Great New Sketches of Nxivm Demons by MK10ART – With Commentary From Nicki Clyne to Mark Hildreth

MK10ART Zombie Raniere

Frank Report is happy to announce that we have more extraordinary artwork from MK10ART.

You can see many of her outstanding paintings and sketches on her Instagram page.

As usual, when I present MK10ART’s work, I publish the art, then the comments she puts with the art, which is oftentimes taken from the stories in Frank Report, then finally – following the marks ****  I make my own comments, where applicable.

All of the artwork below is the work of MK10ART

Lauren Salzman

Lauren Salzman was constantly competing with other women for Vanguard’s attention and approval. “#Nxivm #KeithRaniere kept his acolytes in a tower of flowery but paranoid babble, fully injected with peer pressure, with members of the group pretending to trust him and each other, when essentially and realistically, no one could ever really trust anyone else for long, as they kept jockeying with one another to be amongst Raniere’s most favored.” Read more


Shivani really does a nice job of bringing readers cutting insights into the demented world of Nxivm. Lauren shows us how harem women behave, fighting and vying with each other, trying to get the upper hand.  I don’t think life in a harem is very nice or practical, but Lauren was fully ready to accept it, provided she could be at the top of the women and have his children.


Actress and former #Nxivm coach #KristinKreuk was brought into the cult by her erstwhile boyfriend #MarkHildreth.

“One source told Frank Report that Hildreth did not recruit Kreuk but that they both joined together when the two were dating. Because he has never made a public statement, it is not known if Hildreth is still a member or if he has left Nxivm.”

They were both high-level coaches earning orange sash (him). Mark Hildreth – Orange Sash by 2011. Jness senior trainer/mentor. Co-leader of The Source. Recruited Kreuk, Nicole, others.

Recorded online videos with/for Raniere. Stayed until reportedly cuckolded 2016-7. (#AllisonMack and #NickiClyne were also the same level: Orange Sash)

Kristen Kreuk – Yellow Sash 2 Stripes. Recruited by Hildreth, recruited Voth. Co-founded GBD abortive recruiting effort, turned down OneAsian. “Resignation” after 2012 expose’, later coached twice around 2015/16 before finally cutting ties†. Read more at
Kristin and Mark also made a Youtube video discussing a documentary they were co-producing about combat veterans. (The title is in Spanish but the video is English)


I have a new source, who I am vetting just now, who has told me some stories about Kristin Kreuk’s role in Nxivm that supports all of our worst suspicions about her and Girls By Design. It has to be vetted but Kreuk defenders such as Sultan of Six might be on alert for if and when this story comes out, Sultan especially will have to be ready to defend his lady fair.

As for the cuckolding of Mark Hildreth, the woman in question is none other than Nicole, the woman who testified in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere, that she was tied to a table and blindfolded while a stranger performed oral sex on her, as Raniere walked about the table commenting on her body and asking her questions about sex.

Is it fair to say Mark was cuckolded? Possibly not. He was quite a swinging guy himself and Raniere snatching one of his numerous women away may not have been the reason for his quietly leaving. In fairness to Mark, I think he was aghast at the branding and blackmail piece of it and left Nxivm because of it. Let us have some sympathy for that. He had given 12 years of his life to this thing – and then he found out it was rotten, his master or teacher, Raniere, was rotten to the core.


Former #Nxivm leader #keithraniere admits he has had people killed because of his beliefs, their beliefs and what he has said to them. (see videoing previous post and a better quality video on YouTube #nickiclyne #laurensalzman #nancysalzman #frankparlato #kristinsnyder #kristinkreuk #gracepark
You can watch full video of #KeithAlanRaniere
Confession on YouTube (at 6:52)


Readers know that Keith made this extraordinary confession in April 2009 in front of Barbara Bouchey and KimWoolhousee. Susan Dones’ camera was used to film the interview.

Did Raniere ever have anyone killed?  That is a question that remains unanswered. One day, I hope we get the answers.


