Text from Rosa Laura Junco – daughter of Mexican media tycoon, Alejandro Junco de la Vega – explains and extols branding women


Rosa Laura Junco believes in hot iron branding of women.

Frank Report has obtained a text from DOS slave Rosa Laura Junco. It was sent to her DOS slave, Pam Arstikaitis.  

Rosa Laura Junco is the daughter of the famous publisher in Mexico, Alejandro Junco de la Vega. Mr. Junco has been called the Rupert Murdoch of Mexico. He has lavished wealth upon his daughter and she lives in a mansion in Clifton Park, living without the necessity of working as common people do. She, therefore, has plenty of time to promote the mission of Keith Raniere.

Frank Report previously identified her as a DOS slave, and in a text to one of her own DOS slaves, Pam Arstikaitis, Rosa Laura Junco, daughter of the biggest media tycoon in Mexico, explains the value of human pubic branding:

Here’s more data re: branding
About the branding:
It is a symbol that she will hold herself higher than her body. It is part of being willing to be humiliated around our pride – so we can be free of our false image and truly fee of soul and spirit.
Branding is a constant reminder of keeping ourselves humble and not prideful – pride limits who we are and keeps the fear in place.
We’re meant to come to love and cherish our brand – as a constant reminder of a life other than petty suffering – true love – true freedom – and our commitment to be on that path forever – which assures us we’ll get there!!


Rosa Laura Junco is not only an eloquent spokesperson for the blackmail and branding schemes of Keith Raniere, she is enamored with his mini society, built around his Executive Success Programs [ESP].

The other day, Chris Burbs ran into Rosa Laura Junco and Chelsea Brown-Fernandez at Uncommon Grounds. Rosa Laura was with Chelsea Brown-Fernandez and was explaining ESP to the younger woman.

Chelsea is married to Adrian Fernandez, a longtime follower of Keith Raniere.

As reported by Mr. Burbs, Rosa Laura explained:

ESP is a microcosm of the world. There is good and bad. But we have the intent to acknowledge our deficiencies. Ethics has to be where you are at and you strive. But you have to accept each other.”

Speaking of ethics,  a letter from a previous DOS slave to Rosa Laura Junco and others paints a different picture of the noble deed of branding and collecting blackmail-worthy material, called collateral, to ensure silence of the slaves.

In the letter, dated September 17, 2017 a DOS slave wanted her collateral back and wanted out of DOS. The letter reads in part:
I was enrolled into DOS based on the assumption which I now know is a lie (that it is a women’s only group), and experienced a high level of manipulation, dishonesty and violence from the group….
The enrollment process is littered with lies, and my “master” frequently left out very important details about what this group’s commitments entailed (such as being branded and wearing a collar for life)… of course until my collateral was received…
DOS is asking women to keep secrets from their partners and family, lie to friends, take violent actions towards themselves and their friends and do harmful actions towards their bodies….
DOS is destroying community and friendships that we poured so much love and effort into building….
This is completely inappropriate as our students don’t have the tools to handle such a commitment such as monthly life collaterals, penances that include physical beatings or calorie counting that is less than allowed in a concentration camp.
In this letter I am also directly and clearly asking for these things back:
  • A full frontal nude photograph
  • A pornographic style video
  • A video about my business
These photos and videos were provided under what I consider to be false pretenses, and would like evidence that they have been destroyed. They were handed over to Pamela Arstikaitis and Rosa Laura Junco, and I request to receive copies of these items back (for my own legal purposes) and want proof of their destruction. By no means did I give permission for Allison Mack or Keith to view my private videos. I want written permission by both of them that they have not seen my videos, and if they have, I want confirmation that all my videos and photos have been destroyed.

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    If Trump learned the truth about Keith Raniere would he want to “lock him up”…or ask to join SOP?

  • I read…..keep yourself humble around our uber narcissistic leader.

    The branding was Keith’s way of testing his women’s trust. Anyone he takes to Fiji, he wants to be the most loyal. This tested loyalty and thinned his tribe.

    He is a sick fuck. He wasn’t about building a school about ethics and humanity. He wanted to attract honest, loyal, malleable people to brainwash into accepting his morality and worshiping him while handing over their money.

  • That explanation in the text message is itself a brand, a mostly meaningless statement that by submitting to it, shows control and power over a free and inquiring mind.

  • How can you hold yourself higher than “your body” and allow yourself to be humiliated around your pride? Pride may be one of the seven deadly sins when taken to an extreme but there is also good pride aka authentic pride.

    If you are truly free of soul or spirit you are DEAD.

    Rosa Laura you are a Evil Cunt

  • Rosa’s text message content is complete balderdash and word salad. Your brand is a conquer mark – just like your vaginas are a conquer fuck – for VanDouche and nothing more, and he laughs in that twisted little head of his every time he gets you to believe in even more asinine shit such that you even waste more of your time and money in trying to sell it to others.

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