Ankle Monitors: The Fears & Foibles Of Being On An Electronic Tether

Clare Bronfman and Allison Mack

Although everyone who reads this blog is well aware that Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman have been ordered to wear “ankle monitors” as a condition of their respective bail packages, few, if any, have given much thought as to what that entails.

To be sure, being allowed to stay at home while you’re awaiting trial is a lot better than sitting in a prison cell surrounded by 120 or so of your new best friends (Just ask Keith Raniere which he would prefer). But when you add in the requirement of wearing an ankle monitor, that difference becomes less dramatic.

To begin with, let’s look at what these devices are – and how they work (Although they now come in several varieties, we’ll just look at the most common type):

• The ankle monitor itself is an electronic device that emits a radio signal two or more times per minute;
• The radio signal is picked up by a monitoring station that is located in the wearer’s home – and connected to a land-line phone or to a cellular network;
• The electronic information that is picked up by the monitoring system is continuously transmitted to a centralized GPS computer system that has been programmed to send out “alerts” whenever radio contact is broken with the wearer; and
• Any “alerts” go to the parole/probation officer who is responsible for the wearer.

Sounds simple enough right? Just put the monitor on and stay in your house – and you won’t have any problems.

The Daily Mail sent paparazzi to wait outside Allison’s home to photograph her wearing an ankle monitor.

Although that’s basically true, it also omits a lot of the issues that bother those who actually have to wear one of these things.

To begin with, the wearer has to pay to have the system set up – and then pay a daily usage fee. Although each jurisdiction has its own pricing policy, the one-time set-up charge is usually $100-$200 – and the daily usage fee is usually $5-$15.

Next, the monitor has to be charged twice a day – a process that usually takes about an hour. So for at least two hours a day, the wearer is basically turned into a cell phone with a low battery.

Then, there’s the simple reality that these things can never be removed. Not while you’re sleeping, not while you’re exercising, not while you’re involved in eating, drinking, readiness drills, or even in romantic or concupiscent activities, not while you’re taking care of bodily functions, not while you’re bathing or showering…NEVER!

Finally, there are a variety of medical-related issues that are associated with the devices. Itching and chaffing are almost universal among ankle monitor wearers – and many also experience elevated blood pressure throughout the time they’re wearing the device.

Some even experience numbness and neuropathy in the area below the monitor.

And for those who are fortunate enough to be granted some time outside their homes, there’s the problem of finding clothes that will accommodate the bulk of the ankle monitor device. Forget those skinny jeans. But retro bell-bottoms will work just fine.

Some wearers find the psychological damage inflicted by an ankle monitor to be almost worse than being imprisoned. And there are many prisoners who opt to finish their sentence in jail rather than be placed on house arrest with an ankle monitor device.

Even the inventors of the devices now believe that there are better ways to monitor people.

Of course, there are better, less painful ways and technology available that could more easily and less painfully monitor people’s whereabouts.

Tampering with – or removing – an ankle monitor can result in three things: a bill for whatever it costs to repair the damage; a separate criminal charge; and the immediate revocation of bail and incarceration.

So, what about Allison and Clare? How, are they likely faring in terms of adapting to living with their ankle monitors?

In Allison’s case, it appears that she’s using the tried-and-true “sock-under-the-monitor” approach to cut down on the chaffing and irritation (There were some ugly rumors that the Feds had to build a custom version to accommodate Allison’s cankles but those rumors have yet to be verified).

And in the case of Clare, it appears that she’s gone for the long loose pants cover-up approach. We’ll be looking for some pictures of her ankles at her next court appearance.

But every day, Allison and Clare have to spend a couple hours getting their monitors powered up.

And every day, they have to look at those damn things and be reminded of the fact that they’ve already lost some of their freedom – and may soon lose it altogether.

Viva Executive Success!


All her money could not buy away her disgrace, pain, and degradation. She got what all who follow Keith Raniere get in due of course – pain and sorrow. For her, she both enabled the pain and sorrow of others, using her great wealth and for a time bought it off.  But eventually, money availed nothing against the weight of her criminal misdeeds. Clare Bronfman was a fiend to her fellow human beings – using her enormous wealth to punish others as Raniere directed. It is not known if she is coming to terms with the horror she created. Be not impatient – she will have plenty of time to reflect on this over the coming years.



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  • I am extremely concerned over the HEALTH issues of the “ankle monitoring devices,” especially when the PARTY wearing the ankle device has been EXPOSED to DNA alteration due to their mother’s pelvic radiation BEFORE conception. Does this device contribute to further exposure of radiation and therefore, enhancing an already comprised IMMUNE system?

  • Soooo as someone genetically cursed with cankles – sigh, it’s true – it really does suck. I have never worn an ankle monitor but it no doubt is probably as terrible as everyone comments that it may be. Despite my c-suite title, I can only imagine how my ankles have thoroughly held me back as an executive, as a woman, a lover, a philanthropist and a human because of the focus on their circumference. To be clear – this is a statement made in jest.

    I’m by no means an Allie Wack sympathizer (you reap what you sow) but this cankles business is beneath all of us. I get wanting to punish these awful people and making them feel small – but I promise you Allie’s insecurity about her ankles didn’t drive her to do what she did. That came from a place much deeper and unfortunately far more insecure.

    That being said, cankles do suck. Thanks Mom, granny and great granny.

    • I truly can’t imagine – which is why I find the focus on Allie’s ankles such a non-starter. But if folks find cankles that important, I’m happy to devote 1000 words providing first-hand experience on how mine impact my life. Not sure if it’s really relevant to nxivm but if we have an audience that feels passionately that fat ankles (Allie’s or mine) are central to the nxivm storyline, I’m happy to take one for the team and give an insider’s perspective – which essentially boils down to “cankles-fucking-suck-but-I -didn’t-have-to-brand-and-call-another-woman-my-slave-to-feel-better-about-my-fat-ankles”.

