Is Raniere Safer After Frank Report Provides International News Coverage Regarding His Fears of Being Murdered in Prison?

MK10ART - Keith Raniere in prison.

Keith Alan Raniere, 60, was sentenced to a 120 year prison sentence, which unless some new discovery comes to extend human life to much longer life spans, it means, one day, unless he should win on an appeal, he will die in prison and be removed from federal custody only to be buried.

As it is, he is known in prison as a “chomo,” the prisoner parlance for a child molester. That poses a danger to anyone in our US prison system. Such a conviction can mean a death sentence.

His attorneys, recognizing this, asked Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to recommend to the Bureau of Prisons [BOP] that Raniere be placed in a “sensitive needs unit” or “drop-out yard” – a protective custody facility for prisoners who likely would be targeted in the general population due to their crimes or celebrity status.

The judge declined to make that recommendation, deciding to leave it up to the BOP to decide where to assign him.

Raniere is presently at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center [MDC], where he has been since April 2018, awaiting permanent  assignment.  He could be assigned to a maximum security facility, and if he is, and he is placed in the general population, he will be in grave trouble.

If he assigned to solitary confinement at the Colorado supermax, he will be safer but will be subject to the torture of isolation, year after year in a tiny cell with no human contact.

He could also be assigned to a prison that houses a high percentage of sex offenders, like Devens or Tucson, where he would be comparatively safer since he would be among chomos and therefore less of a target.

Or the BOP could assign him, as his attorneys requested, to a place with a drop-out yard, where he would live among prisoners who are also targets of possible murder, and abuse, who need protective custody because of the nature of their crimes, their celebrity, or the fact that they are informants.

On November 25, I posted recordings of Raniere’s concerns about his possible murder in prison. Exclusive! Keith Raniere Most Recent Message to the World: ‘I Will Be Killed in Prison – Soon!’

Keith Raniere, “I’ll be in here the rest of my life if we don’t do something. The rest of my life may not be that long. Considering the way things are in here, you know, once I get to a destination point, I guess I’ll go to a pen.”
With these charges and if I go to a penitentiary, it is a death penalty.
Keith Raniere: “Once they designate me and either ship me off to the Supermax or ship me off to a pen, things become dangerous for me. And you guys may never get to speak to me again, for all I know.”

If Raniere is murdered in prison, after predicting he will be, it will be a big story. No matter how many people celebrate his death and say he had it coming, implicit in his murder will be the inference that the BOP is incapable of protecting prisoners in the USA.

The story Frank Report published about Raniere’s concerns became a worldwide news story and so the spotlight is on the BOP.
Perhaps to some degree it may serve as life insurance for Raniere.
Here are some media outlets that picked up the story, referencing Frank Report for quoting Raniere.

What would life be like for Raniere at a maximum security prison?

Life in a pen for Raniere will not be safe. Chomos are marked. They are also pariahs. If a prisoner even associates with a chomo, he is considered the same as them.

According to a Fox News story, here are some murders of chomos that took place in prison.

  • Sex offender David Oseas Ramirez was beaten and drowned in his jail-cell toilet by his cellmate in Florida’s Duval County Jail.
  • An inmate serving a 40-year sentence for running a child-pornography ring was slain at a Michigan federal detention center.
  • Clinton Don Simpson – accused a decade earlier of abusing a dozen children in his backyard – was killed at age 76 by a fellow prisoner in Texas.
  • In May 2018, an inmate in California jail killed an accused pedophile – telling authorities it was his “public service.”
  • In 2015, a former cop in Michigan – convicted of sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl – was strangled by his cellmate.
  • Former priest John Geoghan, was strangled and stomped to death by another inmate in a Massachusetts facility in 2003.


The alternative, in a maximum security prison to paying protection with money or sex, is not much different than the supermax. If he gets a maximum security assignment, and he wants to increase his chances of safety, Raniere would have to serve his sentence in protective custody, which means solitary confinement, for he would almost certainly be attacked and possibly killed otherwise.
He might not be safe even if he paid protection. General population prisoners see it as a badge of honor to beat, stab, rape or kill sex offenders, especially child sex offenders. It could happen in the yard, workout facilities or the chow halls.

