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Questions About Burden of Truth

Dear Kristin Kreuk;

1) What does it feel like pretending to fight a rapist pedophile on a taxpayer funded television show when you stayed loyal to one in real life?

2) Did you not feel hypocritical portraying yourself as the saviour of teen girls in a TV show, filmed while you refused to even acknowledge the existence of NXIVM, refusing to use your d-list fame to draw attention to the story of many women being branded above their vaginas with the initials of a woman you recruited into the NXIVM cult, an organisation you spent years and years in, coaching and recruiting for, spending a fuck-load of money on and happy to try to legitimise with your fame to fight off the cult label?

3) The fictional character “Luna” is the bi-product of a fictional, interracial, pedophile rape. Why did you not care about the plight of all those real life women who came forward in the Times Union articles that you were named in, talking about how the cult leader you followed raped them as children? Did you not believe them or did you not care? What about Rhiannon, Kristin Snyder and Gina Hutchinson? That is real life, not a taxpayer funded television show.

Kristin — If so, SO many warning signs with your name written all over it …  Along with Allison Mack’s.

If you are named in a series of articles about your cult leader raping little girls, then you should know he is a pedophile.

If your name ends up on a lawsuit regarding financial crimes, you should know your cult does financial crimes.

It’s not hard to understand.

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  • I think this “author” and Shadow should have a contest to see whose life is more consumed by an unhealthy fixation on a single person they don’t even know. Winner could be determined by how many years they have spent stalking their respective actresses multiplied by the number of hours spent each day pouring over their gal’s social media accounts, interviews and projects, plus the number of comments made on here, minus their actual age.

    As for this article. If this actress is d-list like The Obsessed claims, how would she draw attention to anything. D-listers are obscure and irrelevant, meaning anything they say or do would be of no interest to any media of note.

    And when The Obsessed writes, “Luna” is the bi-product of a fictional, interracial, pedophile rape” either The Obsessed wrote the sentence poorly or The Obsessed doesn’t know what a pedophile is because a pedophile by definition is someone who is attracted to prepubescent children. A prepubescent girl can obviously not get pregnant, so how could this “Luna” be the result of a “pedophile rape.”

    • You are “sultan of stalk”. We know on Frank Report that it is you who is the stalker and obsessed one. There is even an article on it here on Frank Report. You have been at it for years and years and years. Your aspergers meltdowns stick out like a hard on.

  • I think these are loaded questions. I don’t think there is enough evidence to show she knew anything about any of the “gurus” bizarre and/or criminal behavior. But I do think it’s convenient she seemed to be all-in at the onset of this thing for years and then one day just left with seemingly no ties. Could be she DID hear about some shady stuff and wanted to get out while she still could, like before she sent in nude photos of herself. Or maybe that’s when she smelled the BS, when they started trying to pull her into the thick of it where $hi+ got weird. I know if someone started asking me for “collateral”, I would be outta there quick, no matter how sisterly or fraternal the organization seemed. That’s like your husband or wife saying hey sign this 10 million life insurance policy and then let’s go skydiving for the first time ever and let me pack your chute while you stay in the next room. Uh no thanks idc HOW long we been married.

  • It all came down to the point she said her piece at the beginning and she has not commented sense as of right now there’s nothing to prove that she knew anything and if she does shame on her but everybody’s writing things making up things as they go along nobody’s really paying attention to the truth anymore about anything if Kristin kreuk is guilty sooner or later she will be brought to Justice but until that time comes quit throwing her under the bus it’s not fair to anybody she probably knew something was going on there’s no doubt about that but I don’t think she knew anything that bad was going on for those of you who keep writing about her throwing her under the bus asking her questions you know she’s not going to answer because she already said her piece at the beginning of all this you just wasting your time and wasting the readers time with the same questions over and over and over let’s all just wait and see the truth always comes out in the end

  • Kreuk is asking people to ask her questions regarding her anemic tv show on twitter with a hashtag. Well, these questions are better than the shit she is likely to get from fan boy losers. Anyone with a twitter account, go for it. ☺

  • KK has lots to answer for, besides these questions about her CBC show…but it begs another question: With all this scandalous information readily available on the internet about NXIVM and KK’s involvement—why did the CBC risk many millions of dollars, the reputation of the network, and the jobs of the decision-makers by hiring such a tainted star to headline their TV series?

