Is Raniere Whacked Making Claim Mexican Billionaire Junco Wants Him Whacked?

Rosa Laura Junco

Former NXIVM leader Keith Raniere has written from the SHU at USP-Tucson alleging Alejandro Junco, the billionaire owner of Mexican media, including the most prominent Mexican newspapers El Norte and Reforma, intends to have him killed.

Raniere stated a “billionaire media mogul from Mexico” was out to get him. Raniere’s handwritten document says the following:

“A billionaire media mogul from Mexico, whom I know well (whose daughter was a leader in my organization), promised to spend and do whatever it took to imprison me for the rest of my life, and probably kill me. Here I am.”

The daughter is Rosa Laura Junco, a “front line” DOS master of DOS and reputed keeper of the DOS collateral.

Frank Parlato said the media businessman mentioned in the letter is clearly Junco.

“Most likely, he is referring to Alejandro Junco, who had a hand in his capture in Mexico, and I believe Mr. Junco tried very hard to have his daughter separated from NXIVM,” Parlato said in a recent television interview.

Publisher Alejandro Junco de la Vega of Mexico.

FR has previously reported on Rosa Laura Junco:

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And other stories.

As a Mexican father who wields enormous influence in Mexico, Junco is not friend to Raniere.

Junco struggled to get his daughter to leave NXIVM, even while battling serious health issues.

On top of that, an email read at Raniere’s trial suggests Rosa Laura offered her teenage daughter, Lauris, up as a sexual partner for the then-58-year-old Raniere.

Alejandro Junco would be at the top of the list if anyone had the motive and means to get rid of Keith Raniere.

The question that must be asked is: why would Junco wait until now?

Rosa Laura Junco, daughter of Alejandro and a former married slave of Keith.

First, Rosa Laura left DOS and NXIVM and is no longer a Raniere follower. She has returned to her family and is no longer under the spell of her DOS Master Raniere.

So Raniere says Junco wants to kill him. But, if Junco wanted Raniere to meet his Maker, or as some of Raniere’s followers believe, his co-equal creator, there were opportunities before Raniere landed in the USP-Tucson SHU.

Junco may have been responsible for Raniere’s arrest in Mexico.

In an October 2020 phone conversation, Raniere said:

The prosecution lied to the court. The prosecution tampered with evidence. The prosecution suborned perjury and there are more and more points.
One of these points the prosecution should never have done. You know, I mean, I was kidnapped. They steal the document based on a lie. They went and then they broke that seal. There’s a whole bunch of things that happened that were just horrendous.
If my judge comes and sentences me, he is condoning all of this behavior.

Raniere claimed he was kidnapped, meaning that the people who “arrested” him in Puerta Vallarta were not Mexican federal police but bounty hunters who whisked him out of Mexico and handed him to the FBI.

Raniere left Mexico in record-breaking fashion. He was taken at gunpoint and placed in a car on the morning of March 26, 2018. Raniere was in Texas later that same day. If this were a regular deportation or extradition, it would not have happened in a few hours or even days.

The man who initially tipped off Frank Parlato to the Vangaurd’s flight to Mexico was Alejandro Junco.

Junco’s operatives searched and found Raniere hiding in a suburb of Monterrey and sent Parlato proof.

Mariana and Keith Raniere in Mexico in late 2017.

If Junco wanted Raniere dead, why didn’t he tell his extraction team to take Raniere away, bring him to some remote ditch in the desert, and leave a few rounds in the back of Raniere’s head? Bury him in a shallow grave.

Problem solved.

Mexico was a logical time to have Raniere “offed.”

Junco could best control the fallout and keep his fingerprints off the dirty deed were it done in Mexico.

There are places in Mexico where this would be considered an honor killing. In some areas, police would not interfere with a father who brought justice Mexican-style to a cult leader who branded his daughter on her pubis with his initials, then gaslit her into offering his teenage granddaughter to the villain’s hands.

Keith Raniere in his cell at MDC

Once Raniere was in US custody, there was ample opportunity to have him taken care of while in BOP custody. Raniere was a resident at the notorious Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. A man of Junco’s means could have had Raniere taken care of by the Mexican mafia, MS-13, the Bloods, or another group with a strong presence.

