Nxivm News: Raniere at MDC Until at Least February; Sentencing of Mack, Salzmans Likely COVID-Delayed; Nxivm.com 4 Sale -$10K

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack both cooperated with the prosecution,

Keith Raniere is likely to remain at the Brooklyn MDC for at least the next 50 days and quite possibly even longer.

According to a source familiar with the case, Raniere is not going to be moved to a permanent prison until restitution hearings are over.

Since victims have until January 27th to file for restitution, this means a hearing will not likely be scheduled prior to that date.  Raniere is entitled to attend hearings.

I would expect if there were no COVID-19 problems, a mid-February hearing might take place. There very well may need to be more than one hearing, which could drag on into March.

This could be good for Raniere who expressed concern that if he is assigned to a regular maximum security prison and placed in general population, inmates might abuse him. Raniere fears he will be considered a child molester and might even be killed in prison.

His concerns were first published on the Frank Report and soon became international news.

The purpose of restitution is to “restore victims to the place where they stood when they became victims of crime. It seeks to make them whole and no more. Restitution in federal criminal cases is a matter of statute  [and is part of the sentencing process. The Probation Service prepares a presentencing report that includes a preliminary assessment of what restitution, if any, is appropriate. The parties are free to challenge and supplement the report. The government must establish the existence and extent of any right to victim restitution by a preponderance of the evidence. Both the government and the defendant may appeal the court’s restitution determinations.”

If there is contention over the award of – or the denial of – various restitution claims, it may take some time before the matter is settled and Raniere is ready to be transferred.

Frank Report is urging the Bureau of Prisons to find a safe placement for Raniere, such as a facility with a drop-out yard or in a prison with a high ratio of sex offenders so Raniere will not be singled out as unique for being a sex offender.  We urge the BOP not to place Raniere in the Supermax in Florence, Colorado where he will be unnecessarily placed in solitary confinement for years, an inhuman punishment for any human being no matter how vile.

Raniere seems safe at MDC;  he has been there for more than two and half years. The facility is presently on lockdown based on a rise in cases of COVID 19 there.

The current COVID problem at the facility suggests that restitution hearings may be delayed beyond February – which means that Raniere may be at MDC for several more months.

A December 3rd EDNY court order reveals:

“In light of the continuing increase in COVID-19 cases both nationally and throughout the Eastern District of New York and the surrounding metropolitan area, and in order to protect public health and safety, Paragraph 5 of Administrative Order 2020- 26, issued and made effective on November 24, 2020, is hereby amended as follows: 5. Criminal Proceedings Other Than Trials: For the period December 4, 2020 through January 19, 2021, all criminal hearings, conferences, sentencings, and change of plea hearings shall be conducted remotely, unless the defendant declines to waive the right to be physically present and the Court concludes that the matter cannot be postponed in accordance with the CARES Act.

All other provisions of Administrative Order 2020-26 shall remain in effect.


Dated: Brooklyn, New York
December 3, 2020

Based on this, it appears sentencing of the remaining Nxivm defendants, Allison Mack, Kathy Russell, and Nancy and Lauren Salzman will likely be postponed to some date beyond the January 19, 2021 date.

They could agree to be sentenced remotely. That might be unwise since it would make it easier for victims to speak. Victims could simply call in on Zoom to make their statements. Both Raniere and Clare Bronfman declined to be sentenced by video conferencing.

This is ironic since Raniere sued Microsoft and AT&T for patent infringement alleging that he invented video-conferencing.  He lost the lawsuit and was sanctioned by the judge for lying to the court.

It may be just a matter of time before most/all U.S. District Courts shut down for several months.

Federal trials, appearances in Capital Region postponed by coronavirus (timesunion.com)


NXIVM.com for Sale

Now for those of you looking for that unique Christmas present for someone special – and those of you who just can’t pass up a great bargain – Nxivm.com is for sale. The company, in disarray with criminal charges against its top leaders, and with the government seizing the company and its assets, apparently let its domain name expire and a trader picked it up and is offering it for sale at the very reasonable price of $10,000 [about the cost of two intensives].

