Raniere told state police Natalie has ‘mob connections’

What next?

According to the notes of State Police investigator Rodger Kirsopp, he interviewed Keith Raniere in April 2012 in the presence of Raniere’s attorney’s Pamela Nichols and Steve Coffey of the law firm of  O’Connell and Aronowitz.

The interview took place at the State Police Clifton Park Bureau of Criminal Investigation Office. It was in connection to efforts Raniere and NXIVM officials were making to get several people indicted for computer trespass – an alleged unauthorized use of NXIVM’s password protected website by two of his ex-lovers and two other individuals.

One of these ex-lovers – the longtime target for Raniere’s “hitlist” – was Toni Natalie.

Natalie had once been told by Raniere that she was the one chosen to bear his special child who would change the world. Natalie said Raniere raped her repeatedly before she left him.  She  never had a child with Raniere and after she left, he pursued her for years, sending people to investigate her, to go to her business and her home to harass her, sue her,  threaten her and her family, send her godawful threatening love letters, and tried to get her indicted — repeatedly.

For 16 years he tormented her. And when he went to the state police now he said he was afraid of her.

He said he was worried – that she might, through her mob connections, put a “hit” on him.  In fact maybe even run him over – when he was out walking on Flintlock one day on his way over to Stage Run.

When asked what mobsters Natalie knew, Raniere – caught in his stupid lie – by being asked a simple unexpected question – “who?” stuttered that he did not know.

As Kirsopp wrote in his report: “RANIERE advised that he is the philosophical founder of NXIVM and created the  curriculum for NXIVM-ESP. RANIERE …. advised that NATALIE has mob connections but was unable to provide specific names or knowledge of the connection.”

I can well imagine Raniere saying to the police investigator,”I’m not a superstitious man, but if some unlucky accident should befall me .. if I should be run over by a blogger, or if my computer should catch a virus from some hacker, or if I’m struck by a bolt of insight from an exploration of meaning while walking into an intensive, then I’m going to blame some of the people in this room, and that I do not forgive.”


Or something like that.

Raniere hunted Toni Natalie for 16 years. If she really had mob connections – she would have used them long before then.

Long before then a gunman would have approached him and said, “Vanguard, Toni Natalie sends you her regards.”

What do you think?

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