Plenty of inmates at the MDC are looking at life in prison at a maximum security US Penitentiary, and plenty are from Mexico. It would not have been hard for one of the cartels to lean on such an inmate’s family to ensure Raniere was gutted like a fish with a prison shank.

And USP-Tucson is no picnic either. As with all prisons in the southwest, there is a substantial Mexican mafia influence. Raniere could have been whacked when he was in the general population.

Why bring up Junco now? It makes no sense.

Maybe the Vanguard is starved for attention and wanted to let his Mexican devotees know he is still fighting the “good fight” from the USP-Tucson SHU.

On top of the brutal conditions of the SHU, with shit-stained walls, no natural light, inedible food, no access to prison recreation or programming, no fresh air, an open toilet inches away from his bed, cruel prison guards, indifferent prison administrators, and a confused, violent, psychopathic cellmate, Raniere now also has to contend with getting slain dead by a billionaire.

raniere in shu painting
A painting of Raniere in the SHU.

Raniere’s written message was included in an appeal of his proposed transfer to one of the two Communications Management Units (CMUs) in the BOP system.

The BOP operates two Communications Management Units [CMU] – in Terra Haute, Indiana, or Marion, Illinois. Called “Guantanamo North,” some of the most violent criminals and terrorists in US custody are there.

While in the SHU, it has been difficult for Raniere to communicate with lawyers and most outside contacts. His eight months in the SHU without any disciplinary violation — remember, he went there for an investigation for fighting and was exonerated for that on August 15, 2022 – without finding an infraction – is grounds for a lawsuit based on cruel and unusual punishment and torture.

If Raniere is assigned to a CMU prison, his communications would be virtually nil, precisely what Raniere alleges the Government wants. Raniere wrote:

“Sending me from USP Tucson, away from my lawyers, in a physically painful and potentially torturous process, to another, potentially more dangerous environment, alien to me, is what the BOP [the Federal Bureau of Prisons] traditionally does, silencing or punishing inmates. Please don’t let me be silenced.”

Maybe the echo chamber of the USP-Tucson is finally getting to the Vanguard. His latest slew of allegations seems to come from a mind that isn’t silenced but rather frantic and paranoid. Junco came for him, the US Government, then the BOP, and now Junco and the BOP again. Who’s next? It could be you.

About the author

Richard Luthmann

Richard Luthmann is a writer, commentator, satirist, and investigative journalist with degrees from Columbia University and the University of Miami. Once a fixture in New York City and State politics, Luthmann is a recovering attorney who lives in Southwest Florida and a proud member of the National Writers Union. 

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  • Rosa looks like a rat. Those creepy little teeth and squinty little eyes. She “ offered up” her own daughter??? To Keith, a horny older man? What woman could look herself in the mirror after trying to sacrifice her own child? She is a disgraced mother. She is worse than Keith. Lauris is her own blood! I truly hope that Lauris is now okay. I hope she has found forgiveness and is surrounded by healthier people.

    • Keith raniere did have really bad taste in women. They all look like curmudgeons. Alison Mack…even she, raniere seemed to wring out to dry.

    • Whoever wrote they want to look into Rosas eyes must be drunk off their moonshine again. She looks like a demented mix between Olive Oil and bugs bunny -Mommy Dearest style😱😱😱😱

  • Rosa is a loathsome person. What kind of mother sacrifices her own child to a glob of semen like Keith Raniere? SHE IS CRIMINAL JUST LIKE HE IS!!!

    She makes me sick 🤢

    • Exactly. She’s a female dawg. Oooooowwwwoowwww ! Only thang she wants is that « bone »

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    to which the crowd at a union hall reacted by booing.

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    The word “equity” was mentioned 63 times, the word “transgender” was used eight times and the word “queer” was used seven times.

    In comparison, fentanyl appeared only twice while opioid was used only four times.

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  • J6 LIES ARE DONE, New Filing DEMANDS Mistrial After Feds CAUGHT Fabricating And DESTROYING Evidence

    Fabricating, altering or hiding evidence is illegal.

  • Tucker: The government hid this from you about Jan 6

    The FBI and Joe Biden violated the Constitution to railroad an innocent man.

