Guest View: Was 1984 fanfic sent by Keith to taunt Oxenberg, frighten members inside?

By Sure, Keith;

Here are a few of the obvious reasons I can think of for this 1984 fanfic being submitted here:

1) proving that this blog will publish anything without verifying it (which has always been completely transparent as its stance, given how many posts are sourced from anonymous commenters). The way some of the details in this post echo previous posts indicate this is an effort to discredit everything posted here. (Regardless, a disinformation campaign against this blog does little against the accounts that have been published and aired by mainstream press, which are held to strict standards of fact-checking and triple-sourcing.)

2) taunting Catherine Oxenberg via some standard villainous mustache-twirling, as the post announces that Keith is taking pleasure in harming India and plans to do so indefinitely.

3) veiled threats towards anyone inside, since they’re all in the 1984 book club, and will understand the message being sold here: claiming that the cult has broken everyone beyond repair already. That even if they try to leave physically, they will never heal mentally, and either way, they’ll ultimately be killed someday. That love is meaningless, that people are selfish beings who ultimately only think of themselves when the chips are down, that freedom is slavery.

Which is silly. 1984 is not a how-to manual, it’s an alarm bell.

If there is something “hopeful” in this series being posted, I’d say it’s that it still appears to be deliberately aimed towards an audience of people left on the inside who are openly questioning everything now to sell them on a narrative of hopelessness. Even if this post was intended as a “prank,” it seems to concede thoughtcrime is becoming the norm. People are waking up and smelling the objective reality, and the only way the cult can cope is by weakly attempting to hammer in this doublethink nonsense. Except freedom is not slavery. And it’s too late. People have already glimpsed behind the curtain of the “smartest man in the world,” and learned there never was a great and powerful Oz in the first place.

And omnipotent Big Brother figures with absolute power don’t flee the country in cowardice. Mark Vicente said in an interview that when he encountered the DOS women earlier this year, he was disturbed at their obvious similarities in behavior to the women of The Handmaid’s Tale. Which is a far more apt comparison to what NXIVM is trying to create than an Orwellian future, isn’t it? A private country, closed to the outside, founded on pure loathing for women?

But just like in Gilead, no matter how hard this cult tries to break people down, there’s still something inside them that’s invincible. There’s always a piece left that Keith can’t touch. All his followers, one by one, are quietly discovering that invincible piece inside themselves. 1984 claims that last piece doesn’t exist, that the Party can destroy every last scrap of self and leave you hollow, but that’s already been proven false. Look at everyone who has undergone the worst this cult could dish out and walked away. Still standing. Still looking invincible.

And NXIVM is getting tripped up by the exact same mistakes Gilead does. Mothers’ fierce unconditional love for their children has been this cult’s undoing for quite some time now. Keith underestimates that love because he doesn’t understand it. He never will. And soon, just like Gilead, this cult will be relegated to a footnote in the history books, too.

Until then?

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum, bitches.


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Chris m Burbs
Chris m Burbs
5 years ago

I too believe that the series was probably written and plagerized by Keith.

I went on a social media awareness campaign against “The Knife” and it’s key employees. I feel for those that awaken as they realize this world they are apart of is the antithesis of what they believe.

My feeling is Keith wanted this sent because he is not only a lunatic, but have wanted to see who reaches out to Ivy after the posting.

This will give him the information of who has left, who wants to leave, and who reads the frank report.

I sent Ivy this message via WhatsApp on Sunday.

“Hey Ivy. Heads up the frank report mentioned your name in a series of letters from an espian.

Whether you are in or out I want you to be safe.

My apologies for my tweets about you and the knife. I’m not looking to hurt anyone except Keith’s recruitment efforts and the businesses that support his vision.

Hope you have a happy new year.

Chris “Burbs” Berben”

5 years ago
Reply to  Chris m Burbs

In one of these posts, the writer says that Keith is not like other cult leaders, who were cowards. Apparently Keith is a “superior cult leader”. She also goes on to say how much more intelligent Keith is than her… lol…..So, Yeah,…obviously these posts are written by Keith himself.

Winter is Nigh
Winter is Nigh
5 years ago

It wasn’t until Episode 5 of the series that Ivy’s name was dropped as was India’s. Why Ivy specifically? Was it someone from the inside setting her up because it has been alleged her mental state is fragile? I also noticed that as the Episodes went on they became less and less coherent and almost fire and brimstone like.

The author is either trolling us or the person writing the series is decompensating. I honestly don’t believe Ivy Nevares would plagerize 1984. She is a talented enough writer to know what doing so means.

So who owns a heavily highlighted copy of 1984. Who has this much time on their hands. Could NXIVM woman be the split personality of troll Monte Blu? And what happened to Pea Onyu?

5 years ago

well said.

5 years ago

frank isn’t taunting anyone. he’s compiled information from trustworthy newspaper before and offered inside information from former members. don’t blame him for what the cult’s doing and for what some of the women are perpetuating! they’re the ones bringing other women into it after a point! they could think less of themselves and their collateral and share the truth to help potential victims! instead they’re standing by the Branding guy!! on average! if you don’t like frank you should bugger off. but he’s not the one supporting the cult. he’s doing a good job calling it like he sees it, and anyone with their head on straight can see that and appreciate it

5 years ago
Reply to  Bridanya

this isn’t about frank at all. it’s about the series of guest posts from “a woman inside NXIVM” that sure, keith realized were blatant plagiarism of 1984. i agree with every point made in this post and have had similar thoughts myself. frank is doing a lot of good but that series was not written by an ally. it’s an attempt to discredit the veracity of the blog, or an intimidation tactic. or both.

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