The owner, Dan.com, hints that they might take less, suggesting prospective buyers can make offers.

Fake Nxivm News

Nxivm is becoming so popular that it is even part of the fake news world.

Or how about this one:

UPDATE: NXIVM cult linked to Congressional Oversight Auditor Assassination

We can’t forget this story which I am reprinting: [My comments in bold and brackets.]

Meghan Markle has connections to sex-trafficking cult NXIVM?

This post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

Before she married Britain’s dim-witted Prince Harry less than two years ago, Meghan Markle was a minor Hollywood actress in the cable TV show, Suits.

But she was more than an actress. Persistent rumors on the Internet (see here and here) say she was also a “yachter” — an actress or model, typically female, who supplements her income by prostituting herself on yachts owned by millionaires/billionaires. The term “yachting” however has been generalized to include not just prostituting on yachts, but sex-for-pay with wealthy men no matter the venue. (Urban Dictionary)

According to the National Enquirer, in 2017 after Harry and Meghan engaged to be married, MI5 scrubbed the net of Meghan’s salacious past, sealed her court and medical records, and silenced her friends and acquaintances with hush money and non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

But Markle was more than a yachter — she may be connected to the torture and sex-trafficking cult NXIVM.

Enterprising tweeter ken @ken21710790 found a 2014 tweet by Hannah Bronfman that referred to Markle.

Hannah Bronfman, 32, is the niece of Clare Bronfman, the youngest daughter of billionaire former Seagram liquor chairman Edgar Bronfman Sr.

{Hannah is not a member of Nxivm, though I understood she took a Nxivm course, possibly two, at the urging of Clare. But she did not become a regular member.]

Clare and her sister, Sara Bronfman, were heavily involved in the NXIVM criminal enterprise as financial backers, committed followers, and trainers. On April 19, 2019, Clare Bronfman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to conceal and harbor illegal aliens for financial gain –  and fraudulent use of identification. She faces several months in prison when sentenced.

[Actually, Clare got nine months  – plus six years.]

Meghan, who lived in Toronto for 7 years as an actress in Suits, has the enthusiastic support of Canadian prime  Minister Justin “Blackface” Trudeau. Trudeau recently grandly declared that Canada would pay for the hefty security costs of Meghan and Harry who announced they wanted to “scale back” on their royal duties to live in North America.

It turns out that Justin Trudeau also has a connection to the Bronfmans.

According to a report by The Guardian, Trudeau’s chief fundraiser and senior adviser is none other than another Bronfman — Stephen Bronfman, heir to the Seagram fortune, who was instrumental in Trudeau’s successful bid for the leadership of the Canadian Liberal party in 2013 and the premiership two years later.

[Stephan Bronfman has nothing whatsoever to do with Clare Bronfman, other than they are cousins. Their fathers are brothers. None of the Bronfman family is too pleased with Clare, none wrote letters to the judge asking for leniency. None showed up at any of her court hearings including her crucial bail hearing. Her half-siblings [of the same father, Edgar Bronfman, but different mother] seem to want nothing to do with her and must be most unhappy that she disgraced the family name.

[Of the Bronfman family, only Clare and Sara Bronfman are involved in Nxivm. The rest of the family seems to find Nxivm odious. The idea that anyone who has any association with any member of the Bronfman family is somehow associated with Nxivm is nothing but fiction. Megan Markle included.]  

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  • In the photo up top Mack and Salzman look like beauty contestants from Latvia or last year’s medalists in the Special Olympics.

  • NXIVM.com

    “Making a better world”

    Check out the righteous lawsuits we have filed, here.

    Check out the criminal charges we have been wrongfully convicted of, here. (People were jealous of our success, and had shut us down somehow.)