In my mind, the best assignment for Raniere is a drop-out yard, or perhaps Devens where there are sex offenders.

Or perhaps let him serve his sentence at the MDC, where he is now. He seems safe there. And since he got a life sentence, not a death sentence, it is right and legal to protect him from murder in prison.




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  • He’ll probably be murdered by guards to keep Bronfman’s vast pool of malicious prosecutorial graft under wraps. Epstein’s Island.


    Could Keith Raniere die in prison the same way as Jeffrey Epstein?

    Frank Parlato, NXIVM’s former publicist and creator of The Frank Report, posted recordings from phone calls Raniere made while in prison. These recordings span from before his sentencing to last month, and reveal the former cult commander is terrified facing his sentence.

  • When you and your experts describe SuperMax as an especially exquisite, unique kind of “torture,” what does that specifically entail?

    Seems Raniere would be safer there from sexual assault at the very least and the other vulgarities that brought him to tearful, crybaby Jane breakdowns at MDC. Also, there’s the Coronavirus, lice, heat outages, fires, toe stubs, Ghislaine Maxwell, the ghost of billionaire Edgar Bronfman what with Clare there… No? …Plus, you know, MS13, me, Frank, anyone allegedly out to kill him without that armed, retired Secret Service protection offered at his bail hearing. Are they still on the defense payroll, btw?

    In any case, as it appears the rape of Raniere – the prison fate of rumored pedophiles such as he — is what most concerns us at present. Where would it be most likely for that to occur and be duly reported on in detail? And would that inmate affirmation of his Chomo status further endanger his asshole?

    That’s a fair question.

    • To Heidi Hutchinson at 11:37 am

      If Raniere wants to protect his virginity and chastity in prison, I recommend him to wear a chastity belt that protects his asshole from sexual encounters. But such a thing is probably not allowed in the prisons. Maybe there are sex article dealers who offer such things for sale. Allison Mack et al are well versed in this area. They had bought sex toys and torture cellar equipment for DOS. They even had a cage for slaves, which was going to be used for the sexual humiliation and torture of slaves.

  • To all:

    “Love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.”
    Jesus Christ, Matthew 5:43-47

      • Anyone who cares at all about Frank or any of the victims — even those still supporting Keith — would remind him what happened the last time he consulted for NXIVM and thought he could beat them at their own game.

        Oh, wait, Frank thinks he did beat them despite still being under indictment, despite NXIVM’s defense counsel, Marc Agnifilo’s, obvious attempts to impugn Frank and divert blame onto him with Bronfman consultant Steve Herbitts, on the stand at Keith’s trial, despite that this site crashed (along with some other weirdness) within 20 minutes after I called Agnifilo out on it on here — I was sensitive to it only bc NXIVM attorneys (that Frank found for them) did the same thing at the Precision trial I attended in 2011, making Frank the scapegoat for NXIVM’s sneaky, coercive and deceitful attack on the Plyam’s at that trial, too — despite that anyone who supports any of the Bronfman’s and/or wants their own slice of Bronfman pie is and will forever be in pursuit of pleasing them by attacking their “enemies,” despite that they still and will forever blame Frank and anyone (at a price) for Keith and Clare’s imprisonment, despite that Sara Bronfman remains at large with a very large fortune and avowed to a terrorist who attempted an ISIS coupe on Libya and left a man — his personal assistant and good friend — to be murdered over its failure…

        And it wasn’t only Frank who got badly burned, either. But Frank’s gonna do — is doing — what he’s gonna do regardless of the fall out and damage to himself and others.

        I wouldn’t want to write the ending. I can hardly bear to watch as it happens. Again.

  • Your spotlight on the reality of this situation will help secure Raniere a seat in Super Max.

    Raniere has a reputation as a sexual deviant with some victims being underage. This is commonly known. No amount of debate about the details will undo how he is viewed.

    The only place that can guarantee Raniere’s safety is Super Max. All other placements will provide opportunities for harm to come to Raniere. Other inmates will be very motivated to bring harm to him. Very motivated and very patient, waiting for that brief window of opportunity to pounce. Because of this, Raniere will never be safe in any other placement.

