Weareasyou Posts Videos, Then Suddenly Take Them Down — Does Raniere Have Other Motives by Encouraging Nightly Dancers at MDC?

Nicki Clyne dances in front of a sign seemingly directed to keith Raniere.
Frank Report revealed that Keith Raniere and Nicki Clyne might be communicating by Morse code during the nightly dance protests, called weareasyou,
Juan Alberto Vazquez, reporting for Milenio, wrote: “To alert his followers that he is already watching them from his window, Raniere hits a railing in his cell, at which point Clyne activates her lamp. She turned it on and off indiscriminately in the presence of this reporter, sending messages in Morse code.”
If they are communicating with Raniere, prison authorities may be aware and monitoring communications between his slave, Nicki Clyne, and prisoner Raniere.
Frank Report correspondent and frequent commenter, Shadow State, told me that he noticed in last night’s videos of the MDC dancing, organized by DOS slaves Nicki Clyne, Dr. Danielle Roberts and Michele Hatchette, that there were two videos posted on their weareasyou Instagram page.
Shadow wrote, “An introductory three-minute video and a second 36-minute video. The second video seemed to focus on one particular window with a flashing light. If they are sending messages via Morse code, once they knew the message was received and recorded they would want it deleted so no one could ‘happen’ upon it and receive the message. The dance ended at 9 PM EST. The videos were posted within minutes. By 11 PM, both videos were removed.”
This is not the first time this has happened. Videos are regularly posted by weareasyou, then taken down within hours. [It is also possible that they have devised another code other than Morse – or a modified Morse code, one which only Raniere and his followers know, in order to avoid detection.]
Or maybe it is purely innocent and they are just dancing for all the prisoners, the forgotten ones at MDC, as they claim.
Still, what is the reason that weareasyou posts videos, keeps them up for a short time, then takes them down?
Last night, these two videos were posted.
Within hours, when anyone clicked on the videos they saw this:
Frank Report was first to report the existence of the weareasyou dance protests at MDC and that the group, ostensibly protesting conditions at MDC and trying to bring cheer for prisoners there, was really a front group led by Nxivm members.
So the group of dancers is getting more than their fair share of publicity for their ostensible cause and a good deal of unwanted publicity for Raniere as well.
Recent photo of dancer for weareasyou


Another photo of dancer for weareasyou outside MDC
An email came in that gives some food for thought.  Does Raniere have an entirely different motive for having his followers pretending to be dancing for the plight of prisoners at MDC?
Here is the email:
Frank, as the girls and dancing boys dance in the streets outside the detention facility, it begs the question, WHY ???

1. Immediate Visual Reward to Keith Alan Raniere [KAR].

2. Demonstration of KAR’s influence and greatness to “jail bosses” and correctional officers ( COs) He has dancing girls/boys.

3. Allows COs [correctional officers] to contact girls: Contact and method; Instagram, Twitter, email, and phone # – were on signs in background.

Allows KAR method of establishing a currency: Girls, Boys, and money if the heiresses still have any.

Do you think KAR would have his follower bang COs for his greater good?

I think the girls are committed enough.

I see this dance thing as just another marketing ploy. To corrupt the correctional facility.

Just a thought.

[Name redacted]
To answer your questions. I have no doubt that the slave women would do anything for Raniere, including having sex with anyone he commanded them to seduce. This would be called a seduction assignment in DOS terminology.
Would Raniere cut a deal with Corrections Officers to offer up his women for their pleasure and his gain? Absolutely.  Would COs at MDC bite on this bait? COs at MDC have notoriously gone to prison for banging prisoners and sex trafficking.
This might, in fact,  be a form of sex trafficking – under the guise of some kind of righteous protest. On the other hand, it would seem that Raniere could cut these deals with less fanfare than having nightly dancers in front of the MDC.  It may be his way of impressing other inmates and COs as you suggest.
Still, he may have no other way of communicating with Clyne and others on the outside. It might be his way of commanding his cult. He has had two cell phones confiscated by COs [maybe soon they will let him keep one].  His landline prison phone calls are subject to monitoring and his mail and email are also subject to monitoring [His communications with his attorneys are not supposed to be monitored but MDC  has been known to break those rules].
This elaborate dance event might be a genuine outpouring of affection by his slaves for his incarceration or it might be – and this is just like Keith – his genius way of communicating with his slaves and followers and keeping them busy in his service.
When he was a free man, running his cult, it was his goal to keep his followers busy – often with unimportant work, which he led them to believe was work of the utmost importance.
I suspect, as time goes on, we will uncover what this dance protest in front of MDC nightly, led by his slaves, is really about.
One thing is almost certain: The ostensible reason – the protesting of conditions and the bringing of cheer to other detainees at MDC – has little or nothing to do with the reason that Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette, Eduardo Asonsolo and Suneel Chakravorty are out there nightly dancing, filming and flashing lights, and watching one particular window in the prison.