    Check out testimonials from former members who had to file for bankruptcy, here. (it was their own fault, because they left us.)


    We are not a cult. We never have been. Rick Ross was always out to get us. But we showed him. We made him spend all his retirement money defending our 14-year lawsuit. We showed John Tighe, too. And nobody in their right mind trusts that Parlato guy.

    Warning: If you reproduce anything from this website without permission, we will sue the shit out of you. We still have funding, secreted away in large suitcases, buried in select backyards.

    *****(Picture of a pretty sunset, with flowers in the foreground)*****

  • FDA: Death, heart attacks, stroke, blood disorders all possible side effects of COVID vaccine
    A slideshow presentation compiled by the FDA in October contains an extensive list of possible side effects which are to be monitored in conjunction with administering a COVID-19 vaccine.

    FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines :
    DRAFT Working list of possible adverse event outcomes
    ***Subject to change***

    Guillain-Barré syndrome
     Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
     Transverse myelitis
     Encephalitis/myelitis/encephalomyelitis/
     Convulsions/seizures
     Stroke
     Narcolepsy and cataplexy
     Anaphylaxis
     Acute myocardial infarction
     Myocarditis/pericarditis
     Autoimmune disease

     Pregnancy and birth outcomes
     Other acute demyelinating diseases
     Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions
     Thrombocytopenia
     Disseminated intravascular coagulation
     Venous thromboembolism
     Arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain
     Kawasaki disease
     Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
    in Children
     Vaccine enhanced disease

    Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory
    Committee October 22, 2020 Meeting Presentation

    • Shadow – I’m doing my best to cover my ears and not partake in this COVID vaccine discussion. Do not take ny silence as disagreeing with you. If I had chips, I’d give em to you and tell ya to make me rich.

  • Raniere and counsel are likely to be kind of gratified that he is being housed where he is for now. There is quite a period of adjustment, both while and after a prisoner gets moved to another environment. The longer the delays happen, the longer Keith of the lost lust can sleep with only one eye open and no visible hard-ons. Because, whoops! He trips too easily in whatever he spatters. The proof is in the pudding.

    He needs to be housed away from any Latino groups or the sluggish s.o.b. will learn how Viva Zapata really feels, and fast. Sometimes men feel driven to do the flamenco on stinky old offensive testicles. Does Raniere know defense?

    Does Raniere know or has he heard about UP against the wall, mothafuckah?

    Also, not to be too Martha SteWartish for God’s sake, but Mack could really, really take advantage of this drawn-out Covid hiatus bonus, find a boner donor and get herself pregnant. That is, if she would like that. Time’s a’ wastin.’

    It would get her better prison benefits,too. Also, if Mack changes her mind, she can give the kid to her mother, if it’s not too ugly, and mama will put the baby into ads for plastic diapers and leave the kid with producers, just like Allison herself was vanquished into being a moneymaker instead of just a little girl. Ai yi yi. Duh sins of the hoo-has who came before. So it has been written. Merry Almost, everybody.

    A weekend retreat in the hills east of San Diego to learn all about her g-spot could’ve done the trick, costing maybe four hundred bucks and bring something for potluck. Free if you can bring four paying guests, and you really DESERVE this g-spot enlightenment. Honestly.

    Instead however, and without a paddle or a branding scar in sight, Mack was raised to get whacked. Some evade it and some cannot, and alas.

    Dreams really do come true. Something, finally something to give Mack a few boo-hoos about without (much) sarcasm.

    Looook! Officer Krupke, she’s not really bad. Only have a look at the childhood Mack had. And all that she really needed was what? It is not nice to try to fool mother nature. Not nice at all.

    • ‘A weekend retreat in the hills east of San Diego to learn all about her g-spot could’ve done the trick, costing maybe four hundred bucks and bring something for potluck. Free if you can bring four paying guests, and you really DESERVE this g-spot enlightenment. Honestly.’

