Mr. Raniere has a treasure trove of teachings online that for the careful observer will give clues to what he really hopes to teach..

Sympathy for the devil (or sociopath)

Keith Raniere has done a series of interviews on a website called 
During one of the interviews
  • At 2:38, Mr. Raniere describes sociopaths as seeing the world as a video game.
  • At 2:50, he describes sociopaths as genetically superior.
  • At 3:03, he describes sociopaths as not necessarily bad.
  • At 14:50, he says sociopaths cannot be changed.
  • At 15:05, he says sociopaths and others can walk hand in hand to a create a peaceful world.
  • At 15:25, he says sociopaths are necessary, because we only understand what compassion is by its absence in sociopaths.

He appears by these candid admissions to identify himself as a sociopath, which he considers to be not a bad thing, but something that makes him superior, indeed someone we should be thankful for!

The above paraphrases from the cited original video qualify as fair-use for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research.


Mr. Raniere has a treasure trove of teachings online that, for the careful observer, will give clues to what he really hopes to teach..

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  • Read the “Mask of Sanity” to learn more about sociopaths. These type of individuals can mimic normal human behavior quite well and can be intelligent. They can say all the right things and charm others into believing what they say even outside of a cult context. Put them in the latter with brainwashing methods, where critical thinking is effectively castrated and their manipulation becomes even stronger, they can lay emotional devastation to people in their wake. The problem with sociopaths is that even though they may appear to be normal, they’re moral imbeciles. They simply can’t help themselves. They can’t keep up the facade of normality forever, and they eventually descend into periods of moral depravity which is their “normal”. Thus, they have very superficial relationships with people. They can’t control their desires. They have many sexual partners. They gamble a lot. They lie, manipulate, and deceive. They form groups like DOS and either are laughing privately about getting away with it, or they are so oblivious to their immorality, they simply don’t think anything is wrong with it. All these symptoms have been on display for years by the little pudgy guy who runs this cult. And of course, he has to keep all this secret and have his minions slowly recruit people who promote him as some ethical exemplar, love bomb them, boil the frog with thought reform behind the scenes, etc., because normal people would find it abhorrent if they knew all of this right away and would run as fast and far away as possible.

  • Y’all are player haters. Think about it. A man with a very small penis, who smells bad is very short and looks like a small creature out of a bad fairy tale is getting laid daily by A+ women who are his sex slaves – willingly – . he probably made a fortune off these courses that are total ballz and he says he’s a vegetarian but eats burgers. Raineere living the life of a master pimp. Y’all gotta get over your shit and accept that this ugly little guy has outsmarted the system and everyone. Just like the saying goes “don’t playa hate, participate.” If I looked and acted like a little troll, I’d want some of that action. Haterz gonna hate! Pimps gonna be pimps!!!!!!!!! Life ain’t gonna change.

    • A+? Nah. B at max. But pretty good for a F man. Also, thought reforming women who suffer from self-esteem issues or other problems, manipulating them, insincerely making them feel special to get into their pants, doesn’t make it voluntary. In fact, it makes it quite the opposite and very douchey. Your see-through, self-deprecating satire to throw backhanded complements your way is really lame.

  • It was all right in front of our faces. Keith being a sociopath. He didn’t even try to hide it that much. And this video proves that.

    The problem though with sociopaths is that they are like insects who will always turn on you. Always self destruct. There is no living with these people. They belong in jail. Me and my friends are stunned that a very stupid little man tricked all the people who took the courses. If you watch any of his videos he’s so stupid. Sooooooooooo sssssssstupid. His IQ must be very average. The only thing he had going for him is he was able to lie.

    And anyone who enrolled people should feel highly responsible and do the right thing to take this man down by all legal means.

    Now all we can hope is that the women and others he has brainwashed are able to get out and have normal lives again. Once they are de-programmed, and they realize that they were tricked by a very stupid little man as well, it will burn a lot more than the branding.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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