Judge Sets Deadline for Speakers at Clare Bronfman Sentencing – If You Want to Speak on Her Behalf, Openings Are Available!

Clare Bronfman

The judge has spoken.

It appears only two parties – the prosecution and Clare Bronfman – can authorize people to speak at her sentencing.

So no, you just can’t just walk in off the street, sign up on the day she is being sentenced, and pontificate on sentencing the lately pious heiress.

Clare Webb Bronfman will be 41 when she is sentenced on April 23. And, if you want to speak at her sentencing, you better act soon.

Here’s the judge’s order:

ORDER as to Clare Bronfman: The parties are DIRECTED to submit a letter setting forth their agreed-upon schedule for sentencing submissions by no later than February 7, 2020. Further, the parties are DIRECTED to provide the court with the names of any individuals who may wish to be heard at Ms. Bronfman’s April 23, 2020 sentencing hearing by no later than 10:00 am on April 21, 2020. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 1/31/2020. 

In order to speak, you have to be approved no later than April 21, which means you need to be vetted well in advance.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar

If you wish to speak against Clare, contact Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar, at (718) 254-7000.

Please, no frivolous calls. If you never met Clare or never had an incident where she victimized you, don’t bother to call. The dance card for victims of Clare appears to be pretty full.

On the other hand, if you wish to speak in favor of Clare, of how she did something beneficial for you, then you should call her attorney, Kathleen Cassidy (212) 997-7400.

There is reportedly a shortage of people who can say they ever experienced anything nice from Clare.

So, even if she did something ever so slight, say, for instance, gave you a few beads of sweat off the jockstrap Raniere ordered her to wear, give Kathleen a shout.

MK10ART’s splendid painting of Clare Bronfman wearing a jockstrap under orders of Keith Alan Raniere.

Sentencing starts at 10 am and if enough people are approved to speak, it might take all day.

Clare Bronfman’s attorney, Kathleen Cassidy, is seeking people to speak on behalf of her client.


One of the great psychological facts of sentencing hearings is that a good defense seeks to equal or surpass the number of speakers for the prosecution. This provides a curious medley of confusing messages and delivers doubt about the villainy of the defendant.

Whereas, if all or most speakers are for the prosecution, a certain mood is cast in the courtroom akin to what you might see with a lynch mob prior to hanging.

Consider how it could go. Suppose you have only victims speaking about how Clare destroyed their lives. It will be ugly. The mood will be increasingly emotional and grim.

But suppose Clare’s defense rustles up an equal number of people to praise the heiress.  Let me offer a possible scenario:

Victim A comes up and tells how Clare filed a false criminal complaint against her that almost landed her in prison, then sued her into bankruptcy for no other reason than she wanted to leave the cult.

Then Clare supporter A comes up and tells of how Clare once allowed her to clean her apartment and polish her car and gave her a bright shiny nickel.

Victim B then comes up and says how Clare signed immigration documents saying she would pay her a certain sum and, based on this, she came to the US. Then Clare only paid her half the promised wages – and being broke, there was nothing she could do to rectify the situation. Later, Clare coerced her into having sex with horrid Raniere, after Clare told her she could not have sex with her own husband.

Then Clare supporter B comes up and talks about how Clare was a customer at her salon and how Clare allowed her to shine her shoes and lick her boot heels and not only did Clare pay the full bill but also gave her a 15 cent tip.

It could go on and on like this all day.

Clare does have enough money to pay supporters, if she can find any, to come to Brooklyn. If she is wise, she will pack the courtroom with paid supporters to speak on her behalf.

The bad news for Clare is, as Frank Report readers know, her Pre-Sentencing Report went badly.

She thought her plea deal, wherein the DOJ estimated 21-27 months for sentencing guidelines, was solid when she signed it last April.

But she found out in December that it was meaningless. New estimates, impacted by an estimated 100 victim impact statements, pushed it upwards. Many of those victims will be headed to Brooklyn in April to speak.

The sentencing range the judge can hand down on her two felonies is wide. He can give her nothing – just probation – or hammer her for 25 years. From zero to 25, that’s a lot of discretion.

What’s really astonishing is that Clare paid a shitload of money to her attorneys, particularly her lead attorney, celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos. She also paid a $6 million fine to the DOJ.

