Reader: Why doesn’t Raniere advertise his SAT scores?

A reader makes an interesting point and begs a question: Why doesn’t Keith Raniere advertise his SAT scores? This would tend to verify or debunk his claim of super-genius.

Our reader writes: My kid brother scored a 1570 on his SAT. He also scored a 42 (out of 45) on his MCAT. He went to magnet schools for both junior high and high school. He’s smart – smarter than me and his score on the SAT was well above mine – but he never considered himself a genius like this Raniere clown.

My guess is Raniere didn’t advertise his score because it wasn’t anything special. It’s easier to BS claims so vague that no one can validate against, e.g. “an East Coast Judo champion” wherever, “tying the state school’s 100 yard dash record” in some random race that occurred during a PE class. It’s just his word against yours.

If he claims some fake SAT score, sooner or later someone will attempt to validate it and can catch him in a lie.


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