    If they are not stupid, reckless or corrupt…what did the vetting process of the CBC lawyers discover about KK that let them say that her involvement was not a serious problem?

    • CBC is the government owned network.
      Canada hands out pardons to people like they are candy, including sex offenders.
      Canadians also tend not to care unless it is happening to them, like how it is okay for Justin Trudeau to grab a journalist’s ass, and then say he wouldn’t have done it if he had known who she worked for.
      The answer to your question how could CBC do this is that they are pathetic.

    • Dismissing the CBC lawyers as “pathetic” avoids the fact that for SOME REASON they investigated the facts/rumors about KK and decided to risk their money, reputation and jobs and still hire her despite this. Why?

      • – “avoids the fact that for SOME REASON they investigated the facts/rumors about KK”

        “Fact”? What the fuck do you know, “sultan” – if they “investigated”? They don’t know shit, like you.

        Why are you like this? What happened? How did you end up this way? Seek professional help.

        • Not Sultan…and I pity you (and others) who can only resort to name-calling with anyone who disagrees with you.

          And I give up trying to debate an angry Canadian who hates or fears his country, his government, its tax policy, the CBC, minorities and women…and most of all, logic.

      • It’s not me.

        This cult and everything associated with it is nothing but poison.

        Go to hell. All of you racist trash.

  • Very valid points are made in the article.

    I am not defending Kristin Kook but she is probably following her publicist’s advice.

    It will be interesting to see if information surfaces during the trial or afterwards that exposes her for the liar she is. Much of the evidence from the Nxivm servers may be made public after the trial or leaked.

    • […]It will be interesting to see if information surfaces during the trial or afterwards that exposes her for the liar she is.[…]

      So she is a liar no matter what comes out. And you guys expect her to make statements. And you guys are the same people, who are assuming Stone’s innocence and claiming deep state.

  • She is every bit as hypocritical as the democrap supporting Hollywood elitists in the states. Now their cause is basically infanticide under the guise of women’s choice. They have no problem living in their elitist enclaves and mansions but love telling the middle class what we need to sacrifice.

      • Republicans don’t want kids to be shot…. They are not happy if it happens. They don’t believe it’s anyones right to shoot kids.

        But liberals think it’s okay to kill kids in the womb. They think it’s moral to allow it to happen. Go type in pictures for aborted babies and tell people they are wrong to be disgusted by it. Go look at those dicapitated heads.

        • You have completely fallen for Republican virtue signaling. Killing unborn children is disgusting and giving women the choice is unethical. Handing out guns and having the highest murder and suicide rate in the first world is 2nd Amendment and something we have to live with.
          BTW, short personal story. A female friend grew up in a deep red abstinence only state. Her father found condoms and took them away, but demanded an abortion when she got pregnant in high school. Typical Republican virtue signalling, but things change fast when you get involved in the process yourself. Pseudo-Christians.

          • Virtue signalling is pretending to be virtuous to show off. Its about wanting others to think you are a good person, aka the Oscars Hollywood retards and their pretentious speeches.

            Now the crazed lunatic is trying to throw it back with his “I know you are but what am I” bullshit.

            Actually accusing people who are pissed off with piece of shit, sanctimonious, self righteous virtue signalling, show-off bullshit.

            He wants you to think being against the murder of unborn babies in the womb that you have to pay for is virtue signalling aka showing off.

            Your smugness is very familiar. Are you a brown male in his fifties, with a penchant for an ageing d-list actress fast approaching her forties and who enjoys engaging with little pre-teen girls online and who displays serious aspergers behavior?

          • why does this site so often go off topic into politics?
            Leave abortion to political blogs, unless you think Kristin aborted Vanguard’s baby.

          • Go get brain or nose surgery because your sense of smell along with your intellect is utter sh_t.

            Speaking of sh_t, I couldn’t give a single one for the Liberal/Conservative or Democratic/Republican false dichotomy. I don’t classify myself as either.

