Debunking Raniere: Claims on bio on Consumer Buy Line contradicted by earlier claims

They say when you lie a lot sometimes you can’t remember what lies you told.

According to “As an entrepreneur, Keith Raniere transformed a five-person organization into a corporation of nearly 400,000 in a mere two years. His company, Consumers’ Buyline, Inc., was responsible for an estimated one billion dollars in product and service sales in its second full year of business and was featured on the American Spotlight. A millionaire at the age of thirty, Keith Raniere was worth $50 million only two years later.”

Forgetting the fact that his bio neglects to include the fact that the New York State Attorney General closed his business down based on alleged fraud [pyramid schemes] something that an honest bio would certainly include as a matter of full disclosure, the numbers seem to be false.

Raniere says in the second year sales were an estimated $1 billion and that there were 400,000 members…

Yet in an April 20, 1993, Albany Times Union article, Raniere tells a different story:

1993 04 20  Times Union Consumers Buyline a pyramid scheme, Abrams alleges

After reporting that the New York State Attorney General Robert Abrams’ office is suing Raniere and that his company settled cases in Arkansas, Virginia and Pennsylvania na dis being sued by authorities in Missouri and Montana

Raniere founded the business in 1990 and reported employing 160 full-time workers.

Last month, the company named 65-year-old Paul Townsend, an experienced marketing executive, as chief operating officer. Consumers Buyline reported sales of $30 million in 1992 and projected revenues this [year] of $100 million.

The company was founded in 1990. And that it has “5,000 members in New York and 200,000 around the country,” according to the Times Union.

Ok. at its peak it had 200,000 members.

Raniere says 400,000.

$100 million for the company projected at its best [the company fell apart shortly after the story was published under the weight of the attorney generals’ suits in eight states.

it did not have a billion dollars in sales and Raniere is unlikely to have made himself $50 million.

Just like his claim that he tied for the New York State record in the 100-yard dash, or was the East Coast Judo Champ – or was a computer programmer in 1973 [when there were no computers to program] he is evidently lying about Consumer Buy Line.

But if you choose to believe him – you would be a good candidate to join a cult.

When the good Lord was passing out brains – he skimped on some people (now members of NXIVM) and when He was passing out honesty – Keith Raniere was out somewhere most likely having  a beer!

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Keith Raniere has been noted as “one of the top three liars in the world.”



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