All she bought was a worthless plea bargain.

Clare Bronfman [c] walks to court with her mother, Georgia Webb-Bronfman- Havers, and her high priced attorney, Mark Geragos.

I doubt anybody told her at the time that her plea bargain wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.  She thought she was getting two years. Now, she might get double or triple that. I suspect the revised sentencing guidelines estimate is in the 4-5 year range.

Then the judge might make a further upward departure and hit her with 7 or possibly even 10 years.

Now think about how deliciously fair this is.

For almost 20 years, Clare used her money to cheat and abuse people through the legal system, suing them, through tricks and perjury, and trying to get indictments through perjury and likely bribery of lawyers and government officials, to suborn perjury.

Now, when she is on the other end of a criminal case, she hires the most expensive lawyer in the country, and he negotiates a worthless plea deal. The DOJ used her own game against her. They tricked her, by estimating a clearly too low sentencing guideline [21-27 months].

Then, after they got her to sign, the DOJ went out and sought victims for her Pre-Sentencing Report to pump up sentencing guidelines.

Normally, you would say this isn’t cricket. The DOJ negotiated in bad faith.

But somehow, in Clare’s case, since she never played cricket – or anything else – by the rules, it’s hard to work up much sympathy for her.

Clare Bronfman  will enter prison looking approximately like this.


It is unlikely that she will get such a long sentence that she will come out looking like this, but that’s up to the judge.

What Clare will look like when she gets out of prison if she gets the sentence that she actually deserves.









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  • Just for that, Bangkok — and for Frank’s refusal to publish any more balanced pieces I have submitted about Clare and how aggregiously she and her sister were deceived and milked by not only Keith & Co. but the attorneys, consultants, advisers, entertainers and what not (?) purchased for Keith & Co.’s use to continue weaponizing and criminalizing them to the delight of all who continue to benefit — I think I just might show up in court on Lady Clare’s behalf and talk about just how evil to the core from the get-go Raniere’s original promoters were and are that they may have even killed my sister to prevent she and her sister from learning about her and the other underagers that were raped and emotionally, at least, slaughtered bc Bangkok, whoever he or she may be, is STILL obviously in cahoots with Kristin Keeffe and all who are still after she and Sara’s loot to keep the truth about that and Kris Snyder and the stuatory rapes under wraps, though it’s not going to help Clare one wit and, in fact, will only mean her and Sara’s further fleecing and demise which is exactly what nearly all of them always intended.

    Why, Clare and Sara, do you think you Keith & Co. turned you on to the Dalai Lama and a few choice Buddhist teachings (such as reincarnate recognition) just like they did with both Gina and Kris — the two who possibly “suicided” themselves to transcend? Why were the monasteries and Ashram’s Kristin Keeffe and Gina’s fav hangouts at Kristin’s, er, Keith’s, behest?

    And why, Bangkok, are you distracting me while the 212 number Gina wrote down for Kristin Keeffe within weeks before she passed along with the notation to bring a first-morning urine sample to meet Kristin is being overlooked?

    Yeah, maybe Garaufis needs to hear about how Clare and Sara likely would be just as dead as Kris and Gina if they weren’t so useful as brain dead zombies in Clare’s case and subservient Muslim wives in Sara’s.

    Legatus, my ass. How about bled from the cross?

    • I only seek respectful discourse. I’m a uniter, not a divider. 🙂

      All kidding aside, I may have mis-worded a single item from my post below.

      I meant to say that you accused Flowers of harassing/stalking you online and outside of Frank Report (via social media, etc) but not necessarily in real life. Though you did accuse others here (such as YOURS TRULY) of being people who have harassed you in real life, lol, such as claiming that I’m possibly Burke or Sandweg or Jeff, or whoever.

      What’s my point?

      *My point is that these CONSTANT accusations (against Flowers, Bangkok, Burke, Sandweg, Jeff, Scooter, etc) show that you’re prone to misdirecting ‘conspiracies’ onto your perceived enemies (both online enemies and people in real life).

      I see this as a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to people who have the balls to stand up to your insults. You’re probably accustomed to (verbally) bullying people in real life.

