Rat. Inq. Minds: ‘I feel compassion for Clare and Sara and the loss of their milions’


As harsh as my comments are, I do feel compassion for Clare and Sara and the loss of their millions. I don’t begrudge them their inherited wealth. And if the Plyam’s defrauded them, by all means, this is a lawsuit they deserved to win in the court of law.

Just because they appear to us as ‘Cult monkeys” that doesn’t mean they deserved to have their millions gambled away in the commodities market or lost in a bad real estate deal.

Looking back as a former reader of the Saratoda In Decline blog it is apparent that there was a very strong anti-Bronfman bent and I feel that a lot of it was anger for allowing themselves to be manipulated. That being said, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. For them to repeatedly put their eggs in the Keith Raniere “Vanguard’ basket is nutso. They should just have lit their trust fund dollars on fire. It is also a lesson to anyone: You can’t just be a passive investor, you need to get involved in your personal financial future and ask questions and know where the money goes. Checks and Balances!! For that, they are at fault as they weren’t minding their “financial” store.

Clare and Sara Bronfman paid a lot of money to sit onstage with the Dalai Lama as he made an hour and fifteen minute speech. The goal was to make Keith Raniere look like a compassionate and wise member of the human race – something many feel he has not yet achieved. 

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  • I don’t. Yeah, they didn’t deserve to have their millions gambled away or stolen and lost in some bad real estate scheme. That I can feel sorry for…a wee bit since they still had millions left over. Once that happened, they should’ve packed up and got the hell out Dodge. But, nooooo. They just continued funding – and at least one of them still does – the schemes, continuous litigation and more – remember that plot to lure four women to a Mexican prison cell where they were to suffer? – of a jilted loon who needs to punish others.




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