As Both Victim and Perp, Should Camila’s Photos Be Published After She Renounced Raniere?

Camila by MK10ART

Updated: As we debate the issue below, I have removed a photo of Camila and replaced it with a sketch by MK10ART on the previous post about her Breaking News: Camila Turns Against Raniere – Child Sex Abuse Victim Expected to Come From Mexico to Condemn Raniere at Sentencing.

A commenter on this site, who uses the handle “Mexican Lady”, has raised a debatable point: Should a victim/perpetrator get anonymity once she renounces her leader? Should her photo be removed, her last name not published?

Here is Mexican Lady’s comment, addressed to me: “I thought you had mentioned that once [Camila] renounced Raniere you would remove her photo. She is now not only renouncing Raniere, she is taking a stance to take him down. She is one of the main persons that will possibly lead Raniere to have life in Prison. She could have taken Raniere’s side and even helped him get off (like in Michael Jackson’s trial where his victims testified in his favor.) Where is professional journalism, if you don’t keep your word about removing her photo?”

My Reply to Mexican Lady

UPDATED:  The quote you referred to is in this article.  I wrote, “When Cami quits and offers to help others to get out, I will do the same for her that I did for Nicole and more than a dozen others.”

You left the last, and very important part out  — “offers to help others get out.”  She has to do more than quit. She has to do something to help others, like Nicole and others did.

No one whose last name or photo was removed failed to help in some way, all of them spoke with me, all of them had far less participation in DOS than Camila.  So far I do not see her helping anyone, other than herself.

She is at the 11th hour, 17 days before Raniere’s sentencing. If she does not condemn him now she won’t qualify for victim restitution. By speaking and becoming an adjudicated federal victim, her claims as a plaintiff in the civil lawsuit her sister and others have initiated, suing the Bronfmans, etc., will be stronger.

As for Raniere, he is getting a life sentence either way.

Going forward, I probably will use the MK10ART sketch. I have already stopped using her last name.

However, she is pictured in a critical government document – the first line DOS slave masters which is on the public record. That will likely be published again.

Meantime, let us debate the photograph issue on its merits because it is instructive and I want to hear readers’ opinions.

Does one stop using the last name and photograph of someone who is both a victim and a perpetrator?  We know that while Camila was an underage sex abuse victim, when she was an adult, she was working to get Raniere an underage virgin for his pleasure.

On top of that, she was a coconspirator in the rape and sex trafficking of Nicole.

Do They Become Victims the Instant They Say Raniere Abused Them?

Where do you draw the line? If Nicki Clyne were to repudiate Keith Raniere tomorrow, should the media stop using her last name or photo? Should they go back into old archival posts and take her pictures down?

How about Michele Hatchette? After all, she is a Black woman who was branded as a slave. She was not a First Line Master. If she renounces Raniere a year from now, or tomorrow, should her name be removed and her pictures, where she twerks in front of the MDC, be taken offline?

What about men? Is anonymity only for women? If Jim Del Negro abandoned his Vanguard, should I remove his last name and pictures and erase the record of his participation in Nxivm for the last 18 years?

The argument could be made that the time for repudiation was a few years ago. Now, it’s too late. The battle is over.

Camila May Want to Go Public

I do not know if Camila even desires to be anonymous. She may want to go public, make a stand, tell her story. That would be courageous. Courage may cure the feeling of being a victim. Think of Kristin Keeffe, Sarah Edmondson, Bonnie Piesse, Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones, Sally Brink, and Toni Natalie. They came out long before Raniere was arrested when it was still dangerous to do.

I know the argument will be made that, unlike these brave, adult women, Camila is a child. But, as some readers seem to forget, she is not 15 anymore. She is 30 years old.

Rhiannon was 12 years old when Keith Raniere began tutoring her through sexual intercourse. She told her story and provided her picture – to stop the beast, at a time when it mattered, despite putting herself at personal risk.

Rhiannon, the 12-year-old who was repeatedly raped by Raniere, gave her photo to be published in the Albany Times Union. This was years before Raniere was arrested. So did Gina Melita who courageously used her own full name.