  • Many of my clients who have had to wear one of these things have trouble sleeping. And several of them have also reported that the things have malfunctioned from time to time – which, of course, led to unscheduled phone calls and visits from their Probation Officers.

    I actually had one client who had to wear two of the things: one for the Feds and another for New York State. Apparently that happens quite often in NYC.

    • This case demands Double anklets — contributed by both Feds and State.

      What’s holding up the State charges? …Not to mention NDNY FBI and DOJ?

      Not Gillibrand, is it? If so, She oughta know a cover-up, especially now that she’s admitted to hearing about NXIVM on local Albany news — she managed to tune in a couple times on her 2020 Presidential fantasy tour — is far stinkier than joining the EDNY in its fight for justice and freeing of the DOS slaves!

      Obstruction of, maybe anything short of that, has gotta be political suicide.

      Plus, the girls Clare and Ally really should have one anklet on each ankle for balance, safety and maximum weight loss advantage!

      • People like Soares are probably afraid that if any charges were filed, the truth would come out about his past dealings with the Bronfmans. Likewise for anybody else they may have bribed and / or blackmailed. Giving Joe Bruno free flights could land just about any favour they could have wanted. He was basically the upstate fixer for anybody and everybody when I spent what little time I did in the area.
        I had always wondered what they must have had on Soares.
        When I read the story about Keith trying to force a DOS slave to sleep with someone in order to have blackmail material, it all suddenly became so clear.

        • Where’s that story, please?

          I know an Ex-Nx friend of my sister’s who worked in Soares office putting a case together against Nx enemies. Let’s just say there was talk, at least, of going undercover and collateral collecting for Keith’s future ambitions.

          • I wish I could remember which exact blog post it was, but I don’t. Pretty sure it was here on Frank Report. My best guess is sometime between January and March.
            Perhaps if you send Frank an e-mail he could tell you the specifics or point you in the right direction, or maybe someone else who has been around for a long time will remember ?

      • Clare and Ally do need one on each ankle. With all that running and exercise they would have more weight to carry around and more chafing! Wonder if they had to wrap the anklet around Clare twice, she’s so bony and croney!

  • Thanks for the levity on this post from Frank and everyone. I needed that today!

    Ferklempt over some personal realizations regarding Gina and the implications of the Pittsburgh shooting…

    Feel a tad sorry for Allison, even Clare, but I’m here to tell you — as Snorlax observes — had this gone on much longer it could have, likely would have gone much, much worse for these gals. And for many, many others.

    • I hope your not really feeling empathy for Clare and Allison. This was just a beginning for them, I can imagine the dungeons and chains, somewhere amongst all of those terabytes the plans for the future may be written. Branding and beating would only be satisfying for so long. Then what?
      On a different note I’m again sorry about Gina, I know the reminders of losing a loved one can make it feel like it happened yesterday.

      • Not that I don’t indulge in a few less than empathetic humors ruminating on the same such thoughts of what’s in store for them when the cat’s out.

    • Ferklempt is a good word, (just looked it up) and for Pittsburgh especially so. Bon courage Heidi, its a mark of strong character that you can find some empathy, pity, mercy even for these nxivm crims who would probably be congenitally unable to return the favour 🙂

  • I too enjoy Shadow State’s posts and comments as well. Please note that he doesn’t even insult the trolls who seem to live to comment on his writing. If one of his comments has a link to a similar crime in Chicago? I definitely check it out every time and do even more research on the subject! I love the crime history of that great american city!

    P.S. For the trolls, I am a Canadian citizen. I was born in Toronto, On. Carry on.

  • lol – thanks for clearing that up. I have from time to time wondered about their ankle monitors — and I’m super pleased that they have to pay for them – Clare’s and Allie’s freedom should not be ‘free’/ They have earned theses monitors and more.

    • I understand the sentiment, but what IF the person arrested were actually innocent and is later acquitted? They should not have had to pay for their freedom awaiting trial.

      Arguing with myself, I guess in that case, that hypothetical person might have been released on their own recognizance, not being a flight risk. The difference here is that both these ladies are major flight risks – Bronfman in particular. Allison fled with Raniere to Mexico. She knew dang well he was trying to hide.

      • That’s the only reason they have them pre-trial is the high flight risk. I have a family member paying for and wearing one in lieu of 75 days in jail for a DUI. So mostly they are considered a punishment.

  • I enjoy Shadow State posts. He has a clear distinct writing style and I am still trying to make up my mind whether Allison is a victim or a criminal. Or both. Today I feel she is a victim. And I feel sorry for her

  • Frank, I have utilized my high level sources within the US Government to confirm the following:

    1) The Feds did try to develop a new type of ankle monitor that would more easily fit Allison’s HUGELY FAT and DISGUSTING CANKLES.

    2) They spent upwards of $20 Million Dollars in trying to develop this technology.

    3) Four Prototypes were created. However, all four prototypes BURST upon being fitted onto a special mannequin designed to duplicate Allison’s MONSTROUS CANKLES.

    4) In the end, the Feds were simply UNSUCCESSFUL in creating a new ankle monitor to more easily fit Allison’s DISGUSTING CANKLES.

    5) Allison is stuck wearing the older & tighter version of this ankle monitor — which according to my sources, had to be reinforced with Titanium collars to avoid bursting and injuring innocent bystanders.

    *Please don’t tell anybody I told you this. My high level government sources have sworn me to secrecy.

  • Aww that is too damn bad. If Allison had behaved herself we would have been spared the pablum puking shadowperv. That may be her biggest crime, what she has brought upon the Frank Report readers.

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