Lauren Salzman can visit mom, Nancy, daily, for six more weeks; like mom, Clare & Allison – gets 5 hours outside home detention weekly

Lauren Salzman

Just as she has done for the past two months, by permission of the court, Lauren Salzman can visit her mother, Nancy, at her home every day – between 9 am and 6 pm – for another six weeks.

Here is Judge Nicholas Garaufis’ order:

Defendant Lauren Salzman’s 183 Request for Modification of Bail Conditions: The court APPROVES the requested six-week extension of the time period in which Lauren Salzman can have daily in-person visitation with Nancy Salzman at Nancy Salzman’s residence between 9:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. The time period for daily in-person visitation is hereby extended to and includes December 8, 2018.

The court also APPROVES Lauren Salzman’s request that she be allowed to leave her home for 120 minutes one day per week and for 90 minutes two other days per week for “exercise, grocery shopping, and/or other errands.”

Before leaving her residence, she must provide advance notice to Pre-Trial Services. All other conditions of her release remain in full force and effect.

Additionally, the court GRANTS Lauren Salzman’s motion that her letter requesting modifications to the court’s bail order be filed under seal. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 10/29/2018.


The ostensible reason for Lauren being permitted to visit Nancy is that Lauren aids her mom who is recuperating in her Albany-area home from radical mastectomy surgery.

Nancy is believed to be cooperating with the prosecution in return for an acceptable plea bargain.

Prior to being allowed to have medical visits, mother and daughter were banned from talking to each other outside the presence of attorneys. They are co-defendants in the case. Lauren remains out on $5 million bond and is subject to home detention.


Close up of Allison Mack’s ankle monitor. [Photo courtesy Daily Mail]
Recently, Frank Report discussed ankle monitors. It is not known if Lauren, Nancy, and Kathy Russell are required to wear ankle monitors.  They are supervised by Pre-Trial Supervision in the Northern District of New York, which normally does not require the devices unless they were part of the bail conditions established by the court.

Allison Mack is now residing in Los Alamitos, California. She is subject to home detention at her parents’ home. Clare Bronfman is subject to home detention at her luxury Manhattan apartment. Both women are required to wear ankle monitors.

All of the defendants – except hapless fall gal Kathy Russell – are permitted to leave their homes for five hours per week total – twice weekly for 90 minutes and once weekly for two hours.

They may also leave – with pre-approval – for work, school, and religious services and for medical appointments and meetings with lawyers.

Hapless fall gal and erstwhile ballerina Russell may leave at 6 am and must return home by 8 pm daily. Whether this extra freedom means anything to the witless follower of Keith Raniere is hard to know. She is evidently prepared to give up all her freedom for years to come to stand by the man who has gobbled up her life for some 15 years.

Of course, when she gets out of prison – maybe he will fulfill her long cherished dream – one that he promised her – if she paid for enough NXIVM classes and served the group at low wages – that she will become a world-famous ballerina.

Russell is 60.

Kathy Russell is waiting for Keith Raniere to show her how to become a world-class ballerina. Any year now, Keith may finally show her.
Related image
Not Kathy – but it could be – and the male dancer – might be Keith himself – leading her on an enchanting dance through a fairytale life where he finally realizes she is the right one for him and she no longer has to clean his sheets and scour the hot tub at his sex lair after a night of fun with a woman half her age.

In one respect, Kathy is kind of a Cinderella figure….. waiting for her Prince Vanguard.

Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard. He has promised Kathy Russell that one day soon she will be a ballet star.


Not to be outdone by Kathy is Lauren Salzman herself. About 15 years ago, Raniere promised Lauren that he would sire an avatar baby for her. Poor Lauren, she decorated a nursery and waited for years for the pregnancy that would change the world.

A golden avatar babe – from the loins of Raniere. Lauren is now past 40. Raniere is in prison. All those years when she asked him when she was going to get pregnant and he would answer – “as soon as you shed your last few disintegrations” – she waited faithfully, silently – knowing that her true man would ultimately get her pregnant and her desire for motherhood would be fulfilled.

Being much smarter than Kathy Russell, Lauren may now realize that she was just being used by Raniere. He played her for a fool. He knew nothing of the future – for the fool could not even predict his own incarceration – let alone predict that he would impregnate Lauren with a babe who would be a savior of the world.

Branded DOS slave Lauren Salzman. Does she still believe in her Vanguard?

Lauren is smart enough to know that by the time Raniere gets out of prison – she will be far too old to have a baby – avatar or not. The only question for Lauren is – will she also spend so much time in prison herself that she won’t biologically be able to have a baby with anyone, anyway? Or will she join her mother and testify against the Vanguard?

Vanguard told her to wait – just a little longer – that was 12 years ago – and she would have his avatar baby.
“Just a little longer baby and we’ll have that avatar baby – you just wait and see….”


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  • Who cares what she looks like. She 40 it only goes down hill from here in her world. It sure looks like all the free time with momma, I sure don’t require help from 9 to 6, 6 days a week and I guarantee she is not in the condition I am in. Please understand this is in no way a plea for attention from a group of strangers.just pointing out she’s recovering from a surgery that many of us have had, the judge has given them basically unlimited time including Kathy Russell who has entire days every day for ‘work’. Unless the feds are monitoring these espians 24 hours a day they think they are back in business. And probably are as far as communication. NXIVM IS DONE . When Agnifilo pointed out these are intelligent capable women he was half right. Those that got out saw the light. Those still in deserve no breaks as the truth is out and if they haven’t realized they are duped now then they have lost what intelligent brain cells they may have had.

  • Lauren Salzman has a fucking beak. She looks like she would peck at peanuts and sunflower seeds from your hand.

  • No man in his right mind would choose Allison and her cankles over the lovely Lauren.

    Lauren is too sexy for home detention.

    She’s too sexy for this site.

  • I miss, shadow is not among the first comments as this is possible if Shadow is so IMPORTED to the victims of DOS as he is not giving his valuable comments on Frank’s article.

  • Hang in there, Nancy and Lauren. You can recover from the nightmare of the last 20yrs. Kick Stinky Keith and his fake promises to the curb.

    Lauren – please find a real man and start a family.

    I’m praying for your health, Nancy. I hope you can soon go on apology tour. I’m sure you know it will help you heal.

  • Little by little at a time, the next news is – all women are freed on bail. Ready to make another cult corp. The west and their bias feminist courts!!

  • From what we currently know about the major players should they wish to redeem any part of their life in society I strongly suggest they cooperate fully with the authorities.

    Now, questions no one appears to ask.

    On what income are these folks living on?

    Just where are Nancy and Lauren holed up and what do their current neighbors think of having them close by?

    What are the former neighbors now thinking now that they have been removed, or moved from their neighborhood?

    What’s it like to no longer see Keith openly french kissing some nubile NXIVM acolyte as he holds their hand, walking at night through the neighborhood.

    What future awaits these followers who don’t have a trust fund? Will they be treated by the general public like Casey Anthony? A pariah?

    What’s it like to come across Nancy, Lauren, et al, in a grocery store, pharmacists, doctor’s waiting room?

    Are we, the taxpayer, footing Nancy’s medical bill via Medicaid? Was she a “hidden patient” in whatever local hospital she had her surgery? There are 2 major hospitals locally where she would have had her surgery.

    What instructions were given to the hospital staff where she was a patient?

    • Excellent questions!

      L Dubs (Darby) – I know you have your own life to manage and that largely means you don’t have time to pander to the curiosity of FR’s commentors but… Inquiring minds!

      Just a suggestion 🙂

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