Three men in a room – Mexican Titans – Carlos Slim, Carlos Salinas and Alejandro Junco – discussed NXIVM days before bombshell NY Times story published

Carlos Salinas is rumored to be the head of the Mexican drug cartels - the boss of bosses.

According to a source: Shortly before the New York Times article by Barry Meier – titled “Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded” – was published on October 17, 2017, Alejandro Junco, Carlos Salinas and Carlos Slim met to discuss the NXIVM matter and the Bronfman-Raniere-Emiliano Salinas persecution of former NXIVM coach Toni Zarattini.

Carlos Salinas and Carlos Slim

Carlos Salinas is the former president of Mexico, Carlos Slim is reportedly the world’s second richest man [and rumored to be a shill for the powerful Salinas] and Alejandro Junco is Mexico’s largest newspaper publisher.

The three men in the room agreed that NXIVM should be exposed and that it might help get the children of Salinas and Junco out of the cult. Carlos Salinas’s children, Emiliano and Cecilia, and Alejandro Junco’s daughter, Rosa Laura, are three of the High Rank of the sex-slaver cult.

Salinas’ children sport the High Rank of Green Sash [less than a dozen have this exalted rank], and Rosa Laura is only one ‘stripe’ lower. She has earned the Orange Sash with Four Stripes.

It was agreed between the three men that the children of these two titans of Mexico should be protected from the fallout of the Times publication, regardless of what happened to Raniere.

Both Salinas and Junco wanted their children out of the cult for quite some time, but the hold Raniere had on them was too powerful. Rosa Laura broke with her father. He cut off her allowance. The two Salinas children stayed on amicable terms with their father but made it clear that given a choice between their father and Keith Raniere, they would remain faithful to Raniere.

Salinas did not cut off his children’s allowance, it is reported by those who know the children.

At the time of the high level meeting, Slim was the largest stockholder in the New York Times with a 17.4 percent ownership interest. [Slim sold some of his shares after Raniere was arrested].

According to Bloomberg News,  although Slim is the largest shareholder in the New York Times Company, his investment does not give him the ability to control the newspaper, as his stake allows him to vote only for Class A directors, who compose just a third of the company’s board.  Slim also loaned The New York Times Company $250 million in 2009.  That loan was repaid ahead of schedule.

While Slim does not control the company, the largest shareholder [and a man who previously loaned the company money] might be expected to have some slight influence in the decision-making of the company. Whether this would include any sway – however slight – over editorial decisions of the New York Times is unknown.

In any event, shortly after the meeting with Slim, Salinas and Junco, The New York Times published a cult-busting story  titled ‘Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded” on October 17.

It was followed up with a second story days later, Complaints About Branding Inside Secretive Group Are Under Review.

When the New York Times published their third ‘big’ story on NXIVM, on December 21, titled “Federal Officials Reportedly Investigating Group Where Women Were Branded”, Alejandro Junco’s newspapers in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara published the story in Spanish.

Reforma: Investiga EU a grupo que marcaba a mujeres como ganado  

El Norte: Investiga EU a grupo que marcaba a mujeres como ganado

Mural: Investiga EU a grupo que marcaba a mujeres como ganado

The Translation of the headline is The EU [US] investigates a group that marked women as cattle.

Publisher Alejandro Junco de la Vega [above] of Mexico has a daughter , Rosa Laura Junco, [below] who is believed to be one of 7 first-line collateralized, avowed life slaves of Grandmaster Raniere.

Following Junco’s decision to run the NY Times story about NXIVM in his newspapers, Carlos Salinas reportedly contacted him and asked why he published it in Mexico since it could be harmful to his son, Emiliano, because it focused on the plight of Toni Zarattini who was being prosecuted by Emiliano on fabricated extortion charges.

Junco reportedly said he was seeking to ensure that his friend, Toni Zarattini, was not criminally prosecuted by Emiliano on the fabricated extortion accusations.  It was then, reportedly, that the deal was brokered where Salinas would guarantee his son would stop his attempts to purchase a judge in Mexico to criminally pursue Zarattini for [bogus charges] of extortion, and, in return, Junco would not republish stories about NXIVM.

The case against Zarattini was [rightfully] dropped.

On March 26, 2018, Mexican police officials entered a residence in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and forcefully seized Raniere. However, he was not arrested based on the U.S. arrest warrant. Rather, he was incarcerated in Mexico as a deportable U.S. person.

Denied access to a lawyer and the ability to communicate with anyone, he was taken across the border into the United States without being presented to a Mexican court and in the absence of any legal process.

Legal process in Mexico is dependent on men such as Carlos Slim, Carlos Salinas and Alejandro Junco.


Hollywood Reporter sketch of Keith Raniere. He looks a bit like John Lennon in this one.

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  • “The pen is mightier than the cauterizing iron”. especially shadowstate1958 when it comes to protecting your own assets. Those Guys get’s it, well partially. Put on your thinking caps, the Daddy’s (all of them) and the funny not so Slim Uncle in this escapade are the pros, the kid’s just weren’t up to the task.

  • Do these guys realise that the only place NXIVM is left still operating is in Mexico?

    Nothing spells success like needing an allowance from your parents in your 40s.

  • How sad that the officials of Albany New York could do nothing about the NXIVM gang which was operating right under their noses until the part Mexican-owned New York Times, operating on behalf of Mexico’s elite, exposed NXIVM.

    Perhaps without men like Carlos Slim NXIVM would still be running a slave harem and laundering money under the benevolent eye of the powers that be in Albany.

    The pen is mightier than the cauterizing iron.

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