Thanks to a letter filed with the court by #Nxivm #ClareBronfman attorney seeking a postponement of Clare’s sentencing, we learn there are 198 pages of victim impact statements in her Pre-Sentencing Report. Clare and her sister #SaraBronfman were the heiresses who financially supported the crimes of #KeithRaniere. If we hazard a guess and say the average victim impact statement is two pages, that means there are 99 people who saw fit to write the court to declare that Clare Bronfman made them into victims. The nearly 100 victims – who came out of the woodwork – had a hand no doubt in influencing the new sentencing guidelines estimates. Almost 100 victims, think of that. Read more at

#allisonmakc #nickiclyne #laurensalzman #nancysalzman #KristinKreuk #jness #nxivmcult #crime #emilianosalinas #rosalaurajunco


The sketch captures the villainy of Clare Bronfman perfectly. The heiress is facing sentencing on April 23 and it seems likely that she will be immediately incarcerated that day, thus preventing any chance of her fleeing the country after she learns that her sentence is probably a lot longer than she had expected when she made her plea deal.

At the time she made her plea deal, the DOJ estimated that she would be in the 21-27 months sentencing guidelines range. Then the DOJ went out and found as many victims as they could to crater that deal and get her sentencing guidelines bumped up.

Fair is fair, however. Though the DOJ seems to have acted in bad faith, they made no promises to Clare. And the judge warned her that the sentencing guidelines are just that – guidelines – he can sentence her to anything he damn well pleases from zero to 25 years.

With a plea deal like that, one wonders why Clare needed such an expensive attorney as Marc Geragos, one of the highest paid attorneys in the USA.

A public defender could have done just as well or better.

She will likely be getting a 4 -7 year sentence. And she may also be facing more charges which might mean that long before she gets out of prison, she will be tried again [or maybe take another plea deal] and this little lady, who used her vast fortune to prey on Raniere’s enemies, and drive people into trauma, may be behind bars for a decade or longer.


The lawsuit seeks compensation from NXIVM founder Keith Raniere and members of his “Inner Circle,” including heiresses Clare Bronfman and Sara Bronfman and actresses Alison Mack and Nicki Clyne, for fraud, forced labor, human trafficking and for conducting unlawful medical experiments.


MK10ART is referring to Neil Glazer’s civil lawsuit with its 80 plaintiffs. The sketch is based on one of Keith Raniere’s Conversation series, a filmed series, with Allison Mack and other followers in one on one settings.

The setting was Nancy Salzman’s home and in this sketch, MK10ART captures Allison, who is so affected by Keith’s sublime word salad, that she becomes teary eyed.

Allison is one sad case. She started out in Executive Success Programs as a star and wound up as a felon.


leader #NancySalzman (depicted in drawing) told a student that the reason the student contracted breast cancer was her own fault. She was just seeking attention from her husband.


The bananas on the outside of the sketch indicate that the woman is nuts or rather bananas. The other woman is Nancy’s daughter Michelle and the expression on both of their faces is anything but innocent.

Ironically, shortly after Nancy told Sally that her breast cancer was caused by her seeking attention from her husband, Nancy got breast cancer herself.

So who was she seeking attention from?

Keith Alan Raniere is now set to be sentenced on April 16.


It is true. We will probably know Keith’s fate on April 16th. But it does not take much prescience to know that he will be gone for a long time. He is 59, and will get a minimum of 15 years and probably much longer than the minimum.

For those who wait – especially those who have long waited for his blessed sperm, for their avatar babies, things are looking grim.


Judge Sets Deadline for Speakers at Clare Bronfman Sentencing – If You Want to Speak on Her Behalf, Openings Are Available!

Judge Sets Deadline for Speakers at Clare Bronfman Sentencing – If You Want to Speak on Her Behalf, Openings Are Available!

Keith Alan Raniere is now set to be sentenced on April 16.  Clare Bronfman will be sentenced April 23rd 2020.


There are no known pictures of the two prettiest sadists in Nxivm – Keith Alan Raniere and Clare Webb Bronfman. So feast your eyes on the sketch above and imagine what it was like in real life.


During questioning in the #Nxivm trial, #LaurenSalzmen testified about the brand that was burned into the women’s pubic regions:

“Q Was #NickiClyne interviewed by the reporter, to your knowledge?

A Either she was or she believed she was going to be and we had discussions and made preparations for that.

Q Did she ask you for anything before she met with the reporter?

A She did. She — she asked — she thought that it would be a good idea to have a visual representation of the brand and to show how each of the lines of the brand could legitimately represent the alternate story that we were laying out, which was the seven chakras, the four elements, Bar Alpha Mu, and there was another thing about triangles descending and ascending triangles and lines. And so I — I agreed to do — to draw this out and I grafted, I drew it on the graph paper where I just reproduced the brand each time in its entirety but highlighting the element that I was referring to and how it was each of the things, each of –what it represented, the seven chakra or the four element or the Bar Alpha Mu. I highlighted how you could see — each of those could be interrupted from the brand.” *** Q And this concept that the Bar Alpha Mu could be an explanation for the brand, who gave you that idea?