            Also, I’ve never been pro-abortion. I think abortion is morally wrong except for rare cases that must be rationally justifiable.

            Virtue signalling is a bullshyte pejorative. 1) because it is stupid to argue that spreading virtue is wrong regardless if the one who does so believes in it or not. If what is being spread is being questioned as actually being a virtue, then that ISN’T virtue signalling. 2) it’s also red herring which attempts to attack the sincerity and the motives of the person which makes it difficult to prove and a form of tu quoque ad hominem. Calling a father a hypocrite who smokes who tells his son not to start smoking because it is bad for him does nothing to defeat the argument against smoking.

            Not only that, calls of virtue signalling are hypocritical in themselves. Why? Because by definition, to virtue signal is to show off moral superiority to a like minded audience for a limited set of ideologies without actually putting in the effort. At the bottom, to call out virtue signalling is to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING except in the opposite manner. To show off your own moral superiority to a like minded audience for a limited set of ideologies without actually putting in the effort for the opposite.

            And no I am not in my fifties and no I have no attraction to pre-teen girls. I like women who are fully developed and thus have curves.

            Accusing everyone to be me who holds an opposite opinion to you, or posts something that is interpreted by you to be pro-Kristin in some form or another WILL NEVER MAKE THEM ME NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU REPEAT IT.

            Seek help for this delusion that I am the only here who has ever supported Kristin.


    • You think abortion is infanticide? You really should consult a dictionary before posting your ignorant BS and embarrassing yourself.

      • Your surety is irrelevant. You’ve shown your lack of impartiality when it comes to certain people as reality takes a subordinate place to innuendo, gossip, outright lies, misconstrual, and slander of them for an agenda, you’ve repeatedly allowed bigoted, right-wing and plain disgusting comments, earned more from the cult than the vast majority of the Vancouver members ever did, and you’re more in trouble with the law right now than most of them ever were. You’re a user of the victims of NXIVM for your own advantage.

        • Right wing speech ? And there it is. Let’s round up all the conservatives and put them in re-education camps. Where there is one accepted opinion on abortion, the Second Amendment, gay marriage, the environment, border security and immigration, welfare, healthcare and the list goes on.
          Believe it or not everyone has an opinion and it doesn’t make them bigots, homophobic, misogynistic or anything else. It’s just a different viewpoint using available factual information that differs from the extreme Right or Left.

          For example not approving of gay marriage or thinking of it as an abnormal sexual preference doesn’t mean I want to hurt a gay man or woman. That I dislike them. That I can accept abortion for whatever reason in the first few months of a pregnancy but draw a line further along or do not think there is any part of of issue to be “celebrated”. That immigration should follow laws and regulations doesn’t mean I hate foreigners. Or that anyone has a Right to be here. That healthcare while needing reform isn’t a Right that anyone other than I should pay for myself. That the government should stay out of my life as much as possible. That charity is my prerogative and should not be mandated and and hand up should not last a lifetime and be generational. That money earned no matter how much be extorted to be given to others that haven’t been as successful for whatever the reason.

          • Thank you for this breath of fresh air! So, Anonymous groups “right wing” speech (whatever that is), right up there with “bigoted” and “plain disgusting.” What about “left wing” speech (whatever that is)?

            There is a tremendous amount of stereotyping taking place on this site. A number of us, however are free thinkers and make our own decisions on the issues at hand without adhering to a script or party line.

            Why on Earth should Frank or anyone else here be required to be impartial? It’s a BLOG, not a newspaper.

        • Frank
          There are some serious accusations being made against you and what your site promotes. I’d like to see you answer the 5 accusations honestly and thoroughly.

      • Sultan of Spank


        Sultan of Skanks? Sultan of Sick?

        It takes a true Stalker to call up KKs Dad at work and offer advice.

        What the heck is wrong with you Jesse?

      • Indeed. It’s like cancer. If you don’t kill it properly, it just comes back more moany and with even less testosterone. “sultan/karlbasset” is like a fart that won’t disappear. Open a fucking window Frank.

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