      Shivani do you vibe with Betty Dodson? I have an aunt who was ‘one’ of her girlfriends once..I’ll never forget the Christmas, when her sister asked her what it was all about at the table, and she gave a very detailed response..at the end of which you could hear a pin drop in outer space..

  • Official Government Report: Australian Covid Vaccines Spread HIV

    Australia’s announcement that the country canceled its deal with a Covid vaccine manufacturer as recipients were testing positive for HIV.

    The mainstream media narrative is that the vaccine produced false-positive results to HIV tests, but it’s more likely that the COVID shot actually gave these individuals a new weaponized HIV.


  • A claim from KR and his cult machine website. http://www.keithraniere.com/
    “At age 12, he taught himself high school mathematics in less than a day and taught himself three years of college mathematics by age 13”.

    OMFG…That is the single most horrendously stupid claim I have ever heard in my life from anyone that was trying to be serious.

    The only ones that could be dumber than KR are the hideously stupid people that followed and believed this over-the-top outrageous claim. As well as the ocean of KR’s insane psychobabble lunacy that any rational adult can easily see.

    The ones that are at the Everest of stupidity are the ones who were in the cult for more than 1 month and tried to get others to join. Congratulations, you are without a doubt, the very dumbest of the dumb. The most ridiculously gullible fools on our planet.

    You deserve everything you got.

    Some were in for years… Some were in for more than 10 years…

  • Speaking of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada is training Communist Chinese soldiers how to murder Americans.

    Ezra Levant joins Tucker Carlson: Trudeau trained Chinese troops in Canada

      • I am trying to stop partisan politics here. Give me a few days. There was another fellow who insisted on attacking every commenter. It took me quite some time to first ask him to stop. When he refused, I finally did something about it.

      • I am asking Shadow to stop posting political articles that are not connected to the story. He often slips in something that is marginally connected to the topic.

    • —Trump attacked his Attorney General, William Barr, who kept quiet about a criminal investigation of Hunter Biden, the Republican governors of Georgia and Arizona, and the Supreme Court.

      AJ Barr and two members of the Supreme Court, handpicked by Trump, disagreed with Trump and, in addition, two of my fellow Republican Governors disagreed as well.

      How the heck do you explain that?????

      If the editors are allowing Shadowstate a soapbox, I should be able to retort.

    • The inmate vomiting blood, could it be? Let’s hope so, wouldn’t be the first time, well maybe the first time for real. Jails and prisons are supposed to be unpleasant, not cushy homes away from the yacht or private island.

      • I am certainly not arguing that jails and prisons are supposed to be “cushy homes” but they damn well ought to be safe and non-life-threatening. Even though the vast majority of its residents are awaiting trial and, thus, not yet convicted of any crime, MDC is a maximum-security prison with well-documented environmental problems, extremely poor health care, and no access to fresh air. Do you really think that’s fair and reasonable?

        Families of MDC inmates showed up again last night to protest the lack of information about the current COVID-19 outbreak at MDC (https://bronx.news12.com/families-gather-outside-metropolitan-detention-center-to-protest-inmate-treatment-covid-exposure). But, despite acknowledging that there are now at least 87 infected inmates, MDC officials offered no specific information about what is being done to remediate the spread of the disease.

        And in an effort to appease those family members who have not been able to see their incarcerated relatives because all visitation has been canceled at the facility, MDC announced that inmates would be given extra telephone minutes during the month of December. There are two problems with that announcement: (1) federal inmates always get extra telephone minutes for November and December; and (2) many inmates cannot afford to make phone calls because of the jacked-up rates they have to pay to call anyone.

        • Klaviger-

          —I am certainly not arguing that jails and prisons are supposed to be “cushy homes” but they damn well ought to be safe and non-life-threatening.

          Unfortunately (depressingly), unless they investigate things for themselves, most will never understand the reality of incarceration in the United States. The simple fact is that jails and prisons in America are largely 3rd world detention centers. Anytime I try to explain the reality of the situation, I get pushback in the form of “What about all the country club prisons?”