    • Why would anyone have sex with Keith? He looks mushy and petite. No wonder he wants women anorexic, gaunt and frail. He is afraid he’d be squashed. His feeble body could only take the weight of a medium size dog. That’s exactly what he did, he tried to turn the women into his dogs.

      I still don’t understand why grown ass women handed over and in some cases created collateral for this poisonous powder puff.

      Obviously if an organization is asking you to give raunchy slimy xxx photos of you and either give or invent scandalous stories about your own family it’s not above board. It poses a potential threat to one’s safety and privacy.

      How can so many women be that daft? Why aren’t they being held accountable to some degree for their own choices?

      What Keith and Alison Mack did was outrageously evil. Yes. 1,000 times yes. They should be incarcerated. But why doesn’t anyone ever acknowledge that these grown adult people CHOSE to incriminate themselves? CHOSE to smush their body parts on a truly repugnant little creep? Just hearing his voice makes my skin crawl. The way he physically looks? He looks sheepish like he is hiding something. He is really gross. If he asked me to give him naked photos of myself and make up some bullshit story about my family to join his little club I’d swallow my own vomit and run.


  • When trouble comes I suggest keith do what he’s best at, and that’s to hide in a bathroom or closet.

    • I think a shit smeared prison cell with his bunk next to a toilet hole pretty much IS a bathroom.

        • Richard-


          …And Raniere has another SHU roommate.

          How unusual is it that someone has a roommate in the SHU?

          I thought the whole SHU was for isolation.

          • Generally, the BOP puts 2 in SHU cells (sometimes 3) to try to make the technical argument that it’s not torture after 15 days because there is someone else there. I have think the argument is crap. I think given Raniere’s extended stay with no justification, it is torture whether or not there is a cellie. I think the torture argument gets better because Raniere’s cellmate is Toni Fly.

  • I wonder if this move could backfire on Raniere in an unexpected way. If he is complaining that being sent to a CMU facility would get him killed by Junco (or just because he’s gotten a reputation as a whiny, entitled jerk), and if the Tucson administration is tired of him, then someone might decide to grant Raniere’s wish: send him to a facility where there’s almost zero risk for harm at the hands of other inmates: the SuperMax in Colorado that currently houses a lot of special cases. No contact with other inmates and minimal contacts with guards. Presto! End of problem.

    Separately, he may be just pulling a typical move from the cult leader playbook: “they’re trying to have me killed because they’re afraid of the power of our group or our doctrine.” That’s a move to get committed followers to become even more committed. In the 1960s and early 1970s, L. Ron Hubbard wrote almost daily about how various conspiracies of “global elites” were constantly working on ways to undermine Scientology. I’ve talked to a number of people who were high up in the organization then, and it had the effect of firming up their resolve.

    Yeah, Raniere doesn’t exactly have a lot of diehard followers these days, but he’s probably just reflexively slinging this nonsense to try to keep the true believers afraid of the outside world. And maybe he is delusional that he still has some effect out here.

  • So, the “smartest man in the world” cannot evade assassination in jail?

    I can tell you this: when I was in prison, if another inmate held eye-contact with me for } 2 seconds, I smashed their fucking face into the ground. That is the ONLY way to roll in prison. Extreme violence breeds respect. If you sit back and wait or try to reason with people, your asshole gets turned inside-out. I once grabbed a mans nutsack and tore it as hard as I could and he had to have plastic surgery to fix it. That was the LAST time anyone even thought of fucking with me. Keith should know all this by now. He’s been in long enough. What the fuck is his concern? Just start fucking people up and get the message out that he is a master judo practitioner.

    Richard, am I correct? You were on the inside. You know the “rules” in prison. Did you ever smash anyone’s face in? I mean, you are the “trial by combat” lawyer (former). What better place for trial by combat than prison? Or did you blow dudes to get by?

    ~ Pilgrim

    • Oh yeah Pilgrim, you sound like such a hard man. I’ll bet that everyone was just so scared of you! “Quick fellas – run! Here comes da terminator!” Reckon you’re about as handy with your fists as Raniere with his judo. LMAO

      • Yea, whatever, Rock Around the COCK. Your commentary is so dull, mainstream and LAME. I could take your bitch-made ass in . 5 seconds. Cuck.

          • Rock, I am totally full of shit. Never went to prison nor smashed anyone’s face. I wouldn’t last long on prison. I was just trolling. I am not a good fighter at all.

