Guest View: Why are you always bashing Kristin Kreuk, why not Grace Park, Mark Hildreth and others?

By Why just Kristen Bashing

I agree with Eric Putzer.  Most of the posters who bash Kristen Kreuk on the Frank Report were never in NXIVM and string together fake facts to make her out to be one of the “bad guys”.

Grace Park left NXIVM only after DOS was exposed, if she left at all.

The Frank Report doesn’t do articles about her every other day. Matter of fact none in months. If we’re to go by who’s more well known in the actors world, I’d say its Grace Parks.

She has never spoken out about her time in NXIVM but we don’t see Parks bashing on the FR? Why is that Frank?

A series of videos of Grace Park and Keith Raniere were released on Keith Raniere Conversations. They were later pulled down following the revelations of Raniere’s branding women.

Mark Hildreth is a Canadian actor/singer who was in NXIVM longer than his ex-Kreuk, but we don’t see an article every other day bashing him either. Not one article in months. Why is that Frank?


Mark Hildreth with former gal friend Kristin Kreuk and the women Kristin recruited into Nxivm that went so far in the cult – Allison Mack.

Why are you not focusing more on

  1. Michelle Salzman
  2. Karen Untereeiner
  3. Emiliano Salinas
  4. Alex Betancourt
  5. Loreta Garza
  6. Marianna Fernadez
  7. Nicki Clyne
  8. Jens Gould
  9. Jimena Garza
  10. Omar Boone
  11. Edgar Boone
  12. Esther Carlson
  13. Dawn Morrison
  14. Rosa Laura Junco
  15. Jim Del Nigro
  16. Mark Hildreth
  17. Steve Ose
  18. Ben Meyers
  19. Ivy Navares
  20. Brian Elliot
  21. Mark Elliot
  22. Lucas Robert
  23. Marcelo Garza
  24. Siobahn Hotaling
  25. Farouk Rojas
  26. Brandon Porter
  27. The list goes on.

I think Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson have worked with the DOJ to help put an end to NXIVM.

With the above names — who has really came out an made an apology for their actions, are working with the DOJ, or get articles written about the every other day?

The Kristin Kreuk bashing is getting kind of old Frank. Don’t you have something better to write about or are you just going to let the Kristin bashing continue?

Does she need to call you personally and ask you to stop? Has Grace Parks and Mark Hildreth called you and asked you to stop? Is that why there are no longer stories about about them on the Frank Report?

Is that what it takes?

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  • Wow Frank you have cultivated quite the online community village.

    Please don’t publish the Sultan article I did not realize it was all comment/articles.


  • Is Comment below is a possible article? I will submit it. If you will publish it

    The title:

    Defense of a Sultan giving everyone’s favorite celebrity fan his due!

  • Sultan of Six is a prolific article contributor to the Frankreport and his articles always garner many comments. People bash Sultan at the same time he is helping them occupy their time… in between Nxivm pre-trial events and the beginning of the actual trial.

    Sultan’s fluff articles generate more comments than the articles of Krclaviger and Frank Parlato most of the time, combined.

    Krclaviger’s and Frank’s reporting and articles are usually important, informative,
    and occasionally intellectually stimulating.

    Yet their articles generate less comments and questions than Sultan.


    Maybe Sutan’s critics should look in the mirror?

    Or maybe the critics should write an article themselves and leave Kristin Kreuk’s greatest self proclaimed fan alone.

    Sultan is not a stalker. He lives in reality.

    • I’ve never intentionally written articles nor have I ever asked to. My comments to articles or in response to particular comments are elevated to articles without my knowledge or being asked to. That’s all.

      • To Sultan

        My bad. I apologize Sultan I had no idea.

        I thought this entire time you had been submitting articles. I thought had thought my impromptu comment/articles were a rarity. Well I guess I thought wrong.



    • No , he has been stalking Kristin Crook for years. On the Saratoga In Decline blog, there he was like fucking beetle juice. People can’t stand the sanctimonious aspergers prick. That’s why there are a lot of comments.

  • Also, either Sultan is “Why just bashing Kristin” or he’s drooling and rubbing his hands together with a creepy grin at this article, thinking for once he has an ally.

  • Very good question. I, for one, have wondered why Brandon Porter is not featured more. As a medical doctor, he showed snuff films to females, under the guise of a “research study”??? That is terroristic, IMO. No one can argue that he wasn’t part of the whole, ugly, scene.

    Some of those listed above might also be cooperating with the feds; for example, Karen Unterreiner.

    I think cooperation with law enforcement is far more helpful at this stage than making public statements. Hopefully, NXIVM is dead or close to dead at this point, so no one needs to warn the public about them. They are in the news. And KAR is locked up, unable to perpetrate more crimes.

    • It’s way too late to cooperate with law enforcement, they have been analyzing the evidence for well over a year. Nobody has needed to warn the public for almost a year, ever since they were all arrested.

  • The answer to the author’s question is a simple one…

    Grace Park’s stalkers have not yet discovered the Frankreport.

    Thank God.

  • Admittedly, Kreuk’s statement was less an apology and more like ass-covering PR legalise…but has any other semi-celeb (other than Edmundson) made ANY public statement about their role in NXIVM?
    If so, I’ve missed it.

    • Not only that, but which of them also have social media accounts and a television show where they are virtue signaling? I believe that number would be zero. Throw in the great defender of Kristin Crook, Sultan, and there’s your answer.

    • Kreuk only made her weak statement because the press were talking about her. If it were not for that, she would never have made her statement. Mark Hildreth, Grace Park etc have not been called out, hence like the cowardly Kreuk, silence.

      Kreuk’s statement was

      1) claiming she thought NXIVM was a self help group. Didn’t they all? Some, like Kreuk found out it was more than that and didn’t care.

      2) lied about never “experiencing” and “illegal or nefarious” activity. Lawsuit anyone? Necker island?

      3) denied being in DOS but didn’t say what she did in the cult, what she knew about.

      4) never mentioned Keith Raniere or Mack once.

      5) thanked women for coming forward like they did her a personal favour and said she wants “justice”… except she don’t want to be scrutinised for her role or face any backlash or repercussions.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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