In the anti-Nxivm world, these women are heroines, for they helped expose the pedophile.

Maybe Camila wants her name and photo used. Maybe she is planning to write a book or make a film like India Oxenberg, whose first name only was used at trial though everyone knew who she was.

I’ve published Camila’s photo and name at least 100 times and never heard from her. Her coming out now may be more to help herself than hurt Raniere. After all, Raniere is finished. Others have done the work of taking him down.

Camila has to come out now or never. Raniere will be sentenced in 17 days. She was with him for 17 years.

Raniere’s sentence will be exactly the same whether Camila speaks out against him or not. He is going to be sentenced to life in prison or an effective life sentence for the 60-year-old man.

Camila Is Critical to the Story

Camila is too famous to erase from the history of Keith Raniere. She was, ironically, a critical part of Raniere’s takedown, though she did nothing proactive to help take him down.

In his “library”, Keith stored a hard drive with old pictures of Camila when she was 15. Somehow, he forgot to dispose of the hard drive before fleeing to Mexico.

The government found nude pictures of Camila on a hard drive stored at Raniere’s “library”. Through her sister, Daniela, through medical records, and computer experts, the feds were able to prove Camila was 15 years old at the time the photos were taken, thus making it child porn.

Once the feds found these photos of Camila and understood what they meant legally, they dropped the bombshell in court – that they found child porn on Raniere’s hard drive. This was February 2019, just months before the scheduled trial.

It caused a domino effect, knocking down Nancy Salzman’s determination to stand trial, followed by her daughter, Lauren, Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell. They all rushed to take plea deals.

Though no effort of her own, Camila’s victimhood at age 15 came to destroy Raniere. He stood trial alone, with no women to protect him, perhaps for the first time in his life.

AUSA Moira Kim Penza let the defendants know that the feds had found nude pictures of Camila and that child porn would be added to the racketeering acts.

The other valuable evidence connected to Camila, which was introduced at the trial of Raniere, were texts between her and Raniere.

The prosecutors spent hours reading them to the jury. They had little evidentiary value, in my opinion, other than to establish the probable date when Raniere first had sex with Camila, suggesting, by Camila’s texts, that she was 15 when they first had sex, which was statutory rape. Reading that section of the texts would have taken all of 15 minutes.

But they read other texts, for hours, embarrassing and disgusting texts, mainly to show what a giant asshole Raniere is, how mean and abusive; sadistic and paranoid. These are not crimes, and the prosecution knew it. They read those texts to dirty him up before the jury. It worked wonderfully well.

Maybe it should have been objected to as cumulative. I mean how many times did the jury have to hear Raniere demanding to know from Camila whose semen tasted better or whose genitals were larger, his or a man she had a brief affair with?

It was not Camila who provided those texts to the prosecution. That came from someone else, who happened to obtain them. Camila did not want those texts read in court. At the time of the trial, she was on Raniere’s side and wanted him freed and back with her.

She was an adult woman when she decided not to cooperate with the prosecution.

While we like to infantilize Camila as if she is eternally 15 years old, she is now 30 years old and an adult woman. She made many conscious adult decisions. For the two and half years since Raniere was arrested and up until this moment, she was living in Mexico, not an illegal in the US who was dependent on Raniere. She supported him for two and a half years after his arrest.  As an adult, and not under duress.

Only now is she leaving, when Raniere is cooked and she has the opportunity to make some money in the civil lawsuit and possibly get some victim restitution from federal criminal court.

She Was a Victim

This is not to diminish her abuse as a child of 15, seduced by a 45-year-old man, the leader of the group she and her family depended on for their spiritual and educational guidance. She was groomed and indoctrinated. He was abusive, lying to her that she would be the mother of his children and his virgin successor. Then he had a child with her sister. In fact, he slept with both of her sisters.