      Perhaps that’s why you’re now trying to pick on me by trying to link various ‘conspiracies’ onto my shoulders, in a desperate attempt to discredit me. You’re accusing me of being in cahoots? I take umbrage at such remarks, Ms. Hutchinson.

      …and now you’re trying to drag Frank’s ‘objectiveness’ into this story?

      Please stop claiming that he’s not publishing ‘balanced’ pieces —- since only YOURS TRULY has earned the right to call Frank a biased asshole and a shitty journalist. I don’t believe that you’ve earned that right cuz Frank stands up for you and considers you a friend. Don’t be a backstabber to your friends.

      I’d like Frank to respond to these latest accusations against his objectiveness.

      I want answers, Frank. I want objectiveness, Frank.

      If there’s any truth to what Heidi is saying about your lack of objectiveness, I expect you to issue a Mea Culpa. If not, I expect you to disavow the accusations of Ms. Hutchinson.

  • What is the possibility of any of the people speaking of being indicted/arrested for other crimes while they are in Court? Like, say, Nicki for immigration crimes or something like that?

    • One of the reasons no one testified for Raniere – and Daniela’s father, Camilia and other Mexicans wanted to – was that the DOJ implied they would arrest them [refused to consent to safe passage]. Speakers could be arrested if they show up.

      • Well, that sure throws a wrench into the Defendants’ works. I wonder who will still be willing to make a statement on any of their behalfs?

    • Also makes interesting the possibility of Sarah Edmondson showing up in a EDNY court in the civil suit in which she is a plaintiff?? Would she be making what is known as a special appearance, or running the risk of being sued in a civil action, or indicted in a criminal action?

      I will repeat: the words “Sarah Edmondson, plaintiff” are the funniest words I have ever read in the Frank Report.

  • I just hope that Heidi Hutchinson doesn’t speak to the judge, since it’ll likely help Keith if the judge hears from a woman who’s got such a thin grasp of reality.

    I mean, Heidi’s credibility has the following limitations:

    1) Heidi has accused Bangkok of being a former US Attorney posting in disguise, LOL.

    2) Heidi has also accused Bangkok of being her ex-husband posting in disguise, LOL, which is kinda amusing since how can you accuse somebody of being 2 different ‘separate’ people (Jeff Apple and Burke)??? Heidi’s imagination lacks no boundaries.

    3) Heidi temporarily considered that Bangkok might also be Frank Parlato in disguise (according to a post she made days ago), LOL. This is even funnier, since her imagination is now getting way too out-of-touch with reality.

    4) Last year Heidi accused Bangkok, Flowers and Scooter Johnson of all being the same person, LOL, which Frank never chose to comment on. Does anybody see a PATTERN here? LOL.

    5) Last year Heidi actually accused ‘Flowers’ of stalking her online and in real life, in a WACKY POST that can only be described as the rantings of a loony woman.

    6) Heidi has recently asked AnonyMaker not to conclude ‘sociopathic tendencies’ in Heidi Clifford. Yet, Heidi spends her days ‘concluding’ all kinds of negative things about people she’s never met. LOL. Hypocrisy 101.

    My guess: It sounds to me like Heidi Hutchinson became buddies with Heidi Clifford recently when Frank did those interviews with everybody (maybe even phone pals) and she’s likely trying to protect Ms. Clifford from all criticism now. How cute. Heidi finally found a friend. 🙂

    7) Heidi admits to seeing Keith leaving her sister’s bedroom with his butt hanging out the window, yet waited DECADES before reporting this alleged statutory rape to the public or police.

    How can she condemn others for ENABLING Keith (like Lauren Salzman) when Heidi chose to let Keith continue his depraved behavior for decades even though she had INSIDE KNOWLEDGE that he had slept with a young girl? How can the judge consider Heidi to be a victim when she ENABLED Keith by not reporting this stuff much sooner?

    Have a nice day.

    PS — Frank knows that Heidi has truly said everything I attributed to her in this post. If not, then point out my mistakes, Frank, rather than just deleting my post to protect Heidi. She’s a big girl. She doesn’t need your protection anymore.

  • We must come out in numbers to support Legatus. Call Kathleen. Do not fear. Your names do not have to be mentioned. You can use Jane Doe. But the brave ones will give their full names. We must be willing and ready to sacrifice our ALL for our beloved Master who sacrificed HIS all for us and who cares only for our welfare.