            However, I did do three nights in jail. I learned two things:
            1. Never turn down a meal. Even if you are not hungry. Someone else will eat it.
            2. If you are new, get in the back of the line. Don’t be the first or near the first to get their food. It’s disrespectful to the senior prisoners.

            ~ Pilgrim

          • How comes if you were there for 3 days you only learned 2 things? That’s less than one thing a day.

    • Pilgrim, I too was behind the wire and I never fucking smashed people in the face and absolutely no one bothered me. I was respected and had many people who threw down for me.

      The Cowgirl.

    • Pilgrim,, are you okay? You like nuts or something? Why do you want to know if Richard blew dudes in jail? He told us how his lawyer skills got him through. You’re correct about standing your ground in jail. I once throat checked a bitch who stepped to me. I didn’t even give her a chance to run her cock sucker.

    • Lol Pilgrim is so full of shit. No one who ignores the fact KR raped children has any balls whatsoever. 99.9% sure you are a coward…just sayin.

      • I was totally bullshitting and just being a dick because I was bored.

        As far as KAR raping children: obviously he is evil if he did. But here are the problems:
        1. He was merely accused
        2. He was not convicted
        3. To my knowledge, he has yet to be sued for child molestation
        4. He was not charged

        How do we KNOW he raped kids? Also, WHY would he rape kids when he has a harum of adult women to bang whenever he wants. It just does not add up for me. Are we going to assume all me who are accused are guilty?

        ~ Pilgrim

        • Good point. KR would be considered a CHOMO because he has a sex offense conviction. That’s the prison litmus test. I saw a few exceptions, like guys who were drivers in pimping rings that got pulled in on sex trafficking cases. But by in large, sex offender tag = CHOMO.

          The CHOMOs try to distinguish themselves. The “clickers” (those busted for possession of kiddie porn) try to say the are not child rapists. But they are treated as an amalgam in prison. CHOMO is CHOMO. So, KR would be on the same level as Toni Fly for an inmate at USP-Tucson that was there for drug trafficking or Hobbs Act robbery.

          But I think the factual record seems to show that KR probably didn’t turn down bedding an underage girl. There is evidence that shows he probably had children (girls 15-17) offered to him by his followers/slaves, Rosa Laura Junco being a perfect example.

          I write about this in an article about Anthony Weiner:

          Four High-Profile Prisoners I Met and What They Taught Me About Life Behind Bars

          Weiner tried to say he wasn’t “really” a CHOMO because he was hitting on a fully-developed, 16 year old girl. I think the term he used was “showing her the goods.” I don’t buy it. Pervert is pervert. You can’t be a little pregnant. But you are entitled to your opinion.

          • This problem will only get worse with our Chomo in Chief, Joe Biden. The Party of Pedophiles (Democrats) are sexualizing infants, then sexually grooming them through grade-school. I’m sorry, but demonstrating oral sex to kindergartners is sick and twisted. The list of Democrat child sex offenders is long. Epstein was a drop in the bucket compared to what is really going on in the DNC.

            ~ Pilgrim

        • Maybe he prefers kids Pilgrim. Ever thought of that? Thats why he put all his gals on starvation diets so their bodies became thinner and more child-like.

          • Leroy, I think we need to distinguish between pedo and perv. Pedos are sexually attracted to PRE pubescent children. I think if Raniere did bang a 15 year old, that is rape and certainly a crime but I just don’t think it automatically makes him a pedo. But maybe he is for all I know. But like Richard said, I don’t think it really matter in prison. A chomo is a chomo. I doubt they really sit there and consider the exact age and maturity level of the victims. They probably just want to build credit by fucking up chomos.

            ~ Pilgrim

          • I aint so sure Pilgrim. Dont forget Riannon was only 12 so thats really pushing it. Any case it just aint right for any older man to use a young girl for his own pleasure. She aint got the sense to know what she doing and any decent man gonna know that

        • Umm ..
          Nasty ass pedophiles wouldn’t mess with kids because they have a harem ?

          Boy, do you have a lot to learn!
          Pedos like to feel the power of stealing innocence from children.

          It is a power trip. A perversion.