A Keith.”


MK10ART is an expert at getting the demented look in the eye of  her subjects. Look at Nciki – this is the real Nicki, truer in this sketch than any photo I have ever seen.

We have to remember, much as we may like Nicki, and as often as she appears in photographs as smiling and seemingly sane, she is of course, demented.

This sketch helps us remember that and that the little lady sports a brand on her public region with the initials of Keith Alan Raniere and that she was ready to interview with the NY Times and tell the world the brand represented the 7 chakras.

Esther Chiappone Carlson comes to visit Albany NY from her home in Alaska to learn from #Nxivm leader #KeithRaniere. Keith begins to sleep with her.

He promises her a monogamous relationship. She leaves her husband, breaks up her family, and relocates to Albany. After she does, she finds out that she is just another member of his harem. She is upset but decides to remain and spend her life teaching the truth of Keith Raniere.

When she teaches an intensive in Alaska, a distraught #KristinSnyder claims Keith had sex with her. Esther tells her and the class that Kristin is just seeking attention. Everybody knows Keith is a celibate.” Soon after Kristin Snyder disappears and is never seen again.


If there is anything hateful about Esther, it is how she lied to Kristin Snyder. Esther had sex with Raniere. She knew he was a liar and a cheat. He had misled her into coming to Albany on the promise of a monogamous relation moving them thousands of miles away from their father.

Yet when Kristin Snyder says she is pregnant with Keith’s child. Esther tells her that Keith is a celibate, she is imagining that they had sex and in effect gaslights hers.  Esther more than anyone led the charge to gaslight Kristin Snyder.


Pam Cafritz is told she has the body type to win the Olympic mile. She starts practicing and does so for years.

She never gets anywhere near the record but #Nxivm leader #keithraniere tells her if she cures her disintegrations, she will run faster. Only she needs to maintain an 800-calorie-per-day diet and not sleep more than 4 hours per night. She is always tired and food-deprived and her speed gets worse, not better.

Raniere tells her it has to get worse before it gets better. She believes him.

When Raniere wanted to rape a 12-year-old girl, he told Pam to invite her over to walk her dog so he could be closer to her. Pam does and Keith rapes the little girl. Pam is truly happy for the lucky little girl.

Years of poor diet, little sleep and possibly poison, however, cause Pam’s kidneys to fail. She gets renal cancer. Keith tells the others that if only she had listened to him, this would not have happened. She did not practice running enough. She ate too much. Slept too much.

She is blamed for her cancer. She is told to make out a will in Keith’s favor so her greedy mother and brother won’t grab her estate.

At the same time, she is told she will be healed if she drinks a milky white substance Keith mixed for her. She is removed from the hospital by Keith and company, they dropped her along the way on the ground with a thud.

When she died, or just before it, Keith has her put in a bathtub of ice. He wants her in a cryogenic tomb. He is working on a cure for death, which he is close to perfecting and he will bring her back to life. His close followers are in awe of his greatness.”


Pam Cafritz ended up like many of Raniere’s followers, with nothing but pain and sorrow in the end. But it does not seem that she ever repudiated Keith. She went to her grave as his supporter. He lost a lot when Pam died too.

She had been his main pimp and could get him young women and girls without all the fuss of branding and blackmail.

Allison Mack was a poor replacement for Pam Cafritz.


#Nxivm #KeithRaniere recruited teenybopper starlets #allisonmack #nickiclyne and #kristinkreuk to help lure in young girls into the sex cult as well as to give Nxivm a celebrity status.

But Nxivm ‘star power’ proved to be barely a flicker compared to the solar power of the legendary beauty + regal Hollywood star #CatherineOxenberg. When Catherine decided to take to the airwaves, Nxivm was history. Most Americans became aware of the sinister cult only after Catherine broke the news. While she didn’t do it alone, Catherine was pivotal in taking down the international sex cult as she fought to win her daughter back.

She wrote a book about it titled ‘Captive.’ Keith Raniere’s ex-girlfriend #ToniNatale (depicted in picture to the left of Catherine Oxenberg) tried to capture Catherine’s style, writing her own book, however, Toni’s book was exposed to be full of lies on


Toni Natalie did seem to try to hitch on to Catherine’s star and both women wrote memoirs. Toni’s memoir sadly had quite a few embellishments in it, which Frank Report took the time to point out.