    • I hope victims, like Frank, see this message and realize that the other side (pro-Rainere) is doing all that they can to show that they are good. They are still doing all they can to show that Frank was the evil one. The battle is not over. Keep sharpening your ax Frank. I think you should go speak. I hope all victims can go speak. It might be nice to even help them organize. What would stop them from speaking ? funding for travel? How do we help the victims?
      Best of luck

    • I REALLY hope you go and speak there, Pea.

      And when you do, please please please tell the judge the story again about how divine it is for you to get herpes from vanguard and that when you have an outbreak, it is like winning the lottery.

      Im sure that will convince the judge about how nuch vanguard cares for your welfare.

    • Pea Onyu, aka Nicki:

      How does Rhiannon feel about the way Keith Raniere treated her when she was 12 years old?
      Raniere was around 30 years old at the time with several girl friends who would cater to his whims.
      Girl friends like Pam Cafritz who was quite wealthy.
      But Raniere had to take advantage of a twelve year old girl who was still in the process of maturation, slowly becoming a woman but still a girl.
      And because Rhiannon was abused by Keith Raniere she ended up developing social and behavioral problems.
      What did Keith Raniere cause Rhiannon to sacrifice?
      A normal childhood.

    • Be brave for yourself and do not attend anything at court, Cinki Lycen. Freedom always beats the chance of being arrested and finding yourself booked into an American jail, and this could happen. (You have a classic and obvious “green card” MARRIAGE, and this can rear its head and begin to haunt you, legalistically.)

      You always knew Allison Mack was not worth it, whether you’re bi or not. Mack=Wack. No boobs and a nose NOT to die for, plus too much drama, guaranteed. Nasty. You have a sense of humor, so no doubt you can dig what imma sayin.’ There are soooooo many fish in the sea. UR so over her it never started.

      Unaddict yourself from this whole scene. You can, you have the right, no matter what anyone tells you. Most people know how it is to recognize that there are times in life when one has to let go and to start over. Contrasted with the very hard experiences of many people, you, so far, have had it easy. You live. Teach yourself to harm no one, including yourself. Do your best. Give yourself a chance. Come back to your older and truer aquarian sense of yourself. That’s how you got yourself stuck in this goddamn elevator in the first place.

      Well, so what. Bend it around the unknown curves sure to come, seat of the pants, like everybody really does, whether we love the ride or not. At least you ought to be hip to spontaneous freedom, by and for yourself, Cinki Lynce. Then you have something to give. Your head can go ahead and stay in or above the clouds, only when your feet are on the ground with unspeakable raw humility. “What I can say that I know is that I don’t know.”

      Get back. Loretta.
      Get back to where you once belonged.

      Remember? Lennon and McCartney, Get Back.

      Please consider going back to Canada and arranging to divorce your frenemy, Mack. That is, if you haven’t already begun the paperwork. What if Mack has turned evidence against you, whether truthful or not, to help to save her own ass? Have you thought about that? Ugh. Child, think invisible for Feb, Mar, April and even May. For once, think of your own freedom to keep breathing on your own as one of your highest values. Life is not a fuck club.

      But if you want your life to be a fuck club, think of “O Canada. Our home and native land. True patriot love IN ALL THY SONS COMMAND.” Imagine that.

      You never needed a Reindeer with only one penis. Go have some fun. Why wait. Think of Keith as another failed Oprah Winfrey. As if we don’t all see Stedman and Gayle. Now go call for some Whoopi. She eats Lays potato chips and practically started her whole fame schtick as a recovering addict, always a character actor. You can get yourself a part on Canadian tv; hire an agent. Prodigal daughter. You too can make $$$ just being nuts. You have the talent. Get in your car and drive. Kristin Kreuk has been boring too long, and I don’t even watch tv.

      Get yourself away from the Nxivm/DOS freaks, be solid about it and give yourself some space and plenty of time to think everything over, on your own, for once. Don’t desert your chance to remove yourself from this gigantic mess. Raniere is over. Try to face that now and be realistic. Stick to it, letting yourself see that already, the writing is on the wall for him. Then look at your own options, and do this independently. The people still on this Raniere path can’t help you to see your way out of it, so don’t bother to ask possessed ding-a-lings what you should do, but you can stop being blind about it yourself. Oh yes you can. Everyone makes some wrong decisions and mistakes. It is rarely the end of the world; it is just live and learn. Care about yourself enough to break free.