          Do you have any idea how many married fathers who have sex with their partners and often have mistresses BUT mess with their own daughters??? They love having that little secret. They love the whole process of slithering their slimy tentacles on the child, bribing the child, threatening the child, telling the child that they have something very special that no one else could possibly understand. It’s not just the act of sex that they crave. It’s a ritualistic game of devient, deranged secrecy. It’s their ADDICTION.

          Messing with a child like that is the most evil disgusting thing a man could do. If Keith touched one child like that he deserves everything that is hard. Let every smear of shit on his cell wall remind him of what he did to a child, stained their lives with his shitty sick mind.

          If he didn’t touch kids and this whole thing is really just about how he forced adult women to give him collateral so he could use that info over them? Well, WHY did those adult women give up their collateral ? I can understand if someone does something like that under duress because they are panicked, trying to flee from a terrifying situation, but come on, ALL those adult people have given him collateral? At some point, THEY HAVE TO TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY for their own part!!! Yes, what Keith did was perversely manipulative and evil. Duh. But what kind of dumb dumb hands over collateral that obviously compromises one’s own privacy and safety ? I mean that collateral must have been extremely bad, bad enough to make them all feel like they had to stick around Keith and suck his….
          Come on!
          These women enrolled!!!
          Even when I was 15 , if I saw some ugly little pansy like Keith come my way, with his little worm of a penis? I would literally kick him in the ball sack!

          Who are these women who let this stuff happen ?

          They are all weirdos.

          If he hurt one kid, let him rot.
          In fact, his karma WILL not relent and will come back at him 1,000 times back.

          If not, what the hay? Many many many worst beasts out there.

          • Not sure I agree. The women who gave collateral to begin with were given to understand they would be part of some magnificent sisterhood of women mentoring women. And those women mentoring them would be high value famous women who would be invaluable contacts in helping them progress in their careers. Many of the recruits would have been young, vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation.

            The initial collateral was harmless enough, e.g. admitting something you did as a child which you’re not proud of. It was the hook though, and once bitten they were told that they would be getting a tiny brand representing the 4 elements. But in order to keep this secret, they would have to divulge more compromising information or provide access to their finances etc. And on and on it snowballed.

            The more collateral they gave, the less able they would feel about defecting, and the more they would have to submit to penances, which themselves would be recorded and used as collateral as well. It was an extortionate drip drip. When someone’s got the goods on you, it’s not that easy to walk away: it could be the end of your career, marriage, reputation or all of the above.

          • Anonymous 7:25 am

            The people who signed up for an organization that claims it will help them and the world by collecting compromising collateral on them could not see what an oxymoron that is, to abuse someone to help them? These weren’t children, they were adults. In order to change the phenomena of the cult mentality and practice, we can’t only point at the leaders. Eventually can we not encourage our society grows out of the role of the sheep?

            This is not to punish or shame the members, but instead to empower these individuals and to possibly create a different zeitgeist.

    • My gig was legal work for protection.

      You don’t want to get into it with anyone if you don’t have to. Deterrence is the best strategy. Don’t make yourself a target. Once you show weakness it’s all over.

      In line with that, sometimes you have to be willing to throw down and go to the box to stand your ground. You gain respect, which equals deterrence which equals a modicum of safety. But on the inside, you are never really safe.

  • The short answer is yes.
    It’s just more vanguard bs.
    If Mr Junco wanted him dead he’d have been killed in the closet, or caught in the crossfire of a drug deal gone bad. It happens all the time.

  • When will we get a Dossier Project video on how Junco illegally kidnapped Raniere in Mexico and how he is plotting to have Raniere killed in prison?

    • That’ll probably be next. Who among the “DOS” slaves (and the others still loyal to “NXIVM”) will be the first to suddenly realize 👀 slavery is never for freedom?

      Everyone still loyal to NXIVM who knows Raniere wanted to eventually conquer Mexico in the same “whacked” way William Walker tried to conquer Nicaragua are: real-life globalist villians

      It looks like Raniere had the same kind of real-life globalist help William Walker had and a few influential characters with international connections behind closed doors obviously wanted Raniere to succeed. New York’s AG office ignored all the many crimes Raniere committed against Mexicans in the same ways so many in law enforcement ignored what William Walker did to Nicaraguans.