    • I agree. We prolly won’t have the same blow by blow reports of Keith’s prison follies but I don’t see how MDC is safe for anyone and I doubt Clare or her highly uncharitable family are about to put a dime into improving the inhumane conditions there — even with her in it.

      Didn’t seem to bother any oh-so-charitable billionaires last year when MDC inmates, including Keith, were near frozen to death.

      I still don’t get the allegedly greater torment of SuperMax placement. Everyone in the Country is “isolated” (or supposed to be) and no one’s giving us the sup and sustenance, healthcare or bunghole safety Keith will be provided at a SuperMax.

  • Should Raniere be confined to the inhumane torture of a Supermax, or left to the whims of the general prison population?

    Should he be allowed to serve his sentence at the MDC, where he has so far managed to survive?

    I would say no to the Supermax, which is nothing more than state-sanctioned mass torture.

    But the US is the Incarceration Nation…

    “One out of every 100 American adults is incarcerated, a per capita rate five to 10 times higher than that in Western Europe or other democracies.”

    • Factually China has a larger number of people incarcerated.

      Don’t believe me? Ask the Uighur people.

      The United States has the highest incarceration rate for a democracy.

  • I really don’t think men who have sex with 15-year-olds are likely to be at big risk. It tends to be those who sleep with those under 10 who are at risk and, even then, I am not sure those few cases named in the article if you took as many who weren’t in for those crimes but for burglary there is probably the same number of incidents of violence against them in prisons.

    Mind you, in the UK he would probably just have to self-declare as a woman, put on a dress, and be off to one of our women-only prisons…

    • That is my worry. Transsexual/transgender males with histories of violence against women are being allowed into women’s prisons. I see Raniere trying to pull that one too. All he has to do is self ID as a woman and demand to be placed in a woman’s prison. This is like placing the fox in the hen house.

      • I think after having read FR for years and thoroughly despising the man after the laying into him relentlessly, many will find it hard to all of a sudden have any ounce of care what happens to KR! I know I find it difficult. I mean no criticism and I think it was all justified and necessary to end it, of course, but the sudden compassionate tone is maybe a shock to the system and not what we are used to!

        • Frank’s compassion to this evil idiot is a beacon of hope in this dark era of hellscape 2020. Frank is not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.

      • There is such a thing as basic human decency, which forms part of the thinking of any balanced individual. Even the likes of Raniere should benefit from that basic decency.

      • A counter-question is not an answer, but an evasion of an answer. It only shifts the responsibility of the answer to the questioner. It does not justify anything, it justifies nothing, it does not supply a single argument. I am not satisfied with such “answers”.

        • Isn’t the answer obvious? You ask why am I helping a person. The answer is: I always help others. People should help others.

          Isn’t it incumbent on you, in posing such a question, to explain why the obvious, that people should help people, needs an answer?

          Or is your question, why am I helping Keith Raniere? This too does not need explanation for sophisticated people, but here is it “Magnanimity in victory.” Plus [as above] people should help others.

          • Keith has his lawyers. Keith has the Bronfmans’ support. Keith has the million-dollar Cafritz inheritance. Keith has his loyal supporters. And even if he didn’t, he’d get a public defender. But not me to support him. And under no circumstances would I support him in the media, even if it were foreseeable to be unsuccessful.

    • Anonymous 10:16am- 90% of regular commentators are miffed Frank is currently helping his nemesis. Frank’s biggest sycophants, Nice Guy and Scott, are both flustered. Parlato skewered the cross-eyed square footed troll. If need be, he can do it again. Aren’t you at all interested in how this latest chapter of our saga will unfold?

    • Because, figuratively speaking, Frank gazes into the Abyss and forgives the monster looking back. Frank is a true warrior with a code of honor and ethics. Frank is everything Keith is not, including being humble and self-effacing, displaying true Christian values to his Adversary the AntiChrist. I know nothing about Frank’s history or past sins or why in God’s name he ever got tangled into Nxivm’s distorted web, but I do know that his behavior in the face of this insanity has been a bright light in the face of bleak despair.

      This is how the world gets better.

