Judge relaxes rules for Clare Bronfman to speak with NXIVM members

Clare can now have contact with some NXIVM members.

By K.R. Claviger

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis  the presiding judge in the pending criminal case against  Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Nancy Salzman, and Kathy Russell – has agreed to allow Bronfman and Russell to have contact with some of their NXIVM/ESP colleagues without having their respective attorneys present.

One of the stated conditions of her current pre-trial release is that Bronfman must refrain from directly or indirectly associating or having contact with – “…current or former employees of, independent contractors for, NXIVM (including any and all affiliated entities), any individual that she knows to be a current or former member of DOS, or any individual who is currently, or was formerly, on the (NXIVM) Stripe Path…” unless one of her horde of attorneys is present.

Russell’s pre-trial release has virtually the same condition except that she is not prevented from contacting current or former members of DOS who were not on the Stripe Path.

Both Bronfman and Russell have been allowed to ask for exceptions to the restriction– and the prosecutors have apparently granted several such requests for each of them. But both have complained that the approval process for these kinds of requests is burdensome.

In a 6-page Memorandum & Order handed down earlier today, Judge Garaufis first noted that “…some no-contact condition is necessary to ensure that Bronfman and Russell do not interfere with witnesses, harass victims of the charged enterprise, or collude with their alleged co-conspirators (including their co-defendants”.

Sounds like he’s starting to understand just how NXIVM operates.

He went on to note, however, that the current no-contact provisions are simply too broad because they cover many people who do not fall into any of the following categories: (a) potential witnesses; (b) alleged victims; and/or (c) co-conspirators.

But rather than leaving it up to Bronfman and Russell to decide who they can contact, Judge Garaufis has directed the prosecution “…to submit to the court new no-contact provisions for Bronfman and Russell and an explanation of the need for such conditions. Such conditions may, but are not required to, enumerate individuals that the Government believes Bronfman and Russell should be forbidden from contacting”.

The prosecution has until December 14th to submit that information to the judge.

Once the new proposed no-contact provisions are submitted by the prosecution, Bronfman and Russell will have two-days to submit their response to the court. After reviewing both submissions, the judge will issue his ruling as to the exact wording of the revised no-contact provisions.

Knowing that Bronfman and Russell have been taught by Raniere that “No means Maybe” – and that “Maybe means Yes” – it is highly likely that one or both of them will violate the new no-contact provisions. That’s just the way that long-term NXians tend to operate whenever they’re in this type of situation.

So, although they may view today’s ruling as a grand victory, Bronfman and Russell may subsequently come to regret ever having asked for more latitude in terms of whom they can contact. That’s because if they violate the revised no-contact provisions – especially if they contact any potential witness, any alleged victim, and/or any co-conspirator (including, but not limited to, their current co-defendants), they will very likely have their bail revoked by Judge Garaufis.

Of course, if that happens, they’ll have a chance to make all sorts of new friends at the Metropolitan Detention Center – which is where Raniere is currently incarcerated.

And while that place hasn’t worked out so well for Raniere in terms of developing new friendships, maybe Clare and Kathy will do better than he has…

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  • Read the reviews to Omar Rosales’ book on the NXIVM cult and found this bullshit statement:

    “I probably shouldn’t write a review since I didn’t finish the book but I stopped when he said Kristen Kreuk was a top lieutenant. She wasn’t , she went to one Hollywood meet and greet, saw through the lies and never went back”

    The reviewer goes by the name “lori d”. Is this a fan of Kristin Crook or someone who knows her? Either way, it is bullshit. “she went to one Hollywood meet and greet, saw through the lies and never went back” (!)


    • Maybe that reviewer got that actress confused with another. Oxenberg wrote about Rosario Dawson being at her initial course but leaving after a day or two, although Frank claims Dawson is / was a supporter of Raniere. However, don’t know why anyone would trust anything Omar Rosales writes. Rosales is a “lawyer” who’s been suspended for three years from practicing law in the U.S. Western District and been sanctioned over $230,000 for FABRICATING evidence and filing a frivolous appeal. If he’s willing to fabricate evidence in court, he probably has no compunction making up stuff for his own book. On top of that, who would want to read something by someone who showed up here calling people names like Halloween breath and writing bizarre stuff like: “I have the liver of a T-Rex, I’m hung like a donkey, I eat like a shark, and I smell like a monkey. So what?”

  • from: Crazy Days And Nights
    Blind Items Revealed #5
    This extremely rich person is cult leader adjacent. She and her husband are shipping out all of their “household staff,” back to their country of origin. I’m sure the parents of the teens will be glad to see them again.
    Sara Bronfman/NXIVM



      In 2002 a teenager named Lee Boyd Malvo claimed he was brain washed by
      an older man into murdering 10 people

      Malvo is now serving life in prison.
      The Lee Boyd Malvo Case
      Another “insanity by brainwashing” defense hit the courtroom ­30 years later, when Lee Boyd Malvo stood trial for his role in the 2002 sniper attacks in and around Washington, D.C. The 17-year-old Malvo and 42-year-old John Allen Muhammad killed 10 people a­nd wounded three in a killing spree. The defense claimed that the teenaged Malvo was brainwashed by Muhammad into committing the crimes, which he would not have committed if he weren’t under Muhammad’s control. According to “The Brainwashing Defense” in Psychology Today:

      Muhammad pl­ucked 15-year-old Malvo from the Caribbean island of Antigua, where his mother had abandoned him, and brought him to the U.S. in 2001. An army veteran, Muhammad filled the teen’s head with visions of an impending race war and trained Malvo in marksmanship. He isolated Malvo, steeped him to his own idiosyncratic, vitriolic brand of Islam and imposed a strict diet and exercise regimen on his “adopted” son.

      The argument was that Malvo was brainwashed, and because he was brainwashed he could not tell right from wrong. Malvo was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole. (Muhammad was sentenced to death in a separate trial.)

  • Clare should have had to spend a day or two at MDC while setting up bail like the rest of the defendants. She should have an idea what she could be in for.

  • So much easier to monitor them and gather more evidence without their attorneys present. Even better if they can get a recorded conversation with one of their NXIVM co-horts, who has already flipped unbeknownst to Clare or Kathy.
    Clare’s continued arrogance will be her downfall, as will Kathy Russell’s naiveté.

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