      History speaks volumes about old and new slavery, greed and other politics in the Western Hemisphere.

      This interesting take on the “Walker” movie mentioned in a comments here shows a “Knights of the Golden Circle” poster. Some reading this might know how Raniere-style blackmail, slavery and control started about two hundred years ago. Some might know whether or not that kind of state-sanctioned sin started about two thousand twenty-three years ago.

      Maybe a few “NXIVM” slaves in America and Mexico will eventually learn about how the international politics of control, divide and conquer strategies of people like William Walker, the Ku Klux Klan and Keith Raniere’s handlers enslaved people of our world to actually: enslave people. 😑

      “… William Walker was the most famous and successful of the filibusters … basically these were dudes who invaded other countries with private militias in hopes of conquering them and imposing their own rule. [Sound familiar yet, NXIVM followers?] These were not exclusively Americans but most of them were many of these filibusters were committed in the hope of creating another slave State for the South before the Civil War began over the subject some even going so far as to propose conquering the entire Caribbean as a golden circle of slave states. Walker was a part of this trend. …”

    • Squeaky and the Deadenders will give their lives for Raniere. They know no different. Without Raniere, they are nothing.

      • “Without Raniere, they are nothing.”

        Nah. That’s the irony.

        Squeaky was more successful when she was out of the reach of the VanFraud even if she was only a D-list actress. She only deludes herself into believing her life is better now with all that hippie, joyful nonsense this cult basically instilled and “brainwashed” into her. From a practical perspective, her future career and life prospects suck ass.

        Look at Allison. She was an child-to-adult actress worth millions of dollars who did pretty regular work, even though she was at most C+-list one. Now she’s a humiliated former actress who lost much of her fortune and will suffer the stain of the VanSuck for the rest of her life for sex-trafficking and other crimes, and likely won’t be able to get a “real” acting job again.

        Kristin Kreuk was very lucky even though she too is no more than just a C+-list actress. She wasn’t in as deep as these two other actresses but even during her time in the cult from 2006-2013 her career was pretty stagnant. It was only after she left the pretentious, faux elitist cult that she started doing regular work again on multiple series and she now has started executive producing. Such defined success may be small-time compared to more famous actors, but she has suffered very little to no ramifications to herself or her career due to her association with NXIVM.

        It is association with the destructive VanClown that has brought these terrible ramifications to many people’s lives.

        • Great points. There’s also Grace Park (B-?) who managed to get out before the shit storm hit, and her career seems to be on a pretty even keel, even though she’s a little older.

        • Well, that is what they believe about Raniere being their Vanguard, that they need him to survive.

          But you are correct. They were a successful before meeting Raniere then hit the skids after all his courses. It is quite ironic. The Bronfman sisters paid $10 million per year to be NXIVM members. They are $150 million poorer after meeting Raniere. That’s an expensive friendship.

          ~ Pilgrim

  • “He who spares the wolf sacrifices the sheep.” @nayibbukele The President of El Salvador onTwitter 😊 🇸🇻 says:

    Alejandro Junco, Edgar Bronfman Sr. and Catherine Oxenberg — and all the other good parents and loved ones — knew what Raniere was doing. They knew Keith Raniere was the predator, not the victim.

    What took the New York State AG’s office so long to know what NXIVM was doing???

    Some on the outside of the “NXIVM” scam even knew that Raniere thought he could conquer Mexico with Salzman-style brainwashing and hypnotism. It’s a good thing good journalism eventually stopped him — years after a few morons in New York State AG’s office wouldn’t.

    ¡Qué viva México!” 🇲🇽 ¡Qué viva El Salvador! 🇸🇻 ¡Qué viva Nicaragua! 🇳🇮

    May “World Economic Forum” multinational corporations fail as well as The United Fruit Company and NXIVM failed.

  • How many Mexican media moguls are there?
    How many Mexican media moguls are billionaires?
    How many Mexican media moguls have a daughter who was involved in NXIVM/DOS?

    The answer can be answered deductively. Only one possibility arises as to who that media mogul can be. It is stupid of Raniere to express himself like this, because by expressing himself he leaves no other possibility open as to who this person is. And so he leaves no one in the dark as to who this person is. He should have expressed himself in a vague way that would allow at least several possibilities of who he might have meant, but he thoroughly failed to do so.