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  • Excerpt from the “Press Release.”

    “For example, because of the prejudice in the media against Keith Raniere and his friends, individuals armed with hate and lies are trying to hijack this peaceful movement and make it into something it’s not.
    Keith was promptly punished for writing an email about how wonderful it was to see his friends connecting with and recognizing the men inside. Keenly aware of the dire need for humanity inside, Keith encouraged the movement to expand, with the hope that anyone with friends or family who are incarcerated could gather and dance like this at facilities across the country. Although Keith was moved so he could no longer witness the dancing, his friends and others continue to show up because this is about restoring humanity to the people inside and bringing joy to the forgotten ones. For this reason, the show must go on, and the punishments that run rampant within our prison system must be seen and addressed. “

  • I caught an 8-minute video last night that featured Michele Hatchette as the announcer and Nicki as the dancer.
    “Go Nicki, Go Nicki!”
    It also had Dr. Danielle Roberts wearing some type of frizzy hairdo.

    Michelle Hatchette said that she plays flashlight tag with her “friend” in the MDC without mentioning that her friend is Raniere.
    Michelle also said that Dr. Roberts, who drives a black Audi, drives several hours a few times a week to get there and dance.

    Alas, the video was quickly deleted as was another video.

  • I can’t believe none of you CIA analysts on here haven’t figured out that this Morse code thing is all a Mossad black op conjured by Ghislaine Maxwell’s suiciders as a distraction…they’re planning to blame Raniere for coaxing Maxwell into it when she’s found paper cut to death from her paper dress with Raniere’s monogram -the KAR – carved on her puss. But Raniere’s already way ahead of them setting Cline, Roberts and Hatchet up to claim they’re hypnotizing Maxwell in Morse code and we all know about Maxwell’s weakness for tiny twats — Raniere will claim the sluts seduced Maxwell throwing their jiggly cunts up at her window driving poor Maxwell to madness. They may wait until Allison Mack is in custody at MDC to prove it was Mack all along who masterminded the entire evil Mossad plot and we all know who at what’s REALLY behind it. Right, Gibson?

  • “Lawsuit: NXIVM leader recruited Asian women, sorority members for sex”


    Presumably, the head of “One Asian” in this article is Olivia Cheng, the unattractive Chinese “actress”.

    “One of the plaintiffs, a Canadian woman chosen to lead One Asian, was required to call Raniere daily and frequently summoned to meet with him in the Albany area at meetings that did not start until 1 a.m. and lasted hours, the lawsuit said.

    When she arrived in Albany, he greeted her with kisses on the lips, held her hand and pressured her to move to the Capital Region so they could have a romantic relationship, the court document stated.

    The lawsuit also said Raniere’s acolytes pressured the woman. Clare Bronfman allegedly told the woman that her biggest obstacle in life was having “too many options.” Moving to Albany to work more closely with Raniere, Bronfman suggested, would help her focus on her growth.

    During one meeting, the woman stayed at Mack’s home in the Knox Woods townhouse development. Mack told the woman that sex was “no big deal” and that it was “just like playing tennis,” the lawsuit also noted.

    The lawsuit said the pressure to move to Albany became “overwhelming” for the woman, who decided she could no longer meet with Raniere and his inner circle. She left organization six months later, around the same time One Asian ceased operations.“

    When was this?

    So, is this Olivia Cheng? Is she taking part in a lawsuit against VanCunt? If so, while he is a cunt, these people knew what they were a part of.

    Also, NXIVM virtue signaller/coward/smell the fart actress Kristin Kreuk was apparently asked to front this “One Asian”.

  • Kim Snyder
    What’s going to happen when Keith is sentenced and sentenced away for good- and NO ONE can get to him- and he has NO contact with the “outside world”?
    What’s going to happen when Keith is locked up and the other inmates find out what he has done to all of those young women? What then? Will he still be “falsely worshipped”? This guy is NO saint or god. He is Satan himself.
    Keith raped and killed my only sister- and I still have NO answers. There are people out there, that know the truth, but I still have NO answers.
    Vanguard RAPED and KILLED my ONLY sister- and you have people dancing and adoring him- sick!!!!!!!!!!! Keith and his minions are going away- maybe eventually they will talk. I have to hope anyway.
    If any one knows anything- about what happened to my sister, Kris- please contact Frank or myself.

  • That photo of the person with 97.1 board might be suggesting that fm radio signals are involved. Perhaps on even a different range if not that one. All that dancing takes the eye away would it not? I assume they allow radios in prisons these days.

    • I believe there is a low power radio station at 97.1 that plays music for the inmates.
      Like the low power radio stations that high schools and colleges have for their students (their inmates).
      And the signal can be heard on the street.
      But maybe Pea Onyu can clarify that for us.