Some followers of #Nxivm leader #keithraniere refuse to accept the fact that he will spend the rest of his life in prison. One example is the brainwashed devotee who goes by the moniker ‘Monte blu’ (#nickiclyne) who wrote about Raniere’s insane ideas.

Monte Blu: When Vanguard Mentors, It Is Not Rape


This is certainly one of the best artistic renditions of Keith. It is what he looks like from the inside and in a hellhole like MDC where he is staying, it may be an accurate representation of the deterioration of his health.


#nxivm supporter #sarabronfman and her husband #BasitIgtet fled to Portugal.”Sara – along with her husband, Basit, and two young daughters – have suddenly left France and now are in Portugal. She left behind her new mansion, her hotel resort, Domaine Des Andeols, and her Rainbow School, which she called the Campus Beyond School.
The Vaucluse [Education Department] closed down the school. A video created by journalist L’Heure De Se Réveiller helped shutter the school. ”
Watch Video here


Yes, Sara and Basit are gone from France and they forgot nothing but to say goodbye to creditors. Although Sara left behind her recently-completed mansion and several other properties, the hotel she and Basit operated was leased and the lease apparently is up.

It seems likely they will not renew and thus ending their glorious foray into the hotel business.

It is just one more of a long list of failed businesses for the heiress.

However, she may have more to worry about. Her flight from France may have something to do with ongoing FBI investigation into her criminal activities when she was the main financier of Nxivm. She is in Portugal and her plans seem to be uncertain.


Someone knows what happened to #kristinsnyder. It is time to say something. What do you say #ElaineSmiloff [Name Redacted] #NancySalzman #EstherChiappone #EstherCarlsonChiappone #nxivm #keithraniere #LaurenSalzman #ClareBronfman
We know you know.


One day, it is hoped, we will find out for certain what happened to Kristin Snyder. I believe there are people who know, including Esther Chiappone.



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  • Hopefully your “vetting” consists of more than just asking the person to provide a selfie while holding a piece of paper with their name written on it. LOL

    Did the person with the “nude images and videos” ever respond to your questions? You say you know “Jane’s” real name and what she looks like. Did you ever bother to actually verify that “Jane” really did anything with GBD and what it was? Last year you admitted that Jane wasn’t a teen when she claimed to work for GBD and that she was never introduced to Keith or sexually exploited so I just hope you aren’t being used to spread more rumors yet again. Thanks to you, many people mistakenly believe Allison’s initials are part of the DOS brand.

    • The issue of Allison’s initials being part of the brand remains unsettled. It is possible that Keith had the default position that Allison Mack’s initials were on the brand, especially of Sarah’s brand, the one who went public.

      • Well if it remains “unsettled” like you claim, that just shows that you went out there spreading shit about Allison without actually knowing definitely and the statement above is justified. Why don’t you man up. Take responsibility for your actions and admit that you jumped to conclusions prematurely going around giving quotes to the Post and elsewhere acting like it was a fact.

  • MK10ART, you’ve done it again. Your Nxivm portraits should be published in a coffee table book. I’d be first in line to buy one.

  • Leave Kristin alone!!! All of you who are getting overly excited and talking about whether someone masturbates to Kristin need to get over yourselves. Any man who says he has never masturbated is just lying and doesn’t want to admit to it. It is a natural thing and who cares if someone finds Kristin to be attractive and masturbates to her

      • mean, Scotty, mean…but true.

        In 2004, young (and very masterbatable) Kristin did a movie called Eurotrip, where she cheated on her HS BF named Scotty, then she and Matt Damon sang about all the nasty dirty sex she did with Damon in a song called Scotty Don’t Know.

        You should use it as the theme song on your radio show.

        • At least spell the word right, mastUrbatable. I never heard of the movie. However, it looks to be a bit above Kristin Crook(ed)’s intellectual talent: The problem with the song being the theme song on my radio show, besides being totally disgusting and I doubt would be politically correct today, is I DO know, I know more than anybody on the planet about Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

          • Scotty, you are missing the chance to broaden your audience and bring in the incels and horney old men. Using “Scotty Don’t Know” as your theme song would show how hip you are and so ironic, because you DO know all about Amway. LOL
            I’m sure anyone who watches Kreuk (never so filthy) singing and dancing with Matt Damon would agree:
            Scotty doesn’t know that Fiona and me
            Do it in my van every Sunday
            She tells him she’s in church but
            She doesn’t go
            Still she’s on her knees and
            Scotty doesn’t know
            (So don’t tell Scotty!)