This pig surely shaped her life and taught her wrong was right and all things were good or evil only as Raniere’s thinking made them so. She had warped teenage years. While she may not have been unhappy being with Keith sexually when she was a teen, under the age of consent, most people will probably agree that at her age she was not competent to give consent to the leader of her community who was 30 years older than she.

Camila is a rape victim, and that militates against her photo or name being used. I would agree with that unequivocally if she had not participated in some of the crimes of DOS.

Before she repudiated Raniere, I argued that her name must be published because she was a leader in DOS, and DOS women recruit other women through deception. To protect other women from Camila, I published her full name and photo.

Not every girl who is raped remains with her rapist and commits crimes on his behalf when she becomes an adult. At some point, personal responsibility kicks in. At some point, Camila is responsible for staying longer than anyone else.

Of course, I understand her reluctance to renounce her Vanguard. He is the father of her sister’s child. Her sister, Marianna, as far as we know, continues to support Raniere. Her father, Hector, at last report, is still an ardent supporter of his Vanguard.


Her sister Daniela [above] left years ago and offered to help. Camila refused and cut off contact with her. Her brother, Adrian, also repudiated Raniere more than three years ago. She chose to ignore his warnings about Raniere.

Camila Was Not Just a Victim

Camila was a perpetrator too. She would have testified in Raniere’s defense had she not been at risk of being charged for her alleged criminal activities as a First-Line Master in DOS. The prosecution said that all the First-Line DOS masters were guilty of racketeering because they took collateral from women – their slaves – without telling the women – in fact deliberately lying to them – that Keith Raniere was the leader of DOS. Camila was an unindicted coconspirator with Raniere.

Camila’s Name Is Well Known

Camila is not like Nicole, Jaye or Sylvie, who had minor roles in Nxivm. I stopped using their last names or photos to show my support for them for bravely testifying in the Raniere trial. When they were needed, they came forward. Nicole, Sylvie and Jaye have a chance at being anonymous, though their testimony will be remembered.

Camila is not as fortunate. The Nxivm story is likely to get bigger. “The Vow” on HBO is only the beginning. Like it or not, Camila will not be obscure and her name unknown. She might prefer to get in front of it and tell her story in her own name, rather than hide and have others tell it.

Many people already know her last name. Her family – six members, all in Nxivm – were one of the prime sub-stories of Raniere and his world. They were, in a sense, the first family of Nxivm. Their names will not be forgotten, no more than Kristin Kreuk or Emiliano Salinas. He too renounced Raniere. But no one is suggesting his name and photo be removed.

Lauren Salzman with Emiliano Salinas at Vanguard Week. She was charged for her crimes but Emiliano was not. Should Emiliano, who now renounces Vanguard, have his photo and last name removed from Frank Report?

Yet, Emiliano never recruited any slave to be branded.

A simple online search will reveal Camila’s name outside of Frank Report. In fact, she is named, first name and last, in Wikipedia on “Nxivm.”

All of the main Nxivm members are known, and their images published.

Not only was Camila one of the eight DOS First-Line Masters – she was the first one of the masters at the top of the wheel.

On top of that, Camila never asked me to remove her image. Her sister, Daniela, asked me to remove her image and last name back in early 2016 and I did – but Daniela was part of the anti-Raniere fight long before Raniere was arrested. This was at a time when Camila was trying to recruit virgins for Keith to have sex with.

Should Her Picture Be Used?

Going forward, I may not use her picture. Or her last name. She was truly a victim, but did not want to believe she was a victim into adulthood and, as an adult, helped Raniere commit crimes.

Now, at the last moment, she realizes she is a victim. And immediately her name must be removed, her photos purged from a website that investigates and reports on Nxivm?

If I once said, as Mexican Lady says, that I would remove her picture if she repudiates Raniere, I do not recall it. That must have been some time ago, before the battle was over, at a time when it would have mattered if she came forward. Perhaps Mexican Lady will point out where I said that.

Meantime, I am considering using the painting of Camila by MK10ART. In this story and the last one, I did not use her last name, but I cannot promise this policy will continue. I would like to know what readers think.

