have been destroyed. They were handed over to Pamela Arstikaitis and Rosa Laura Junco, and I request to receive copies of these items back (for my own legal purposes) and want proof of their destruction. By no means did I give permission for Allison Mack or Keith to view my private videos. I want written permission by both of them that they have not seen my videos, and if they have, I want confirmation that all my videos and photos have been destroyed.
This is DOS slave Pam Arstikaitis. Her slave master is Rosa Laura Junco. Pam, in turn, is the [ex] slave master of the woman who sent the above letter. Pam was in the graduate program of neuroscience at the University of British Columbia. She graduated to have Keith Raniere’s initials branded one inch from her vagina. You’ve come a long way, baby!


r l junco
The despicable Rosa Laura Junco, dishonest with her husband, her children, and her father. She is a DOS slave. She is branded [and has gotten other women branded] one inch from her vagina with Keith Raniere’s initials. Credit to Keith: he took a nice, considerate and charming woman and turned her into a sociopath, capable of destroying every relationship she has and hurting others in the name of Raniere – a name branded on her pussy. More on her in an upcoming post.
There are mixed reports on whether Rosa Laura Junco’s father, the famous Alejandro Junco, is aware, or not aware, that he believes or does not believe that his daughter is a reprobate, or cares that his daughter, Rosa Laura, is working to brand women in the name of her slave master, Keith Raniere. 


The demented Keith Raniere. Follow him to your hell on Earth.

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  • Meh. I know everyone has their own background story. People have justified thievery, rape, exploitation, slavery, even murder in the past because of such. That doesn’t excuse them. It only gives external observers a choice to consider it in a manner that tempers justice with mercy.

  • It’s ok that you don’t understand how smart young women are lured in or kept in. It’s not ok to criticize them after they have left and provide information on the process and what they have gone through. When a friend of mine shared her story I lost my shit. When another friend shared her experience I was enraged. After the fourth and fifth and witnessing a brand or two, I was numb and speechless.
    They use your trust in the organization and your friend against you. Its disgusting.
    You don’t know these people, but picture your best friend, who you completely TRUST, telling you about something they swear has helped them & will help you. A secret women’s group that helps build each other. You’ve been around the ESP block for awhile. You’ve seen how they use “collateral” to help people push and keep their word. It’s never been used against them. It’s just a tool for you to use to grow and push. Now imagine you are a coach in this organization. You’ve been working toward your next goal in hopes to become a Proctor one day. Anyone who was a coach knows they constantly use your growth against you. Where you were on the sash path was sometimes included in the enrolment of DOS. “I see you are stuck at…..I’ve got this awesome group that will help you push through your fears and get your next promotion.” So you trust your friend and the organization and want to advance further faster. Here’s your opportunity. Give me a nude. Whatever. You get to hear a bit. You want to hear more I’m going to need another piece of collateral. They are very careful to not let you know too much before they have collateral enough to destroy you. Then you won’t talk. Plus everything is sold as a “beautiful, humanity building experience”.

  • I too have victim blamed which is not helpful and is actually harmful to others thinking of leaving. Who wants ridicule from outsiders? I think it is becoming pretty clear, that you are coerced by your close female friends (remember by this point ESP is your family of choice) using NLP and other thought reform tactics to acquiesce after you have been starved, deprived of sleep and abused with readiness drills and Group Think factors in. Now you have become a pawn in a bizarre experiment run by a master manipulator and sociopath. It is unknown if you know you are being branded when you are brought to this “initiation” ceremony. Until a branded slave escapes and tells all we may never no why they agreed and what there moment of clarity or AHA moment was.

    The most important thing is the stories of the NX-iters and DOS women need to be told and they all need to feel safe from the mockery and name calling of outsiders.

  • “In this letter I am also directly and clearly asking for these things back:

    A full frontal nude photograph
    A pornographic style video
    A video about my business”

    VanDouche must be laughing at you women when you voluntarily agree to give him stuff like this.

    Seriously, do you women really stop to think about what you’re doing to join a group whose mission statement is supposedly to create a more noble civilization?

    Sorry but 1) giving nude photographs and/or 2) a pornographic video and/or 3) lying about something you never did, should NEVER be on any list of things to do. It should immediately tell you something is fucked up. I don’t care if it is women who tell you to do it. Women are often their own worst enemies, which is even more ironic.

    Use your fucking minds.

    • I have often considered many of “Vandouce’s” posts to be crude and harsh…but this post rings true.
      No matter how sympathetic I try to be towards DOS victims, it’s still hard to accept that an intelligent women wouldn’t run away screaming, figuratively, when asked to provide such collateral to make herself and the world better. And when first told of branding or seeing the hot branding iron, wouldn’t run away screaming, literally!

