Jana Peterson Rags on Swami Chetanananda and His Followers and Detractors

By Jana Peterson

I suppose my question to you would be “Do you have a grip on reality?”

It’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it? What 71 articles in? One of the first “victims” to come out retracted all her statements.

“I got out, so can you.”

Another victim isn’t allowed to talk because she sold her voice, but her Mother has victimized the shit out of other victims to her own ends which have not always come from a place of honesty, and certainly not for the benefit, safety and peace of other victims. I don’t respect that at all.

Nice you got the ball rolling, but you’ve long outlived any good intended purpose in all of this and have actually hurt victims far more than helped them. You had your payday.

Now step the F off and let the professionals work, and while you are at it, maybe absolutely seek out some professional help for yourself.

You are a complete nightmare.

I don’t deny there are victims here. I’ve also had the experience of having to puke my way through accounts I damn well know didn’t happen like that because I was there.

Because of these credibility fails, I’ve also had to wince at tasteless comments directed at people I know for a FACT are victims.

I can’t swallow one more ounce of the shit, because I KNOW there are legit victims who are suffering and won’t speak because they don’t want to be eaten by the she-wolves guarding this narrative all Gollum-like, and then demanding unflinching loyalty because “victim.”

Are we creating our own victim cult?

Question nothing?

Sorry, I didn’t soak enough of that mentality to operate like that. It’s dirty and no justice will come of it. Only bad karma.

Why lie when the truth is bad enough? For real?

Being a victim doesn’t give you the right to bully, control or degrade people. NO THANK YOU. I’m not putting up with that shit from anyone.

Some of the women involved here including victims, are straight up twats. That’s just a fact.

Mean girls.

Just because you have a terrible personality, you don’t deserve to be assaulted. Conversely, I’m not going to align with things I know to be false or wild displays of lies by omission.

I don’t have to like you all, and I absolutely don’t. You suck. You haven’t given a shit about the lives or pain of other victims, just how to use and exploit them, and if they dare disagree with your made up version of events, you degrade and destroy.

Yep, you have just created your own cult.

The Movement Center Ashram is mostly alpha women, with a smattering of some beta men swimming about. The ruthlessness and ease in which they can destroy other women or kick them to the curb for displeasing Master or not falling in line with their personal agendas is grotesque, and made my experience of an exotic dancer and the women dynamics in that scene, which were pretty heinous, look like Disneyland by comparison.


That training as an exotic dancer is probably the only reason I came out (somewhat) unscathed. Not exaggerating.

This is much more a toxic feminine problem than the putrid and ravenous appetites of one spoiled silly human man.

Who feeds him? Who cooks for him? Who cleans up his messes? Who shops for him? Who drives for him? Who moves all his heavy furniture? Women.

All…. Day…. Long.

Too bad if you don’t like that. I’m not here to make you feel better.

You aren’t my friends. Y’all consider yourself feminists, just ask you, which is hysterical to me.

Many of you sacrificing brilliant careers and Ivy League degrees most women would kill for, they basically wiped their asses with, to be the little women cooking and cleaning for the big powerful god man. Whatever.


That includes those who have turned his demise into a personal obsession, and have turned into (if you weren’t to start with) woefully vile people. You are unconsciously adding to his pile of broken women. You want a cookie for that?

The victims pictured above

I don’t need a blog, thanks.

I’m in the midst of broadcasting school, which I did for a decade and left to raise kids, like riding a bike it is.

‘It’s all coming back to me, like exotic dancing…

I will be sure to send you all a link to my podcast so you don’t miss out. I have lots to say. Inviting a writer and advocate for sexual abuse survivors to live the last 6 months of that shit show was probably not the keenest move.

Catch you on the truth side bitches! (; https://youtu.be/7xxgRUyzgs0


And please quit mansplaining to me how to feel about my own experiences and betrayals with several women who were straight up grooming me for certain death. I’m not having it.

One victim, a week before she left the Ashram said, “If you are invited to live here, you should. It’s the best thing I ever did. He’s wonderful and I couldn’t have gotten through such a grueling program without his support.”

Another (several times), “If you have the chance to sleep with him, absolutely do it. It was the single most thrilling experience of my life.”

I probably clocked a solid 40 hours of having to hear her talk about all the dirty sex shit she did with him, and that was with me constantly asking her to change the subject because it grossed me out.

Fisting and matching nipple clamps are well beyond my wheelhouse, and it was traumatizing to have that in my ear, especially given the condition I was in when I got there, and no, I really had no other place to go.

She lied much, so I chalked a lot up to that. I now know her to fib about everything BUT sex.

Another…. “Sex with him is a spiritual accelerant. It’s an honor if he chooses you, and you should do it if he does.”

Yeah fuck them, those are three people who now identify as victims in one way or another. One not publicly, but I’ve been massively vilified in her private life because she’s incapable of being wrong.

THAT’S why I’m furious and I have reason to be. I’m not “vindictive.”

I’m crushed. This has been health and heart ruining and I’m tired of the insults and having no voice here.