Should we eliminate Camila’s photo? Should we use only her first name, even though it is obvious that her family’s name is a big part of the story? What do you think?

I am inclined to stop using her photo going forward but I want to hear what readers think.

MK10ART’s sketch of Camila.



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  • Hi Frank!

    Just a thought, perhaps when (if) Camila comes to NYC for KR’s sentencing, you could gift her one of the portraits that MK10ART did of her.
    A token of appreciation for being so brave and coming forward.
    (I love the Red one…..)

    I’ve read all of the text exchanges you posted between KR (I refer to him as ‘Ick’ whilst reading his name on here) & Cami and the level of prolonged abuse, mind-fuckery and threats this Small, Hairy, Little Troll heaped on that girl shakes me to the core.

    Ick’s Sentencing Memorandum was clearly written by him, cleaned up & typed by his lawyers who perhaps added the Offence Level arguments. (I bet they are SO OVER this client).

    BUT MOST GALLING was the section on “Where’s Camila”, “Why didn’t she testify” or “Write to the Court”, “Everyone knew where she was”……..Oh, would you just FUCK OFF Keith, really?

    I can fully understand that during the investigation and trial, Cami just wanted to run & hide from ALL of it.
    Disappear, try and make sense of her insane childhood (she was introduced to The Cult of Ick at age 13, I believe), try and untwist the false reality she learned during those formative years and figure out what is REAL…..can you imagine?

    Every single horse shit concept or word salad she heard from that creepy, small-penised, pathetic man-boy with serious ‘mommy issues’ was a LIE and I imagine it’s taken so very much out of Cami just trying to make sense of ANYTHING….let alone be organized & pulled together enough to testify in a US Federal Court against her captor…I totally get why she wasn’t ready for trial.

    She has the added trauma that the 2 adults who should have loved, nurtured & protected her most in this life, her PARENTS, gave her over to this abusive madness (as they did with all 4 of their kids)…..So, who can she trust now?

    And the terror of the Bronfman-Raniere-life-destroying-litigation-machine and the corrupt legal system in Mexico are pretty great reasons to lay low.
    I’m sure she’s also thought about how some of the current Mexican cult members have access to powerful people everywhere, not to mention the hardcore “heavies” running around with AK47s……“accidents” happen every day in Cartel-Ville.

    But guess what ….she’s STILL coming and is going to get one last word in before that ‘Gnome-in-a-Hair-Suit’ goes down for a long long time….and she might even get a self-portrait de boot !

    Sorry for the length of this comment, it’s my first time posting!

    We love you, Frank!

    • I like ‘Cult of Ick’. In the UK, the youth refer to a blowjob as an ‘Uck’. So, perhaps it could be ‘Cult of Uck’!

  • Cami was manipulated and molested from the time she was 15 and perhaps younger.

    She is the only DOS leader, I believe, who should be cut some slack and be given the benefit of the doubt.

    If she publicly comes out and renounces her Vanguard completely, I vote to remove her name.

    Care has to be made to make sure she is still not recruiting for Nxivm.

  • Camila tiene la opción de manifestarse en contra y eso ayudaría a los que han sido afectados y a los que incluso siguen indecisos. Yo creo que esta bien que Frank pida eso a cambio de no publicar sus fotos más intimas…. después de todo Camila sabe lo que es que alguien tenga un colateral tuyo…. o no Mexican Lady?

  • Mr. Parlato, I didn’t recall her also being a perp. In that case, use of her photo is justified, from a journalistic ethical perspective, anyway.

    • Camila was an unindicted coconspirator. She was the first DOS slave master. She lied to women to recruit them and sought underage girls for Raniere to have sex with – when she was in her upper 20s — just like Pam Cafritz did. On top of that, she raped Nicole – and participated in the sex trafficking of Nicole – when Nicole was tied to a bed blindfolded. It was Camila who assaulted her and terrified her with oral penetration.
      On the other hand, Camila was 15 when she was raped by Raniere. It is a very difficult issue.

