The Knife used to be called The Knife of Aristotle, but along the way they dropped Aristotle.

Did DOS blunt the Knife of Aristotle?

On June 25, the day after wrote Knife-of-aristotle-losing-its-edge, noting that the Facebook posting rate of Keith Raniere-controlled media criticism organization /  was dropping dramatically, concurrent with the DOS blackmail-branding-slavery scandal, there were four “stories” posted the same day.

These were the first posts since June 19.

Only four times in the months of May and June were even 3 posts made on the same day, and never before have there been 4 posts.  And the byline dates of the “stories” were June 19, 20, 21, and 23.

In mid-May, before the posting rate tanked, the byline date and the posting date were typically the same.

After the flurry of June 25, there were no posts on June 26 or 27.  There was a single post on June 28 (with a byline date of June 27), none so far on June 29.

From this “data,” it seems fair to conclude that someone in Raniere World read Frank Report, and tried to make the Knife appear less dead by posting “stories” that had stalled in the pipeline.  But the pipeline throughput, using the byline dates, is only 5 stories in 10 days.

Sylvie Lloyd, a frequent Knife “analyst,” has also been linked to DOS by Frank Report recently, along with “analysts” Melisa Rodriguez, Linda Chung, Chelsea Brown, and Leah Lim Mottishaw.

Rosa Laura Junco is said to head Knife of Aristotle. She is also believed to be one of the top slaves of DOS, with her own pod of slaves under her direction.

It can’t be easy keeping the whole media ethical and at the same time keeping your slaves properly trained and active. There are only so many hours in the day.


rosa laura junco
Rosa Laura Junco has to divide her time between being a slave, a slave master, a wife, a mother, a trainer of young girls from Mexico in the world of Raniere, and keeping the media ethical through the Knife of Aristotle. Whew…she’s a busy lady!

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