THEN to add insult to injury, having to deal with the psychotic, bossy, pushy, Catholic guilt tripping, void of any boundaries Mother of the first recruiter I encountered DOX ME and make my life a living hell for months because somehow I owe HER and HER DAUGHTER something?

Madame, if you wanted to go after him, you shouldn’t have taken the golden parachute. We aren’t the kindling for your hate fire.

I thank Jesus every day that I never ended up in a ball gag, because if I had and all this on top of it, I CERTAINLY would have ended my life.

Nope, couldn’t live with the massive sexual trauma I already crawled in there with and that to boot.

I don’t care if they were brainwashed. That’s inexcusable. No apology ever offered. Just slander. That’s what I mean about villains posing as victims. I guess they are both, but it doesn’t lessen the harm their behaviors have caused. Don’t expect me to like, align with or be kind about women who were hard attempting to put me on his fuck alter like a piece of tasty chocolate in exchange for some crumbs of his affection. I also know for a fact that at least one of those people, if not a solid two, were grooming GM too.

How dare “I”?

That’s rich.

And yes…. There is some screaming mental illness in all three of those people. Women in their right minds or hearts don’t feed unsuspecting, trusting, loving, vulnerable sisters to predators.

Be great if you actually published this Frank.

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  • Hi there Frank,
    Whatever happened to Jessica Becker’s letter to you? I thought you were going to share that months ago

  • Frank
    Look who looks mentally ill now…. YOU creep ! YOU didn’t get away with your crime.
    YOU love to call people “mental”. Look who looks it now. Jackass. YOU just proved to the people that needed to be proven to, that YOU do call people names.
    Thanks for proving my point. Mental is as mental does yo yo- !!!!!!!!

  • Frank
    I see the lies continue. Day in and day out. Why?
    You were the one that made up the lie [redacted] You wanted attention, you are now getting it.
    I am (redacted). You hurt her, and us as a family for many years.
    We are hurt and angry and will be ok.
    God does not like ugly, as is what was done to us. Evil does not begat evil. Reflect on that one.

  • Geez your life is a living hell.
    Jana Purna was hurt too.
    Hope someday you can get overcome your anger. I’m so sorry. And yet you say Frank ruined things for the victims but you use his platform to voice accusations against him.
    Frank helped propel the reality about your Swamiji and his abuse into the public eye.
    It’s mixed up in there, JP…In your head.

  • Any word on Allison Mack?
    What does she do?
    Will he resume her acting career?
    Will she participate in a new tee, cover of Smallville?

    • El-

      I heard Allison is spending some quality time with Kevin.

      Kevin is not, Alison Mack Stalker, Thomas Sekera. Sekera wears black ski masks and Kevin prefers wearing a jockstrap over his head.
      The fact both men look identical is purely a coincident.

  • So, what exactly is your problem? What’s the point of this weird rant about people no one knows? Why is it important that we know you were a stripper? I can’t tell if you are some victim of swami sickonananda or just a fly on the wall?

  • Jana-

    I get why you feel you’re being manipulated and fucked with by both sides……

    …..That’s because YOU ARE being manipulated by both sides and everyone in between.

    You’re right the Swami, Frank, and the women all want a piece of you.

    The Swami wants to fuck you, the women want to gaslight you, and Frank wants you to send the Swami
    to prison.

    I don’t know you or the hell you’ve been thru. I can’t even imagine!!!

    Do you want to shove a telephone pole up the Swami’s ass and listen to him scream like a pig?
    Make Swami the victim!
    Make him pay!
    Give Frank a call.

    Frank may not be a saint – but he’s the guy who can help you take out the Swami. Make the Swami the victim. Call Frank!

      • The Swami is a pig who should be put on a spit roast. He’s a pig.

        He’s too fat to be hung on a wall.

      • She hates the Swami more, Frank wants her to take down the Swami. The Swami wants to [redacted]

        If she plays her cards right she’ll hire a lawyer to sue the Swami.

        She can be a hero and make some money.

        A simple PLAN
        Money & be a hero in two steps:
        1. Get criminal charges against the Swami!
        2. Sue the Swami and his followers that groomed her! Make money. That’s how it worked with Raniere and R.Kelly.

        The Swami has a home. Worth a few million. A lawyer could put a lien on the home and get the money that way.

        The Nxivm victims did it. Jana can too.

        • Sounds like she’s to busy bitching. Now she’s swirving over here. I might care about this but the writer is wasting time. Instead let go of your ego and screw your strip pole banter. Give us the dirty details of criminals in the ashram. Jana please don’t bore us again about chocolate and trippy gossip

        • All that has been in the works for months. Not sure if Jana used the opportunities or not. Don’t care anymore.

    • Yeah but whose she gonna call after she becomes Frank’s victim?
      Not a saint is right !
      Revolving door of women who idolize him, sound familiar?

  • Hahahahahaha This is hilarious. Still stewing and spewing. 🤣🤣🤣. You look so happy and sweet in the pictures.

  • I don’t think swami chockeananda, fuck alter and tasty chocolate should ever be written again

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