      • 97.1 is a commercial hip-hop oriented radio station in NYC. See: https://tunein.com/hot97/

        Inmates at MDC are allowed to buy radios and listen to whatever stations can be picked up inside the prison. Those same radios are necessary in order to listen to the audio portion of television broadcasts in MDC. Different TVs broadcast on different radio frequencies but without a radio, prisoners won’t hear the audio.

  • NiceGuy is the first person to make the observation that Morse Code was being used!!! Nice Guy was scoffed at!!!!!!

    Where is NiceGuy’s recognition?
    First, there was fake skin.
    Second, there is skin hoarding
    Third, Shadow stole Nice Guy’s credit.

    • I’m not sure who this Nice Guy is who you speak of. But you seem like a nice chap, PeeCock. Are you any relation to BangCock?

  • Nicki Clyne quickly removes the videos for the same reason that the daughter of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz removed this Tweet after the Minneapolis riot really started to give the city a red hot time.

    Nicki is up to her usual tricks and Hope Walz seems to be cut from the same cloth as Nicki.
    They are trying to hide their complicity in some dicey activities.

    Nicki’s dances and light shows are scheduled to start around 8 PM Eastern time.
    After about an hour they are over.
    A video of anywhere from 30 to 36 minutes is posted.
    That video focuses on the flashing lights of the MDC often stopping at a particular window.
    Around 11 PM Eastern time the video is taken down before some viewer who knows Morse Code can decipher the meaning of the flashing light.
    The light show is only for Nicki and her Vanguard.

    Sadly I do not know Morse Code as I am not the world’s third smartest man.

    Nicki’s trick reminds me of the Sherlock Holmes story “The Adventure of the Dancing Men” where a criminal leaves a message for his confederate in a pictogram of dancing men substituting for the alphabet.

    The Adventure of the Dancing Men

    Maybe the Sherlock Holmes story should be updated and given a new title:
    “The Adventure of the Dancing Nickis.”

  • Isn’t the dancing cruel and unusual punishment? LOL

    After all, dangling their booties in front of jailed men and women sounds like teasing, quite cruel and unusual to me. LOL

    I don’t think Raniere has much of a plan of consequence – after all, his planning thus far has resulted with him in jail/prison for a minimum 15 years and probably much longer. LOL

  • I’m not convinced that they are doing anything useful with Morse. It takes a lot of practice to send and receive messages at any speed. I’ve been sending and receiving Morse by radio for years, and my best speed on a good day, is 37 words per minute. That’s with an expensive iambic key when I’ve been practicing regularly.

    With a flashlight and no training, I’d be surprised if they could manage a word a minute.

    Here’s an example of 20 words a minute:


    I don’t think that the switch on a flashlight could keep up with anything more than a word a minute, even if the sender and receiver were trying hard.

  • I had a little free time last night at the right time and managed to catch both of these videos. Well, most of them. The second one was excruciating, but I managed to get through it without fast-forwarding too much. Nicki was not featured much at all. There were some lights flashing from some windows, and the camera did seem to focus on one, as shadowstate noted. I didn’t notice any morse code, though. Just on/off flashes and then also it moving in patterns, like circles, half circles, side-to-side, etc. From what I saw, the video first focused on another protest group that was there, and We Are As You not wanting to interfere. The other part of the video focused mostly on Michelle going to the other side of the MDC building that hasn’t been exposed to the dancers yet. She did not seem at all dedicated. She almost seemed annoyed that she was there. She attempted to put up the phone number sign, but her and the soft-hander who was filming couldn’t summons enough brain cells to figure out how to stabilize it in the wind and gave up after not much effort. Her dancing was half-hearted at best, and she didn’t bring anything to amplify the music or any lights to make herself visible. When a couple of other dudes showed up, she left that side of the building. After that, it was back to the main side and some more boring, half-hearted dance moves and that was it. I did see the NY Post picked this up. Wonder how long this will last now.

    • Excruciating is right, man it’s tough to watch. These are the same nitwits that are producing the documentary. I don’t have high hopes for it lol.

    • Morse Code is becoming a lost art.
      Until recently, one needed knowledge of Morse Code to get a radio operator’s license from the FCC.
      That requirement was dropped a few years ago.

      • The value of morse, (CW) is that it takes up very little bandwidth, needs very little output power, and cuts through interference much better than any voice mode. It’s very useful when nothing else works. I seriously doubt that Raniere would be capable of developing any proficiency in it. But then again, he isn’t very good at anything…

  • If you watch the nightly video, the cameraman spends an inordinate amount of time fixated on the building instead of the dancers. The dancers are the action, why would anyone care about the building? It is because he is waiting to record a message from Keith and isn’t exactly sure when it will come. Makes sense. Or, the cameraman could also just be a moron. But most likely, both are true.

    Also, I’d be suspicious of the 97.1 radio station. They said they use 97.1 because it’s the only station that can be listened to in the prison, so they dance along outside. But why have a sign up then? I have no doubt that Nxivm could have paid a DJ or gotten their hands on someone there somehow and they are sending secret messages via the airwaves. Deserves some looking into.

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