          Klaviger, I would love to know where the country club prisons are in the universe States.

        • It angers me that Keith and Clare, even as inmates at a MDC, can provide X-rated entertainment outside Raniere’s window, hire forensic experts, gaslight and otherwise continue to torment whistleblowers (I know hundreds of thousand were spent on me, alone) but can’t seem to afford donating a dime to improve conditions there for themselves or fellow inmates. I’m sure if Keith were alone in there, they’d at least pony up for a piano.

          • Heidi, Heidi, Heidi. NXIVM does not practice philanthropy, charity or restitution. They need to keep all the money they possibly can in the hands of those ethical enough to bring about a better world (themselves). But they also urgently need to silence those stubborn few, like you, who keep spouting lies, les, lies which could impede the mission.

            X-rated dancing is free.

  • Yay! More charges could potentially be added!

    “ In a move that could make it much harder for criminals to launder money through US banks, Congress has passed legislation that would require anonymous shell companies to disclose their true owners.

    The action, which still faces a veto threat from President Donald Trump, comes three months after the FinCEN Files, an expansive investigation by BuzzFeed News and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, showed that shell companies are a cornerstone of fraud and financial corruption.

    Business interests and their allies in Congress had long opposed efforts to unmask these secretive corporate entities because they said it would place unfair burdens on legitimate companies. But rising concerns about money laundering and terrorist financing, combined with reworking the legislation to be more business-friendly, gradually turned the tide.”


  • The Meghan Markle yachting rumors started on Crazy Days And Nights, while it’s often correct about a great many rumors, the “yachting” speculation is usually just that. A way to demean women who fall out of favor. It’s not a believable rumor for those on their way up, but rather the playground for those on their way down.

  • Ha ha, suckers! Too, late! NXIVM.com is now all mine!!!

    On a side note, I’m looking to hire some experienced trainers in the area of human development. Ability to explain “What Is?”, and not being self-conscious about bowing to me and referring to me as “Donkey Kong”, are a plus.

      • PS: I believe there are about 40. And all that crap pre-dates DOS. Good intentions, my ass.

        I guess someone forgot to tell Keith that the world is a better place without unnecessary and vindictive litigation. And getting innocent people arrested.

    • Nutjob – I think you should now comment as Donkey Kong and demand tribute every time you type a screed. Thank you for the laugh!

    • Will there be Dodge Ball at Hayner’s Sports Barn tonight, Donkey Kong? I always look forward to your [redacted] after each challenging game!

      • Great. Now I won’t be able to sleep – trying to figure out what potty mouth CP got redacted for… I do know, I guarantee victory in a dodgeball game vs everyone reading this (except that badass GD)

          • Clifton, I redacted “drivel” because it has a pejorative meaning reducing nonsense into, in effect, ‘nonsense without the person who is offering the nonsense knowing it’s nonsense.”

            If you were merely joking around with Nutjob, then it should not have been redacted. If, however, you were insulting his rare brilliance, then it should have been redacted. I could not tell.

            Things have brightened up in the comments section a great deal since a certain gentleman who was brilliant at insulting others and making people angry at him has kindly moved on to forums better suited for his unique brand of genius.

  • Good family friends of mine are “close with the Bronfmans” – as in with Clare’s uncle who is active in philanthropy and other pursuits. To insinuate some connection between people and NXIVM because of the family name is just stupid.

  • It would be cool to buy it, and use the caption “Making a better world“ – and then publish details of each and every harassment lawsuit brought by NXIVM or one of its founders against critics and those wishing to leave. I would get a kick out of that. But I wouldn’t pay $10,000 for it.

    • Yes, Nancy!

      The accompanying picture could be the photoshopped naked Keith playing the piano. If Frank allows it of course. I am assuming it was his creation and that he has the copyright 😂

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