      • It’s the frog boiling in a pot analogy. If you’ve had years of building up trust. Years of genuinely being helped and seeing positive change in your life and then you’re approached by someone you view as a close friend who’s been there helping you the whole way…then it doesn’t sound as crazy. That’s where you need sympathy. Plus it’s a series of lifts and builds. They don’t just come out and ask you for it. It’s a master combo of sales techniques which abuses trust built over years and gaslights and uses the persons own doubt against them. They probably even use the risk factor of sharing such explicit material and spin it as empowerment.

        • I can’t totally buy this reason only because there were people in NXIVM/ESP were rightly appalled when they learned about human branding near a vagina and subsequently left. This means there was enough mental ability still available to discern right from wrong, and with so much information out there on the internet about cults and their methods, e.g., love-bombing, so much negative information surrounding this group in particular, the purpose of the first module essentially trying to reprogram you into believing it is not a cult, etc., I think people simply turned off their rational capabilities and were emotionally convinced by friends to join and then continue in the group, appealing to their vanity, ego, specialness, etc. I don’t doubt also that there was manipulation going on so I am not denying that they are victimes. I learned about this group around the 2007 time frame and there was already plenty of negative information out there, much of it on the website of Rick Ross. VanDouche’s bloated and narcissistic resume which was posted online along with information about his harem turned me off.

          • Until you’ve walked a mile in someone’s shoes, you can never fully understand. Sadly, I absolutely get how this could have happened.

          • Vandouche: Everyone has a different tipping point.My best analogy and something I can relate to is: Think of it like an alcoholic hitting bottom. Some alcoholic’s bottoms are higher than others. Some have to hit rock bottom and lose everything and some will succumb to the disease. So it will be with DOS and NXIVM et al. Some, the lost souls will go down with the ship. And but for the Grace of God go I….

            I have known since the SID blog days that NXIVM delivers a course to students on why not to pay attention to the bad press that is out there. Ex Espians have also mentioned it. It is also apparent that the growth was coming from Mexico, Vancouver and the Jness programs there. In the states NYC seems to have been the feeder system since the Capital District recruiting efforts dried up. . In Vancouver and LA, you are joining Ethical Arts as that is how they were named in those cities. If the acronyms ESP or NXIVM have never been uttered, you might not think to google those organizations where you might hit upon the TU series. And since fall 2013 (4 years ago) the Saratoga in Decline Blog has been offline and JT’s blog had the most inflammatory info on NXIVM out there.

            People didn’t turn off their rational capabilities, they were subjected to gaslighting and made to believe the reason they were not in the place they needed to be was because it was their issue. Blame etc was always put back on the students. Up is Down and Left is Right. What human being doesn’t want to be liked and accepted?

            If your goal is to get to the core of the onion and destroy the master manipulator Keith Raniere and his chief acolytes and put an end to the madness, we need to stop blaming the victims who are just outer layers of the onion. They have the power to take it down as they are the ones who have been harmed. It is their story to tell and we shouldn’t be chanting at them: Should’ve Could’ve Would’ve.

          • I believe branding showed up over a year into the dos process…it wasn’t there at the beginning. It was done in stages.

          • And this is how cults work. They do things in stages. They hide things behind layers. All of this information concerning boiling the frog, love-bombing, and the like, is on the internet and has been there at least since 2007 (more likely even earlier) on Rick Ross’s website and elsewhere. If you searched for Keith Raniere at that time, his name shows up in association with these activities. That’s the problem with narcissists. They can’t help themselves in self-aggrandizing their pseudo-accomplishments. Where there is smoke, there is fire. That’s why I don’t fully buy this excuse. I did my own research at the time and saw all of this data.

      • Listen, you didn’t experience it, otherwise you would either be on this woman’s side OR you’d be in Keith’s bed right now being screwed mentally, emotionally and obviously physically. That’s how the camps split on this once you’ve actually been through it.

        This woman was brave as hell to leave and reach out to her friends for support with the threat of her collateral being released. Even braver to tell her story to the high ups in ESP to evaporate any claims from them that they “didn’t know about DOS” (she could have left quietly and she chose the harder, riskier path). I think she was brave even to trust her friend when she asked for this collateral – this young woman wanted to grow to the next level even though she felt really uncomfortable with what was asked of her and what would be held over her to keep her to her word and goals. She was totally committed and was brave to go for it fully.

        The only thing I see here is a strong woman who had one bad assumption in her decision process… she trusted these people, especially her best friend, to be truly thinking about her best interests. She didn’t realize that these people were sociopaths who just wanted to own her. But guess what? Before DOS came to light NONE OF US KNEW THAT! We all trusted them, let them pay us like shit, say mean & cruel things to us and took it as being for our growth.

        So @ON COLLATERAL AND BRANDING, you don’t know what this is like and you have no place to say anything against this woman or any others who were tricked by DOS. To be honest, you probably would have said yes too. So sit down and think for a second how you would act if your daughter came home and mustered all the courage she had in her being to come clean to you about the most shameful experience she’d ever had. Would you be like this? I really hope not…

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