      • Here is a quote I think relevant:

        “Our search for such [moral] principles can start with . . . the unconditional imperative to acknowledge every person as a person. If we ask for the contents given by this absolute, we find, first, something negative—the command not to treat a person as a thing. This seems little, but it is much. It is the core of the principle of justice.”


        (Paul Tillich) 

  • Raniere has been locked up for a long time. Not even one bad beat down. Why is that if his life is so “in danger”?

    Epstein was in a similar situation and there are questions as to did he really commit suicide.

    If an angry Mexican father was after him, why wait until he got to a “real” prison? Why wait this long? Why would Raniere start to bellyache about it now instead of months ago? He knew he would be leaving MDC at some point.

    How many people don’t buy his life isn’t in any more danger than it always has been?

    • Anonymous 5:36am

      —Raniere has been locked up for a long time. Not even one bad beat down. Why is that if his life is so “in danger”?

      Not true….
      ….If memory serves me correct Keith Raniere got his ass kicked 3 to 4 times at MDC.

      Do a search on Frank Report search bar up top.

  • The prisoners who kill other prisoners are typically serving long/life sentences themselves, so they don’t pay attention to a bunch of websites or news outlets to guide them in determining their behavior, as they have literally nothing to lose and kill for status/entertainment. LOL

  • I refuse to make Keith Raniere a special case that would allow him to receive special, and therefore better, treatment than other inmates with a similar offender profile. And I do not consider Raniere a celebrity. Committing crimes is not a merit that deserves recognition. Nevertheless, I consider it appropriate to send Raniere to Florence, Colorado in solitary confinement forever. That is where he belongs, but not because he is a celebrity. The only veneration he receives is from his very small number of incorrigible, fanatical followers. One must not make narcissists appear larger than they are, and not glorify or exaggerate them as Raniere, for example, would like us to do.

    • Anonymous,

      I firmly believe, unless a bribe is payed, Keith Raniere will be headed to the Colorado SuperMax.

      He threatened a Federal Judge, he is a cult leader, and his followers (Bronfmans) have deep-pockets that can corrupt a normal Federal prisons……Plus at the SuperMax, Keith Raniere will be safe. Logic dictates Vanguard is headed to the Colorado Rockies.

      ….Once again, cue the music for Vanguard’s future home:

  • I am struggling to comment lately.
    I just can’t seem to muster up any kind of sympathy for what lies ahead for this man. The injustice he inflicted on many makes me not give a shit whether he is a victim of any injustice. The tables have been turned and a dangerous criminal is off the streets

    Whilst I don’t wish death on KR, perhaps Keith Raniere should have had the foresight to see what would happen should his criminal, depraved life be exposed. This is what makes me believe that he had the protection from law enforcement and beyond – that’s what I want energies to be spent on. He got away with abuses for decades – it’s clear by his sheer confidence. If nothing else this man was so confident. So confident that he couldn’t comprehend how he could be arrested, charged, and convicted – and now here he is begging for his life and still blaming everyone else.

  • He should be freed at once. He suffered enough and served already more time in prison than he deserves.
    What’s wrong with people is they believe everything they read and any one who claims she is a victim is automatically believed. So long as she is a woman.
    Keith gave his best life force to raise women and scarified himself and a few women betrayed him and now he is being punished.


    • Forgive me, but a final court ruling at the end of a formally closed criminal proceedings will dispel any doubt. Keith wasn’t raising children, he was deceiving adult women who wanted to grow, and it wasn’t until later that they realized how deep they’d come. What would you say about the 15-year-old girl? Do you think it’s legal to keep a person locked up for two years, deprive them of their liberty?

  • Again, am I splitting hairs to call him a hebephile as opposed to a pedophile? And, will it make a difference? I don’t know. I have no desire to see him murdered. Only locked up. It seems that a facility designed for sex offenders would be his best bet. He might even be forced to submit to counseling there, which might be beneficial. Having always been surrounded by yes men and yes women, he’s never had to confront any of his own issues..

    • I think I agree with the sex offender institute and man I would love to be a fly on the wall if he were to ever have therapy sessions!

      • Natashka

        You would have to get in line behind all of the real flies, waiting on the bullshit to come flowing from Raniere’s mouth.

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