The pathway to the higher teachings of Keith Raniere may require human branding.

Well known publisher and writer Jamie Moses has studied Keith Raniere and gave an interesting conclusion of Raniere in one sentence.


“Raniere [is] a tax evading, money laundering, bribing, coercive child molester who has bilked the Bronfmans for what is now likely over $200 million of their inheritance money.

Raniere is a thief and a scoundrel and it is an amazing thing that the government is going after Frank Parlato and not Keith Raniere.
But that may soon change.

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  • The guy’s a creepy mofo. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was stalking his celebrity clientele like Kristen Kreuk or Allison Mack for years. He probably desired either, one more than the other, as “the one” to be the seed for his child, like every other women he wanted to fuck before them. The guy talks a good game and plays the close friend but is as fake as they come, who’s only concerned with satisfying both of his heads, the big (ego) one and the tiny (dick) one. For all his supposed “genius” advice he gives to his obsequious followers, he’s a moron if he thinks a guy who fucks around on all of these women that he emotionally manipulates with the same lame story won’t eventually unseal their lips and blab about his filthy behavior: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

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