      • Frank, your points are well stated, but having worked professionally with 15-year-old girls who were raped by their father or brother, the psychological damage to them is devastating. I would assume it is even more so with Camila as her family at that time supported Keith’s actions and even her sister has one of Keith’s children. It is hard enough for adult women to cope when raped, but a 15-year-old is just not mature enough to handle the total bull from Keith and be able to fight back, especially when she had no support to do so. Some of those who are abused go on to abuse others, that is all that has been done to them and they can’t break the cycle themselves. It would have been nice if Camila could have broken away earlier, but I think that it is great that she has advanced to confront her abuser now. A lot of times, this is the hardest step to take but starts to get her to fully understand what Keith has done to her. Yes, I hope she gets some money from this, she needs it to pay for therapy for all that she had done to her, and for what she has done to others.

        It would be interesting, going forward, if we could know when someone gets out of the organization. We can all rejoice at that fact.

        • Hi, Marden. Thank you very much for sharing this. I found it very insightful. I think we need to understand much more trauma and how it works before we can judge Camila. I really liked your perspective full of empathy and understanding. Thank you for this

    • Seguro. Pero si no pide aparecer no deberia estar ya que es victima. Es darle el mismo trato que las otras victimas donde no se pone su apellido o foto.

      • Technically, all of Raniere’s followers are his victims, because you want to give him special treatment that you are not willing to give to other Raniere followers.

  • Thanks Frank for taking the time to discuss this matter. I think it is helpful to get the audience to think more deeply about certain things. Things that maybe other journalists take a patronizing approach and define for the audience themselves. I don’t think this needs to be a democratic process. You can do what you think is right. Regardless of what the majority believes.

    But I think it is helpful to engage everyone in thinking about this matter. I like also that you redefine the interactions between journalists and audiences. I think that is what makes Frank Report very interesting and also different from other news spaces.

    Thank you for agreeing to take down her pictures.

    Nice reporting.

  • Thank you Frank for agreeing to no longer use her picture.

    Camila is helping others by talking against Rainere at sentencing. That is something that Michael Jackson’s victims never did. It takes a lot of courage to face your aggressor (someone who has been attacking you since you were a minor.)

    Will you be talking at Rainere’s sentencing Frank? I think you help to connect the dots well. I would have loved to hear you at raienre’s sentencing to help take him down. We all missed you at Claire’s sentencing.

    Camila is publicly out of nxvim and helping other by speaking at the sentencing.

    This might be the final nail that is needed in Rainier’s coffin.

    • I doubt I will be speaking at Keith’s sentencing. I have not requested to be designated as a victim. I am not a victim. A guy picked a fight with me and I beat him. That’s not being a victim.

      • Does one have to be a victim to make a statement? LOL

        Why not anyone who was attacked by Raniere and has something useful to offer? LOL

          • Then why not pretend to be a victim because of all of the money and time Raniere has cost you? LOL

            Because your macho ego won’t allow you to do it? LOL

      • I think that is a cool perspective about NOT accepting to be a victim of Keith. However, I would argue that it helps others if you speak at his sentencing. You would be doing what you preach: Help others. Imagine that everyone said that they were NOT a victim of Keith and hence nobody showed up. That would probably help keith, right?If you feel strong I think it helps the other victims to have you speak and connect the dots for everyone about who keith is.

        Probably Cami is in a similar spot as you. She might have difficulty in contacting you and saying she is a victim. I think this a very complex case

        • I won’t qualify to speak unless I fill out a victim impact statement, which I am not going to do. I am not a victim of Raniere, though he may be a victim of mine.

        • Apparently, the only person who is claiming they are not a victim and, therefore, is not going to make a statement, even though they probably know more about Raniere and NXIVM as a result of working within the organization and blogging about them for half a decade is also the only one who was never a NXIVM member, even though Raniere is the one who taught his students at a very expensive cost that there are no victims – go figure. LOL

  • It’s already out there, so I don’t think it is a big issue either way. However, if it were promised not to use it if she turned, then probably best not to.