            Fiona says she’s out shoppin’
            But she’s under me
            And I’m not stoppin’ ’cause
            Scotty doesn’t know
            So don’t tell Scotty
            Scotty doesn’t know ph
            (Don’t tell Scotty!)

            I can’t believe he’s so trustin’
            While I’m right behind you thrustin’
            Fiona’s got him on the phone
            And she’s tryin’ not to moan
            It’s a three way call
            And he knows nothin’, nothin’
            Don’t tell Scotty ’cause
            Scotty doesn’t know
            So don’t tell Scotty

            We’ll put on a show
            Everyone’ll go
            Scotty doesn’t know oh
            The parking lot, why not
            It’s so cool when you’re on top
            His front lawn, in the snow
            Life is so hard ’cause
            Scotty doesn’t know

            Scotty doesn’t know
            I did her on his birthday
            Scotty doesn’t know
            Don’t tell scotty
            Scotty doesn’t know oh
            Scotty will know
            Scotty doesn’t know
            Scotty’s gotta know
            I’m gonna tell Scotty
            Gonna tell him myself
            Scotty has to know
            Scotty doesn’t know (Don’t Tell Scotty!)
            Source: LyricFind
            Songwriters: Bruce Fulford / Christopher Graham Baird / Jason Adams / Nicholas Cloutman
            Scotty Doesn’t Know lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

  • This developing and disturbing story was linked in the FR 10 months ago. Shows that even girls at a top college can be susceptible to Nx-type sexual manipulation.

    todays developments:

    Original FR story/post: April 29, 2019 at 1:05 am
    Off topic…but interesting NXIVM-like cult: “A 59 year-old New York con man became the ringleader of a NXIVM-like cult at Sarah Lawrence College — brainwashing his daughter and her friends into following his so-called teachings, while taking advantage of them sexually and emotionally.” from NY Mag and NY Post.

    • This is like a mini-Nxivm, with sex slavery, sleep deprivation, starving, false confessions, blackmail, even millions lost in the stock market. But instead of B-list actresses, he brainwashed students at an A-list college. And though there is no Kreuk, there is a Kerik who is a Krook.

  • MK10ART’s art keeps getting better.

    My to favs are Ranier on the couch and Raniere Zombie.

    The couch sketch is excellent I don’t want it in my own house unfortunately I know it’s Raniere.

  • Even if Kook admitted to hustling teens and wearing that pearl necklace Raniere probably gave her, the sultan would never believe it as it would be detrimental to his spank time.

  • –a new source has some stories about Kristin Kreuk’s role in Nxivm that supports all of our worst suspicions about her and Girls By Design–

    Will it also support what Jane of GBD had said?

  • MK10Art your sketches are absolutely wonderful. Out of this new collection my favorite is the zombie looking Raniere. The sketch of Toni, holding the book, ‘Captive’, walking behind Catherine is hilarious. You captured a desperate wannabe. Thanks for sharing your art.

  • Today (February 11) is Pea Onyu’s birthday,.
    I would be remiss if I did not mention it and if we did not celebrate this extraordinary woman who has devoted her life to her Vanguard.
    Besides, she has graced the Frank Report with her presence and sparkling sense of humor.

    Happy Birthday to Pea,
    Happy Birthday to Pea,
    Happy Birthday to Sweet Pea,
    Happy Birthday to Pea!

    Pea Onyu
    February 6, 2020 at 7:03 pm
    Shadow, shut your fat mouth!

      • Good to see that you seem to be over B- actress Alison Mack and are now obsessed with A Pimp Mack’s spouse, C- actress Nicki Clyne.

        You seem very impressed with Mr. Glazer’s legal skills, but he must be banking on a settlement before trial. Ms. Edmondson does not exactly have clean hands, having profited from NXIVM’s criminal activities in Vancouver. The far from stable Ms. Nutalie will probably come unraveled under the mildest cross examination.

        You fantasized for years about A. Pimp Mack, before Chloe hitched her wagon to the cross eyed Sham-man. My fantasy: Lori Laughlin and Sarah Edmondson in the same federal prison cell, exploring their sapphic feelings for each other. Doubt you will see that on the Hallmark network.

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