  • Why is Raniere just cooking up this theory about Alejandro Junco de la Vega out to get him?
    It makes not sense. Junco would of had him taken care of in Mexico
    Raniere is always coming up with some story to get attention
    He always is a victim when held accountable for his actions.
    “Kidnaped” by “Bounty Hunters” who whisked Raniere out of Mexico and handed him to the FBI.
    Oh my
    This line get the beverage of choice spit all over myself whenever I read it.
    That and when Raniere ran into the closet and left Lauren Salzman alone in the room to answer to the Mexican Federal Police, oh wait the Big Bad Bounty Hunters.
    What a frickin pussy this guy is
    No wonder the BOP is keeping Raniere locked up.
    Has anyone consider maybe it’s for his own protection?
    How do we even know the story about the CMU is even true? Has the BOP said anywhere they are going to do this? Is it just Raniere saying he hear this from his Unit that it was going to happen? Raniere could be making this all up to get attention.

  • “A billionaire media mogul from Mexico, whom I know well (whose daughter was a leader in my organization), promised to spend and do whatever it took to imprison me for the rest of my life, and probably kill me“

    Sounds reasonable to me. But it’s Raniere who adds- “and probably kill me”.

    He’s tossing this tidbit in now bc he wants protection as they are getting ready to move him. No merit

    • Josh Cabot,

      Hey, you one of those little twerps who buys dirty underwear online? Well, if that’s what it takes to get your freak on, power to ya bro.

      You’re probably not even a man. Most likely one of the Vangaurd’s brain-dead-dames.


      The Dude.

      • No, I just think Frank is as disgusting as the people he writes about. I would also guess that no one but him has touched his dick in a very long time. He’s too cheap to pay for it and that would be his only option besides sexual assault. Additionally, he gets off on hitting up all the sexually abused women he writes stories about. Never bodes well for him. Not really an appropriate place to “pick up chicks”. What do you expect from a guy who was paid by Rainiere to ruin peoples lives. He does the same thing here. You know victims pay him to write these stories, correct? He doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. I hope he’s wearing an orange jumpsuit tonight without any grease for his hideous comb over. No one will miss him but you.

        • Josh I know you’re still pissed that your girlfriend left you for me. But who could blame her? Your lack of skill and lack of intelligence and especially your poor lovemaking skills ruins everything for you. Which is why other women left you too.

          Like when she took to reading magazines while you were fucking her -like I think that speaks volumes. Of course you never lasted long enough for her to finish a story but you didn’t care. You got your rocks off. But why be pissed at me? You might consider a love doll or a robot. They have taking ones who will tell you all the lies you want to hear

  • RE Kieth Raniere & Junco Delusion:

    Kieth Raniere has been in the SHU with a lunatic for 200+ days.

    Clearly by this point in time Kieth is starting to suffer mental impairment.

    I’m positive at some point in time Raniere will begin accusing some of his followers of conspiring against him. It’s a matter of time.

    Raniere will begin accusing some of own followers of conspiring. He’s going insane.

        • True it fits his last patterns of lies and accusations like with
          John Tighe.

          It’ll be incredible to if Frank or the Illuminati enter the picture.
          Obviously if the government wanted Kieth dead – he’d be dead. So Kieth has to invent something. Junco could easily pay the
          Mexican Mafia prison gang and have Kieth murdered.

          I wonder could Raniere be creating some new drama to keep his followers engaged.

          The “I’ve been framed narrative is getting a little stale.” Cult leaders have a long history of creating dramatic events to keep the flock engaged.

          • The “he wants to kill me” drama is a first cousin of “I’m sick and will die (unless you make the hot chick forgive me for lying and start sucking my dick, agsin).”

      • Retard ? Not PC. But as long as we aren’t following any protocol, I’d say that Raniere is a Mongolian. AKA fucking dumb ass .

        • I think you mean Mongoloid. Unless you are saying that the Vantard grew up in the steppes of Central Asia

    • You forget one crucial aspect: Raniere is a psychopath and psychopaths don’t feel emotions. He could be lounging around in the Ritz or stuck in a Ukrainian trench, all the same to him. What’s driving him crazy is not being able to communicate with his followers. That’s his power source and without them he’s nothing. CMU would be great.

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