  • Camilla is lucky she never faced prosecution for her sexual assault of Nicole. I can think of no reason that makes this OK. It is invariably the case that violent perps have experienced violence themselves and this fact is always offered as mitigating circumstances, which is fair as an explanation, but can never be an excuse.

    Many people, the majority of people, who experience violent manipulation and exploitation DO NOT go on to commit similar crimes. I’m so happy for her to have finally realised the error of nxivm’s ways. It would be even better news to understand that she recognises the error of HER OWN ways.

    She owes her victim an apology. This is the only place holding nxium to account. Replacing her photo with an artist’s impression is compassionate and fair, because we are not the same as these nxium people. She can be rightly praised for her recent actions, yet still be held accountable for her sexual assault of another woman.

    • I think you don’t understand Raniere’s philosophy – if there are no victims, how can there be any errors or crimes? LOL

      • If there are no victims, then there never will be. Then there are also no victims of wrong decisions and wrong judgement.
        Actually, one could remove the term victim from the vocabulary if the word is deprived of its true meaning. But if there are no more victims, the term perpetrator is just as meaningless, because the terms perpetrator and victim are in a context of meaning. This then means that there are no longer any perpetrators either.

        • BINGO! LOL

          That’s the utopian world Raniere created between his two ears, it just didn’t go over very well in the real world. LOL

  • I tend to side with Frank on this. Cami knows KAR is not coming back and only now, after his trial and guilty verdict, comes forward to condemn him. She may be able to make money by doing this. Has Cami or anyone considered how Nicole, KAR’s and Cami’s victim, will feel sitting in the court alongside Cami and listening to her victim statement?

  • Frank
    This guy is going to bury you, because you find him amusing. You’re probably immune, who can blame you. Someone other blog will pick up the torch.

  • This is much ado about nothing. LOL

    NOBODY should be hiding their name on this website, even people making comments, and NXIVM would have stopped being so successful had people stepped forward with their real names 20+ years ago and started a website similar to this one – act like adults and use your real name – Scott has said that for over two years to no avail. LOL

    “…most people will probably agree that at her age she was not competent to give consent to the leader of her community who was 30 years older than she.” It makes absolutely no difference what most people think because the law defines someone of age having sex with a 15 year old statutory rape. Case closed. LOL

    “…Emiliano Salinas. He too renounced Raniere. But no one is suggesting his name and photo be removed.” That’s because there is a double standard – women want to be treated as equals, but then want special treatment. LOL

  • You already ride the line with rape victims. Yes, rape by coercion and sex trafficking.
    That is the end result of Bronfman visas for women.

    Is she a perpetrator? I honestly don’t know. Comparing her to other Mexican sex trafficking victims that have unknown circumstances are not equivalent to Clare Bronfman or anyone else in the Albany compound.

    You don’t know why she stayed. You don’t know if it was willfulll blindness, opportunity, or simple escape.

    This isn’t a vote for eternity. I vote for after her statement, or after she’s safe at her home. Fwiw. I feel pretty grimey doing it.

  • Ella estaba atrapada, el monstruo la amenazaba con enviarla al manicomio en México, ella sabía que su padre le iba a hacer lo mismo que a Daniela. No tenia como escapar, por eso intentó suicidarse. Recordemos que él le negó educarse formalmente y era dueño de su vida. Y si varias veces comentaste Franck que cuando Camila renunciara a él, no publicarías su foto. Y lo que hizo en DOS, fue recibir órdenes, si desobedecía, ya sabemos cuáles eran los castigos. Camila es la gran víctima de todo esto, porque no se le enseñó a vivir en un mundo normal, no conocía otra forma de vida, estaba aislada y su familia totalmente del lado de este hombre. Merece nuestra compasión, que sepa que existe en este mundo este valor.

  • Hi Frank you mentioned you would remove her picture in this article:

    I remember it well because it was very special day for me as I was included in one of Frank Report’s articles. I marked it in my diary and have revisited this day several time in my mind. It was very special and dear for me 🌷 🌷 🌷

    I am very sad and depressed that you have forgotten about that special day :'( and that now you are not keeping your promise :'( :'( :'(

    😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 🥀🥀🥀🥀

    • Mexican Lady. You are certainly one of the best commenters on Frank Report because you always try to encourage people.

