THE NETHER - MCC Theater - 2015 PRESS ART - Ben Rosenfield and Sophia Anne Caruso - Photo Credit: Jenny Anderson

Reader on NXIVM: ‘tax evasion, money laundering, harboring of illegal aliens, unlawful imprisonment, pedophilia’

PET PEEVE: Regarding the use of the words humanitarian and ethical, these words should not be used in describing oneself on your Facebook page, blog bio, twitter feed etc. That label should be bestowed upon you after you have done something selfless and great, like Zuckerberg, Gates and Buffett donating a chunk of their fortune to the Giving Pledge or leading a relief effort to Haiti or consistently volunteering in a soup kitchen, animal shelter, or some other cause over a period of time. The ESPIANS/NXIANS have done nothing to better humanity or demonstrate any new and original core values or belief systems that we as humans should embrace.

NXIVM is also fascinating for the group dynamics at play which the public would not even be aware of except for their sue-happy leaders: You have a Large group awareness training (LGAT) organization or for lack of a better word: cult, polyamory among its members, two members of which are trustafarians to a liquor fortune and several others are B and C list actresses. And you also have the dynamics among the inner circle of a Sociopath-empath-apath triad(S) with Raniere, the Sociopath, the empaths would include Bouchey and Natalie, and the apaths are the minions/harem who are controlled by Raniere thanks to the brainwashing and gaslighting that goes on in the intensives and EM’s. Coupled with rumors of income tax evasion, money laundering, harboring of illegal aliens, unlawful imprisonment, pedophilia.


Artist’s conception: Keith Raniere, out of love and compassion, attempts to teach Rational Inquiry to a girl of 13

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