      If you feel that you have to be a member of some crazy shit, look around and find something new & exciting, hopefully which will not harm you or anyone else, and something noncriminal and non-stagnant. You cannot really be excited or enthusiastic about stagnation. Let it go, put it in your past. You can start to get to know yourself again. Come on. You are not helpless. You have zero NEED to stay stuck in the garbage heap. Allow yourself to get tired of it, make it final and begin anew. Find the courage. You can learn about peace and quiet, but do not wait any longer. Do not let the walls close in on you. It is really never too late, but don’t make this any tougher for yourself, when the revolution is within you, waiting to be noticed.

      “You just slip out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Stan. No need to be coy, Roy. Just get yourself free.” 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Paul Simon. Plenty of lovers await Pea Onyu. All you have to do is whistle. Get out while the getting is good.

    • Are you going to be a brave girl Pea? Use your real name?

      No one except possibly Clare’s mummsy would speak on her behalf so we’ll finally get to meet you.

  • There are plenty of unemployed actors in LA who would be able to speak convincingly about her good character, but I doubt that any would want the part.

  • Speaking of a balanced view of Bronfman, here’s a good way to look at Bryant: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/disney-heiress-says-kobe-bryant-165713568.html

    In fact, I nominate Bryant’s wife for the Hellary THE Horrible “Stand By My Man (for obvious ulterior reasons, usually wealth and power)” Award. Founding “winner” is Hellary THE Horrible herself, for not throwing Slick Willy’s clothes into the front lawn of the White House for the Lewinsky BJ/cigar/semen on the blue dress routine.

      • You’re equating accusations prior to holding political office (and having deep pockets, which are catnip to lawyers) with physical evidence, being found guilty of perjury, having your license suspended, being barred from presenting cases in front of the Supreme Court, being fined, etc., WHILE IN POLITICAL office and is comparing apples to orangutans.

    • The founder would be someone at least as far back as Warren G. Harding – check out the book by his illegitimate daughter.

      In the supposed “good old days” the press had a gentleman’s agreement to look the other way, and politicians had a good old boys’ arrangement that everyone could get away with what they wanted without being called on it (Strom Thurmond’s illegitimate interracial daughter is another case that comes to mind).

  • Geddy Lee version 2 (a much worse version compared to version 1) is the primary enabler of VanFraud. She should join him in a jail cell and show her conviction (pun intended) to his mission.

  • “Clare will pack the courtroom with paid supporters to speak on her behalf”

    Are victims and supporters who speak at a sentencing hearing under oath, and subject to perjury?

    • They are not under oath. Not from what I have seen . I think Claire could easily Pay supporters to go and create fake stories . I think that is why it is important for all real Victims to go. It is the last mile .
      Claire looks nice in the elephant scarf. Kinda innocent looking.

      • Clare has the money to hire supporters she will never speak to but she is cheap.

        She’ll probably find a group of people down on their luck or perhaps homeless people who would do it for the price of a meal, a very cheap meal!

    • No they are not under oath. Do you think all those who are speaking against our queen will be honest?

      • “Do you think all those who are speaking against our queen will be honest?” Semaj L. ‘Ed’ O’Reagen, aka Nicki Clyne

        Clare inherited 300 million dollars, all safely parked in a trust fund.
        With that kind of money she could have been Queen every day for the rest of her life.
        Instead of being happy for her great fortune in being born on the Goal Line of Life, Clare had to fritter away her fortune on a cultish criminal gang led by an Adolf Hitler wannabe and funding bizarre medical experiments that would do Joseph Mengele proud.

        • Bronfman inherited a lot of money that obviously wasn’t so safely parked, since she’s reported to have squandered over $100 million.

          Do you want to do the actual research and try to figure out to what extent she is the beneficiary of irrevocable trusts that are untouchable, how much she received in the sort of discretionary trusts that she and her sister dissipated much of, plus how much she received in liquid assets? It’s not so simple.

          Estimates of her wealth run as high as $500 million, so you could be way off, besides missing the key details of how it’s structured.

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