      As to the quote you referred to: “When Cami quits and offers to help others to get out, I will do the same for her that I did for Nicole and more than a dozen others.” 

      You left the last, and important part out  — “offers to help others get out.”  She has to do something to help, like Nicole and others did.

      No one whose name was removed failed to help in some way, all of them spoke with me, all of them had far less participation in DOS than Camila.  So far I do not see her helping anyone. She is at the 11th hour, 17 days before Raniere’s sentencing. If she does not condemn him now she won’t qualify for victim restitution. By speaking and becoming an adjudicated federal victim, her claims as a plaintiff in the civil lawsuit her sister and others are in, suing the Bronfmans etc., will be stronger.

      As for Raniere, he is getting a life sentence either way.

      Going forward, I probably will use the MK10ART sketch. I have already stopped using her last name. However, she is pictured in a critical government document – the first line DOS slave masters which is on the public record. That will likely be published again.

      However, since you feel so strongly about it, and only for that reason, I will probably take her picture off the prior post and replace it with MK10 ART sketch of Camila.

      • Talking against Raniere at his sentencing is helping. It is HUGE blow and huge help to take down Raniere. This is what might give Raniere LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE. It is a huge help. More than making a Book called “The Program”. This is what might mean LIFE IN PRISON.

      • She is at the 11th hour, 17 days before Raniere’s sentencing.”

        The 11th hour is correct, but it can be determined even more precisely. 2.5 years are about 912 days. 2020 is a leap year, so one day more makes 913 days. Then the 17 days correspond to 1.86% of the time since the arrest of Keith Alan Raniere and the day of the upcoming sentencing. So the exact time of Cami’s defection can be given as 11:33:13 pm. So it is quite late.

        • Who cares if it is late. As long as cami has life, she has the opportunity to act and do something. Talking at sentencing is HELPING to take Keith down. Michael Jackson’s victims never talked against him at his trial and that helped Michael Jackson to continue terrorizing boys.

          I hope to see you all at Keith’s sentencing actively helping to take Keith down. Cami is coming in from another country. Facing her aggressor. That takes courage. I missed seeing some of you at Clare’s sentencing :'(

          Hope to see you talking at Keith’s sentence 🙂

          Thank you Frank for agreeing to take down the pictures. Have a great Sunday 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Raniere has already been taken down, all that remains to be determined is how many years beyond the mandatory 15 he will be sentenced and based on Bronfman’s sentence it will probably be measured in decades. LOL

            Testifying at trial is NOT the same as making a statement at sentencing, so the Michael Jackson analogy is BS. LOL

            Besides, Cami should have switched sides LONG BEFORE the trial to meet Frank’s criteria for helping others get out of NXIVM. LOL

            Cami did far too little, far too late, she’s only in it for the civil lawsuit money. LOL

      • Thank you for saying I am one of the best. I am especially VERY happy to have beat Scoot (now LOL), Shadow, and Nice Guy 🙂

        • Mexican Lady, your civil and refined comments are welcome on a site that reports on somethings as beastly as Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman.

        • Mexican Lady,

          I only attack Scott and occasionally Shadow. If I somehow offended you or hurt your feelings, I sincerely apologize.

          I wish you well.

          • There’s something about the passionately intense way you and Scotty, and others in your schoolyard fraternity do your thing, Niceguy.

            Poetry in motion.

    • If you know the day when Frank is supposed to have written this in an article, then it is easy to research. Name the day, then I will do it for you.

      • It is already posted. One instance when Frank said he would remove the picture was on May 15th, 2020:

        Check out the article. It is a Great article BTW. Connecting the dots of [redacted] and the Boone brothers. Good investigative journalism Frank!

  • I thought media never disclosed the identity of child abuse victims out of respect.

    But there is a lot of publicity in this trial, and her identity will be known in the civil suit.

    I would honestly just ask her or her lawyer.

  • Show her picture. She is not a victim. It is possible to start out as a victim and become a perpetrator.

    If Clare Bronfman, after years of her BS, turned on Raniere to save her old wrinkly ass, would you defend her? There would probably be some deranged people saying “way to go Clare!” [redacted] Show her picture. Let people know who she is and what she did.


  • Frank: In this article you mentioned you would remove any trace of Camila on Frank Report if she renounced Rainere:

    You said: “When Cami quits and offers to help others to get out, I will do the same for her that I did for Nicole and more than a dozen others.”

    For Nicole you said you: “I removed every trace of her [Nicole] from previous Frank Report posts. And during the trial and afterward, I have only referred to her by her first name, the same condition that was imposed on the attorneys at the trial.”

    Why is removing Camila’s picture even being asked and polled? Why does Nicole and Laura Junco’s Daughter get to have the anonymity but Camila does not?

    Why is it OK to not keep your word that you would remove her information once she quits and is even actively fighting Rainere?

    • Mexican Lady — Rosa Laura Junco’s daughter never raped [or sex trafficked] Nicole, or tried to find underage virgins for Raniere. She also was not one of the top eight slave masters in DOS. Camila was. As I said before, Camila has to do more than quit. She has to do something to help others. I have seen no evidence of that.

  • It’s not whether it is right or wrong to remove her photo.. You said you would do it. A journalist’s credibility is your most sacred attribute. Think of what sources will stay away from you now? You have to do it Frank.

    • I did not say I would remove her photo, based on what Camila has done to date. The second condition of my quote has been conveniently ignored. I wrote, “When Cami quits and offers to help others to get out, I will do the same for her that I did for Nicole and more than a dozen others.” So far I have seen nothing other than the fact that she is going to condemn Raniere at his sentencing so, I presume, she can be adjudicated as a federal victim and be in line for possible restitution plus bolster her civil claims against Raniere and the Bronfmans. Still, I probably won’t use her photos going forward.

      However, I do not see her as all victim – not by any means.

      • I can’t spoon-feed you ethics and I definitely don’t have the laborious patience it would take.

        I think this is shameful

        • Camila is both a perp and a victim. She was raped as a child but as an adult she raped Nicole and sought underage virgins for Raniere. That is shameful. Being raped as a child does not grant a woman a free pass to commit acts of sexual misconduct as an adult, regardless of the influence of any man.

          It is odd that you are so interested in protecting her anonymity without debate on the merits, and doing it anonymously too. You end your discussion by simply proclaiming yourself superior in ethics so much so that you could teach it, but you lack the patience. You remind me a little of an ethicist I once knew.

          If you have a morally superior view, or think you do, state it. Otherwise you are just hamming it up, as a troll and you should, of course, be ignored.

          • I think Mexican Lady is a plant, pretending to be sugary sweet to get on your good side, Frank. LOL

            She is using you just like the African guys are using your friend. LOL

            Others who are promoting taking down Cami’s picture anonymously are also Raniere/NXIVM followers. LOL

          • Scott: you are jealous because I am starting to win in the Frank Report Audience Ranking. I think it was a bad idea to use an anonymous account. You are losing all the ranking you had in Frank Report and new people like me will take advantage to win, to beat you.

            This has been a great day. I have marked it my diary and will be happily revisiting this day, every day 🙂

          • I’m not jealous of anyone on this website, especially you. LOL

            There are no rankings. LOL

            YOU use an anonymous account, is that a bad idea as well? LOL

            This isn’t about winning anything except educating people about Amway and other MLM scams, such as NXIVM. LOL

          • To Mexican Lady

            —I’m not jealous of anyone on this website, especially you. LOL

            Says, Scott, the guy who was jealous of Frank communicating with Bangkok.

            Scott called Bangkok “the teacher’s pet” when he had a jealous tantrum. Scott doesn’t want anyone to communicate with Frank.

            Keep it going, Mexican Lady.

            Soon you will be making Scott cry. 😉

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